living with Calum
  • constant cuddles
  • him being naked 98% of the time
  • midnight car rides when neither of you can sleep 
  • pet names like ‘baby girl’ and ‘princess’
  • constant butt touching from both of you
  • lazy sex
  • rough sex
  • kinky sex
  • shower sex
  • basically any type of sex
  • lots of kisses
  • showering together bc “baby girl lets save water”
  • stealing his clothes
  • “baby girl when can we get a dog?”
  • him making spaghetti all the time
  • listening to him sing and play guitar
  • having jam sessions with him 
  • “babe listen to this new song I found, it’d be great to have sex to”
  • lots of lazy days where you two just lay in bed all day 
  • him coming home from the studio and telling you excitedly about new music they’re making
  • “I love you so much baby girl”

Sunday musing: I have seen a LOT of people feeling crappy and complaining about how they look lately. Having been inspired by a no make up selfie tag not long back, I’ve gone around the house finding some different lightings, with and without make up showing just how much it can change. Between some of these, I look like an entirely different person all depending on what face I pull, where the light is coming from, what angle I’m at and what make up I’m wearing. Now, my automatic reaction is to look at the no make up ones and think, “Dear God, that’s unattractive,” but that’s hardly productive! So much we see caan be tricks of the light or reflections and such, but it’s learning to look past it.

I love make up, I love experimenting with colours and I love trying different styles. However, I’ve realised I’ve gotten so used to seeing myself with make up, seeing myself without looks strange. So, I thought I’d just do a little positivity tag. If you want to do it, great, if not keep on scrolling and ignore you ever saw this. Interpret it however you like, either a selfie that makes you feel really good or, if you’re brave, do a contrast like one of mine above. Whatever makes you feel proud or good about yourself.

Embrace what you’ve been given guys, because I speak first hand when I say that hating your appearance will never let you be happy. I’m not saying to become some body image advocate, nobody is perfect but you’re beautiful in your own way. You deserve to be happy. Focus on the bits you like and try to ignore the bits you don’t. You’re amazing, okay? ❤

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Pregnancy update!

I’m 5 months now

Just 4 more to go! We are so excited to meet our angel! And we will do the gender reveal soon! 😀

1). Baby has been moving a lot lately, which can be sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

2). I have a small bump!

3). I’ve gained weight, which is expected :), about 9 pounds, or at least that’s how I feel haha..

4). I crave a lot of sweet things like donuts and ice cream. Cookies and cream to be exact 🍦

5). My sleep is the same, sleeping on my side is the most comfortable.

6). My back aches quiet a lot now.

7). My skin gets very oily, so I wash my face twice a day and exfoliate once a week.

This is a Nightmare

Prompt: Josh Washington x Reader - Could you please do one where you’re dating Josh and sleeping next to him and then he’s having like really bad nightmares and you wake him up and like comfort him by cuddling and shit. LOTS OF FLUFF PLEASE (Congrats on 100, you honestly deserve it.) 

A/n: Sorry I’ve been away for a while, and this is short (I really wanted to post something because it has been ages)

Word count: 457

“No, no, I didn’t do it!” 

You heard Josh shouting right into your ear. You could feel his body shaking against you. Lately he would avoid falling asleep, in an attempt to escape the nightmares but not tonight, the lack of sleep had caught up with him.

“I’m sorry, please, please”

He continued to scream. You turned slowly to see distress all over his face as he bit down on his lip, trying not to break down in tears. Seeing him like this really got to you, but you were always determined to be there for him.

“Josh” you whispered, as you placed your palm on his head. He was very warm, still shaking and breathing heavily. “J-Josh” you repeated, slightly louder this time. “P-Please Josh, Josh wake up!” you spoke up, shaking him slightly.

“I’m not..” he whispered. “What, y/n, what happened?!” he questioned as he looked around the room. “You were having a nightmare, again” you explained, as you played with his soft curls. His eyes were watering, he kept looking down and shaking his head. “Oh, just, leave me alone” he snapped.

Your eyes widened as you sat back. It was normal that he woke up like this. Irritated, nervous and sometimes jumpy. He was frozen with fear. You couldn’t look at him, he was still getting over his nightmare.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..” he explained. “I just, can’t stop having these.. these nightmares, you know” He bit down on his lip, as he looked over to you. You looked up at him. He looked pale, his eyes bigger than usual. You shifted closer to his, and wrapped your arm around him.

