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Just right

As I may have mentioned (once, twice, or a million times already), it’s almost the husband and my 11th dating anniversary. 😍 I’m still as madly in love with that dingbat as ever–more than ever, really. There’s something really awesome about being with someone who knows me so well, and the fact he still gives me fireworks isn’t too bad either.

It’s been a rough week at work, with my parents, with me not feeling 100% and I just felt it all too much this afternoon, so I called my [nickname withheld–but I like the guesses I’ve gotten] and this is how the conversation went:

Husband: “Hey, Babs, what’s up?”
Me: “It’s just been a crappy day at work and I also just got off the phone with my mom…I just called so you could tell me that you love me because that’s my favorite.”
Husband: “Well, I love the crap out of you–want to tell me about it?”
I vent for five minutes.
Husband: “You’re right, that sucks. I love the hell out of you though; I’m going to give you a big hug when I get home, and you tell me if you need anything else.”

That last part, though!! 😍 It’s been YEARS since the man has made a suggestion or offered to fix anything for me. He’s learned the perfect way to make me feel better. I taught him this skill because back in the day I’d start my venting with, “I’ll tell you, but if you start giving me advice, I’ll shank you.” 😂 Worked like a charm!


This whole week i’ve focused on finding a balance with meal prep.  Making all my old favourite healthy recipes for supper, then packing it for lunch the next day.  It’s worked super well!  Very good balance for me, and easy to stay on track.  My eating has been SPOT on this week, and I’ve enjoyed my foods.  YAY VICTORY!!

I had to miss a few workouts this week because I’ve been struggling with a cold/sinus headaches all week.  I haven’t judged myself for missing my workouts, and have always burned more calories than I took in despite that.  I’ve been doing what needs to be done, without getting mad or upset with myself.  Also, without letting it throw me off track.  YAY VICTORY!!!

All in all, good week self.  My goal right now is to find balance, be healthy, and be kind to myself.  I think I’m doing a fantastic job.  

I also had a sneezing fit without peeing my pants.  Likely tmi, but I have two kids, so mommy bladder problems.  hahahaha hey i’ve been remembering my kegals.  I’m proud of myself.  



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things are dire

a couple of weeks ago i had to ask for help because my mum was attacked at work, had to take time off for her injuries and wasn’t paid for it. things have since got worse. since the bad publicity from her attack, her work have been trying to fire her on the smallest issues and today they finally did it. they fired her without notice for a mistake many of her colleagues have made without punishment. (yes, she is taking court action against them on all counts, but that’s a way off yet.)

our rent is due tomorrow. tomorrow. we have to pay that, old rent arrears, and an instalment on a loan all tomorrow. i hate to ask this but could anyone please please help us with this? we won’t have enough to manage these expenses and survive until one or both of us can find employment. i’m going to be making an official funding page for emergency living expenses over the next month, but right now, i’m too panicked, i don’t have the focus or the calm to make a formal donation page. please. we need £200 for our rent first and foremost, and any extra we’re lucky enough to be given would go toward the arrears and loan instalment 

my is here, if you could spread this around and donate whatever you can (even the tiniest donation is so welcome), you’d make a huge difference. i am so panicked right now

endragoneel  asked:

Fic requests are open?! Could you write an ENDlu one shot for me?! :D that'd be amazing! Just like you(^_−)☆

Well I’ve had this idea for a while now… Please excuse my gross writing XD hope you enjoy it!!!

“Hey!” Lucy cried, running into the dark alleyway.

A figure stood near the end, a bottle of spray paint in hand. He ignored her cry and continued his work, shaking the bottle. Lucy paused, anger filling her.

Who did this punk think he was?

This was her spot, she’d been eyeing it for weeks. Gripping the strap of her messenger bag, she marched over to him. Shoving his shoulder, she cried as confidently as she could;

“What do you think you’re doing?”

He turned. Lucy sucked in a breath, something was terribly off. He seemed to be about her age, with pink hair that spiked in all directions under his dark hood.

