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Upcoming Events

Hi guys- we’ve been quiet this passed week, myself because my work schedule has been really off the wall. With  the harbor under construction, we’re looking at a couple more ‘weeks’ before some events will really start taking place. Here is a list of things coming up- some of which will be in game. 

Beach Party- Date/Time TBD, this will be hosted on the shoreline of Dead Sun Harbor. To be hosted by @zaderick when they have the time, it sounds like it will be a great time, with lots of booze for all our pirates. Event will be cross faction

Wedding of @novinderethehierophant and Jioren Willowcrest- Looking to do this in mid-April, will be outside of Wheel of Fortune. This will be held during a festival, so there will be lots of partying going on. Hosted by @mortua-sol event will be cross faction

Color Festival/ Freedom Festival- Inspired by the Hindu holiday of Holi, I am still hashing out some of the logistics and the official name. There will be street performers, music, drinking, dancing, and all other sorts of hedonism. Hosted by @mortua-sol events will be cross-faction

Gambling Night- This will be sometime in the next few weeks, when I am certain we will have time to advertise. This will take place in-game at Dead Sun Harbor (Sri-La) and prizes/ money will be given. We will have several games available (more if I can get more dealers!), a lottery, and some raffles. For now this will be an Ally-side, in game event– I will have an adaptation of it for Hordies interested in taking part in the fun! Hosted by @mortua-sol

Once again thanks for all your continued support, if you’ve any questions or ideas for event just message! You’re all great.

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My friend and I went shopping this weekend and he dragged me to sooo many stores aha but we also went to a couple head shops as I wanted to find a new piece and there was a puppy!!

I’ve had to work a bit more than usual this week too and even put in an extra day this weekend so I’m looking forward to having tmrw off 🙊🙊


I’ve almost bought an Apple Watch like four times over the last few months, just always find a reason not to, really want one too.

Time to start planning some trips for this year. Already done Florida, haven’t been out west in a long time so maybe it’s time.

Still enjoying mass Effect Andromeda, trying to make an effort to complete all the objectives which is making it seem longer.

Never got around to watching Rogue One, have a whole lot of movies to catch up on not to mention what’s coming out in theaters.

Going to use this week to work on some projects, got one thing done over the weekend which was one item on my checklist, week already off to a good start.

Never understood negativity, much easier to be kind.

Really want some seafood, that’s one objective for this week.

Bonus—Hope you all had relaxing Sunday and a great week.

dprflagemoji  asked:

Holy fuck 15 days is a really, really long time. I heard that after 50 hours a person starts hallucinating so you must have really been feeling it 😧 I used to take 1 adderall at work to stay awake and it would keep me up all day and that entire night and wear off in the morning so meth would probably kill me tbh

Yes. 13 days is when you hit a different dimension almost, 15 is insane. Honestly i can go longer, but my guilt won’t allow me to lol. Mind you i still had a 50-60 hour a week job back then too lol

AMA and Update

OOC; So first things first, lets a have a real chill Sunday evening OOC AMA! Hit me up :) 

Secondly, update on plans. I have been super busy recently with my Masters, hence why no HoM Prof. ( :( ). But I should have the majority of that work done by the end of this week. The week after I’m off to Northern Ireland for a few days, then Easter happens and I’m visiting family. All of this means very little chance for character stuff, so I’m sorry about that,but about a week after Easter I will have everything sorted and will be back to relative normality - so expect lots of HoM Prof., the Young!Ollivander I promised, and there is some collab in the works, so keep eyes peeled….. . 

So, yeah, sorry about all that, but hit me up with OOC questions! 

It’s been so nice having a few days off in a row. I’ve gotten to hang out with friends, connect with my husband, clean house, and work on catching up with my commission work. Also it’s been nice to have some time off as I adjust to my new medication.

Since I only work a couple of days next week and will have a bunch of time off, I’ll be able to wrap up all my current commission work. I’m super behind on emails and messages, but I should catch up on that tonight.

I’m also preparing to launch my new website. There’s a ton of work that I still need to do, but I’d love to include a customer gallery. If you’d like a photo of your doll in one of my wigs to maybe be featured on my site, drop me a line.

Mako shipping invoices will go out this evening. I’m going to the post office tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also going to be a new dolly day! 😃

Mofftiss Explain

“It’s the gayest story on the history of television.”

