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MC comforts RFA + Saeran


  • He’s always so honest and direct about everything.
  • So it’s easy to tell when he’s sad since he tends to shut down
  • When he’s like this, your first thought is recurring to the obvious methods: beer, cigarettes or teasing the beast.
  •  If it doesn’t work, wow… he’s really down, huh? You’re getting hurt by seeing him so gloomy.
  • And though he’s upset and frustrated, he would still never ignore you. So when you ask him to go help you with something in the rooftop, he promptly goes.
  • Then you look above and say: “The stars are beautiful tonight… remember the first time you brought me here? I was so happy you were opening up and telling everything on your mind… I love when you open up to me.” Take the hint, Hyun…
  • He just sighs, and your heart aches. “So much has happened a few days after that night, huh? So many bad things you overcame, Hyun…” you place your hand on top of his.
  • You’re right, a lot has happened. And he overcame all of that, but he didn’t do it alone, you helped him.
  •  And you will help him again, right?


  • He tries to hide it from you as much as he can, because he doesn’t want to worry you
  • But he not saying anything and spacing out when he thinks you’re not looking only makes you get more worried.
  • You could offer to play some LOLOL with him, but… he doesn’t play LOLOL much these days.
  • Seriously, you can think of a million things you could do like going out to the movies, ask him to help you cook some new dish or buying him small things that make you remember him like a comic book or a new hairpin.
  • And if nothing works, time to go for the simplest and most effective measure:
  • Cuddling.
  • Yep, just hug him and place your legs between his on the couch and his eyes immediately change, gleaming lightly
  • You rest your head on his lap, and boy is even smiling softly running his fingers through your hair and venting.
  • “I’m sure you will overcome it. You’re so mature and smart, I… almost feel like you’re comforting me with my head on your lap like this.” Ahhh, he’s feeling so cool after that he really feels like he can do anything!


  • The stress can have a much stronger effect now that she’s not that used to it anymore
  • And it’s stress mixed to frustration, since she thinks she’s not allowed to feel like this anymore now that she doesn’t have a strenuous job. So… why does she still feel bad?
  • You can read her pretty easily since it’s all over her tired features, but just coming to her and saying “Hey, sometimes things will still suck, you know?” doesn’t seem it will be much of a help… much on the contraire.
  • So saying something won’t do, but what about doing something?
  • You make her tea (get her away from coffee, just today!) give her a massage, or bake some sweet treat like a cupcake or a muffin.
  • It usually works, since she’s relaxed. But what about the frustration?
  • She watches as you moves the couch away, her eyes widen when she sees you just put a Zen DVD with a sing-along version.
  • “Come on, let’s be cheesy and just let everything go!” you beam, offering your hand to her.  And after some very embarrassing duets, you two plop on the couch, where she finally vents to you.
  • Because that was the point, right? Jus helping her let it go?



  • Sighs
  • Long and deep sighs. That’s all you need to hear to know something is off.
  • The way he hugs you and leans his head on your shoulder, staying there for a while, usually is also a sign
  • Your first moves include dismissing the chef and cooking a meal yourself, playing with Elizabeth while he watches it or making him rest his head on your lap while you stroke his hair and, as he requests, tell him about your day.
  • He really loves to hear about your day, but man… can’t he tell about his so you’ll know what’s wrong?
  • You proceed to tell about something that bothered you.  “…and that makes me feel frustrated. How would you feel if it was with you?”
  • “Well, I suppose I would feel bothered as well…” “Really? Why is that?” “Because it’s frustrating when people don’t take you seriously, for example, my father today…”
  • And he starts venting, but always talking like it isn’t about him. Well… not ideal, but he still has a long way in showing his emotions.
  • So when he finishes it, you just smile and kiss his forehead. “I’m very proud of you.” And though he has no idea why, he’s feeling… so much lighter.


  • It’s so easy to tell when he’s sad.
  • He will shut down and stay away from you, telling you he needs it before he’ll take it on you or something.
  • And yeah, you wouldn’t like that, but you know he won’t really snap at you. He doesn’t do things like this anymore.
  • He’s just aloof because he doesn’t want to look sad in front of you.
  • Watch out for the emotional eater! Yep, he eats when he’s upset, so offering him food and waiting for him to talk usually works
  • It can be something you made or just the good ol’ HBC
  • But you prefer trying to cook something, because the smell will make him get out of his isolation and go to the kitchen.
  • And seeing the dirty dishes in the sink, he’ll offer to help you wash it, and that will be when he’ll talk to you.
  • Now that he’s feeling much better, he even suggests you to clean the kitchen, he still has a few more things to say… (Vanderwood is somewhere crying with pride)



  • Comforting him can be super easy or super hard
  • Depends on which mood he’s in.
  • If he’s feeling clingy, he’ll ask you to take some ice cream with him, then he’ll talk about what’s making him feel sad.
  • If he’s grumpy, it can be a little harder, he’ll be rude and tell you to leave him alone.
  • So you do, personal space is what he needs the most.
  • You leave him alone and try not to worry too much, he will calm down and come to you at some point.
  • You try to distract yourself as you wait, usually going to your laptop to watch funny videos or read bizarre articles.
  • “Hey, scroll slower! I didn’t get to read fact number 17!” he’s behind you, then you pull manage to sit on the couch with the laptop in your lap for you to read it together.
  • And after a few soft laughs, he gets serious and looks at you: “You said I could talk when I felt like, can I?” Oh… listening to him will be way more satisfying than any list Buzzfeed could ever make.
Give Me Love, 12

Throne Of Glass High School AU

Note: Theres a scene below that belongs to Sarah J Maas. I take no claim over it. I simply rewrote it a bit to fit my story. Enjoy!