“Josh, I’m always here for you.” you reassured him. A slight smile on his face. You began to play with his hair again.

He was still shaking and breathing heavily. Hey, try to breath in slowly and then out again, it will calm you down”, you advised him.

He smiled at you, and breathed in and closed his eyes. After about 7 seconds he breathed slowly out again. He repeated this a few times until the shaking lessened. “Thank you” he murmured. You kissed his cheek softly, as you felt his breath on your face. He looked into your eyes, cupped your face into a kiss. You could feel his smile as your lips connected. He lay down, stretching out his arm around you. You lay next to him, still playing with his hair.

“You’re really special y/n, thank you for just, being here and putting up with me” you whispered. 

“Anything for you, I- I love you Josh” you replied, as you closed your eyes and smiled.

“And I love you, so much” Josh said softly into your ear.

figsandtea  asked:

Please, please, please keep writing, keep going and make more art and publish something I can buy and put on my teen fiction shelves because the kids I serve need to see writing like this. If I'd seen writing like this when I was their age maybe I wouldn't be 32 and only just getting to being a librarian. And even if I did, maybe I wouldn't feel half as shitty about that fact. All those maybes are so incredibly important. Make more. More maybes. All the maybes. Thanks and stuff.


I’m gonna talk about this a little bit, because it’s something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. 

I don’t know if you guys know this, but writing comics doesn’t pay too well. In my specific case, at this specific moment, it pays approximately $0.00. 

Which unbearably sucks. Because I just got married. So I can’t really be like “I’ll just couch surf and work for free until someone throws money at me” anymore. I’m cool with financially ruining my life. But I’m not super down for ruining two lives.

Plus, trying to find comic writing work, it’s so slow. And so discouraging. And so impenetrable. And soooooooo sloooooooow. 

But it’s also important. Not just to me, but to the insanely humbling amount of people my work so far has affected. It’s important to the kids that are waiting for something that will make things a little better to show up on the teen fiction shelf. 

I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately. You hit those forks in your life-path where you either do the “adult/responsible” thing, or you do the thing that is truly important to you. I’m infinitely grateful for having married someone who’s sincerely excited to go down that second, bumpy-as-all-fuck path with me. 

But it’s still a hard decision to make. Every time another pitch is shot down or an artist has to leave a project. I don’t know. It’s rough. But I think it’ll be worth it. I hope.

Only one way to find out, I guess :)

(And thanks so much for your message. I wish you all the goddarn luck in the entire goshdamn world!)

I've been motivating myself a lot lately. 

I’ve been motivating myself a lot lately. 

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“Come on Tanya you can do this a bit longer now…” … It feels weird to be that uncertain about your future.  But oddly enough, it also makes me feel very hopeful to say just that.  Like I know how it once was.  I know how it can be.  And I have the power to make it that way.  I have the power to regain that kind of balance.  The mind is so incredible.  And perspective is truly that important.  So…

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i’ve been down and out and feeling awful with life and mental illness and the discourse on this website recently, but like today i went to a first birthday party for a one year old baby girl, it was good an pure and she got icing all over herself and her mom hugged me so many times and everything was winnie the pooh themed, now i’m watching gilmore girls and i just want to remind everyone that love exists 

anonymous asked:

hi sorry i saw you reblogged something about straight girls liking m/m pairings and im not arguing w/ you or anything, i genuinely just dont understand why it's bad? i've been seeing a lot of stuff about that lately and i feel bad now for shipping some of the stuff that i do bc it seems like it's not okay for me to do that anymore. i guess i just dont get what's wrong w/ me finding 2 people compatible. I'm probably just adding fuel to the fire w/ this but i was just wondering sorry

oh anon, you, as a straight girl, liking m/m is not really the problem. its the girls that fetishize gay men and treat actual gay people like they are toys/entertainment. It was directed to girls that dehumanize gay men to the extent of calling their love ‘sin’ and ‘trash’ .You shouldn’t feel bad about shipping m/m, as long as you do so respectfully. If you have any questions on what ‘respectfully shipping’ consists of, dont be afraid to message me/ send another ask. educating people is better than just screaming about why theyre wrong, so I try my best to do that (post in question) (another post where i talk abt this)