Then, there were his eyes. They practically glowed, holding a sort of predatory glint that caused Lucy’s heart to speed up, and her instincts to scream at her to run. He held her gaze for a moment, eyes narrowing, and gave her a look over. A shiver ran down her spine as his wild eyes raked up and down her body, before landing on her eyes once more.

She gritted her teeth, maybe she shouldn’t have approached a stranger at night, while she was alone…not to mention in a dark alleyway. She was practically begging to get murdered.


A sly smile grew on his face, and Lucy froze as she noticed his teeth. His canines were incredibly sharp and unnaturally long, almost like that of a wolf’s.

Please don’t let him be a vampire. Lucy prayed silently.

“T-this is my spot.” she said, cursing herself internally at the tremor in her voice. Now was not the time to look vulnerable.  His smile widened, as the goosebumps spread along her arms. This guy was bad news.

“Your spot, eh?” he turned to look at the wall.

“Sorry but I don’t see your name on it.” he chuckled.

Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Back off, what are you gonna do here anyways? This spot is too good for me to give up to an…” she looked down at his bag, probably where he kept all the paint.


The boy laughed.

“Fair enough, but I ain’t an amateur, Luigi.”

“Excuse me?”

He pointed the Luigi pin on her bag’s strap.

She huffed.

“Well, have I seen your work around?”

“I don’t know have you?”

She glared at him.


“Here and there.”

“How about a tag? You got one?”




“Show me.”

He laughed, tossing his head back.

Against her better judgement, Lucy’s cheeks flushed pink at the sound.

“You sure are persistent.”

“I really need this spot.” She admitted.

He raised a brow.
“Oh?” He asked walking over to where his bag lay on the floor. He leisurely sat down next to it, leaning his back against the brick wall. Lucy watched, unsure of what to do. The boy, began to rummage through his bag. Pulling out a shiny phone, he motioned for Lucy to sit next to him. After a moment’s hesitation, she joined him, crouching down next to him. Noticing the generous space she had left between them, he smiled, scooting closer to her. Her heart slammed against her ribcage.


Brushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, she peered over at the screen. Eyes growing wide she snatched the phone from his paint stained hands.

“Oi!” He cried.

“I’ve seen these before!” She cried, excitedly.

The picture was that of the wall, couple blocks south from here. Lucy had stood and stared at the magnificently painted dragon for hours, last week. She’d remembered taking a few sketches of the dragon, hoping that she could make something nearly as cool. She scrolled through the camera roll, taking her time to admire each individual work. He cleared his throat. Looking back at the him, her eyes narrowed. No way, did he really do these?

“So you have a few pictures, doesn’t mean you drew them.” She shrugged as nonchalantly as she could.

He smiled gleefully, and Lucy couldn’t help but feel that he had wanted her to say that.

He reached into his bag once more pulling out a large sketchbook, handing it to her, he leaned back, smiling obnoxiously. Lucy took the book tentatively, not sure if she wanted to see the inside. However, even the slimmest chance that he was the person drawing those wonderful dragons was enough to make her open it.

She gasped audibly. Not only were these sketches of dragons, but of all sorts of whimsical things. Drawings of warriors and strange runes, Lucy flipped through it slowly, taking her time to soak up each of the drawings.

“Believe me now?”

She pouted.

“Maybe.” She muttered, rising to her feet.

“But I still need this spot.”

He stood up next to her, cornering her against the wall.

“And what if I refuse to give it to you?”

He took a step towards her, making her take a step back. Her back hit the cold wall, she swallowed, as he leaned in.

Looking closely there was a faint red ring around his pupils, probably contacts. Lucy reassured herself. But she couldn’t smother the uneasy feeling as she stared into his emerald eyes. They were practically glowing. He laughed, his hot breath tickling her cheeks.
“I have an idea.” He whispered into her ear. Lucy shuddered, he was so close.

“Why don’t you do it with me?”

It took her a second to realize what he meant, pushing him away gently; she repeated.


He nodded, a fanged grin spread on his face. She made a face as if she were thinking it over. She would kill to paint something with the dragon person, but this boy…he was awfully sketchy, and not in the artistic way. Still…She nodded.

“Alright.” She told him, shrugging. He didn’t need to know how big a deal this was to her.

