beer addicts

My book and booze pairing of the week for you, approved by my furry companion Demyx 😸. Outlander is a fantastic historical fiction series about a woman who time travels back to 18th century Scotland. If you’re wondering why my copy of Outlander is so beat up, well it’s because I’ve lent it out to at least three people. 😅 I absolutely love the Outlander series, especially the first three books! I also think the first three make a great stopping point and are great on their own, which may appeal to some of you who are afraid to try these behemoths. Though I didn’t enjoy books four and five as much, I did just recently buy the 6th and plan on immersing myself in Gabaldon’s world again soon!


I’ve been MIA for the last few months because I’m in recovery for addiction (specifically alcohol!) I’m 79 days sober today.

I was drinking beer almost every night for about three years. I think I drank beer because it made me feel like less of an alcoholic, like “Oh, it’s just beer. You’re not drinking the hard stuff. You’re fine.” I gained about 30 lb and was severely depressed and suffered from anxiety attacks. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything unless there would be alcohol there.

Since I’ve quit, I’ve discovered a few things. First, my anxiety is almost completely gone. So I guess that was alcohol induced. Second, the depression is still there! And that’s something I’ve been struggling with these past few months that I’ve been basically missing from Tumblr.

To anyone who placed an order in my shop– I’m so sorry this is happening right now and I’m working on orders today, hoping to get every single order out by the end of this week. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, you should receive one in your e-mail by Sunday. I’m adding in so many extras for you. Doesn’t make up for me being shitty and flaky, but hopefully they will bring you some joy.

Here’s my before and after so far. I lost 17 lb. and then gained 1 lb. back because of election stress. #fuckdonaldtrump

Two Pints o’ Sam Adams but I’m Working on Three!
  • Hercules: I think you should quit drinking.
  • Laurens: It’s the beer that’s addicted to me.
  • Laurens: Oh no! It’s back! *starts waving beer bottle like it’s flying and attacking him* No! Stop! *raises arms as if to protect self*
  • Laurens: *positions bottle like it’s hitting him* HELP!!!!!
  • Laurens: [screams die off] ...
  • Hercules: ...
  • Laurens: *chugs from bottle*