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luminatinggalaxies  asked:

Since requests are open, do you think you guys can do one with the RFA+V+Saeran and their reactions to MC who is pregnant with their kid/kids? They can find out either from MC telling them or finding out by themselves. Thank you! Side note: I am absolutely in love with your blog, you guys are doing such a great job, I'm pretty sure you guys know this<3 Keep up the good work.

Anon said: for RFA + Saeran + V, they have been trying for a baby for awhile, Mc has wanted to surprise them but they find the pregnancy test first and you can take it from there~

These two were very similar so we kind of mixed them together. Hope you like them!


  • You buy one of those mugs that has text written inside at the bottom
  • This one says, “Number #1, Dad!”
  • You fill it coffee one morning and tell him it’s a special mug
  • He thanks you and starts drinking it
  • It’s really hard for you to stay calm…because he’s really drinking it slowly
  • Then all of a sudden he jumps up and says he has to go
  • You look into his cup and literally he has one sip left that’s hiding the message
  • “You sure you don’t want to finish one sip?”
  • “No, thank you though. All the sugar is on the bottom so it’s too sweet. I never finish.”
  • You sigh as he rushes away to get ready
  • You’re trying to think of how to tell him again, when he bursts out of the bathroom and runs back to you
  • It takes him a few minutes to speak, but finally he stammers out
  • “Y-you’re pregnant?!”
  • You stare at the bottom of the cup confused
  • Did he just realize it?
  • He tells you that he saw the pregnancy test on the bathroom counter
  • You facepalm realizing you left it out
  • He’s so ecstatic that he lifts you up and spins you around


  • He comes home after a really long day at the vet hospital
  • He says he’s so hungry
  • “You mentioned a special dinner earlier, honey,” he smiles while looking at the empty table.
  • You just smile and say you’ll serve it now
  • So he sits down at the dining room table and waits
  • You bring out jars of baby food one by one
  • He’s very confused as you set them all on the table
  • “Is this….some sort of new diet we’re starting?”
  • He doesn’t realize they’re baby food jars until he picks one up and examines it
  • You can see his eyes growing really wide as he picks up each jar
  • To finish off the whole thing, you just smile, “Hold on…I think I have a bun in the oven.”
  • He jumps out of his seat and gives you a huge hug
  • But then he steps back suddenly
  • “Oh no! Did I crush it? I can’t crush our baby…”

Jaehee: Gender Reveal

(She would’ve figured out you were pregnant way too quickly, so we decided to do a gender reveal instead…)

  • You two had spent the last few months debating on whether it was a boy or a girl
  • Jaehee insisted it was probably a boy
  • She said she had a feeling
  • Finally you found out, and decided to do a reveal
  • You place a cake in front of her
  • Jaehee smiles and says, “it’s a boy, isn’t it?”
  • You shrug and say, “Yeah…you were right. What can I say?”
  • You tell her to cut the cake anyway for a picture’s sake
  • But when she cuts it…it’s both blue and pink
  • She looks up at you really surprised, “You’re having twins!”
  • You’ve never heard Jaehee squeal in delight before
  • She keeps hugging you all day


  • You gave him a big scare when one day you nearly passed out and started throwing up
  • He called the doctor right away
  • While you were resting, he pulled the doctor aside and asked if everything was okay
  • The doctor told him that you were just pregnant, so it was a side effect and just to be careful
  • Jumin is very shocked…but he was also worried about you
  • In the midst of you recovering and him thinking you would tell him when you’re ready, he forgot to mention that he knew
  • A week later, you brought out a wine bottle for dinner
  • He assumes you didn’t know you were pregnant yet and gets worried
  • “You really shouldn’t be drinking that in your state.”
  • Your response is a mix of surprise and admonition
  • Finally, you turn the bottle around to reveal the label
  • “Drink this for me. I’ll join you soon. Baby Han coming in April.”
  • He just hugs you softly, apologizing for finding out first
  • But you both are too happy to care
  • Bonus: He also suspected when Elizabeth had been very clingy to you lately


  • You had insisted that he go for a drive since he’d been working a lot lately
  • He did, and he got some coffee on the way
  • It hits him and he really has to use the bathroom, so he rushes back home earlier than you expected
  • When he walks in the door, you’re…in a crop top
  • You never wear crop tops, so it’s strange for him
  • Besides that, your back is turned and you seem to be writing something on your stomach
  • The whole situation is strange, but his bladder is about to burst so he just brushes it off and runs into the bathroom
  • He was looking for soap under the sink when he saw the pregnancy test
  • He couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed out to you
  • Before he could say anything, you had turned around
  • You were midway drawing a loading bar onto your stomach, so all it read was “Load”
  • By the way he was crying a little, you knew he already saw
  • He just wraps you in a hug and bends down to kiss your stomach
  • Only the sharpie was still fresh and he got some on his face