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i feel awful, i'm about to start a degree in illustration and i've been losing the motivation to draw! :(

i have been feeling a hell of a lot like this lately, I hate the idea that to be any good there’s this idea that you have to draw constantly like TILL YOU BLEED type of thing. im just not that kind of person. but ..drawing is like writing or other arts, as you do it you kind of uncover new layers of things. with each drawing you (at least try to) become more attentive to a subject. the other day I had a read about Quaker meetings, and loved the idea that there are no priests or rules or people directing anything, the congregation sit in silence and aim to be as receptive as possible to the holy spirit/god/whatever you want to call a feeling of enlightenment. i try to go about my work in a similar way if that makes any sense? instead of forcing myself to endlessly sketch objects I don’t care about i try to allow a sense of what I need to do to come over me (this sounds SUCH shit but…. mm). Sometimes i need days when i feel Terrible and like absolute trash about my work in order to kick myself into doing something. i wish i could force myself to work at things i don’t feel that strongly about though.


go away i am well aware i havent updated in four weeks 

i’ve been feeling ridiculously underappreciated so it took a lot ofeffort to get it out 


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pokemon go team leader + professor willow headcannons:

im like a million years late and these have probably all been said already but none of it’s on my dash so im doing it anyway

  • candela’s easy to rile up and sometimes her pokemon have to actually stop her from getting into fist fights with other trainers who mock her
  • spark comes from a rly rural area with not a lot of technology so when he first got internet he got super obssessed and became meme king
  • blanche is genderqueer
  • candela can’t cook without burning at least one thing in the kitchen
  • their respective eeveelution pokemon are bffs
  • spark is lowkey rly overprotective if you say/do a single bad thing to anyone he cares about he will come fuck you up bc his caring nature makes him a mother hen
  • blanche always forgets to eat/shower/sleep when they’re working so the other two get vaporeon to douse blanche in water if they’re working too hard and not paying attention to themselves
  • blanche has gotten waterproof cases for all of their belongings because of this
  • spark is rly bad with directions
  • candela can sing like an angel and she sings blanche, spark, and/or their pokemon to sleep when they can’t sleep
  • candela gives the best hugs out of the trio
  • spark’s the one who does blanche, candela, and professor willow’s hair because he’s learnt a lot of grooming skills from taking care of his pokemon
  • there’s an entire room in their house dedicated to incubating eggs 
  • blanche is bad at receiving unexpected gifts because they always get kinda embarrassed and shy about it
  • candela’s the kind of person to just spontaneously buy something from the store as a gift because it reminded her of blanche or spark
  • spark accidentally called professor willow dad once and he found it rly endearing so now all three of them call him dad to the point where willow even says a shitton of dad jokes and the only who laughs is spark
  • blanche loves cuddles when they’re sleepy
  • candela had some sort of delinquent past (maybe team rocket) but changed her ways
  • professor willow unironically uses ‘xD’ and everyone finds it rly adorable

okay so heres the thing, lately I’ve been reading a lot of joker imagines and I’ve seen this a few times and I thought I should just say something bc I thought it might help the writers and the readers would enjoy it more. Oh and THIS IS GOING FOR ALL THE JOKERS, NOT JUST A CERTAIN ONE. So here we go.