He held out his hand to her.

“I’m END, by the way.”

She took it, grasping his hand firmly. She was almost positive that wasn’t his real name, but it wasn’t uncommon for graffiti artists to have fake names, in fact Lucy had her own.


And in that moment, she knew, she had just sold her soul to the devil. Or at least, something close enough.

After an hour of them sitting across from one another, sketching out ideas, Lucy was ready to leave.

She groaned, none of her ideas were any good. END looked over at her quizzically.

“What’s wrong?”

“None of my ideas are any good.” She sighed flipping to the next page to try again. He snatched the book from her hands.

“Hey!” She protested.

He flipped through her messy lines and scribbles, finally landing on the one she’d done with the astrology signs.

“Woah this would look super cool!”

She gaped at him as he began drawing in her book.

A few minutes passed. Lucy watched him eagerly draw out his idea. Finally handing her back the book, he smiled.

“Here, see?”

Lucy could see, she never wanted to stop seeing this wonderful drawing. In that short time span he had managed to draw a dragon, with a fair amount of detailing, staring down a girl. He looked ready to kill her. The girl held a sort of key in her hand,as if trying to defend herself with it, as the Zodiac signs swirled around her. Judging from the shading Lucy assumed he wanted them to appear as if they were glowing. She concentrated on the dragon once more. If she focused hard enough she could just barely make out a silhouette in the dragon’s hide.
“Is that a person?” She asked pointing to the silhouette.

His smile faltered.

“You noticed that, huh? Good eye. It’s sort of like a metaphor, like the dragon is really a person on the inside…I don’t know I can scratch it if you don’t like it.”

He looked stared at her, biting his lip.

Dammit, he was cute.

“If it’s a person inside then…why would it be attacking the girl?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t know, Zodiac. You’re creative, make some story up.”

She looked again the drawing of the girl, Her shoulder seemed sagged, as if she couldn’t bring herself to stand. Lucy couldn’t help but feel empathy for the tiny figure. There really was a lot of emotion in this messy thing.

“Let’s do it.”

Lucy had more fun than she expected, as she and END begun the painting process. It wasn’t until he’d finished the outline of the dragon did she pull off her mask.

“Oi, quick question.” He turned to her, pulling down his own mask.

“What now, Zodiac?”

She hesitated.

“Do you think they were friends?”


“The girl and the dragon, demon, thing.”

She saw him tense at the word; demon.

“I-I don’t know…” He answered slowly.

“I guess they could’ve been.”

Lucy pondered this.

“That would be sad.”

“Yeah, it would be.”

Yawning, Lucy watched the entry to the alleyway, waiting for END’s return, he’d promised to get coffees. They’d been working all night, but as the sun began creeping up on the horizon he’d suggested to go get them some fuel. She looked back at their WIP. The dragon was nearly finished, it’s scales looking slightly too lifelike.

This guy really is talented. She thought to herself, Lucy could feel her eyelids growing heavier and heavier, staying awake had become a struggle. She yawned again, getting to her feet. She needed to stay awake. She stretched, taking her time to relax her muscles. She might as well get back to work. Putting her mask back on her face she continued.

Lucy dipped her brush into the small tin can of dirty water. Why couldn’t she get the lighting on the hair right? Frustrated she turned, eyeing the entryway again. He stood there, two cups of starbucks in his hands. Lucy’s gaze unintentionally found it’s way to his strange green eyes. She couldn’t stop staring at them. Suddenly he was standing right in front of her, a coffee bearing hand extended towards her.

“Coffee for my lovely partner in crime, Luigi.”

“It’s Lucy, get it right!” she muttered angrily grabbing the warm drink. She brought the cup to her lips before she realized what she’d said.

“Lucy, huh?”

Her cheeks burned, she’d given away her name.

“I-I- Well… Ugh!” angrily downing half her coffee she furiously continued painting the girl’s hair.

She heard him chuckle behind her.

“Pretty name, for a pretty girl.”

Lucky for her, he didn’t seem to notice the stubborn blush dusting her face.

“It’s done!” She cried, dropping her brush. She was exhausted, and in need of a hot shower.

