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Kat McNamara as Haley (Workaholics 4x08)

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anonymous asked:

who do you think is the head heart hand in the eliot parker hardison trio? i'm conflicted because i think all three of them can fit into all three personalities.

Ahh I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to this really great question! Part of the reason is that I had to think about it, because I agree with you, it is hard to categorize them.

My first gut instict went with classifying them as Parker=HEAD, Hardison=HEART, Eliot=FIST. Except for when it’s Hardison=HEAD, Parker=HEART, Eliot=FIST.  And then I think of all the times Eliot has been the HEART or HEAD. And Hardison, while, he isn’t the FIST in the same way that Eliot is, if you are like me, and take FIST to mean the physical part of accomplishing the task/con, then Hardison is the FIST basically whenever he hacks.  And then I started thinkng about all the other possible combinations, and THATS WHAT MAKES THESE CHARACTERS AND THIS PARTNERSHIP SO GODDAMN SATISFYING AND AT THE SAME TIME SO GODDAMN HARD TO CATEGORIZE.  

The beauty of this trio is the fluidity of the roles they are able to play when they’re together, and the seamless way they shift between these roles as needed WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO SPEAK TO EACH OTHER.

I mean, let’s take the Rundown Job, because it’s a perfect example of their constantly shifting roles.  Towards the beginning of the episode when Eliot gets the phone call from his old contact, he immediately shifts into the HEART role, telling the others the moral reasons why they should intervene with the assassination attempt.  And then, when they are in front of the subway, trying to stop the woman from being killed, Eliot trusts the two of them to shift into HEAD mode, to figure it out, while he takes on the FIST role, and stops intercepts the would be killer.

Later when figuring out the cooler of beer in the heist, Parker takes on the HEAD role. And let’s take Eliot’s speech, “I’ve got the best thief, and the smartes guy I know…”  Eliot is totally the HEART here, and he acknowledges Hardison as the HEAD, and Parker as the FIST.  The SOS Hardison sends with the car, both HEAD and FIST at the same time.

On the subway train, after Hardison halfway disarms the bomb (HEAD/FIST role), Eliot trusts Parker to be the FIST to get the bomb out of there, at the same time fulfilling his own FIST role to take town Udall, while Hardison, having fulfilled his other roles, is totally in HEART mode, watching the two people he loves most in FIST mode during what I’m sure was the most stressful 15 seconds of his life.

Long story short, these three are the quintessential HEAD/HEART/FIST trio, however the role they fulfill within that structure fluctuates from con to con and even moment to moment.  *sighs* Adorable drift compatible nerds.

Tat’s just my take on it anyway.