beer deluxe


Southampton “Saison Deluxe”

92 A-

This Saison should be available year-round in 22 oz. bombers. Aromas are predominantly fruity with a resemblance to pear, apricot, orange, and white wine. Yeast give hints of spice, such as clove and coriander, along with just the right amount of Belgian funk. The sweetness comes across as a confectioners sugar wafer.

The palate starts out a tad sour with a flavor akin to lemonade, then shifts more toward orange as sweetness descends. A vast body of fruit bursts through with evident suggestions of pear, peach, and banana. The yeast promotes a particular character of spice that accumulates on the back-end, which like the nose, centers around clove and coriander. Hops give an impression of earth and grass, then a final flavor similar to white grape juice emerges for the aftertaste. Alcohol provides some inviting esters, which actually contribute to some of the fruity flavors, but also bring along an edge of warmth that muddles up the crispness I expect from this style. The mouthfeel is generally quite creamy with lively carbonation over a medium-full body that dries slightly as the finish approaches.

In terms of style, the malt weight is above-average, and the alcohol comes through with clarity despite being a lowly 7.4%. I’m not necessarily bothered by either, but both qualities make this stylistically uncharacteristic. In terms of flavor, the sour element balances perfectly to the sweetness, and frail bitterness upholds support from below. I feel this has just the right amount of fruit to complement a proportional degree of spice. All in all, it’s been a unique, enjoyable drink, but this doesn’t embody the style in its most classical distinction. Instead, I find a complex rendition with a surprising amount of depth. Thanks for the trade, Kirby! I recommend it to those who prefer Belgians.



Southampton, New York

 Summary: Sp33dy’s friend invites him and his friends to a party which involves alcohol and horny people. Although Sidearms and G18 are underage, they go for the sake of their friends. A few problems are made, relationships are formed and broken, and secrets are spilled. How the hell are The Crew going to repair this?     

Everyone was talking over each other. There was some screaming to get everyone’s attention. Sp33dy was doing another “The Crew Q&A”. There was a few silly questions, one asking if Legiqn was really gay, which brought everybody to giggles and laughter. 

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