I have no idea what that huge device is, but it’s definitely NOT a cannon. I assume at day it lays pipes around the railway station construction area - or something just as mundane, while at night it sits there all protective and like, a real-life Transformer guy fitting in any case quite nicely my IPA of tonight. The folks of Magic Rock may be Brits, but their Cannonball is very American: thick and solid bitter, fruity and a hint sweet, a smooth treat indeed.

National Bohemian (Pabst Brewing Co.)

Brewery : Pabst Brewing Co.
Beer : National Bohemian
Style : Pale Lager / Pilsner / Pilsener / American Adjunct Lager
Variance : None

4 / 10

Let’s start this review off by making sure you understand that no one actually calls this beer National Bohemian but instead refers to it as “Natty Boh”. This beer is even lucky enough to have it’s own mascot known as Mr. Boh who basically looks like the Pringles guy with a way more stereotypical Italian mustache and missing an eye. Now with all that being said, this beer is awful and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s the “official” beer of Baltimore even though it isn’t even fucking brewed there but apparently at least 90% of this beer’s sales come from that city alone. If you aren’t too familiar with Baltimore just google search “Baltimore Riots” and I’m sure you’ll get a pretty good idea of how nice of a city it is. It pretty much tastes like a PBR on steroids with it’s overly sweet malt flavor and besides that, there is nothing really to this beer. The main reason I am not giving this an even lower score is because I can see this actually being a pretty good beer to drink on a hot day at a sporting event mainly because it just tastes like water with sugar in it but the sweetness in this only pales in comparison to the fact that Ken Kratz got busted for sexting his clients (that piece of shit and his fucking bitch voice). I’ll be the first one to tell you that every time I go down to Annapolis to visit my family I always find myself drinking one but I think it’s just another one of my dark secrets like my undying love for Sean Kingston’s music. Anyways, I would only search this out if you are trying to get tanked or watch the Raven’s get their asses handed to them (I hope) and as for newbies, avoid this because this is basically a Miller Lite with a nicer can and slightly better taste. Oh Boy, What A Beer!

Written by: Steve B.