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Last of the beer mail from @bigb65, sad but happy to have them all!

Black Ridge Brewing’s Folklore Imperial Stout, super boozy, Grand Teton Brewing’s Snarling Badger Berliner Weiss, @bigskybrewing Pack Train DIPA and Slow Elk, Smoked Porter from Black Ridge, Mount Jumbo IPA from Highlander Beer, Barrel Full of Monkeys Russian Imperial Stout from Paddock Wood, really nice, and Upslopes Imperial India Pale Ale in a stove pipe can.

All these knocked me on my ass!


The Artist-in-Seine

I never know what to expect when Dean Marks (a.k.a. The Artist in Seine) sends some mail art from Paris.  This latest piece is both mail art and meat art.  Two things I love.  You can see more meat art here.  Many pieces, like this one, also feature barcodes.  Below are some of the amazing things that have made it through the post to San Francisco.  Note, he rarely uses envelopes — these are big, oversized postcards, etc. that get dropped into the mail as is.

Next Door (Luke Hemmings)

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summary: Neighbour!Luke is over for another of your infamous beer and pasta nights. Nights that the two of you seemed to be having more and more often as Luke seemed to spend more time at your place rather than at his own.


“They gave me your mail again.” Was the first thing you heard as you walked into your small kitchen. The voice surprised you at first, but once you realized who it was you rolled your eyes. “How long have you been here?” You asked, noticing he already had a beer (from your fridge, mind you) in hand. “A few minutes ago.”

You and Luke had been neighbours since you had moved in. You never talked at first, you found yourself to intimidated by his broad and tall posture, and easy smirk on his lips. The first he talked to you was when he had gotten your mail by some mistake, knocking on your door at three in the morning to give it to you.

It may have not been the best first impression. Him; half drunk and stumbling and you; paint on your arms and tears staining your cheeks. He was blabbering on about thinking that it was only actually five in the afternoon, and kept apologizing for knocking on your door in the middle of the night. You weren’t bothered at all about it; in fact you hadn’t actually realized how late it had gotten. You took your mail from him, offering him some water to which he refused and thought that it would be the last time you had an actual conversation with him.

Of course you didn’t know that the very next morning (well, afternoon because he had slept in) he would be knocking on your door again. Apologizing once again, this time because he claimed that the night before he regretted not asking you why you had been crying, and invited himself into your apartment, asking you to tell him the story. He was also pretty curious of why there still was paint smeared on your face.

So you guys talked, it got deep, you maybe even cried a bit more but that day you realized something. You realized how easy it was to talk to him; you had no idea why you had felt so intimidated by him.

The both of you became good friends, and fast. He would come over unannounced, claiming that your place was nicer than his even though it was the exact same apartment. It was now completely normal for you to find him at your place, he did have a spare key after all. It wasn’t like you didn’t do the same, one time you showed up during the middle of the night because you had run out of tea and was hoping that he would have some.

You wouldn’t deny that he wasn’t attractive either. That was actually one of the reasons why you used to be intimidated by him. His piercing blue eyes that seemed to always gleam, his tousled dirty blonde hair and his killer smile. Plus, he was one of the sweetest guys you’d ever met, so a person would think that you would fall for him.

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Whatup. Thought I’d say hello to all my new Tumblr chums (and the old ones!), quite why you’re all clicking the follow button for this place of wonky pictures and far to many words baffles me but while you’re here you’re most welcome :)

You’ll find that I post my tasting notes / not really reviews / stuff once a week at the moment, usually Mondays, with occasional pic dumps of beer mail or from my Instagram whenever. Ooh, like those above, what a coincidence! Brief notes are in the captions if you’re so inclined, and yes I do mean brief. Like not at all rambling, off topic, don’t know when to shut up type notes. Hmm, maybe I should start doing supplementary mini posts. 

Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to look at my page, I’m ever so flattered. Hope your weekend has been full of beery wonderment and I’ll have something new for y’all tomorrow.



Here is to super-cool Tumblr friends!  I got this fantastic package of Texas beers that I have never tried plus some other fun stuff from marieantoinetanyahu & her partner in the mail while I was gone on my trip!  Looking forward to some fun sampling over the next couple of weeks, and Minky seems totally enamored with the longhorn!  Hurray for fun mail and beer exchanging!