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Hello muscles, my old friends.

After taking like 3 weeks off from lifting, last night I met up with Tori before Zumba and we did some casual weight machine stuff and a handful of lunges with weights. I AM WAY MORE SORE FROM THAT THAN I SHOULD BE! Wow. It’s all good though. Happy to be working my muscles again.

Zumba was so much fun because MY MOM WAS BACK!!!!!! She was sick all Spring then she and Dad have been traveling so I haven’t had her in class for like three months. Which has felt wrong and lonely! It was great to have her smiling face and enthusiastic responses behind me once again. And Tori came to Zumba last night too which was a treat because she usually chooses Joel (and an earlier, more convenient class time!) on Monday nights. I was feeling HASHTAG BLESSED.

I am partially looking forward to and partially dreading Body Blitz tonight. I know it will hurt but it will also be good! But I’m 100% excited about Zumba after!! :D

P.S. One of our very old clients just came in to drop off her poodle for his appointment and she had on body glitter!!! teehee!!! It’s like seeing my own future. 


“Greetings Saddi;
I realize that you are a very busy person, but I am writing you again to share with you some crazy amazing developments for me since my photo shoot a week ago. Truly something has (re)awakened in me … I have been moving my body more in this past week than I have in weeks prior, for sure - walking all over the place, oh, and DANCING. lol
I’m an introvert by nature, so I am a homebody and make very strategic decisions about where I go, who I interact with, etc. I usually make 1 plan per day so that I don’t overwhelm myself. This kinda changed since last week.
This past Friday, I took the day off work and spent it catching up with friends. I was out the entire day - met a friend for brunch, then went to view a documentary film with my closest girlfriends, and while waiting for them, a handsome man came up to me and said hello (I said hello back of course) and he did a double take and came BACK and began to tell me how beautiful I am and asked me for my phone number and all THIS. Sir, I have not had that happen to me since my 20s. lol He was from South Africa, too - I thought that was interesting.
Then last night a huge development: I attended my 30th high school reunion; something I never would have thought about attending years prior - too many people, gossip, issues, blah, blah, blah - all this *stuff* in my head (as you would say :-)). Well, I went and had a 100% fantastic time - drank, danced, laughed - Oshun all over and in me - so grateful (I’m a daughter of Oshun). I went with my cousin (we graduated together) and I told him about the photo shoot and he was pleased. He said, "Wow, that’s really great - it has opened you up some.”
This is after just 7 days. Lord knows how the next few months will continue to unfold - but I am excited-excited. :-)) I just wanted to share.
Thanks for reading/listening. I hope all is well with you.
#decolonizingbeauty #saddikhaliphotos #saddikhali

Food has been great today so far and im going for burger and sweet potato fries with all my friends later! Just demolished 3 pb cups to give me the energy to get in the shower because damn i need it and sophie you are not talking your way out of it!!! Then after showering im going to chuck on the comfiest clothes and watch Casualty before im off out again!

Drown Chapter 4

A/N- Hey guys so sorry that it took so long to write this, I’ve been out of town all week for ROWYSO :-) okay enjoy ily I’m working on the talk epilogue okay give me some time I need to figure out how to end it. 


chapter one-two-three

chapter 5?


I was starving. I didn’t eat dinner last night because I was too busy contemplating my status with Matt to really do anything else. Which also included my geometry homework..I didn’t eat anything this morning because my alarm went off too early, and I was rushed. So the only thing I could think about was lunch. For 4 hours, all I could think about was the salty taste of the big mound of french fries that I planned on purchasing.

I slide into the seat next to Matt, grabbing a few fries and shoving them into my mouth. He places a kiss on my cheek, and I smile at him, saying a quick ‘hey cutie’ and then digging back into the fries. I looked around the lunch room, silently making up dramatic back stories to people I didn’t really know, instead of participating in the usual gossip at my table. I found where Calum sat, and was slightly shocked to see him staring back at me. He mouthed the words ‘ditch him’ and I turned red, shaking my head and looking down at my plate.

