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I Have Fallen - Bastion x GN!Reader

I needed to write something for Bastion. I regret nothing.

Title: I Have Fallen - Bastion x Gender Neutral! Reader

Fandom: Overwatch

Words Count: 1094


A curious gaze wondered up the silhouette of a tall omnic who stared back at the smaller human in front of them, tilting their head to the side in a silent question. A quiet beep sounded from their voice box and they made a motion to express that they’re worried about the constant stare, wondering whether something was wrong. Another concerned beep was what managed to do the trick and the Bastion unit let out a series of short, soft beeps and boops as their bird companion joined in with melodic chirping.

“Sorry,” You mumbled, sheepishly averting your eyes to the side in embarrassment while scratching the back of your neck. “It’s just that I still find your height to be really amusing. Not in a bad way, of course-!” The panic stricken noise that followed made you panic as well, worried that you said something to upset the omnic, and you hurriedly explained what you meant. “You’re just really, really tall and- well, I never really had the chance to appreciate that.” Chuckling quietly you shook your head, once more looking up at the robot and his friend. “I just feel really short in compa- oH JESUS-!”

One second you were talking and the other you found yourself being heaved up and settled down on the robot’s shoulder as Ganymede flew up, circling around the two of you. Sucking in a shaky breath your fingers quickly wrapped around the edges of Bastion’s shoulder-plate in fear of falling.

They turned their head to look at you and it was all it took for you to relax slightly; you trusted them, you knew they won’t let you fall. “Vreep! Beep, weeeoop.”

“I know, I know.” You laughed, carefully reaching over to gently pat them on the head. “Just give me a heads-up next time before picking me up like that, okay?” With a nod the omnic let out a sound of satisfaction and moved, walking slowly in order to keep you safe while perched on their left shoulder.

The two of you soon made it to the gardens where Ganymede landed on the edge of the small water fountain, singing happily as it got its feathers cleaned. Stopping under a tree Bastion reached his right hand out for you to help you down, other hand wrapping around your form to ensure you don’t hurt yourself while the gun kept you steady as they lowered you to the ground. Being set back onto your own two feet made you lose your balance but the robot held you still, worried sounds coming from their voice box as they asked if you’re okay

You laughed, thanking them for their concern and let your thumb caress the back of their palm in a gesture to show that you’re not harmed in any way, shape or form. What followed was something what sounded like their equivalent of a sigh, the noise both adorable and somewhat terrifyingly hilarious – it caused another laugh of yours to slip past your lips and you shook your head at their questioning gaze.

“It’s nothing to worry about, I promise.”

They nodded, finally letting go of your hand as they moved their weight from one leg to another, moving their legs farther apart slightly with every step, and then bending their body backwards  while reaching their hands backwards as well. Truth to be told it was like watching an over-sized penguin do a little dance, quite funny to watch.

The moment when they started falling backwards your breath hitched and you scrambled forward to try and catch the omnic before they hurt themselves. Seeing you suddenly move forward made the them panic slightly in an attempt to stop you before something happened to you, but their body was already falling backwards and there was no way of stopping it.

A loud yelp and a series of beeps were dulled by a loud thump as the omnic fell backwards, the pain you expected to follow was only present in your right knee where you accidentally kicked Bastion when they pulled you down. Groaning loudly you opened your eyes, rubbing your muscles that have been strained in the past few seconds, and you come face to face with the baby blue light. The apologetic noises quickly reached your ears and you gently pushed yourself away from them, making yourself more comfortable on their lap before gently patting their chest. A single chuckle turned into laughter at the whole situation. They joined, relieved that you’re not hurt.

“Now if this wasn’t what they call falling for someone, huh?” You joked, rising an eyebrow as a happy grin made its way to your features. To your satisfaction you earned another set of robotic giggles from Bastion which ceased after a good minute when their companion – now nice and clean – landed on their shoulder and looked between the two of you as if expecting an explanation.

Instead of explaining the two of you exchanged a look before shaking your heads; you leaning back slightly and resting your head against their shoulder as they rested against the tree happily. The three of you quietly enjoyed the moment, sun pleasantly warming you as you basked in the sunlight.

“Vee? Shh-shh beeow?”


“Vee? Bee-eeoop beep?”

The sound of familiar boops made you turn your head to look at the tall omnic, a smile appearing on your lips before you shifted slightly to face them properly. “Of course I do.”

“Veeoop?” Bastion’s head tilted to the left slightly, suddenly becoming much more bubbly than they already were and they let out a series of whistles when you nodded your head. Their left arm wrapped around you tightly as did the other one, careful not to nudge you with the gun, and they didn’t hesitate to rest their forehead on your shoulder as they squeezed you gently. They snuggled into you, happily beeping and whistling as Ganymede flew upwards at the sudden movement, settling down on the branch above the two of you.

To say the omnic was embarrassed was an understatement.

