kyrxm asked:

1. WYR watch a movie with Louis or have dinner with Harry? 2. Favourite bromance? 3. What's your favourite song from Up All Night? 4. If you were a guy, who would you rather date: Danielle or Eleanor? 5. Favourite 1D quote?

Movie with Louis! :)

Larry or Zouis, probably Larry but Zouis is just adorable! 

Uhhh, I want probably.

Eleanor :)

From their songs, or videos? Well, from their songs, I can’t be no superman, but for you I’ll be superhuman. From their videos, probably I like girls who eat carrots. :) x

kyrxm asked:

1. Favourite 1D quote? 2. What would you do if 1D broke up? 3. What's your favourite song from Up All Night? 4. Favourite bromance? 5. Which music video is your favourite: WMYB, GBY, or One Thing and why?

1. I have no idea omg um how about “I’ll always defend the people I love, even though I’m as terrifying as a.. as a.. baby penguin?” - Niall

2. Cry and cry and cry.

3. Tell Me A Lie, Zayn’s voice is flawless in it.

4. Larry, but I’m kind of going off that and onto Zarry and Zouis.

5. Everyone’s been saying it, but One Thing definitely, because they’re just being themselves in it.