I grab another couple fries, and start to put them in my mouth, but I’m stopped by Matt plucking them out of my hand, and putting them into his mouth, smiling cheesily and then turning his head back to our table. I grabbed another handful, and started eating them, looking back at Calum, and having a silent staring contest with him.

Before I knew it, Matt leaned over, grabbing my tray of fries, and pinching my stomach slightly.

“Maybe that’s enough for today.” He says, making serious eye contact with me.

I nod, swallowing harshly, and looking down at my lap, slightly embarrased. He turned back around, and as soon as he did, I heard a loud crash from across the room, everyone turned their heads and saw Calum’s tray on the ground, and his red flannel billowing behind him as he stormed out of the cafeteria.

Matt giggled slightly. “What a fucking nutjob.” He says to the table.

I turn bright red, certain that Calum reacted like that due to Matt’s comment about my weight, and Calum’s ‘talent’ of lip reading.

I take out my phone, and see a text message from Calum. I open it, and frown.

Calum- if you don’t take back those fries I will. Tomorrow I’m buying you 7 baskets and letting you eat all of them. Fuck Matt. Seriously please dump him before I literally dump him into a lake. with a brick shoved up his ass.

I had to smile at the thought of Calum even trying to get near Matt’s ass, but I put my phone away, and join the banter at my table trying to push away the longing feeling I had to go find Calum and give him a kiss. A kiss for sticking up for me, for caring, for being here for me. It scared me that this was the only thing I could think of in that moment.


“Geometry sucks Calum I don’t want to work on it any more. Plus you’ve barely even helped. What’s up with you tonight?” I ask, sitting back against the wall of Calum’s room.

He doesn’t say anything, he just clenches his jaw, and looks away from me. “What did I do?” I ask, scooting towards him on his bed, and trying to make eye contact.

“I just…” He starts, but he just shakes his head and rests his forehead in his palms, sighing deeply.

“Just what?” I ask, putting my hand on his back sympathetically.

“I just don’t get it. Why the hell do you put up with Matt’s shit? All he does is fucking give you hell. There are so many guys out there that would die to have what he has. There are so many people who would treat you like a princess. So why do you put up with it?” He shouts, standing up.

I’m a little taken back by what he said, I told him about Matt a couple days ago, and now he wants to criticize me for it?

I open my mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. I just stare at him blankly because I knew what he was saying was true.

“I don’t know of anyone that wants me.” I choke out finally.

He takes my hands, and kneels down in front of me. “Dump him. Please. I will fucking do it myself I just can’t fucking stand here and let this happen to you.” He says, a look of desperation set on his face.

I shake my head, and look at the ground. “I thought you hated me. I thought you were only doing this whole study thing because you pity me. Why do you even care, Calum? You said it yourself, I’m just some stupid washed up-” I’m cut off by his lips crashing against mine.

He places his hand on my cheek, running his thumb under my jaw. I can’t really describe how it felt to be kissing Calum, but it was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was something that I needed to feel. It was passion, and I didn’t want to let go.

But I did. I pulled away, and looked at the floor. “Tell me you felt it too.” He whispers, his hand lingering on my cheek for a moment.


I took a lil break just because I’ve been super busy because I’m running an event and I’ve had a ton of meetings as well as my school work and just general living.

Also remember how I got sick a few weeks ago? My body literally just got 109% better from that because of a condition I have. Things would’ve been fine if I didn’t get fucking sick ftw

Thank you so much for all of the support I love you all so very much, you’re so patient and I love you all!! Tomorrow I have off so I promise to post 4 or so imagines!

OH MY GOSH. the amount of interest we’ve had in the site has been so amazing and overwhelming. i honestly was not expecting this much excitement. all the character intros have been amazing and i seriously can’t wait for saturday to roll around. today i’ll be posting some information on locations around davis, ohio. the staff have worked hard to really give it a small town vibe. a special thanks goes to gwen who also helped us out with them. a lot of the places around davis are family owned, passed down through generations. think the ma and pa style vibe and you got davis. when we kick off the site we’ll also be introducing our first event. the site setting will begin two weeks before the new school year, so they kids will be winding down from summer break and the football team are already hard at practice. 

i am so damn excited for this site i’m probably going to punch something. 

