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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader [!]  || Genre: Fluff || Word Count: 1.4k

[!] Taegi Version

Summary: It had been quite some time that you had let himself drink that much, and you had forgotten how sweet water always tasted the next morning.

“Thank you for the microwave, by the way.”  The boy chirped, his voice pulling you from your bliss. You parted your lips to ask what the hell he was talking about, but instead found your gaze lingering over to the only other piece of furniture in the room- your black microwave.

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The soft hum that echoed throughout the room was enough to shake you awake from your sleep; the low buzz quaked within your brain and made it ache with the remembrance of the night before. One drink had led to another, and lines had blurred somewhere between your fourth and fifth bottle of soju. All you remembered was the constant laughter of your friends, who would raise their own glasses and chug their shots before slamming them down on the table to repeat the process.

Trying to fight off the headache that was already daring to rattle your bones, you couldn’t help yourself from opening your eyes as you heard the soft click of a door, followed by another low buzz. Sitting up, you had to hold one hand against your head to keep yourself steady, and the amount of light that poured in the room kept you straining through half lidded eyes. Even as blurry as the scene around you was, you knew that it wasn’t your dorm; the sheets that covered you weren’t your own and the bed that you laid in was too foreign to be yours. The room around you was empty, save for a brown headed boy who sat in front of a microwave with a plastic bag by his side.

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moron yook sungjae
BTS as things i've heard in digital production class
  • seokjin: i think for our next skit, we should just film me. eating. i'm like 95% sure it'll be entertaining enough to make it onto the broadcast
  • yoongi: g od i just drank 2 cans of red bull and i still feel dead inside what the fuck's wrong with me
  • hoseok: should i ditch school tomorrow? i mean i'm gonna end up being a stripper with or without school anyway tbh
  • namjoon: not to be That Guy but you kinda positioned the title 3.2 pixels off the center and it looks weird as hell sorry
  • jimin: yO This is my JAM *gets up to start dancing* oh crap wait hold on i just got the biggest wedgie
  • taehyung: what if we did a documentary on animal abuse but instead of filming actual animals we film stuffed animals instead
  • jungkook: only cool kids like me use comic sans. you obviously wouldn't know