“We all certainly saw it as a love story.”

“They are absolutely made for each other.”

“I think it’s important that kids watching television see themselves on screen.”

“To hell with deferred pleasure.”

“I don’t know. I’m just in it.”

“It’s groundbreaking.”

“If we pull this off, it’ll be television history!”

“Insane wish fulfillment.”

“Culmination of everything we’ve been working for.”

“Shattering climax.”

“Love conquers all.”

“The real version airs tonight.”


“What do you think, then, Doctor Watson? There’s another bedroom upstairs if you’ll be needing two bedrooms.”

“Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

“Anything on the menu, whatever you want, free. On the house, for you and for your date.”

“Girlfriend? No, not really my area.”

“So you’ve got a boyfriend then?”

“Right. Okay. You’re unattached. Like me. Fine. Good.”

“Actually, I’ve, er, got a date.”

“That’s what I was suggesting.”

“Sherlock’s business seems to be booming since you and he became … pals.”

“He’s not gay. Why d’you have to spoil …? He’s not.”

“With that level of personal grooming?”

“Because he puts a bit of product in his hair? I put product in my hair.”

“If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you. I’ll burn the heart out of you.”

“I have been reliably informed that I don’t have one.”

“We both know that’s not quite true.”

“You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.”

“Somebody loves you.”

“I don’t think John knows where to look.”

“No, I think he knows exactly where. I’m not sure about you.”

“Are you jealous?”

“We’re not a couple.”

“Yes you are.”

“I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me but the chemistry is incredibly simple, and very destructive.”

“Listen, what I said before, John. I meant it. I don’t have friends. I’ve just got one.”

“I know you’re for real.”

“Your friends will die if you don’t.”


“There’s stuff that you wanted to say … but didn’t say it.”

“Say it now.”

“No. Sorry. I can’t.”

“Yeah. We’re getting married … well, I’m gonna ask, anyway.”

“So soon after Sherlock?”

“Well, yes.”

“What’s his name?”

“It’s a woman.”

“A woman?!”

“Yes, of course it’s a woman.”

“You really have moved on, haven’t you?”

“One Word, Sherlock. That is all I would have needed. One word to let me know that you were alive.”

“Why indeed, John?”

“I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.”

“Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for. If I hadn’t come back, you wouldn’t be standing there and … you’d still have a future … with Mary.”

“She was probably right, really. I remember she left early. I mean, who leaves a wedding early? So sad.”

“No, it is! It is, and I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world.”

“Neither of us were the first, you know.”

“So know this: today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world.”

“Oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair.”

“And of course I have to mention the elephant in the room.”

“Why would he be scared that we’re getting married?”

“No! No! Not you! Not you! You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

“Mr Holmes, you and I are similar, I think.”

“Yes, I think we are.”

“There’s a proper time to die, isn’t there?”

“Of course there is.”

“And one should embrace it when it comes – like a soldier.”

“Of course one should, but not at John’s wedding. We wouldn’t do that, would we – you and me? We would never do that to John Watson.”

“John Watson is definitely in danger.”

“I know what kind of man you are … but we could have been friends.”

“Because you chose her.”

“Th-the clients – that’s all you are now, Mary. You’re a client. This is where you sit and talk … and this is where we sit and listen, then we decide if we want you or not.”

“But look how you care about John Watson. Your damsel in distress.”

“And Sherlock’s pressure point is his best friend, John Watson.”

“John, there’s something … I should say; I-I’ve meant to say always and then never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.”

“We’re not naming our daughter after you.”

“I think it could work.”

“Mrs Hudson, there is a woman in my sitting room! Is it intentional?”

“You have an impish sense of humour which currently you’re deploying to ease a degree of personal anguish. You have recently married a man of a seemingly kindly disposition who has now abandoned you for an unsavoury companion of dubious morals.”

“Holmes, against absolutely no opposition whatsoever, I am your closest friend.”

“Why do you need to be alone?”

“No, those are my words, not yours! That is the version of you that I present to the public: the brain without a heart; the calculating machine. I write all of that, Holmes, and the readers lap it up, but I do not believe it. … You are a living, breathing man. You’ve lived a life; you have a past. … Damn it, Holmes, you are flesh and blood. You have feelings. You have … you must have … impulses.”

“There’s always two of us.”