- tessa 

2 hours, 37 minutes, 21 seconds

That is the length of the first season of Carmilla, the Christmas special included.

37 episodes, and it totals up to the length of a long film.

As a web series, instead of a television show actual, Carmilla has several other characteristics in common with movies, almost making it a hybrid of sorts. There’s one main writer, with a story editor, instead of a writer’s room doling out scripts like a creative writing Santa. Every last inch of dialogue was finished before filming; every last bit of filming has been finished, and no amount of fan feedback changes what will be aired.

Jordan and Ellen, as well as the entire crew, have done a fantastic job of trying to make each episode its own thing. Seriously, hats off. But there’s only so much you can pack into a four-minute episode. The transmedia is a huge help, but even with the assist, the show cannot stand on the strength of an entire episode. The series as a whole is a holistic experience.

Carmilla is much, much more like a movie.

Speaking of movies, you know that one person you go see the latest blockbuster ( or maybe it’s thriller season), and at every single dramatic turn, they gasp and turn to you. “I can’t BELIEVE that character did that! Why do you think they did that?!?!?!” Maybe you blink for a few seconds, murmur that the character is an asshole, and grab a handful of popcorn as you turn back to the screen. Two minutes later, “Ugh, I hate them! Don’t you hate them?! Why is this happening?!?!?!” You’d really like to stare at them for a few minutes, because honestly, but really you just turn back to the screen because that’s what you’re trying to find out.

Now back to Carmilla. The show does air in episodic form, so clearly there are designated breaks and discussion is encouraged. Even critique, so long as it’s not nasty.


Getting up in arms that characters are being abusive, that they’re out of character, that the plot is boring, that you’re only watching because of fanservice, is the equivalent of being that person. That person who doesn’t understand that you’re watching a film to find out the creative choices. To find out what happens. 

Don’t be that person.

8:27pm, 22 July 2015 || I have a math test tomorrow! It was supposed to be today but the teacher postponed it and now I’m using this opportunity for some revision.

I’ve really been slacking this week when I shouldn’t be :( I also have an English oral exam tomorrow and a Biology test on Friday. Can’t wait for this week to end, I have a day off on Monday so I guess it all works out!

So I am scheduling my top surgery for the end of march, next year.
Working 12 hours, 5 days a week to afford it, but I could still use all the help I can get. I am worried I won’t be able to cover expenses for the surgery, travel, post op, and having to take time off work.  

Things have been rough for a while, but moving towards this feels like moving towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Could y'all help me out and donate? Just a few dollars will help, or even just signal boosting this. Thank you so much!


The first pic is from October 2014, second pic is from this years Easter and the last pic was from last week. I was told in June that I would need a CPAP if I didn’t drastically change my life. So from that day forward I love worked my ass off. I joined the local YMCA gym, hired a personal trainer and just last week bought Crush60. I weighed in at 336 at the start of my journey. I WAS 40% fat. Well since June I’m down to 305, and 35% body fat. I changed my eating habits (using my fitness pal) and started working out at 530am before work.
Let me be inspiration to you all that need it. Look through my previous posts and you’ll see the little hard work that I have been documenting.
This is a long journey, and there WILL be more challenges. Thanks to all of you who post words of kindness. Everyone needs motivation. Just keep in mind that the journey is long and hard. You will fail and succeed. Dust yourself off and reset.
Rest assured that the people you meet here are here to see you succeed and help you get up when you fall. One of the best sources for inspiration and motivation has come from the crush community ( bbbenwilliamson , wearecrush ) .
If you are on the edge of whether or not you want to change, these people are truly inspirational! I’m glad I took that step and never looked back.

Keep on keeping on my friends!

