the realization that…any of the outfits john has worn since episode 1 is a variation on something someone in my immediate gay circle wears regularly and yet good ol sherlock with his unmistakably gay style and knowledge of gay fashion trends…if anyone showed up wearing a suit like his they’d be dragged to death like “what are you going to business school now jake”

Fanart 2nd edition! Dedicated to all the wonderful Undertale fandom artists and AU creators! Make sure to check them out~

Here’s the 1st edition~

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anonymous asked:

personal favorites with bottom zayn?

ahhh i love bottom zayn lots this is hard

until you believe it

you can coax the cold right out of me

Slow and High Tempo


So fluorescent under these lights


Beg For It

Love is All I Got

One Touch and You Shiver

Your Lips On Mine

hello kisses sweet as wine

thinkin bout forever (series)