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10 Local Beers You Can Only Drink in New York City
Some beers are just too good to share with the rest of the country.
By Tom Acitelli

Well yeah, you can find Brooklyn all over the world, but a few special beers are only available here in NYC. Thanks for the shout out, Thrillist. Time to plan your trip, rest of the world.

The man had been a home-brewer and was regularly exposed to the brewer’s yeast, the fungus used to ferment beer. He likely had an antibiotics treatment that had killed off his original intestinal flora and replaced it with brewer’s yeast. 

From then on, carb-rich foods such as bread or bagels would ferment after he ate them, making an alcoholic brew in his gut within the next 24 hours.

He took daily anti-fungal medications for six weeks to kill off the yeast and followed a very strict no sugar/carb/alcohol diet, until eventually he was back to normal.



I really cannot wait to get myself into this place. Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery has teamed up with Smokestack BBQ (chosen as a Grateful Dead tribute to the song ‘Smokestack Lightning’) to open a dream come true in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. A refurbished factory full of delights. A rustic haven.


I made these beer labels for my brother for Christmas! Earlier in the year, we’d been fantasizing about him starting a literature themed brewery called Whale of a Tale Brewing Co. where all the beers would be named classic literary/beer puns. I liked these three that we came up with the best so I decided to illustrate their future labels. Hopefully someday they will all really exist and I’ll get to drink them!:) 


Yes yes yes! What a wonderful idea! A 100% biodegradable six-pack ring, plastic-free and made of barley and wheat leftover from the brewing process. 

We need every beer company to support and switch to these edible six pack rings! In the meantime and if you must purchase a six-pack with plastic rings, don’t forget to cut it up before you throw it out, That way, if it accidentally ends up in the water, no animals will get entangled in the rings. 


Post Projects   |

“Brassneck Brewery is a new retail brewery in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. Brassneck offers brewed on-site selections at their growler fill station or in their tasting lounge. Post was commissioned to establish Brassneck’s visual identity; the identity makes use of bold typography, starkly contrasted by more loose, whimsical ink drawings by artist Maggie Boyd.”

Post Projects is a Vancouver based graphic art and design studio that began with the partnership of Alex Nelson and Beau House. We currently work with a network of local and international specialists on creative projects that include identity & branding, print media, and interactive development. "It could be better" is an oft-repeated phrase in the Post Projects studio. We understand the commercial value of good creative ideas and see great potential for development in today’s visual landscape. 

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