It looked great, one of her best works. She looked over at END to see that he too was beaming at their creation. He turned to her, and if possible Lucy could’ve sworn his smile grew wider. He ran to her, picking her up and spinning her around.

“Lucy you’re fabulous!”

She laughed as he placed her back on the ground. However he kept his arms firmly wrapped around her. Her heart began to race,their chests were pressed so tightly together she was surprised he couldn’t feel it.

Looking up she noticed his cheeks were pink, and not the strange scale tattoos. END was blushing. SHe pushed him away, breathing deeply.

“Was a pleasure working with you, END.” She held out her hand for a final shake.

He smiled softly, taking her hand in his.

“Natsu.” He said.

She blinked.


“My name is Natsu.”

Her face lips into a smile.

“Natsu, eh?”

He watched as she walked up to the wall, picking up the red spray can, she signed the piece.


“What’s that?” he asked, coming to crouch down beside her.

“I signed our names.” She told him, smiling she turned, walking towards where her bag lay on the floor. She picked it up, throwing the strap over her shoulder.

“See you around?”

He nodded.

“Let’s do it again sometime.”

She laughed.

“Sure thing, Natsu.”

She watched as his ears reddened at the sound of his name. Averting his gaze he handed her a folded piece of paper. She took it unfolding it gently. It was a sketch, of the demon boy and the girl, they were holding hands. He must’ve liked her friends idea. She looked up to tease him for being so corny. He was gone. Lucy stood alone in the alley way. Confused, she scanned the trash lined walls, but there was no trace of her partner. She glanced back down at the paper noticing a bit if writing in the corner. A phone number and a few words were scrawled in the messiest handwriting she’d ever seen.

Call me when you got the time

You owe me a coffee, Zodiac


Lucy rolled her eyes.

What a dork.

Thanks for the request! Love ya bae~ <3

also thanks @silverheaven0002 for fixing my gazillion mistakes XD

We’d never been there before. We were a bit tired so we checked into a little hotel for the night, intending to go off hitchhiking the next morning. Of course, it was too nice a bed after having hitched so we said, ‘We’ll stay a little longer,’ then we thought, ‘God, Spain is a long way, and we’d have to work to get down there.’ We ended up staying the week in Paris – John was funding it all with his hundred quid.
—  Paul McCartney about the trip with John in 1961 (Anthology, 1995)
Small Update, Big Thank You!

Hey sorry that I’ve been posting more text posts and reblogging links more than I’ve actually been posting art but I want to give a small update!

First of all, I GOT MY HORMONES TODAY! I’m so excited, I couldnt be happier. This last week and a half/two weeks has been really rough and stressful (I had to take a medical leave off of work because of it)  but now I have a 6 month’s quantity! I’m so excited (and scared because I’m afraid of shots (;´ρ`) ) to FINALLY get started!

Second, I’ve been really busy with my day job and my internship. On top of all of that I decided to try my hand at applying for a grant, so all my free time (once again) has been converted into working on another comic. In fact, the comic I’m working on is the Intro for my story The Wind Takes Us so even if I don’t get the grant, I have a head start with actually uploading my story! So for a period of time that will be taking over most of my free time until the grant deadline;;

But I want to thank all of you for your patience, support and understanding as my life gets really hasty and busy and stressful;; It’ll be busy for a little while but now that I’ve gotten started with something important to me I’ll get myself back on track and hopefully things will turn out good.

It means the world to me that I have such a wonderful and patient following, you’re all the best and I couldn’t be happier! I hope I can continue to produce content you’ll all enjoy!

btw guys! I havent’ rly been on much lately bc i’ve been working A LOT. I’m working full time hours now, like 40+ overtime every week because YA GIRL’S BECOMING A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN. It’s official!! I’m working back in the pharmacy a lot, learning all kinds of things and soon I’ll start my classes for it. I’m very excited! It’s kinda hectic and stressful bc of some business related reasons but I’m already learning a lot and I’m told I’m doing well!

anonymous asked:

you're an art student still, right? how do you find time to do all of your assignments plus do all of this cool art on the side (like all of your bts stuff). i'm struggling so hard to even finish my stuff for studio classes ha (granted i'm taking 19 credits this semester..but yeah)

