beer crunk

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could explain what's going on with dan and Phil? I'm kinda lost.

okay. dem boi’s r at playlist live and dan is being a hoe. 😫😵 earlier he tweeted out being in the bahamas and phil was seen alone leaving a place so it seemed kinda legit but very sketch.👀👀👀 he then posted a pic at diagon ally w his alcoholic drink of choice (butter beer) getting crunk🍺🍻 w his bf phil👬. so it seemed at this point he actually was a lying binch 🚫👏who didn’t go to the bahamas THEN he tweets out physical proof✈️!!! why he doin us dirty SMH!!! today was may 7th, phil came out w a new video, all was supposed to be good😩😔!!! why he gotta take the lime lite from phil!!! he a trick ass binch thrussy 😤😤😤