The Joker is absolutely completely without a doubt INCAPABLE of FEELING LOVE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. If you’ve seen the movies or tv shows, you would’ve known how mentally gone he is. He has absolutely no remorse for ANYTHING he does, no sympathy, no regret. He cannot feel anything but Anger, Happiness or Frustration. Maybe sometimes Self-Pity when Batman ruins his plans. But Happiness is his default emotion. Anger is his backup emotion. That is how he works. I’m re-writing some of this and when I first posted this I said he was 100% without a doubt unable to cry. But I think I’m wrong because the Joker in Suicide Squad is seen with streaks down his face in the “Where is she?” scene. But, I do still believe that he can’t feel sad and I think that he would only cry out of Anger or Frustration or when Batman destroys his plans that he worked really hard on, he would probably be feeling a huge amount of Self-Pity, but that would probably turn into anger/frustration/or his insanity would take over and he would go and like take it out on people. But it wouldn’t be often that he cries. Now, since he cannot do or feel these 3 things, (Love like a normal person, Cry out of sadness or Feel Sad), you may be wondering how the hell are you supposed to be able to write fluffy imagines about him. Well, while we feel love, he feels Obsessed. That is his version of love. Obsession. (And I don’t mean obsession like, he keeps you locked in some room and doesn’t let you out and treats you like an animal. I mean, he craves you. He would destroy anyone and anything to get to you. He’s crazy about you. You keep him “sane”. He’s obsessed with you.) Now this doesn’t mean that imagines about him can’t cute or romantic or fluffy. It just means that he would never say “I love you.” Because he doesn’t. But he still cares deeply about the reader. He is obsessed with them. Obsessed with protecting them. Obsessed with keeping them. And yes, I guess this in some way could be love, but you have to remember he doesn’t really understand love. He doesn’t understand the feeling or why people say it. And because of that deep down inside, some part of him is always going to care more about himself than the reader. His plans will ALWAYS come first. That is just who he is. And if you’re going to write about such a complex and unique character, you have to understand this. He will never be able to say sorry, because he doesn’t feel remorse. But he will feel bad, even if he doesn’t show it, in his own weird way. He’ll apologize without saying he’s apologizing or sorry. Probably something like: “I understand why you’re mad and I get it, and I know I should probably do better. Please don’t stay mad at daddy, dollface.” That is something along the lines of what he would say. He is also extremely possessive and you can use this to make multiple imagines or fanfics about him. He is protective up to a certain point. He’s not gonna baby you. If you’re dating him, you need to know some self-defence. He’s protective of you, and he’s thinking about your safety, but he’s also thinking about himself. And how will this effect him. He will also say “dirty” things, but not mean them in a dirty way, so it doesn’t always have to end up in smut. He will say daddy or kiss you roughly or slap your ass or breath heavily or tell you to sit on his lap, in a perfectly normal way without him suggesting at something dirty. That’s who he is. It’s apart of his character. You have to understand that. Again, this is for both Heath Ledger’s Joker and Jared Leto’s Joker. Any Joker. They’re all the same person with the same personality. Basically before I wrap this up just remember this:

1) The Joker is absolutely incapable of feeling any sort of Love like a NORMAL person, Sadness and he’s fully unable to Cry out of sadness because he doesn’t feel sadness. (It would be more like heavy Self-Pity, but that would turn into anger too) He feels no HEAVY remorse. (I guess he must feel a LITTLE if he feels bad for hurting you)

2) His version of Love is Obsession.

3) You can still write really cute and fluffy and romantic imagines about him, you just have to remember he would never say “I love you”. Probably something like “You complete me” “I need you” “You keep me sane” “You’re my favourite girl. My only girl.” “You’re my one and only.” One of these, or all of them, would be his substitute for “I love you”. (Though this doesn’t mean the reader can’t say it, I think they would and he would either say “I know, princess” or kiss them or just respond with one of those)

4) He will say dirty things very normally and this will not lead to sex all the time. It is apart of his character. The reader will be able to call him “daddy” or kiss him roughly or sit on his lap normally, because that would be a normal part of their relationship.

5) Overall the Joker will probably always care about himself and his plans more. But to some extent, you will be his weakness. For certain things at least. But he will do mostly anything for you, because he’s so obsessed with you and keeping you happy and apart of him needs you. Not a huge or big part, but a small part of him, that he’s tried very hard to push away, needs you. And losing you would kill another part of him. Not all of him. Just a small part of him. But he is insane. More insane than normal insane. He’s overally sane. And therefore it’s very hard for him to care about others, because he is not used to it. You have to remember, he’s been insane for so long. The main point is the Joker is very complex and hard to write about, but it’s not even that hard as long as you actually understand who you’re writing about. Keep this in mind and writing about him will be a breeze. I really hope this helped someone bc it took me a while to write all this, but I think I did a pretty good job. (P.S, the reader doesn’t always have to be crazy themself you know. She could be completely normal, just okay with the fact that she’s dating the joker. This would be cool bc you’d be able to write a lot of imagines about him teaching them how to use guns and showing them his business and him telling them all his stories and them being so fascinated bc they’ve never heard anything like them.) And btw, I do realize that everyone has their own ways of writing and a lot of people really like canon and I promise I’m not trying to hate on that, that’s perfectly fine. This was just for people who want to write about him like fully in the original character or who want to do canon but still want it to be in character.