“Urgh. Why don’t you two just elope, for God’s sake?”

“Perhaps I was being a little fanciful … but perhaps such things could come to pass. In any case, I know I would be very much at home in such a world. … I beg to differ. But then I’ve always known I was a man out of his time.”

“Romantic entanglement would complete you as a human being.”

“The man we both love.”

“I wanted more. I still do.”


What I liked about this episode is that it did nothing short of solidifying Castiel’s place in the Winchester family, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. We’ve seen Dean do some take-backsies in previous seasons. Hell, we’ve seen Castiel do the same walking away from Dean and Sam. But regardless of who goes and does what from here on out, Dean and Sam will treat Castiel like they treat each other. No matter how angry, worried, upset, etc. they are, there’s no throwing Castiel out of the bunker for weeks or going off completely alone. Because that’s not how the Winchesters work. You can have your space until it’s deemed too dangerous, and then the cavalry is going to come for you. Same as the brothers by blood have been doing.

And whether or not you look at the show through a Destiel lens or not, the relationship between Dean and Castiel is significant in this episode. You can call it “brothers” all the way down to “married couple,” but regardless, the most important point is that 12x10 made absolutely sure, every step of the way, to ensure that Castiel is a Winchester, and has all the privileges the name represents. And by the end of the episode, Castiel accepted that as his choice for a family. Castiel is an angel, but now irreversibly not an Angel. He’s chosen the Winchester’s as his family, and there’s no more “us or them” about him. And it’s about damn time. 


If I’m renewed

If I can belong to a sign

I am never going back

I am never going back

This song had for a very, very long time been the one song I always thought fit All Might the most (especially during the Kamino Hideout Raid Arc) from the lyrics to even the title of the song and I could never draw what I had in mind so I always put off making art for this amazing song. 

BUT I recently learned how to color panels so I’ve been working on this for like two-three weeks on and off and I’m so happy with the results oh my god please listen to the song while scrolling through this to get the full effect. 

Sebastian Stan Imagine; Little Bump

Hey! So this is a little one shot I posted on my AOW, hope you like it!

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x You

Warnings: Fluff 

Word Count: Lots.

It was Saturday morning, and woking up early wasn’t one of my greatest abilities. I loved a good sleep, a long one.

I rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed, before turning on the Tv to hear the news or something to keep me up for a bit at least.

Then I took my phone from the nightstand besides my bed, turning on the phone before going through all the notifications on it, finding a new text from Sebastian.

“Hey, baby. New location, working my ass off. I’m missing you like crazy, i’ll be back in four weeks. Love you with all my heart.”

That text made me smile, he has been gone for a while, shooting his new movie in Europe got him moving all around the countries. He’s been sending me pics from all of the famous spots in the countries, some of them were with him pouting, wanting me to be with him. It made me love him even more.

“I miss you too, baby. I’ll be waiting anxiously for you here, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

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linzzmorgan Monday motivation to some werk in the gym last week. Time to get back on my grind. Do it for the love of it💪🏽💃🏽 It’s been so easy for me to fall off track lately; traveling, long set hours, flu symptoms, late nights, lots of work, emotions running high, stress, birthdays, some kind of social life and of course, just wanting to relax and enjoy the noms 🍗. But we all have obstacles, not enough time and goals! Even Beyonce. New week, new priorities. 🤘🏼

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Prompt:  Hello you’re taking request yes? Could you write a bones fic where the reader gets a bit too drunk and he has to carry her home, please? :))
Word Count: 1195
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 6423/50,000
Author’s Note: I love this.

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Road Trip - pt.1 (M)

Genre: S M U T

Length: 1,200+ words

Kink(s): exhibitionism, Daddy kink 

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Since it was nearing the end of winter, and though it was still a tad cold out the trees were starting to regain the leaves they had lost during autumn. Both you and your group of friends loved this weather; the sky was still gloomy and grey, the chilly wind felt refreshing against your skin and the fresh air was practically rejuvenating. 

For a while now you and the guys had been planning on taking your first roadtrip together and booking a whole week’s stay at this lovely cabin that was about 10 hours away. Due to their almost inhumane freaking work schedules y’all always would put it off- another time..or..there’s always next time- you guys would say. 