You get into an argument

Request for omahasquadgif 

“I’m not sure what you want me to say anymore!” Skate yelled walking away, signaling that he was done with the argument at hand.

“I want you to say that you care about me more than you care about your fucking friends!” I responded making him turn back around. His expression is no longer understanding but angry and annoyed. Lately he has been going out more often and coming home at crazy hours and I was getting tired of it. Tonight was the night I confronted him about it and instead of us talking, we ended up yelling at each other.  

“Where is all of this coming from?! I go out one night and you act like your whole life is over!”

“It’s not just today. You’ve been with them all week. It was like this last week, too, and the week before, and the week before…”

“…I’m working!” I fold my arms as he cuts me off.  “And even if I wasn’t, being anywhere is better than listening to you bitch at me all the time!”

At this point, looking at Nate made me want to vomit. He just didn’t understand how much distance could ruin a relationship. He didn’t understand that I missed him. He didn’t understand that I wanted him to miss me like I missed him these past few weeks.

After that insensitive comment, I walked past him, up to our shared room, and into the bathroom. Before I shut the door, I heard Nate yell “Fuck…” as he suddenly regretted what came out of his mouth.

I went to turn the water on to take a hot, relaxing shower but before I could, I felt a pair of familiar hands around my stomach and a muscular chest push against my back.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” Nate says while tightening his grip on me, making it hard for me to get away from him.

“No it’s ok, I should’ve understood more and–” He turned me around so that I’m facing him and looking into the eyes of the man I fell so hard for.

“—it’s not ok Y/N. You’re right. I have been spending too much time with the boys and not enough time with you.”

After seeing the sincerity in his eyes and his actions, I wrap my hands around him and pull him into a hug. I feel him kiss my head. As I inhale his scent, I realize that I could never stay mad at this boy. I love Nate Maloley more than anyone could ever imagine.


Red Hot Wet Summer with Menswear Model Marcia Alvarado:

Menswear model Marcia Alvarado has been having a whirlwind six months, with bookings at Queer Fashion Week, Rainbow Fashion Week, What Is Butch, Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, Brooklyn Museum New York Fashion Week, and the Institute for Contemporary Arts Boston Fashion Week shows; All of this is in addition to her full-time job as an engineer and shooting for several dapperQ fashion editorials. But, Marcia plays as hard as she works. So, photographer Leandro Gongora followed Marcia for a day at Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida. Though this excursion was meant to help Marcia cool off and relax in this summer heat, it did anything but for us; After seeing the images, we are even hotter and more excited than ever.

I'm sorry!!!

so there are three days remaining of sunshine bomb to post
and I know they’ve been really backed up, it’s my fault;; I just really burnt myself out

I’m going on vacation for my brother’s birthday this week and won’t be back until Friday but I promise (and I’m sorry about that too I’ll try to keep this one) that when I get back, I’ll get the rest up and out there

I just wanted to apologize to both those anticipating and to those that have participated, your pieces are safe and not for naught!! We’ll slay it, alright? just… yeah I’m sorry ;;;-;;;

IT IS DONE. And I am exhausted. Seriously. wtf.

The G2 Creators in some of their alt clothing, they change their clothes and looks a lot in the comic. Consider this their CMYK classy artist clothes :> Each of their draft lines are a different color of CMYK, G1 is RGB. Imagni has cyan draft lines. She sketched her dress, lol.

…. *fawns over handsome Unusti*

I have an emergency electric bill hanging over my head from last month that i need to pay this week or we’ll be cut off. This month hasn’t been particularly kind to me as predicted, both money and headwise. But i’m not going out without a fighto! I’ve been working my ass off and I’m still behind with a lot of stuff but i’m getting through it all bit by bit, like I do. 