  • It had taken him awhile to warm up to the idea of having kids
  • So, when you found out you were pregnant, you wanted to announce it in a special way
  • You replaced all the clothes in his closet with baby clothes
  • But he didn’t get it
  • You weren’t home when he opened his closet
  • He saw the clothes and thought it was a prank from Saeyoung
  • Despite his brother insisting he didn’t do it, Saeran grabs the nearest pillows and starts beating him down for it
  • You return home and find the two in a brawl, and you ask what in the world happened
  • He glares at Saeyoung, “Someone pulled a childish prank on me.”
  • He pauses, realizing what he said, “NO I didn’t mean that.”
  • But it’s too late and you and Saeyoung are giggling
  • You manage to calm yourself and tell him that it was you
  • At first, he’s confused, but then he realizes
  • He makes you do like five more pregnancy test just to make sure
  • You’re a little worried because he’s silent for a long time
  • But then he quietly confesses that he’s so happy and pulls you into his arms
  • While you’re hugging, he just mumbles, “You’re gonna put my clothes back though, right?”


  • You two had been trying for kids for awhile, but nothing came up
  • So when the pregnancy test finally came positive, you were in shock
  • Your first instinct was to tell him right away, but you wanted to do something special
  • So you tell him casually that you haven’t had a couple’s photoshoot in awhile
  • He agrees and you two plan it
  • During one shot, you tell him to turn his back while you hold a chalkboard
  • He thinks it’s an inspirational quote or something so he goes along with it
  • On the board, you had written, “You’re going to be a dad!”
  • He goes to check how the photo came out and you can see his eyes light up
  • A few tears slip from his eyes as he stumbles towards you
  • He hugs you tightly and just says how thankful he is for you…and the baby
  • You can’t help but cry with him

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First sexual experience with a female

Pairing: stucky x reader

Plot: Steve and Bucky ask the reader if she wants to have a threesome with them because they want to know what it feels like to have sex with a woman and they asked her because she’s their closest female friend.

A/n it’s been awhile since I’ve written something so please don’t hate me if this sucks. I really did try 😔

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Shocked is the only word that came to mind when Bucky and Steve asked you something that could change your relationship with them forever. At first, you thought it was a joke but then you looked into their eyes you could see they were serious. “Wait you guys seriously want to have a threesome with me? Why?”

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Pairing: Steve Rogers/Reader

Warnings: angst, character death

Word Count: 739

A/N: This is an old drabble I’ve written a few months ago that was inspired by personal events. I came across this as I sorted my files on my laptop and decided to post it. 

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Hey, this is Steve. Sorry, I can’t take your call right now. Please leave a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

“Steve…it’s me. Please call me back when you get the chance. I know you’re busy with the mission and all. Just call me back, okay? I love you.”

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Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 4 - Late night talks


When we’re in our bedroom we don’t pretend to be together, but sometimes I wish we did. That way, I could fool myself into thinking that this was real. But nothing is the same anymore, even here.

Sharing a room with the person you want most, while pretending to be his boyfriend, is torture. Every small touch feels like it’s going to turn me into ashes. And now, fucking Snow is sitting in my bed, with one of my pillows behind his back.

“I said we needed to talk after my shower, you didn’t have to wait in my bed Snow.“

He just shrugs “If I waited in my bed, I would be asleep already.”

I decide to sit next to him. “In light of something that is going to happen tomorrow, I feel the need to explain why I asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend.“

“What is going to happen tomorrow?”

“My father will be here to oversee the new school program for next year. Every year a member of the old families does it, and this year will be him.”

We’re both looking outside through the window now, looking at the night sky. “I won’t be seeing him much, but I need you to come with me when I do.”

“Oh…right” I’m not looking at him, but I can tell that he’s not comfortable with the idea.

“Snow… ” I say quietly, “ he’s the reason we made this deal, I need him to accept me for who I am…” I struggle to continue.

“A vampire?”

“No. Yes, that too. ” Snow turns to me then, but I ignore him. “I’m gay, and I’m fucking tired of him pretending that he doesn’t know, like it’s something that you can just wash away.“

He doesn’t say anything for awhile but he grabs my hand and squeezes it. It’s enough to make me relax. “I’m sorry that your father doesn’t accept you for who you are.”