Listen up kid,pls don’t take this as a tip to manage ur free time cuz haha funny story, I dont do all of my school work. Ever. (ok I really should stop laughing bout how much i have fucked up my student image but I gotta own it sooner or later)

That question is a very substantial theme that I can’t really answer because I have always been very bad at doing what I am told so Id do anything to put off boring/time consuming assignments for last moment knowing damn well that they are important for self growth and experience and then just pull off 5 all-nighters in a row week before deadline or something. It’s not like art students need to actually sleep or eat that much and…we just don’t have free time. No art student I know has free time. It doesn’t matter if u do academic art, dancing, music, theatre or whatever. Ill be honest here, from my experience you live your youth days working ur ass or slacking off like crazy, there is no in-betweens. I personally am pretty good at both. It’s pretty harsh for people who have a vivid social/intimate life to survive like that. In the end you just have to prioritize what you need more. It’s not like I’m complaining I love what I am doing and I don’t need anything else, just stating the scary facts here. (I totally went off of the topic here did’t I,sorry dude)

Now that I have enrolled in new (!!) school which has a much tighter schedule I am definitely feeling the struggle of time deficiency which is slowly eating away my last remains of sanity, but last spring I’d just sit every evening in school till bout 22:00 (after that they’d just throw me out) and do what I love the most,which is illustrating. There have been sooo many times I’d choose to do a digital study over legit homework, because I have a pretty bad sense of self control. And I guess this is where we gotta decide for ourselves, are your personal projects going to influence your artistic goals more then the school work? It’s a well known fact that more times then not you won’t like what teachers want to see from you. If it doesn’t take too much time then it probably needs all of the brainpower in the world. Idk why I am so emo about this like wtf I love my life


My dear student fellow, I really hope that you enjoy what you are doing both in school and your free time, I totally didn’t answer your question and just made a sorry ass rant like always, but I hope you could take me as a bad example and learn from my mistakes. In the end of the day struggling a bit now and then pays off.

Don’t overwork yourself. Sleep as much as you can. Listen to music and try to love the hell out of what you are doing because art is the sweetest shit in the existence of the universe

peach out~

Why I haven’t been posting...

Hi Guys and Girls, Luke here again!

And as some people in the community have noticed, I’ve been offline for a few days now, and I haven’t been able to post much.

Now, I wanted to explain to you lovely people why I haven’t been posting, in the hope that you understand why…

1 - We’ve all been REALLY busy - This week has been complied together to make it SUPER busy.

On Tuesday, I got to give a talk about particle physics at a local school, and why people should get into physics.

This took up a lot of my time.

And throughout the week, we’ve all been working our tails off trying to get everything for our campaign planned out and ready for release.

Especially me…

As one of the few writers, I’ve had to work overtime to write up EVERYTHING for Part 1 of our campaign, and we’ve even started planning out part 2!

This all meant I had ZERO time to myself, meaning the blog couldn’t be updated…

2 - Technical Difficulties - Since the start of the week, CreativeRogues  has been experiencing technical difficulties.

At first it was just an annoyance, then towards the end of the week, it got even worse…

This meant a lot of our computers became “out of order”…

But we should be all up and running, and I’m hoping nothing like this happens again…

But don’t worry! I’ll still be sticking to the CreativeRogues Schedule.

Which means tomorrow you will see another “Gifts From Me” post.

I hope you guys understand why I couldn’t post for a lot of this week, and I’m sorry to anyone if this caused any inconveniences to you.

But be excited for tomorrow, because it is a new day, and another post!


But as always, Thank you all for reading this.

Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Follow us on Tumblr…

And remember… HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. Tomorrows post will be “Gifts From Me”, and tomorrows item is the “Ohanzee Hakidonmuya”, translated to “Shadow of the Waiting Moon”, for Tumblr follower and CreativeRogues fan  Ohanzeetokala.


Okay, I know everyone is upset about there being another Steven Universe hiatus, but let’s get one thing straight.

