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It's my humble opinion that guys really need to get behind this whole bath thing

Okay look I get it, the idea of sitting in your own grime can be a bit off putting but sometimes you need the ultimate relaxer.
Most fellas I know don’t really have baths because it’s always seen as girly or whatever, I dunno shit makes no sense to me but I’m high as a fucking kite right now so let’s move on.

I present to you

The Dude Bath

What you’ll need:

-A 6 pack of your favourite brew
-A good strand of indica weed
-Your favourite movie
-Bath spice? I dunno, the tickly stuff you put in the water


1) Put your laptop on your toilet seat because it sits about eye level with the bath. Load the movie.
2) Draw a hot bath
3) Add your bath spice stuff
4) Rip a decent sized bowl
5) Open a beer
6) Play the movie. Watch till the end.


A) You must finish the whole 6 pack
B) You must finish your beer before you can refill the tub with hot water.

Guys we have to chill out more. If you try this and like it then share it with your friends.

anonymous asked:

Which person in your top 5 ships is a health nut and goes to Whole Foods and works out all the time and which one has only eaten chez its and Wendy's for the past month and has taken six depression naps in the past four hours

mchanzo: mccree is the wendy’s and depression nap. hanzo is the health nut who does depression work-outs

gencio: lucio isn’t necessarily a health nut, but he does like to focus on keeping his body in good shape. genji’s a dumb cyborg and his sweet tooth is unstoppable. he can and will eat whatever he wants. he doesnt need depression naps anymore tho

reaper76: theyre the worst combination of both. they have to be in peak physical condition in overwatch, but boy oh boy gabriel can’t resist some heavily salted fries, and the couch seduces jack way too often

anahardt: they’re both the health nuts, but reinhardt’s idea of “healthy meal” is a big, hearty buffet and one too many beers. 

pharmercy: theyre both health nuts and it’s almost terrifying how overly aware they are of it. also they’re the super cute workout lesbians in matching tank tops who cook dinner together

bonus symbra: satya is not quite a “health nut” in the way it’s deemed in western society, but follows a rigid daily meal and exercise plan to keep herself in the physical form she finds most effective, and also feels best in. sombra is the “cheeze its and wendy’s while playing the sims for three days straight” type. but satya is helping her eat a little better, and sombra is introducing more interesting food choices to satya’s meal plan. 


So … my husband is kind of the best person on the planet.   I know, I know.. everyone has their own awesome people who they would challenge me with. But here’s just another reason why I’m so unbelievably grateful for mine.   This was his post on FB in response to SNL’s  HILARIOUS joke:   

So this “humor” is infuriating to me on many different levels.

First of all, there is the basic assumption that diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choices. The cliche is obese, weak willed folks who would rather sacrifice their independence for another bite of cotton candy.

Diabetes kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes is hilarious.

By the way, where are the jokes about the slobs who gave themselves breast cancer or AIDS?

Oh I forgot, the poor children that get AIDS from blood transfusions, and the ladies who are genetically prone to cancer or exposed to environmental factors. It’s not their fault.

Wonder what my wife did to give herself diabetes at age 3? She must’ve done something to make her immune system render her pancreas useless. The laughs keep coming.

Type 2 is lifestyle though…well if that were the case how many of you bacon eating, craft beer swilling paradigms of health and fitness would have diabetes? It’s still genetic. Sure lifestyle choices can exacerbate health challenges but show me a person who gave themselves diabetes and i will show you the unicorn they rode in on.

“But so many diabetic people are fat fatties.”
Where my bro-science gym bros at? We all know insulin is a growth hormone right?
Maybe you’ve read about competitive bodybuilders supplementing insulin to get BIGGER?

So imagine your pancreas doesn’t work right you gotta take insulin to balance out blood sugar levels so you don’t die. You inject insulin, a growth hormone (makes tissue BIGGER, fatty tissue, muscle tissue), but it’s not an exact science because so much affects blood sugar; stress, exercise, other hormones in the body. So your sugar might crash….. and pancreas still don’t work. You gotta drink a lot of a sugary beverage or eat mass amounts of simple sugars like candy to raise the blood glucose level, again, so you don’t die. Those calories get stored somewhere. Sure diabetics have a choice. Most choose not to die, and we vilify them for being overweight.

Anyway I’m rambling…remind me why diabetes is funny again?

Adobo be it chicken or pork is a dish favorite among Filipinos. It is very popular in Philippines, you can find it in every canteen or carinderia that sells Filipino foods. There are different ways to cook it but it is almost the same with the ingredients. Soy sauce, vinegar,onion, garlic and bay leaf. A dash of pepper and some. Like I said it is almost the same but I cooked it a little different/

First thing i do is heat the pan and put oil. then I add onion and ginger and chili. then I put the cut chicken saute it until it is brown. Then I put in say sauce and vinegar and water. Add pepper and simmer. Before it is cook I put a teaspoon of sugar making it spicy and a little sweet. Adding flavor to the adobo. 

As ive said there are different ways to cook adobo i do it differently. Maybe because if you cook it like this it will also be good as an appetizer for drinking beer especially if you cut the chicken a little bit smaller.