Though it took two years, y’all were finally going. Their schedules were clear for the next two weeks, and you weren’t doing anything special or important since you worked from home and were technically your own boss.

The van was packed, everyone was dressed appropriately and despite how sluggish everyone seemed to feel, y’all wasted no time at all and took off- leaving all the stresses of work behind… for a little while at least. 

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The ADHDstudy Masterpost Is Here!!!

For the past few weeks I’ve been moving all of my resources and links over from my old (and far less organised) masterpost to a new one. Now, I can proudly say I’ve finished the new masterpost and it is ADHD friendly. Organised, efficient, and ADHD and mental health-centred. There’s also plenty of resources for note-taking, studying, procrastination, dealing with adulthood, and an entire page of links to other websites and apps that students have found helpful.

If you have any resources you yourself use, send me an ask and I’ll add it to the masterpost. There are currently 289 resources and I’d love to add more to the collection!

Good health and good studying! ~ adhdstudy

Something was off. For the past couple of weeks, Harry had been acting strangely. He’d always seem like his head was up in the clouds, and whenever you managed to pull him back down to earth, he’d give you nothing but short answers. You put it off at first, thinking it was just him being super tired from all the work he had to get done. It made sense, obviously! He’d leave the house in the morning, and he wouldn’t come back until the dead of night. The most affection you had gotten from him was a side hug and a quick peck on the cheek. 


“I honestly have no idea what’s going on.” You shook your head, raising your mug to your lips to take a sip of coffee. Y/F/N raised an eyebrow before shrugging casually while she continued to scroll through her phone. Since Harry was barely at home, you figured you’d leave the house for some fresh air. Spending a day with Y/F/N doing nothing but drinking coffee and gossiping was a great way to unwind! Except, Y/F/N was doing nothing but winding you up. 

“If you think about it, what I said makes a lot of sense.” Y/F/N continued to push her logic, locking her phone and setting it aside. “All the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly! What else would he be doing? He leaves early, he comes back late. He’s barely showing any affection. You two have only been together for a couple months - I don’t want to come off as brutal, but maybe he’s… Y’know, goofing around with-” 

“Harry would never cheat on me!” You interrupted, your cheeks flaring up as you got a couple glares from other coffee-drinkers. “I… I trust him.” You cleared your throat, Y/F/N letting out a sharp breath. 

“Y/N, listen to me. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out! I know you really, really like him, but it can’t be helped if he doesn’t feel the same way about you! I hate to say it, but maybe you two just aren’t compatible.” 

Suddenly, it clicked in your mind. Your lifestyle and Harry’s lifestyle didn’t match up. While he was off attending interviews, mingling with celebrities, and going to fancy parties, you were at home studying for your finals. You were a university student - Harry was a world-renown popstar

“Honey, maybe he wants someone who knows what it feels like being super famous. Maybe he wants someone who understands- Heck, maybe he already found someone else! He obviously cares about you so he’s probably finding a way to break it to y-” 

“That’s not fair.” You cut Y/F/N off, feeling your heart beginning to race. You couldn’t accept it, you didn’t want to accept it! 


“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.” 

You were going to do it. You were going to finally talk to Harry about the ongoing situation. Even though you hated confrontation, you knew you had to do something about it. You were sick of being alone, you were sick of the fact that Harry was treating you like a friend rather than a girlfriend. Or maybe you could just avoid everything and act like nothing was wrong. 

“Y/N, love - It’s nearly 1 in the mornin’, why’re you still up?” You jumped slightly at the sound of the door slamming, making you look up from your textbooks. 

“Studying.” You responded, watching as Harry kicked his boots off and hung his coat up on the coat rack. 

“A’right.. I’m goin’ to bed, then. Don’ study for too long. You go crazy when you’re running on less than 6 hours of sleep.” Harry joked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Just before he had the chance to head towards the stairs, you stopped him. 

“Can we talk?” You asked quietly, unable to make direct eye contact with Harry. He tilted his head in curiosity before nodding slowly, moving over to sit down next to you on the couch. 

“Wha’s the matter?” He pinched your arm playfully before grabbing a throw pillow and hugging it to his chest. There was a moment of silence before he noticed your eyes beginning to well with tears. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Harry sat up straighter, about to wrap an arm around your shoulder before you pushed his hand away. 

