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alright guys headcanon time

so i was replaying openbound part 2 for the hell of it right? and i came across latula’s conversation with meenah, where she referred to kankri as “kk” and mituna as “mt”

now, we all know that sollux had a habit of calling people by shortened two letter versions of their names, right?

what if mituna, before his brain damage, used to do that too, and it was something latula picked up from him?

just a dumb thought

i’m not breaking down, i’m breaking out - a collection of songs i listen to when i’m pissed off [listen] [track art]


thiskidsnotalright - awolnation / get down on your knees and tell me you love me - all time low / pretty visitors - arctic monkeys / ignorance - paramore / i don’t care - fall out boy / sinister kid - the black keys / clint eastwood - gorillaz / hysteria - muse / alpha dog - fall out boy / i get off - halestorm / bloody mary - lady gaga / combat baby - metric / kinda outta luck - lana del rey / boy division - my chemical romance / time to dance - panic! at the disco / steady as she goes - raconteurs / anklebiters - paramore

i thought of this really cool story idea today

what if everyone was born already knowing the day that they’re going to die, but not the year so people celebreate deathdays instead of birthdays and on their deathdays there are two types of people: those who shut themselves inside and cry and spend time with their families just in case it’s their time, and those who go out and do dangerous shit that they wouldn’t do any other time because hey, if they’re gonna die today might as well make it enjoyable and take risks, and if they don’t end up dying then they have some stories to tell

it becomes a sort of competition to see who can do the most dangerous thing and not die that day, or if they do die then people can say “wow my friend/family member was so cool here is this really cool way that they went out”

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