Boxcar Brewing’s Pale Ale with Mango & Ginger (Picked up at Flanigan’s Boathouse in Conshohocken). A 3 of 4. Very orange color and some nice creamy lacing on a medium body. Smells of tropical fruit - it’s clear it’s not just from the hops - there’s a more robust fruitiness to it. A bit spicy and prickly on the palate and there’s some candy-like malt notes as well. Relatively easy to drink and the prickliness from the ginger and the rather powerful fruity sweetness play well together.

Dropped off @laura_millan at work at #emp and walked up to #thecannibal! What a great selection of beer, offal, charcuterie and other rich, healthy, meaty grub! Loved the place at first sight. I had a lamb sausage plate with chickpeas, a great parsley salad, fennel and garlic top puree, and a chickpea caper salad – perfect light appetizer for a Middle Eastern cook dining solo.

I loves my farmhouse ale with the pigs head cuban too!!! What a great place.

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