I don’t know how long it’s been, but Simon falls asleep with his head on my shoulder. The last thing I want to do is move, but I need to feed, so I gently try to lay him down on the bed.

When I’m about to leave the room, he opens one eye and mumbles, “Yeah Baz… you should feed… so that you can kiss my neck, and I don’t have to worry about it, ” and gives me a sleepy smile.

I roll my eyes, “You’re an idiot, Snow,” but I can’t help but grin at him too.

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She’s Worth It - Hayes Grier

His hand gripped my waist while the other cupped my neck. Somehow my ability to breathe had left me, the only air I knew was his. With every touch of our lips we got closer, though are bodies had been touching from the start. I felt an unquenchable fire every time he shifted. Soon enoguh, he was on top of me instead of sitting next to me, moving down my neck. The movie was only static in the background. He pulled away and it felt as if I was drenched in rain, all heat from him gone and functioning lungs back.

“Be my girlfriend,” he said, breathlessly.

“You wish,” I quickly replied, just as I did every other time.

“Why not?” he asked, returning himself to siting position and leaning back on the couch. It was like a scene from a movie, played over and over again.

“The same thing I say every time you ask.” I retort.

“You mean ‘I just don’t do relationships’?” He mocks my voice, “That’s not an excuse.”

“Never said it was, it’s just the way I am.”

He turns to me and grabs my hand, “You know, this is really starting to feel personal now. Y/N, I really like you. Like, a lot. And I know you like me too. We’ve been at this for months now. What’s the real reason?”

I ignore him and watch the movie. I can feel his eyes on me but I choose to ignore it. He pulls me closer until I’m practically on his lap and softly kisses the back of my neck.

“Y/N, I feel more for you than I ever have for anyone else. I’m gonna ask you one more time, and that’s it, I’ll just leave it be. Will you be my girlfriend?”

I don’t want to lose him. He’s the best thing in my life right now. I haven’t seen my father in months and my mother seems to think I’m the reason for their split and I only have 2 friends who I question whether or not they actually like me half the time. But Hayes. He’s always there for me when I’m down, and he’s never let anyone say a word about me, and he stayed even though I rejected him who knows how many times. And there’s no part of me that even questions it. I keep saying no because I’m scared I’ll lose him. Just like mom lost dad, and like I lost every other human in my life because I don’t know how to make a fucking friend.

I watched his eyes dim as he moved me back over to my seat. “It’s okay,” he says. “You don’t have to like me like that.”

“I don’t know how,” I blurt out. “And I don’t want to lose you,” he looks over at me quietly, waiting for me to finish. “Overtime you say that— ask me that, I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Because it’s you, because I want nothing more,” my eyes start to burn, “And then I see us, down the road. And it’s my parents reincarnated. And we’re yelling and crying and everything fucking sucks because we fell apart.”

“Y/N, we’re not them,” he says.

“Maybe you’re not but I am,” my voice cracks as a tear gathers at the corner of my eye. “I’m them. I don’t have anything or anyone better to go off of. I’m problematic and flaky just like my father was and I’m uptight and selfish just like my mother.” He brings me closer and wipes the tears from my cheeks.

He starts to speak but I interrupt him.

“And you deserve better than that, better than me. I mean for fuck’s sake you stayed with me all this time even though I pushed you away every time you got close. You listened to me every night for weeks when I realized my father wasn’t coming back. You stayed through everything and you deserve someone just as good as you.”

He holds me to him tightly and I wipe my tears on his shirt. “Y/N, I stay with you because of who you are. Someone who’s not flaky or uptight or selfish or anything else like that. I stay with you because you deserve it. Your parents raised you to think that you weren’t enough but you’re so much more than I could ever want. I’ve watched you move mountains to become the strongest girl I know. And all I every hear people say about you is ‘she’s pretty’. But you’re so much more. You’re intelligent and unbreakable and willing to go through hell just to get to love on the other side. If anything I don’t deserve you and that just makes me want you more.”

“I wish all that was true. Even if it was, I still don’t know how to be what you want me to be.”

“Everything I said is true and don’t you dare deny it. And besides, we’re 16. You don’t have to know how to do anything. Just be with me. Let me show you off. Even if there was someone better, which there isn’t, and I somehow deserved it, which I don’t, I want you and only you.”

If anything, the boy deserves what he wants. I kiss him hard, gripping his face between my hands.