Crewniverse has been working their asses off. They aired 56 episodes straight with almost no hiatus, and then after only a 3 week period, they present another 5 episodes.

And guess what? They’re still making more. They’re working hard, long, sleepless night so that we can enjoy the show. The LEAST we can do is show appreciation instead of complain that they’re taking time off to make more episodes.

So maybe instead of complaining that you have to wait a whole *3 weeks* for a new episode, we should thank Rebecca Sugar and all of Crewniverse for bringing us such a wonderful week of episodes.

2 hours, 37 minutes, 21 seconds

That is the length of the first season of Carmilla, the Christmas special included.

37 episodes, and it totals up to the length of a long film.

As a web series, instead of a television show actual, Carmilla has several other characteristics in common with movies, almost making it a hybrid of sorts. There’s one main writer, with a story editor, instead of a writer’s room doling out scripts like a creative writing Santa. Every last inch of dialogue was finished before filming; every last bit of filming has been finished, and no amount of fan feedback changes what will be aired.

Jordan and Ellen, as well as the entire crew, have done a fantastic job of trying to make each episode its own thing. Seriously, hats off. But there’s only so much you can pack into a four-minute episode. The transmedia is a huge help, but even with the assist, the show cannot stand on the strength of an entire episode. The series as a whole is a holistic experience.

Carmilla is much, much more like a movie.

Speaking of movies, you know that one person you go see the latest blockbuster ( or maybe it’s thriller season), and at every single dramatic turn, they gasp and turn to you. “I can’t BELIEVE that character did that! Why do you think they did that?!?!?!” Maybe you blink for a few seconds, murmur that the character is an asshole, and grab a handful of popcorn as you turn back to the screen. Two minutes later, “Ugh, I hate them! Don’t you hate them?! Why is this happening?!?!?!” You’d really like to stare at them for a few minutes, because honestly, but really you just turn back to the screen because that’s what you’re trying to find out.

Now back to Carmilla. The show does air in episodic form, so clearly there are designated breaks and discussion is encouraged. Even critique, so long as it’s not nasty.


Getting up in arms that characters are being abusive, that they’re out of character, that the plot is boring, that you’re only watching because of fanservice, is the equivalent of being that person. That person who doesn’t understand that you’re watching a film to find out the creative choices. To find out what happens. 

Don’t be that person.

I’m off on holiday next week guys, so I’m going to be closing my shop down whilst I’m away just so that when orders come in they wont get ignored ;) 

Also, EOS art is on the way, I promise!! I’ve unfortunately just been so busy with work which is a good thing I suppose, but all I want to do is draw pretty pictures of Rowan …

Anyway, please be patient with me! THE ART IS COMING! 

For now enjoy this sketch of Rowan (I’m still trying to get his tattoo right…)
T.R.A.N.S.F.E.M. VOL I (Fall 2016), by T.R.A.N.S.F.E.M.
50 track album


The first T.R.A.N.S.F.E.M. compilation is now public and FREE to download!!

I’m so incredibly stoked to present the first installment of T.R.A.N.S.F.E.M., a periodical non-profit publication of music created by our DMAB transfeminine sisters across the internet, unbound by genre, age, race, presentation, etc.! So much incredible talent ended up in this 50 track assemblage of sounds and I could not be more proud!!<3

I hope this compilation will serve as a great jumping-off point for transfem artists to discover each other and network with one another, as well as generally boost all the incredible work these wildly talented folks have been pouring into my gmail inbox these past few weeks!!


I’d like to keep T.R.A.N.S.F.E.M. up and running for as long as I possibly can, so if you’re a transfem musician, send an email to [[]] with your song attached (in .WAV or .FLAC format, please).  

Please include:

  • The artist name/alias you wish to be credited as
  • The title of your submission
  • Any links to your soundcloud/bandcamp/wherever you post your work so that I may link your work in the credits (optional)

IF YOU ALREADY SUBMITTED TO VOL. 1, YOU MAY SUBMIT ANOTHER TRACK FOR VOL. 2 !!  You are welcome to submit one track per volume!

In fact, if you’d like to submit multiple tracks simultaneously, I’ll go ahead and queue them up for future volumes! A new volume will release every time i receive 50 submissions from 50 different artists.