“I just… I feel like you don’t like me as much as I like you.” You sniffled, trying your best to keep from bursting into tears. “I don’t think I can be in a relationship where I’m alone for most of the day, and the most I get out of you is a kiss on the cheek.” 


“And I understand that our lives are different from each other’s, and as much as it hurts me - If you want to be with someone who’s more… Compatible with you, I can accept that.” A hot tear rolled down your cheek before you reached up and quickly wiped it away. “I just want you to be happy, you know? I don’t understand why you’ve been acting so distant lately, and I want you to talk to me, but you’re barely here and I feel like it would be better for the both of us if we-”

“I love you.” 

“-Harry, I’m not done talking, let me finish.” You hiccuped, using the back of your hand to wipe away a tear again as the gears continued to click in your head. “As I was saying, it would be-” Wait a minute. Wait a minute. “I’m sorry, you what?”  

“I know I’ve not been the greatest boyfriend lately… Y’know, we’ve only been together for a couple months but I… I’ve been feeling different, I guess, and I was scared that if I told you, you’d freak out and run away or something. I dunno, I went out a lot cos I was afraid that if you did something cute I would blurt out how much I like you and that’s jus’ not the ideal way I want to do it?” Harry was rambling at this point, his cheeks brightening up as he reached up to scratch the back of his neck nervously. “This isn’t exactly the way I wanted to tell you either, but I figured it be good to tell you now rather than have you break up with-” 

“Say it again.” You whispered, a soft smile ghosting over your features. You were obviously still in a state of ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’, considering Harry had just admitted he loved you - but you needed to hear it again to make sure you weren’t dreaming. Harry paused, blinking quickly to make sure you were reacting positively. 

I love you.” 


gif isn’t mine!

hopefully this makes up for the fact i’ve been very inactive lately sorry my friends!! (this hasn’t been proofread by the way don’t kill me) 

Sneak peak of a little short comic I’m working on for @blueandgcld! Hopefully I’ll have the other pages done in a week or so! (first time making gifs, so I’m hoping to work on better resolution)

She wrote this super cute au of Adrienette and I adored it so she’s letting me make a little project based off of it for her! Read it here and love it like I did ^-^

Also, thank you to everyone for all of the sweet messages…it’s been a rough couple of weeks but I’m back on tumblr and feeling much more like myself!:D So yay! You guys rock<3 Thanks~~

Riddle Me This:

It’s the weekend before Christmas, and the Samwell men’s hockey team is all gathered in the living room.  They are all sprawled, much to Bitty’s dismay, across the ugly green couch and floor, with presents in the middle of it all.  All week had been chaos around the Haus, with secret santa becoming more “prank your person” and eventually escalating to “prank everyone.”  With Jack and Shits reading the names off of the presents, everyone’s secret santas were slowly being revealed.  The last present was tagged for Dex.  With most of the hockey players still figuring out who their santas were, it was anyone’s guess who Dex’s was.  Dex ripped open the wrapping paper of his present and was faced with a relatively large cardboard box.  Upon opening the box, Dex let out a frustrated noise.  Ripping out the box’s contents, he chucked the package at Nursey.  The force of the small case was enough to propel a surprised Nursey off of the arm of the couch and onto the ground.  Everyone stopped and stared.  Bits looked like a mad mother hen, Jack and Shits more than a bit amused, with Lardo shaking her head.  Just as Chowder is about to jump up to check on his fallen teammate, Nursey sits up.  With a smug, easygoing smile on his face, Nursey says, “Chill.” With the phone case in clear view from Nursey’s hand, Dex flops onto a worried Chowder, accompanied by the loud laughter of everyone in the room. 



#January Comics Month is a chill little challenge created by @noordzee, @internetkatze, and @pigeony back in 2014. We challenge ourselves to make a comic at least 15 pages long, and we’re inviting you to join us!

There are no rules or prizes, only the 15-page goal, and even then, we’re not gonna stop you if you go over or under! Style, content, color, fan/original work, collaboration… it’s all up to you! You can use it as an excuse to kick off that magnum opus you’ve been sitting on, or just a little one-shot you thought up last week.

You can post sketches, character sheets, progress, and finished pages to the #January Comics Month tag! During the month the three of us will be posting tips and tutorials and answering questions here at the @januarycomicsmonth blog, and you can also see everything we posted last year, of course!

We hope you join in and have fun!