“Oh, come on, this isn’t the first time I told you this, Bastion. Yet, your reaction is as adorable as the first time.” Recalling that time made you smile, your arms wrapping around them to return the display of affection.

The chirping from above beckoned him to reply; and they did. Bastion sung for you excitedly, letting you know that he, as well, loves you as much as you love him.

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❤️ + repaiirer ?

                              LET ME LOVE YOU   |   验收

冻结的  { }       highkey i love @repaiirer like i already love ef.i so much with all my heart like she is the cutest child and i want to adopt her and show her so much lov but also like ….  their grasp on ef.i is so good  and their teen verse is the best???  i love sassy efi like i never thought i would love it so much.  i highkey also want like her and m.ei to be best friends????  like an older sister - younger sister or mom - daughter kind of thing bc UR ASS KNOWS they’d be besties no matter what okay i mean look at their  taste in emojis snowball and orisa must be pals and i hope they talk during missions to one another like lots of beep boops and orisa giving snowball little PATS ON THE HEAD hhh,,,,  okay i love u and bye nerd ily

heres the entire dump of webber’s greetings to other characters theres a lot of information here and im SO happy i havent even looked at everyone else’s yet but if they’re all this good i might not survive this night

the best tidbits:

  • wolfgang musses up webber’s head fur regularly
  • “We’d beep-boop WX-78 on the nose if they had one!”
  • webber asks after Bernie and Lucy when greeting willow/woodie respectively
  • webber made wendy a friendship bracelet
  • wickerbottom is assigning webber homework

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Part Four of “The Family Plan”

I know…finally.

Thanks for your patience! Also thank you to my husband for making this banner (which he said he’s going to rework) and to @keelaree for pre-reading!


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

And, Part Four below…enjoy!


The Family Plan-Part Four

It really wasn’t fair.

Katniss’ ex looked like a damn Abercrombie model.

The only difference was that he wasn’t standing there shirtless. Though Cato might as well have been because the clear indentations of a six-pack could be seen through the fitted tank top of the open flannel he wore.

Finally, Peeta recovered and shook the man’s hand, returning his smile. “It’s nice to meet you.”

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BTS as Waiters:

Jin: *slams menu on the table* What would you like? *person stares at his beauty* You’re silence is wasting my time, speak up peasant.

V: *Walks over with their silverware on his head in his hand* boop beep boop *delivers menus* what would the earthlings desire?

J-Hope: *Hands over menus* These are the best things on here! *takes menus before people can order* You know what, I’ll just order it for you. *smiles and prances away*

Jimin: *hands over water* I know you ladies be thirsty for this. *winks and let’s out a giggle* I’ll come back when you’re ready. *shakes butt as he walks away*

Suga: *hands over water, menu, and silverware* Yo peeps. This is your swag master, what would like to eat? *sighs in annoyance*

Rap Monster: *walks over with water* Hello, how may i- *spills water all over table* Oh! I’m so sor- *slips in water on the floor and lands on butt*

Jungkook: Hello, my name is the manly Jungkook and I will be your grown up waiter today. *Jimin walks by* Kookie just stop you’re like 4 *Jungkook pouts and makes girls at table giggle*

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Finn gets drunk with Poe and serenades a mortified Rey. Hilarity ensues.

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This is sooooo cute! 

I have a feeling Finn and Poe only started drinking quietly together as a job well done on some Resistance mission, since obviously they’re going to be paired off together. Their teamwork on a ship is almost as in sync as Finn and Rey. So they’re there sitting and having a quiet drink to celebrate. One drink turns into three then four then Finn’s confessing to Poe how much he cares about Rey and not in a ‘just-friends’ kind of way. So Poe getting increasingly drunk as well says Finn has to declare his love! He says it worked with his ex who was even more guarded than Rey is with her emotions. 

Drunk by now, Finn agrees and they both start giggling as they run into the main mess hall for the Resistance where Rey is there talking quietly with Chewie and BB8. Finn and Poe jump onto a table causing everyone to turn and look. Poe shouts ‘my buddy Finn’s got something important to say so listen up!’ and Finn grabs a water bottle from someone and leans towards it. He doesn’t know any real songs so he starts making one up to a made up ditty. Poe is so enthusiastic he grabs two trays and starts slapping together to help with the beat.

All the while Rey is sitting there with her mouth hanging open unable to comprehend what’s going on or really sort of understand what Finn is saying. Chewie is laughing his furry butt off and it’s the first time he’s really laughed since you know who died. BB8 is beeping and booping and twirling his head because he’s enjoying the rhythmic pattern of the beat, plus he’s always wanted Finn and Rey to be together. 

Then it all ends with Finn stumbling forward to the floor in front of Rey, taking her hand in his and then falling forward into her lap, snoring soundly. 

My finnamon roll and rey of sunshine, folks <3