Summary: He thinks she wants nothing to do with him. She thinks he can’t remember her. Aelin and Rowan were friends once upon a time. But high school drove them apart. However, one night - one party - is about to change not only their lives, but the lives of their friend as well.

Chapters: XXX



Aelin knew what this day was going to hold. She could already tell. It was going to be horrible. Drama-filled. Downright dreadful. And here was why: The Havilliard’s were coming.

Aelin had zero problems with Dorian coming over for dinner. It was the rest of his family the she’d rather leave outside. His brother, Hollin, was a little devil. Aelin always wanted a sibling (Elide and Aedion didn’t count) but every time she saw Hollin, she couldn’t help but be grateful it was just her. Then there was Georgina Havilliard, who had her nose so far in the air Aelin was sure she could see her brain. And of course, Mr. Havilliard, Dorian’s father. He refused to be called anything but Mr. Havilliard, never mind the fact their families had been friends forever. Aelin wasn’t even sure she knew Mr. Havilliard’s actual name.

But the Havilliard’s weren’t the only thing about the day that was horrible. Because Aedion and his family were coming over also.

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Many ancient Heathen Temples*,  would have had much in common with this Latvian Neo-Pagan Temple though almost all would have lacked a flue or chimney, having just a smoke hole in the thatch above the central hearth and would not have had glass in the windows and doorways (just shutters and doors). But Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Temples would have contained a statue or statues of their patron God(s)** and could have been well lit by lots of then expensive candles and lamps for high days and holidays.

Small Temples would not always reflect a small population, a poor place or following: they would often have been mainly a home for the statues and other religious artifacts and would probably not have seen weekly or frequent “services”, but were often a focus for mainly outdoor public ceremonies and festivities on holidays which often would include sacrifice of wine, beer and beasts; feasting, dancing and merrymaking: particularly at Easter, Midsummer and Harvest Time***. Such temples would never have been as durable as stone, concrete or brick buildings like those in Greece and Rome and could easilly be destroyed by over-zealous missionaries and Christian rulers.

Latvian Paganism/Heathenism:

1) is one of the great family of religions that are closely or more distantly related to Odinism just as Indo-European languages are closely or more distantly related to one another.

2) Latvian Heathenism was one of the last European ethnic religions to be (almost) extinguished by Christianity: it lasted officially until the 19th C.

3) Latvia’s ethnic religion was further suppressed by the Soviet authorities when it was part of the USSR from about the end of WW2 until the Soviet Union collapsed. Soviet propaganda called it nationalist, racist and nazi. The fact that the Latvians, like Hindus, still used “swastika” or “swastika-like” symbols (as they had for thousands of years before the nazis existed) played into Soviet hands****.

4) The Latvian thunder God:
Thor-like images are carved into rocks and cave walls over large parts of Europe and go back many thousands of years and Latvia’s Thunder God, Perkūnas, is, in many ways like Thor.

5) Quote from Wikipedia:

“Baltic Neopaganism is a category of autochthonous religious movements which have revitalised within the Baltic people (primarily Lithuanians and Latvians). These movements trace their origins back to the 19th century and they were suppressed under the Soviet Union; after its fall they have witnessed a blossoming alongside the national and cultural identity reawakening of the Baltic peoples, both in their homelands and among expatriate Baltic communities. One of the first ideologues of the revival was the Prussian Lithuanian poet and philosopher Vydūnas.”

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* except for a few including the Great Temple at Uppsala in Sweden.

** According to Adam of Bremen, the Uppsala Temple contained statues of Odin, Frey and Thor (who sat in the central throne).

I include “Godesses” in the term “Gods”: it seems to me both more authentic and more egalitarian: the word “God” was neuter prior to Christianity and the word “Goddess” is a more recent coinage. Apologies to anyone who may have thought I am excluding some very loved female dieties including Freyja, Frigg and Sif.

***Yule festivities in midwinter would take place mainly indoors in private or in semi-private, notably in the large dwelling halls of the rich and famous, which is probably why Yule (celebrated now in English-speaking countries mostly under the name “Christmas”) has survived with more of its tradition intact, notably excepting the libations and overt mention of the Heathen Gods.

****In fact the Soviets, like the Church throughout most of its history before them, were much more racist: yes, they’d be (often in a very limited way) “inclusive” for individuals who would convert and mouth their own dogma back to them and nothing else, but would make sporadic efforts to cleanse the world of ethnic religions and persecute those who did not comply.

Imperial Doughnut Break (Evil Twin)

Brewery : Evil Twin
Beer : Imperial Doughnut Break
Style : Imperial Porter / Porter
Variance : Brewed with Coffee, Bittersweet Almonds, and Doughnuts

9 / 10

Cops have been getting a lot of heat lately. There’s a lot of shitty officers out there and at the same time there are a lot of great men and women wearing the uniform but unfortunately only the shit heads make the headlines. The one thing we can all agree on though is their great taste in pastries. Cops always have the nose for the best doughnuts in town and it’s very rare to see one at a lowly place like Dunkin’ Donuts unless it’s the last possible choice. This beer would be one of those rare shops serving up only the best glazed gooey treats that’s flavor could only be described to be as good as fast forwarding to all of Rosario Dawson’s topless scenes in Alexander. This beer is a damn delicious porter and so far, Evil Twin has yet to disappoint me in any of the brews I’ve tasted. This starts with a sugary chocolate silk taste with some of that coffee bitterness creeping through in the middle with some light vanilla almond milk joining the crew at the end to make for one unique and flavorful porter. This beer is an absolute beast and if you haven’t tried this yet then you are fucking missing out. This is a must try for all porter lovers or just anyone in love with the big blacks and as far as the entry level beer drinker, this is a great starting point due to it’s sweetness and bold flavors. Just be careful kiddos, this beer clocks in at 11.5% so don’t get too wasted. Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.