“Let’s try this one more time. Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend.”

“I’d love to.”


Prompt List

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. Ya girl is back, finally. Between moving, and this ACT class, and volleyball starting back up and everything else, it’s been awhile since I wrote something. And I missed it, forgot how much fun it is. I’ve been writing a few things of my own, just in a journal, and it really helped me, but I miss this interaction with you guys. So here I am. SO so sorry to the requester, you probably wanted this back in like November, thanks for being patient and I hope you like it! I think I have one or two more imagines to put out and then I’ll be putting up the next part to Send My Love, which was highly requested. Also during my little hiatus I hit 1k followers! Thank you guys so much, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you guys and I find it crazy that there’s that many of you. See y’all soon!


Short Announcement and HC

How about the RFA reacting to a bitter MC since the RFA once remarked that they’re not trustworthy and MC took it to heart? And then the RFA attempts to win them over? I need the angst and fluff.

Hey everybody! Uh, sorry for the disappearance hehe… well, Admin Mazz and I had things to deal with in school, and I hope you can all understand that it can take a while to get back on track when it comes to grades! (The only reason why we were gone) We really didn’t plan on disappearing for so long… We really do mean it when we say sorry! And, I’m apologizing on Admin Mazz’s behalf, due to the fact that she felt too overwhelmed to continue writing for the blog, especially because she feels she can’t keep up with school and the blog simultaniously. She’s not gone forever, though! Don’t worry! She’ll be there to type the NSFW stuff, since I’m only here for the fluff ^w^ But! I hope you guys won’t mind me taking over the blog a little bit! It’s good to be back everybody! I’m planning on posting a HC or scenario once a day! Enjoy, Anon, and sorry it took so long! :D ~Admin Lily


  • Jaehee really didn’t mean any harm this angel is so precious and would never try to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
  • But, she didn’t know MC at the time, so she said something that might have been unnecessary
  • MC just was trying to get to know Jaehee who wouldn’t want to get to know her?
  • “Hm, I don’t think I should tell you anymore about myself too much. You aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
  • Poor, sensitive MC untrustworthy?!
  • Well it’s not like she can trust you either, Jaehee! Don’t hate me for this angel it was requested
  • “Sorry for trying to be friendly.” She’d say coldly
  • First impressions are important people
  • Jaehee is so disappointed to see MC getting along with literally everyone else except her later
  • All because MC took her caution to heart
  • Jaehee tries to make amends
  • “Hey, MC! Been awhile since we talked, just us”
  • “There are reasons why” forgive her, MC she means well I promise
  • Jaehee would apologize for what she said, explaining how she “didn’t mean to hurt MC or offend her in any way”
  • She’s also explains that when they first met, she wanted to protect herself just in case
  • But, now she would like a second chance at being her friend because she sees how kind and genuine she truly is
  • Atta girl Jaehee how can she not love you
  • Well, Jaehee’s MC is easily moved by her persistence and kind words
  • And, after she’s been apologized to, MC forgives her pretty easily
  • Not best friends right away, but
  • Friends all the same


  • Yoosung is very trusting, so of course Mama Baehee Jaehee warned him of the dangers of a hacker, like MC, while MC tried to explain herself and he immediately became terrified
  • What evil plot could this girl be forming?!?!?!?
  • “Wat do yoy want!1??!” He’d ask, complete with spelling errors and all
  • MC continued to try and explain her situation, but Yoosung didn’t believe a word
  • Jaehee’s thinkin “this is what I get for trying”
  • Whenever someone would talk to MC, Yoosung would say “careful” or “watch out”
  • Of course, not being trusted and having things go against Yoosung’s MC would make her feel stressed, irritated, and frankly just hurt
  • She didn’t mean to get here, but here she was
  • Finally, things calmed down, but Yoosung, now paranoid, continuously called MC “untrustworthy” and told her “not to do anything bad becuz I got my eye on u”
  • my not-so macho man <3
  • MC shows her true self to everyone else, staying away from Yoosung to try and avoid conflict
  • He did think she was evil after all, and that hurt her a lot
  • Yoosung began to feel guilty when Jaehee started to tell Yoosung to tone things down
  • “She seems safe now. She seems nice and sweet, so go easy on her, okay?”
  • Maybe he overeacted
  • “maybe”, Yoosung?
  • He’d apologize for being so paranoid and ask if he could try again
  • MC, being understanding and sweet, she accepted his apology and agreed like how can she not forgive him he’s precious
  • But, she’d bring it up to tease him a lot
  • “Watch out, Yoosung! We both know I’m not trustworthy.”
  • “You’re still mad at me for that;;;;”


