beer and wurst

the marvelous adventures of germany: bro
  • Germany: bro what are you doing
  • Prussia: making dinner bro
  • Germany: why bro
  • Prussia: cuz you are the beer to my wurst bro

Culture Clash :D

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We are Doitsuists, we follow and praise you, oh mighty Doitsu. Accept our humble offerings of wurst, beer and Italy. We shall forever praise the lord king Doitsu. All hail Doitsu.

what the fukc

@EllenDeGeneres Good luck sweetheart! Happy #Oscars2014 everyone! On the menu: American Mussels, Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches, iced GraviTea, Captain Phillipsdelphia Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Herburgers, Baked Nebraska, PhiloDoughmena Puffs, 12 Beers A Slave, and the Wursts Of Wall Street!
Thx @DarrenCriss for 3 of those…
—  Adam Shankman | March 2, 2014 (x)

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Does your version of Ludwig like the same things as canon Germany? Like dogs and beer and wurst and baking cakes?

yeah kinda, I try to keep him close to canon Germany, but since he’s a teenager I also try to make him a bit more nerdy. When it comes to beer, he doesn’t really drink much alcohol yet, only when he’s with Gilbert. But yes he loves baking and wurst, and dogs (but he can’t afford his own dog yet) 

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S/o taking home a highly intoxicated character: Germany, Spain, Romano, and America. Thank you!

Ahhh, this is late! I am sorry. I got stuck halfway through and then got totally absorbed in the witcher ;w; Other requests will be coming soon I swear! Hope you enjoy anyway.

~Mod Whipski

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