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@coonersmash I can barely walk and get out of bed, how dare you tell disabled people to “just do it” when we fucking can’t.

Anything is NOT possible “just with a strong mind” because some of us have actual physical disadvantages. Get your head out of your ableist ass.

honestly pokemon go is such a beautiful and surreal experience?? ive never had such frivolous and simultaneously genuine interactions with total strangers before

like i just met this couple at the park by my house and we just walked around town for two hours catching pokemon and singing the theme song and striking silly trainer poses

we caught a few stragglers and introduced some other people to it and laughed and talked and bonded with others that were playing

like for someone like me that has a really hard time making friends this whole thing is really wonderful? human connection is hard to come by but this game makes it easy?? and now we have plans to hang out again and get drinks sometime and i just moved to this town and don’t know anyone so this is like..,, i don’t know i just needed it

writing the "why x university?" prompt

for their supplemental writings, a lot of schools have a similar question that always boils down to “why do you want to attend our university?” all the tips i’m going to spell out here are things i’ve heard from various college counselors.

colleges ask this for a simple reason: they receive a SHITLOAD of applications. when they’re trying to decide who to admit, they want to pick people who are actually likely to attend the university if accepted. this question allows colleges to try and figure out if they are your first choice school or not.

what you want to do here, ideally, is game the system and convince EVERY school you’re applying to that they are your first choice. it requires a bit of extra work and a lot of extra googling and research, but if you weren’t willing to do that, i’m sure you wouldn’t have read this far in my post lol

a lot of people write the same essay for every school that asks this question. then, they just change the name of the school and send it off. they usually mention something vague about liking the “location”, “atmosphere”, “people”, “spirit”, etc. an essay like this communicates to an admissions officer that you don’t particularly care about their school. it’s not your first pick. you haven’t thought particularly hard about the decision to apply here.

you want your essay to make you stand out, so even if this school isn’t your first choice, pretend that it is. you can use the same basic framework for every one of these essays, but write them so that they couldn’t possibly apply to another school.

it’s time to namedrop. mention specific professors and classes that interest you within your major. explain that their program is the best program for you, and give reasons. cite facts and statistics. reference specific things about the school’s location (not just “it’s pretty”) and specific school traditions you want to take part in. things like this really convince a school that you care about attending their institution in particular, and you’re not just throwing their name in at the end of filling out your common app or whatever.

i hope you find this post helpful! if you did, consider following me, because i’ll be posting more appblr content in the coming months as i apply myself. feel free to message me if you have any questions.