  • Well, of course, Zen’s a lonely little sinnamon roll
  • So, if he had known MC was a girl, maybe he wouldn’t have been as mean
  • When MC was trying to explain her situation, Zen wouldn’t have anything to do with her
  • “He must be a stalker or a hacker! He can’t be trusted! What do you really want?!? How did you get here???”
  • MC’s obviously an angel innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, so she immediately becomes frustrated, trying to defend herself
  • When Seven texts, “itsagirl” the tables turn
  • Nice goin there pal
  • “Oh… a girl?”
  • “Yes,” MC would send bitterly, “I am, and I’m no stalker or hacker!”
  • Of course, everything’s just a big misunderstanding, but Zen’s MC holds grudges
  • Once she joins the RFA, she literally ignores Zen’s messages all together and it lasts for a while
  • Everyone gets to know MC better except Zen
  • Especially Trust-Fund kid
  • Trust-Fund kid gets to talk to the cute girl, but he doesn’t
  • Like, no he won’t let that happen
  • He finally has had enough of it: “MC, you can’t ignore me forever! I’m apart of the RFA, just like you! Please, give me a chance;; I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, princess! I promise!;;;”
  • MC tries so hard to stay mad but he sends a selfie of himself pouting
  • Of course, he’s too handsome to turn down
  • “Fine!” MC would say, “but, just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean you can insult me willy-nilly! Don’t call me princess either”
  • “Yes, ma’am ;)”


  • Okay, for being raised in a rich family, Jumin has bad manners
  • I’m not talking about table manners
  • I mean he has no filter
  • Like not even joking
  • Of course, he’s literally the most suspicious out of all of them since MC really wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Zen and Yoosung being adorable: “IT’S A GIRL??”
  • “Stop it, you too. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s not here for malicious intend. She can’t be trusted.”
  • Um excuse me?
  • “But, I just saw this app in the App Store,” MC would try to defend herself, “and some guy led me to this apartment”
  • Jumin’s MC is literally afraid of almost nothing so she’s ready to fight if she has to
  • “You don’t even know me, I’m trying to tell you what happened!” MC would continue to say, “maybe I’ll just go”
  • The others Zen and Yoosung immediately went against her leaving because they needed to get things figured out like how she got there and what to do about it
  • She was in Rika’s apartment after all
  • Things eventually get sorted out, but when Jumin offered for her to join, she literally just replied, “not if you’re asking, trust-fund kid.”
  • MC ain’t scared of nothing you don’t openly insult someone like Jumin unless you aren’t afraid to die
  • Jumin’s shocked. No one has ever talked to him like that
  • “Well,” MC would continue, “I was told I was ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘malicious’. Maybe, I would make you feel unsafe if I joined
  • Goin straight for the ego
  • “Well, we don’t need you here. I know I’d be perfectly safe where I am because of my guards.”
  • “Aww, you need guard to protect you, Prince Charming? That’s cute”
  • Jumin’s talking to V like “I don’t think this is worth it”
  • V’s like “no, Jumin, she’s joining”
  • “…Look, I’m willing to apologize for my harsh words, but only for V because I trust his judgement.”
  • “Well,” MC would tease, “seems mostly genuine. Because I like your face, and I like everyone else here, I’ll forgive you and join.”
  • Um, okay? She’s strange Don’t lie Jumin you think she’s pretty cool
  • And, of course, he’ll have to admit later that she’s pretty amazing


