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Beep Boop, Final Update

Summary:  A Check, Please! future fic where Jack and Bitty have been married for four years and decide to become parents. Thanks for reading!  I’ve made this into a series: Parenthood, Please! Thanks to @devereauxsdisease and @tiptoe39 for their encouragement! Update No 1. Update No. 2. Update No. 3.  Update No. 4  Also on AO3

“Well, she’s just darling. How old is she now?” The cute little octogenarian woman who came in every Thursday for Mini Pie Thursdays asked Bitty as he poured her some more coffee. (“You can call me Sal,” she yelled at Bitty once as she took a bite of rhubarb pie.)

Beep Boop hung from Bitty’s chest nestled in the Babybjörn he was wearing. She was a good baby for the most part, and enjoyed the constant motion of being worn by Bitty, kicking her legs excitedly throughout the day.

“Thank you, Sal. She’s my precious little angel. Three-months-old now,” Bitty beamed. “And already almost sleeping through the night.”

Just then Michael called out from the counter, “Boss? Your husband’s on the line.”

“Excuse me,” Bitty said.

He walked over to the phone, and leaned against the wall as he purred into the line, “And to what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Zimmermann?”

“I have a surprise for you and Beep Boop, and I couldn’t wait to tell you.”


“I’ve been planning it for almost a week now, but it’s all set and needed to tell you immediately.”

Bitty smiled as Beep Boop tried grabbing the phone cord and began gurgling.

“Do tell, handsome.”

“We’re going to St. Martin for All-Star break.”


“I’m taking us to the Caribbean for a few days.”

“Are you kidding me, Jack?”

“We leave the morning after the game. I have it all planned. I even have pet sitters lined up for Celly and Goon.”

“Oh my god!” Bitty yelled excitedly, startling Beep Boop who then began to cry.

Jack chuckled, “Did you just scare Beep Boop?”

“Shit – oops, sorry baby girl. Daddy said shoot not shit, I promise. Jack honey, I gotta go. See you home. Love you!”

“I love you, too.”

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