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So this was for @destieldrabblesdaily‘s 30k fic contest and now that it’s over enjoy!

It’s the first night Castiel has had free in what feels like forever. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Thursday, but with the rocket launch getting closer management has had all engineers on staff 24/7 for the last two months working on the Elysium-1 set to launch within the year. Zachariah’s riding Castiel’s ass for everything since Cas is the head of the engineering for the astronaut suit and training program, so for Cas to have one day off is a miracle that he will gladly spend in Harvelle’s just down the street of the center. Ellen offers free beers for all the engineers since Ash is a part of the program.

Today Castiel was in the back end of the booths in a secluded area, affectionately termed “Castiel’s Corner” since Cas enjoyed the privacy of a quiet beer and a good book, but that doesn’t mean the corner isn’t also the home to the perfect eavesdropping location in the entire place. Cas could hear everything, for better or for worse, and this is how Castiel found himself listening in on the end of Dean Winchester’s current affair with Lisa Breaden.

Castiel didn’t know Dean personally, but Jo, Ellen’s daughter, sure did. She spoke often enough about how things were going south between Lisa and Dean, but for the most part Castiel barely paid attention to the gossip. It wasn’t his place and Dean was straight, but that didn’t stop him from angling his ear to hear that Lisa was asking Dean to find someone else.

“You and I both know we work better as friends,” Lisa had been saying, “I just think maybe it’s time we took off the label and you found someone else.”

“What label? We never really had one to begin with,” a somewhat annoyed Dean responded. “I get that you wanna see Matt, and I’m not gonna stop you, but I don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy you know.”

At this point Lisa was pouting. Castiel gathered she was a sensible woman that only wanted the best for what apparently was becoming her ex-boyfriend. “I’m not saying you need to be in one right away or anything, I just don’t want to you wallow in your wounds. I know you. What I’m saying is let me find someone for you.” Castiel didn’t hear any response after that, causing him to peer over the booth veranda to look at the couple.

They were towards the center of the place, Dean in a red striped plaid shirt and Lisa in a sensible yet elegant shirt and jeans. It had all the makings of a romantic dinner if you didn’t overhear their conversation. Dean was looking down when Castiel peered over, but before Castiel could retract his obviously staring eyes (damn, Dean was a looker), green eyes locked with blue. Castiel had been caught.

Dean looked confused, be it because a rather mysterious man was staring at him or he’d just lost the longest relationship he’d ever had, he doesn’t really know. The minute-long stare didn’t get past Lisa though, who promptly turned in Castiel’s direction as well.

Cas cursed under his breath. Way to go rocket scientist, you just got busted. He quickly withdrew into his seat and continued sipping his Blue Moon beer. I’m an idiot.

“Who was that? You looked like you knew him.” Castiel cringed as Lisa brings him up.

“That’s… that’s my ex.”

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There’s a perception that most craft beers are owned by bearded hipsters trying to engineer a beer so hoppy it can start nuclear fission. While that may be true of the 1,700 small breweries cataloged by the Brewers Association, you haven’t heard of 1,697 of them. That’s because you (understandably) don’t want to sample hundreds of beers made in the basements of Linkin Park fans in order to find one good one. You just want to go to the grocery store and grab a six-pack that will make your brother-in-law respect you.

Gigantic beer companies are aware of this, so they’ve tried to get into niche markets. Budweiser tried making more specific types than simply “beer,” but got lackluster results. So instead they have been buying up the competition, turning once-beloved breweries into pod people versions of their former selves.

Today, most craft beers that get distribution are drone brands controlled by one of the beer giants. For example, Anheuser-Busch InBev owns 200 brands and has a controlling share in many of your favorites. They’re a company so big that they categorize Busch as a “local brand.” The only way Busch is a local brand for you is if your address is “every frat house in America.”

5 Mom & Pop Brands Secretly Owned By Mega Corporations


When geologists are at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union and they want to see how good of a job an engineered system does at keeping the contents from shaking (the kinds of things we have to worry about with earthquakes, wind, etc.), apparently this is one way to test. Despite the table shaking back and forth, the apparatus in the center is kept quite stable

Gratuitous Academy Era Jemma headcanon no one ever asked for:

  • Everybody always expects her to get the best grades because she’s a Genius™. They don’t realize how hard she works for them. No one ever does. Well, except for Fitz, but his default is to mock her for it (he doesn’t mean harm but it still stings).
  • The Academy is by far the most competitive environment she has ever known. It’s ruthless, and she’s so young. It’s incredibly destabilizing.
  • At some point toward the end of the first year (or is it the second?) she pulls a Jessie Spano.
  • She doesn’t take caffeine pills, of course, she’s not that basic. Instead, she designs her own stimulant.
  • It works wonders. She’s not tired anymore, ever. She’s sharp. She’s focused. She’s the effortless genius everyone always expected her to be.
  • Of course, after two or three weeks, things begin deteriorating. Fast.
  • She barely sleeps three hours a night because her brain never shuts up and her heart is racing 24/7. She’s so excited. She’s so scared. She looks like death itself.
  • Sometimes, she blacks out. It’s terrifying, but at first she manages to hide it. Or so she thinks.
  • But Fitz is not an idiot. He has eyes, and he pays attention. When he finally confronts her, she breaks down and promises never to do do it again, if he’ll keep her secret.
  • He stays by her side through the worst of it.
  • And from that moment on, he keeps an eagle eye on her, especially during finals. He’s always in her space. It’s so annoying.
  • But also oddly comforting.
  • He never mentions it directly. He finds other ways to let her know he’s there, if she needs him.
  • If he wasn’t her best friend before, he certainly is after that.

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