Okay guys, so you may know that I’m pretty hyped about Overwatch. So when I was contacted by DeviantART asking me to illustrate Reinhardt for Blizzard’s release of the game, I just about flew out of my chair!

This is what I’ve been working on off-and-on for the past few weeks, so I’d like to share it with you all. The project is called 21 Days of Overwatch, and artists are gathering together to draw fanart in anticipation of the game. Reinhardt’s mech suit is unlike anything I’ve ever rendered so it was a serious challenge. I also fell ill twice drawing this, so I feel relieved that I was able to finish it, haha. He’s one of my favorite characters for sure, so I was excited to be able to do this <3

If you would like to participate, here is the DeviantART link. On the 23rd, DeviantART will showcase their favorites. Its a great opportunity for everyone!

We just finished promo week and it’s been absolutely amazing! Thank you everyone for all the hard work and effort you put into this project so far, none of this would be possible without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’ve made this an amazing experience for tons of people. It’s definitely paying off and here are some amazing things that happened! 

We believe there’s much more to come! Check out weekly plan here! Thank you! 

The #ProjectHome Team



Static Preview / Code

Red like roses fills my dreams
and brings me to the place you rest;

It doesn’t matter how; the petals scatter now
Every nightmare just discloses it’s your blood that’s red like roses
And no matter what I do, nothing ever will take the place of you

EDIT JUNE 16/2016: This theme has officially been revamped to version 2.0, aka Red Like Roses Part II! Lots of new features have been added, and lots of fixes have been made, so please redownload this version!

My second theme, based off Ruby Rose from Roosterteeth’s RWBY! I’m really excited to release this one, given that this has been in the works for ages, so I hope you all enjoy it! This also heralds the start of my Team RWBY themes, so stay tuned within the next few weeks for that!


  • Dozens of color options
  • 250px / 400px / 500px posts
  • Multi-column or single-column posts
  • Multiple theme options, from fonts, main + post backgrounds, post types, text styles, theme styles, etc.
  • Up to six links + option to show archive link
  • Option to have a tilted header
  • Options to add a custom blog title, subtitle, and avatar
  • Options to choose between grayscale or colored images
  • Option for a hover-over description or non-hover


  • Recommended screen size for this theme should be 1000px+ wide, with the avatar option being used for 1200px+
  • For those aiming to use the multi-column version, 250px or 400px post sizes are recommended
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Jude and I have been working on this set on and off throughout the week! It was slow going cause we’ve been in Phoenix visting Jude’s brother, and it’s definitely been fun eating all the good food and meeting people, but expenses pile up from all that, so we want to help out more. We’re planning on trying to do more frequent, regular adopt sets! Here’s one of many to come hopefully!

I did the sketch and lineart. Jude did the color pallete, color design, and clean up. I did the final blending/shading.

Auction is being held on my deviantart HERE
And even if you don’t have a deviantart, you’re free to bid, just drop an ask or email me at with your bid!

We’d appreciate any signal boosting! Thanks so much in advance!

February has been SO crazy, so here is an update on what’s been going on, if ever you wonder what I actually do.
This month started off with processes of design and print production for the floral notecards and prints that my friend @tribesnpines and I created together. With that came introducing them to shops and brands in Portland- you can find them at @workshop.pdx and soon at @tenderlovingempire at all three locations! (Also on my website, link in profile)
Then we’ve got photo shoots: brand, product, family, portrait, and couples. I have shoots in a of the categories above this month. I’ve been working on projects with @briarhandmade for the release of their floral bonnets! And most recently just wrapped up a full week of work with @1924US shooting behind the scenes for @lelabofragrances!
On to emails and booking- with wedding season coming up I’m booking up and mostly traveling to document the beautiful days of some amazing people - full travel schedule on my site!
And last but not least,
I’m planning a trip to ICELAND and working on the details of transportation, places to stay, etc- all advice welcome here! (at NW Portland Oregon)

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hello yes i’d like to introduce you to an idea courtesy of fox @ganseyiil and i that involves andrew and multiple types of court

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