P.S:uh I’ve added imagine ideas for the joker, incase anyone was having trouble coming up with new ideas for him or just uh needed help. they’re like prompts I guess. heres the link incase anyone wanted to check it out: Joker “Prompts”

Kindergarden kid impressions
  • Don’t tink we missed that Warner Bros reference.
  • Peridot is a lot like season 1 Steven: she discovered one power that seem to come and go and is very fleak overall; and while she’s mastering that single power, another one shows more effortlessly (bubbling), so i’m actually exicted to see her metalbending reach its peak.
  • the Lapidot feels are real (they weren’t even subtle)

  • I’m not the most qualified to say this, but I loved Steven’s explanation of a corrupted Gems mind. Corrupted gems get to me a lot since Steven made friends with Centi way back, and lately i think they’ve been putting more work into their sounds and expressions so we understand that a sentient, living individual is in there, trapped, but can- and wants- to communicate. Kind of like the gems of the cluster. I like that Steven refuted Peri’s claim by shifting the POV and stating they just think differently than the rest of the gems, and that is just as valid as the mainstream form of thinking and behaving. This is extremely positive, because it puts corrupted gems up in an equal stand to non corrupted gems, recognizing their dignity and their right to be trated with kindess and respect.
  • So this was a funny episode, but it was also a lesson in empathy, to all Peridots in the world that lack it on a first approach, and it showed that, by trying to understand the other, you get free, you understand yourself better, and you get shit done.


I feel like I’m a little a late to the game on posting about my Wizard World Chicago experiences!! I got back so late Sunday night (technically Monday morning) and have been working nonstop. Today is my day off…soooo I’m reflecting now!

After Salt Lake City…I never thought I’d do this whole con thing again…and I especially didn’t think I’d be doing it again in 5 months. But. Alas. Here I am!

This whole thing from the beginning was miles different than SLC. I had a group of friends to go with.. I was going for multiple days… I was going to panel and VIP and all this shit that I was drowning in. 

We got in Friday, got our packets, walked by Christopher Lloyd (HOLLAH!), and then went off to drink margs and eat pizza!

Saturday rolled in and I was a mess. I was nauseous and nervous! We got in line and then we whipped tits to G’s booth after they let us in and then it was the waiting game. Waiting for her to come out. That’s the worst for me. Waiting! 

She came out like a troll wearing that fucking I’m With Schmoopie shirt! I brought a mug for her to sign but for the life of me I COULD NOT DECIDE what I wanted signed. I wanted it personalized but what in the hell was I gonna have her say?? My turn was coming soon so I just wrote on the post it “something funny and or crude to help get me through the day” and prayed for the best! She was still signing stuff when she saw my mug and was like “What is that?!” She looked at it and read the note, looked up at me and gave me the most wicked grin! She put the mug down under the table between her legs to sign it- she was so amused with herself…and then so proudly…she slammed the mug down on the table and I laughed so loud! I could not believe…and of course. She did NOT disappoint!  


Then I had to book it to David’s photo op and man…I like barely made it! You know those vids of Gillian saying “Where the fuck is David?” This is where he was… 

So dreamy! 

Then  we went to panel and I won’t relive that because everyone and their dog has… but after that we did the dual photo ops which is probably my favorite photo op ever.

Also- I got to meet @storybycorey​ in the line but I was so caught up in the day, I didn’t even think to take a picture!

Day 2 rolled around and we were absolutely wrecked but we still had Gillian things to do! Most of the girls did David photo ops Sunday morning so I hung out. After… My friend Alley and I went to the bathroom before we got ready for our ops and as we walked out I walked right into Gillian. She was just standing there on her phone… I just smiled and kept walking…I wasn’t going to be *that* person!! 

So our Gillian op came up and we did a group photo first

And then it was my turn! I’m not entirely thrilled with my face and its weird glory! But…when I walked up to her…she kind of cocked her hip to the side and threw her arm over my shoulder! I wasn’t anticipating her doing that! I could not believe! So while I’m totes derpin in my pic…the fact that we have this pose makes me so happy so I’m gonna call it a win anyway! 

After ops we lined up for another autograph. It was the end of this whole thing…it was winding down and when I got to her I was able to really just talk to her for a second. We had a great conversation that I’ll keep with me for very long time. She smiled so sweetly and she said “thank you so much for that” and gave me her hand and squeezed. It was such a sweet ending to such an emotional and wild ride. 

I’m so glad I came on this trip! I questioned coming due to some personal things going on in my life but I’m glad I did. In addition to all this, I had such an amazing time with a great group of girls. They are so special to me. It’s crazy how one little event- my friend backing out of Salt Lake City led to all this. I would never have reached out to my friend Erin and I wouldn’t have met these girls and had this trip of a lifetime. I’m blessed and so happy! KISMET! <3 

aaaa I love this bean and thought he could use some fan art?? ;; aaa idk but i hope you like it ;; and that he looks okay ;;v; /// I’m sorry I messed up on the boots ;;