dawn of the final (?) day

gooooood morning, cipher hunters of tumblr, i return ready to bring you the newest updates regarding the cipher hunt. if you didn’t catch yesterday: 

clue 9 leads us to Confusion Hill, CA—the tourist attraction that inspired the Mystery Shack. Confusion Hill doesn’t open it’s doors until 10am local time (1pm if you’re on the east coast) so we have a few hours until things start happening.

once things do start happening, however, they’re going to happen fast! i will do my absolute best to keep you all as up-to-the-minute as possible. i really think cipher hunt is a unique endeavor, and that the best way to experience it is in real time. so for those of you who can’t be on twitter or reddit or the discord, and can only be here on tumblr: i’m here to help you experience this event as close to real time as possible.

that being said, while real-time is important, i think accuracy is even more important. when things go as usual, i can keep you updated as things are happening, but when fans take some time to speculate or consider their next move, i will always wait for a unified theory or group movement by the fans—it’s safer, and it makes it easier for fans who won’t be able to read about what happened until later. so if there’s some lull time, don’t worry; new info will be coming in soon.

if you have any questions or want to talk about this neat thing Alex has done, my ask box is open.

this is one of our last adventures together. i hope you’re as excited to see the conclusion as i am. ∆


Ghostbusters B-ROLL - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth.  



I edited this wrap dress from the Showtime expansion pack to remove the undershirt from the top and the sparkles on the skirt and add a pregnancy morph with properly slotted animations. Small changes, but I think this style works well as a maternity outfit. :)

to the people sending me concerned messages about Shance and how I’m not into it anymore, I’m still gonna ship it actually. I had to ask numerous people what they thought what “late teens” meant and they all answered 17-19 so I’m gonna take it.

Lance shall be 18-19 because I’m a desperate child for my fucking ship.