More Appetizers? follow me

Health Benefits of Beer

I’ve been wanting to write about the health benefits of beer for a while, well, because there are many of them!  Also, I find lots of people coming up and joking about how unhealthy beer is and the mythical “beer belly” - when we’re actually referring to alcohol and how unhealthy copious amounts of it can be harmful.  Moral of the story - don’t hate on beer.

Vitiman B-apalooza

Probably the healthiest part of beer is the amount and types of Vitamin B it provides, especially in traditional English “real ales”, microbrews, and (of course) homebrews.

Yeast supply beer with nearly the entire range of B-complex vitamins.  In fact, one 12-oz can of beer contains 12.6% of a person’s daily B-6 vitamin intake! We see a higher presence of B-vitamins in unfiltered beers and homebrews where the Vitiman B is not filtered out.  When unfiltered, this vitamin actually helps combat the side-effects of alcohol, most notably hangovers.  Thanks, yeasties!

So, why isn’t beer the king of Vitamin B?  Well, alcohol kind of negates this as it lessens the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.  In theory, non-alcoholic beers are really the super-drink in this scenario where alcohol doesn’t impede on our vitamin absorption.


Our grain provides quite a few nutrients as well.  Most notably, it provides a large amount of fiber!  In fact, a liter of beer contains 20% to 60% of our daily recommended intake of fiber!  Holy crap.  Derived from the barley cell walls, fiber helps aid in digestion, helps control blood-cholesterol levels and blood-sugar levels which, helps combat heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Hell yea fiber!

Other Good Stuff

Aside from being packed with great vitamins and fiber, beer is rich in other healthy elements.  Obviously, beer is rich in carbohydrates, which is why drinking beer post-run is great for replenishing those carbs and sugars.  Potassium makes a small appearance in beer as well as large levels of Niacin which maintain healthy bones and higher bone densities.

Another interesting element of beer is the amount of flavonoids found in it.  Flavonoids act as antioxidants, similar to the ones found in superfoods and green tea.  In fact, beer (especially lagers) contain higher concentrations of these antioxidants than green tea.  Seriously.  

So, again, why isn’t beer on the food pyramid?? Alcohol. 

The Beer Belly and other Bad Guys

Alcohol basically negates all things healthy in beer and is the actual culprit for the mythical “beer belly”.

Typically, those consuming enough beer on a regular basis to create a beer belly lead an inactive lifestyle with poor nutritional intake.  This alone is enough to give anyone a gut.  But, alcohol also aids in this process.  When consuming alcohol, you are lowering your inhibitions and typically eating high-sodium or unhealthy options when the alcohol-induced hunger comes on.

Another part of the beer belly theory has to do with our fat storage.  Alcohol not only lessens the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, it also lessens our ability to burn stored fat.  So, any fat you got in your pouch already is staying there because alcohol wants it to - not beer!

All in all, we should make it a point of calling it an “alcohol belly” because that is what gives us the plump.  Sorry, booze.

One Night


One night


Summary: Sometimes all we need is one night to change things.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Setting: Pre-show so around 2003, 2004 sometime, then goes to 2005.

Warnings: smut *keep it wrapped people so no special surprises you don’t want.*, might need tissues cause it doesn’t end the way you think.

Notes: written for my 400 followers challenge. Requested by @angryschnauzer song requested is Die young by Ke$ha.

Tag list: @winters-buck @policeofficerdean @spnfanficpond @aquabrie

Y/H/C = Your Hair Color, Y/E/C = Your Eye Color, Y/N = Your Name


“Remind me why exactly we’re here?” Sam questioned, in step with Dean as they entered the small seedy bar in Middle of nowhere Arizona.

Eyes rolling, while he searched for one face in the thin crowd, “We have no case, this place was close,” he finished off with a shrug, walking towards the bar.

“Doesn’t answer the question Dean,” called out, watching his brother head towards the bartender noticing something off. For now he’d observe and wait, seeing what exactly this little trip is all about.

“What can I get ya?” slim, wearing a stained white wife beater top and jeans, grey eyes take in Dean leaning on the bar top.

Sliding onto a stool, elbows pressed into the wood, “I’m actually looking for someone,” he answered glancing to his right then left, seeing that Sam wasn’t standing beside him. “She uh, she’s about 5’8, Y/H/C hair, bright Y/E/C eyes.”

Shrugging not wanting to answer him, as he took a step away, “Sorry dude I don’t know anyone…”

“Y/N is her name. I know she lives in town I meet her here a few years ago,” voice tight with anger at being denied his answers. “Look I’m not some psycho, promise. I just need to talk with her.”

Dean could tell the bartender is holding something back, “Listen man I can’t say anything. It’s not my place.”

Taken back by his words, dread filled Dean’s chest. Having not heard from you in the last six months after constant contact either via phone or email. He’d vowed to come back sooner, but life kept kicking him in his teeth in the form of his dad going missing, then grabbing Sam from Stanford, only for his girlfriend to burn like their mother.

Raking a hand through his short brown hair, pleading in his tone, “Just tell me does she still live in the same house.”

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