okay listen up guys

1. he is beautiful, like hot damn

2. hE CAN CHARMSPEAK LISTen: he is so convincing??? like, 

  • he rescues poe and poes (all heart eyes) is like why are u doing this and hes like bc its the right thing to do and u see poe nodding, totally transfixed and convinced but then it wears off (LIKE CHARMSPEAK) and poes relizes this guy just needs a pilot
  • when he tells rey that hes from the resistance, rey (who has TRUST issues) is convinced. i mean, look at that face he can tell me i look like shit and i’d thank him. 
  • also, he tells rey that bb-8 holds the map to skywalker and rey is like oh shIT THis could be TRU I need to help
  • i mean, he also manages to convince BB-8 to tell rey’s the SECRET RESISTANCE BASE, LIKE ITS THE HQ, WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION OF THE RESISTANCE, AND BB-8 (although yes, hesitant) stILL DOES IT?? AND HE GIVes finn a thumbs up???
  • so like counter argument: the only one who isnt convinced from his “im a resistance fighter” lie is han bc han has #beentheredonethat okay he was like yeah im a stormtrooper nothing to see here, sIKE (weak argument but who cares im sleep deprived and procrastinanting tm)
  • when he inspires everyone to attack the stardestroyer and convinces everyone he could carry out the plan bc he worked there. um, lies of omission tm bc he waS A JANITOR????

3. everyone falls in love with him at first sight?

  • *cough cough* poE DAMERON
  • rey doesnt do it immediately tho she trusts him pretty fast given her circumstances and trust issues?
  • the way everyone looks at finn like, watch the movie and you’ll see

im out of ideas but like APHRODITE!FINN ANYONE???

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