I’m going to be ordering these prints this week so I’m now selling them at £15 (GBP not $ or euros) each. That price includes my shipping worldwide. If you’d like a SIGNED A3 print of this badboy then hit me up via PM and i’ll send you details for paypal etc ASAP. I need to sell at least 10 of these to pay my bill and unfortunately my Patreon only gives me money when i’ve done comic pages at the start of every new month, so the timing on this bill is really crap. Seriously 1 meal a day isn’t fun _^^^_; But i’m working on Engelbaum so I don’t care, I knew it was going to be tough and it’s worth roughing it out until things pick up. So please please if you’d like my latest print drop me a PM. 

*resumes gross cry position under desk* rrrrrr


while we haven’t come off of hiatus yet, I have been working diligently to get as much work done on the comic as i can over the past month!  Progress on the two pages I have completed so far (which are now DOUBLE the size of the Prologue pages) can be previewed by supporting me through Patreon!

$1+ gives you access to daily screenshots of my work, $5+ gives you a little more, including a peek at full pages (minus dialogue) when I complete them!

Pledge here if you want in on all these sneak peeks!

Start reading TPK here if you wanna get hype !

Neighbor Girl- Part 4

Let me reiterate… I am not british so I had kind of a hard time because google wasn’t a ton of help telling me if people grilled out in the UK. So if this is inaccurate and british people never cook hamburgers on the grill, replace it all with something else cooking related. 

Anyway, thanks you guys so much for reading. The next part is super cute after this which I will be posting tomorrow. I struggled a bit with this part so sorry if it comes off that way. 

Part 4

It was nearing six on a Tuesday and Rae was just getting home from work. She was the newest editor at a small publishing house called Tea Room Publishing and loved her job. She quickly changed out of her work clothes and into comfortable ones. It had been nearly three weeks since their new neighbors moved in and ever since then, the girls had spent next to to every night hanging out with them. Rae and Finn were starting to become quite close. When they were together, without fail they would get into a heated debate about which album of some band was the best and wouldn’t stop until the six of them walked home. Luckily Rae had gotten better at hinting about how great Chloe would be for him, but he still hadn’t asked Chloe out or made any real indication that he was going to, which really surprised Rae. Izzy had wholeheartedly fallen for Chop. Chop was completely oblivious.

Rae went into Izzy’s room to see almost all of Izzy’s clothes on the floor. Chloe and Izzy co-managed a clothing boutique in town and got a large discount so Rae could barely see the floor through all the rejected outfits. “Why are all your clothes on the floor?” Rae asked, making her way to Izzy’s bed where Chloe sat.

“We’re going over to the boys’ flat and I need to wear something mysterious.” Izzy sorted through some of the piles again.

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Hello everyone,

We have really busy finishing off the last of the film. And I’m happy to say that we’re almost done!

The photo you see below is the entire film in all its beautiful paper form. This is 8 minutes of footage, and well over 8 months of hard work and dedication has been put into it by a huge number of talented artists and individuals.

It’s incredibly exciting to finally see the end come into play. I’m happy to say that in about two weeks time we will wrap post-production on The Blue & the Beyond, and we can’t wait to share the story of Charlie and Penelope with you all not long after.

Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon in regards to screening dates and details!

Till next time,

Youri Dekker, Director

Shipping out all these beauties today! It’s been a productive week over here, real happy with all of the the work I’ve put out this summer.
To thank you guys, I’m running a web sale. Go to: and use the code “just because” for 10% off anything in the store, even the MTO pieces. Sale code is available until 7/21/15!

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Aomine embarrassing himself in front of his crush?? Great blog btw ^_^

“Aomine-kun.” You whispered, kicking his leg under the desk. He shot up from his nap on the desk right as the teacher walked by.

“Ugh.” He groaned rubbing his hand over his face then glared at you. “Watcha wakin’ me up for?”

You glanced at him and sighed, “I didn’t want you to get caught napping by the teacher. It would’ve been the third time this week, he was mad last time.”

He felt a twinge of regret for snapping at you and glanced at his desk where a pool of his drool was. He wiped it off quickly and tried to focus on his work. For once.

“So who’s Mai-chan?” You asked. He froze.

“Uhm… What?”

“You were sleep talking about someone named Mai-chan.”

