beer by the spree

Here’s to another year.

Here’s to new friendships, new promises, new beginnings. Here’s to college life and living away from home for the first time. Here’s to new subjects and new challenges. Here’s to another heartbreak and another one after that. Here’s to drunk nights spent in the club and the nights spent playing card games with tea to keep you warm. Here’s to that one person who has stayed by you all this while, and here’s to that one person who still crosses your mind everyday. Here’s to first jobs and first paychecks. Here’s to horrible bosses we love to curse. Here’s to road trips and shopping sprees; here’s to expensive wines, cheap beer and street foods. Here’s to new relationships and relationships that couldn’t last. Here’s to first apartments and mounds of bills to pay. Here’s to leaving some dreams behind and here’s to finding new ones. Here’s to exploring new places and here’s to living life like we’ve never known before.

This time, it will be about celebrating ourselves, about embracing our beauty, accepting ourselves as flawed as we are because we’ll never be as young as we are now.

So, raise your glasses;

Here’s to another era of our lives.

—  turning twenty.
Things I associate the u’s girls with:
  • Honoka: sidewalk chalk, an old etch-a-sketch you found in your grandparent’s basement, trying on sunglasses at the store, maple syrup, band t-shirts layered with flannels, putting off homework until the night it’s due, orange soda, cooing at puppies, the scratch of tree bark on your hands and legs, going through 6 pairs of flip flops in one summer
  • Kotori: licking cake batter off the spoon, pastel colors, seeing your breath at night in the winter, taking candid photos of people around you, infinity scarves, the snapchat dog filter, dyeing Easter eggs, limited edition flavors of chapstick, polka-dot patterns, confetti birthday cake mix
  • Umi: linen scented candles, couple’s yoga, historical fiction, spearmint gum, showering in the morning, real fireplaces, “For Dummies” books, kale shakes, recognizing different bird calls, scrambled eggs, spring cleaning, driving under the speed limit, black coffee, moonlight
  • Eli: jogging on the beach before the sun rises, two bullet journals: one for planning, one for being as cute and decorative as possible, calculus, staying well hydrated, still going to school even though you’re sick, printing essays at the library, white-out, going vegan for a month, post-it notes
  • Nozomi: penguins, flannels, ancient aliens conspiracy theories, brand name pens, pride flags/patterns on everything you own, people-watching, library dates, complaining about women’s jeans not having pockets,   “netflix and chill ;)” window shopping while holding hands, fanfiction, political marches and protests, “the sunset is only pretty colors because of air pollution,” studyblrs,, the entire tv show Parks and Recreation
  • Nico: the color pink, email alerts for Victoria’s Secret sales, liking the smell of coffee but not the taste, making your parents put your drawing on the fridge even though you’re past that age, drawing your crush’s name with a heart around it, fuzzy socks, staying up too late, selfie bursts
  • Maki: gloves that you can still use your phone with, pumpkin spice lattes, a black-tie formal sweet sixteen party, professional manicures, colored leaves in the fall, wearing dresses to school, princess tiaras, sparkling grape juice, matching pajama sets, opening your mouth while applying mascara, strawberry cheesecake, taking astrology posts too seriously
  • Rin: completely cloudless skies, going to the pet store for fun, catching fireflies, coloring books, elaborate sand castles, bubble baths, “wait we had homework??” breaking apart oreos and eating the creme first, magical girl shows, drinking root beer and pretending it’s real beer
  • Hanayo: internet shopping sprees, hot chocolate, sleeping in pillow forts, talking about tattoos you’ll probably never get, Puffs Plus with Lotion, warm clothes right out of the dryer, whole milk, house plants, nendoroid figures, forgetting about your tea and warming it up in the microwave, making ice cream sundaes