A kid next to him giggled and he panicked slightly, wondering what all he had said.

“Mai-chan?” He asked, trying to play off that he didn’t know who that was. 

“Mai-chan.” You repeated.

The kid who was giggling finally gave up on waiting to see how this played out and interjected with: “Mai-chan is that underwear model!” He cackled when Aomine’s shoulders tensed. 

You bit your lip to hold in a laugh and Aomine turned to the kid with a menacing snarl.

“Aomine-kun.” The teacher snapped. “Quit bothering the other students. And go wash your face, that’s disgusting.

Aomine, a bit confused, walked to the bathroom and groaned when he saw the dried trail of drool on his cheek.

Of course. He’d been talking to his crush with crusty drool on his face about an underwear model. What a successful day in the flirtatious department. 

Can’t forget the face

requested: YEs- “can you do one where you’re around town and luke recognises you from a show a couple of months ago” 

You sighed, dodging the business man giving you a dirty look as you tried to reach the small cafe without actually running into anyone. The busy streets were like home to you most the time, but on days like this it really did feel like the city was working against you. Whether it really was or that was just a projection of your current pessimistic attitude you didn’t know; and quite frankly, you didn’t care. The past week at work had been hell, the busiest time of the year was really beginning to take its toll, and you were just thankful you’d been given today off. Deciding you didn’t want to sit at home all day in the dingy apartment when the streets below were so full off life you thought it would be a good idea to grab a drink and sit and watch others go about their lives, but after trying to find a nice place to drink for over half an hour, you were beginning to regret your decision. Maybe it would have been better to sit and watch re runs of Friends instead. 

Turning the corner, you collided with a broad chest and fell backwards onto the hard concrete, swearing as someone landed heavily on top of you. They groaned and pushed up, hovering over you as you reached up to rub the back of your head.

“As pleasant as this is,” you nearly growled, starting to think the day couldn’t get any worse, “I’d be really grateful if you got off of me.” 

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking slightly to try and get your bearings, it taking a few seconds for you to register that you were now face to face, and body to body, with the Luke Hemmings. 

“Shit sorry.” He said, scrambling to get up and practically shoving his hand in your face, the other brushing down his knees. 

You rolled your eyes, trying desperately to act cool around him, hoping you hadn’t already scared him off. “Thanks,” you said gently, taking his hand and letting him help pull you up, words dying in your throat as you caught onto his staring and the look of realization in his eyes. 

You looked down at yourself and back up at him, trying to figure why he was looking at you like that, and why he still hadn’t let go of your hand.

“You’re the girl from the concert oh my god.” He said in a rush, dropping your hand and running his through his soft hair. “It’s you isn’t it.”

You looked around you, watching as people brushed past the two of you, suddenly aware of what a scene you must have both caused with your dramatic fall. 

“Yes?” You replied, unsure of what he was talking about. You had been to a 5 Seconds of Summer concert, but didn’t understand why Luke  would possibly have noticed you. 

He grinned, shoulders relaxing and hand reaching out for yours once more, this time shaking it. “I’m Luke.” He said smiling warmly.

“I know.” You nodded at him, “And I’m Y/N.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He said, a blush moving up his neck slightly as he fumbled to continue talking. You laughed at his cheesy pick up line, and he screwed his face up in embarrassment. 

“I saw you dancing at the concert. I was hoping to get your number afterwards, but security couldn’t find you.” You let out a slight laugh at the thought of Luke Hemmings asking security to find you after a concert, the whole situation completely unbelievable.

“But the concert was months ago, how do you still remember me?” You questioned, thinking back to the night and how god damn lucky you were to have such a good spot.

“Not a face I’d forget.” He breathed, seeming to look at you in awe. 

You opened your mouth to respond, and closed it again, shaking your head slightly. 

“Look, I was about to go and grab a coffee, wanna come too?” You asked, figuring this was your only chance so you might as well take it. 

“I was just about to ask you the same thing,” he replied “lead the way.”

okay but goals wtf???? requests are open!!