  • Seven isn’t supposed to trust anyone like
  • He’s agent 707, Defender of Justice, after all, he has to always be on guard
  • He immediately becomes interested in MC, due to the fact that he had no idea how she was there in the first place
  • she must’ve been a really good hacker
  • “Hang on, I’ll track the IP…Huh? Rika’s house??”
  • Of course, MC was already suspicious for being in the chat, but to be in Rika’s apartment…
  • “Careful, guys, this person could be really bad!”
  • “Exsqueeze me?” MC would type, scoffing, “I’m not bad! It’s not like I wanted to be here tomato head! I’m just lost after this guy led me here”
  • Of course, Seven finds his way to your info and immediately he’s blushing MC is gorgeous how could he not
  • “youractuallycutelololol”
  • Finally, things get sorted out and Seven apologizes for jumping on her so fast, “guess you weren’t so bad, huh? Well, I’m 707, but you can call me Seven~! Guess we’re gonna be buddies now, right? ;D” he’d ask hopefully
  • Not gettin’ off the hook that easy bud
  • MC just responds, taking out her anger in her own unique way “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I don’t like your emoji… more maybe?”
  • He thinks it’s cute “Lololol”
  • “Who types ‘lololol’? That’s literally “laughing out loudoutloudoutloud… that’s like me saying rolling over fastoverfastoverfast…”
  • “;;;; I like my lololol! Everyone likes my lololol” she insulted the Lolol?! He thought this was true love?!
  • “But I don’t like you so I don’t like your lololol”
  • But he loves her already he has to win her over
  • Seriously, though, MC doesn’t really care, she gets it, but she’s just stubborn so she teases him for a while before finally giving in
  • ten puns later
  • “You’re cute, so I’ll give you a second chance”
  • Seven’s just like O////O huh?? Okay…

In which the reader is the only girl on Neverland and Peter is sending mixed signals but one day it all gets sorted out while looking for Oysters.
(This is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s confusing or written poorly)

Warnings: None
Words: 1,361
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader (Y/N)

You can probably imagine the look of shock on the boy’s faces when the shadow brought a girl back. If you had been an onlooker and you weren’t the one being brought to a strange new place then maybe it would’ve been funny but at the moment you were in a state of shock. In front of the group of boys there stood a lone boy, obviously the leader from the confidence he was exuding. He was an attractive boy with sparkling green eyes and light brown hair, if you had to guess you would probably say he was 17 but you were never really good at guessing ages. Unlike the rest of the boys, he didn’t seem fazed at all that there was a girl in front of him. He looked at you for a couple of seconds before turning to the boys with his arms thrown out to the sides “Well boys,” he said “Meet the first Lost Girl.”

At his statement the boys began to cheer. He turned back to you with what you figured was probably his signature smirk “I’m Peter. Peter Pan. And these are the Lost Boys,” he said with a wide sweeping gesture of his arms to indicate the boys.

You smiled and let out a small laugh. Peter Pan, ever since you had heard about him as a child you had been dreaming about what it would be like if he were real and now that he was, it was like a dream come true. “Wait, like Peter Pan from the Disney stories Peter Pan?” You asked, probably with a little too much excitement.

He shook his head and laughed, “Not exactly, love,” he chuckled “Those stories do not do me justice on so many levels, but you’ll soon come to realize that this Neverland is not the land of hopes and dreams that you seem to think it is.”

You frowned at that, you thought Neverland was supposed to be a good place, a place where you could go to belong and find a family. “What do you mean?” You asked, starting to get nervous.“

Peter smirked at you "You’ll see soon enough but for now it’s time to play a game,” he said before turning back to the boys “C'mon boys, let’s play!” He yelled as the Lost Boys broke out into a loud cheer.

*Three Months Later*

He was right. Neverland was nothing like the books and Peter was nothing like the Disney character. But that didn’t mean everything was bad, sure the island was bright and sunny all the time and Peter could be harsh and cruel but you felt like you belonged and you felt like you had a new family.

At first, you were terrified of what the future had in store, the boys seemed barbaric and after your welcoming Peter showed his true nature as a harsh and cruel leader, he was not kind and he did not appreciate freeloaders. That’s why you had learned to hunt and fight and cook and build. You had to prove yourself to Peter and prove yourself you did. You became the best fighter out of all the Lost Boys, a lot of that was attributed to your natural balance and skill with a sword but you had taken a few beatings in the beginning but you improved exponentially each time.

Once you had learned how to fight you had been determined to not be the boys’ mother but one day when the shadow brought a particularly young boy to the island you couldn’t help it, he reminded you so much of your brother back home. And while you were one of the best fighters and you were always at the front lines when attacking an enemy, you did spend a lot of time at camp taking care of the boys. You spent the mornings harvesting and the afternoons preparing dinner and then in the evenings you would soar with the boys, it was always good practice for them and Peter always loved to watch.

That was another thing. As time went on you found yourself spending more and more time with him. He would normally walk with you in the mornings while you were looking for berries and he would always sit by the fire and wait until the sparring was over and the boys had gone to bed so he could walk with you to your tent. Normally you would think that a guy liked you if he was going out of his way to be around you but with Peter you just had no idea. He would be friendly and kind to you when the two of you were alone but he all but ignored you if the boys were around. You really liked him but you kept your feelings to yourself, not wanting to get hurt or put Peter in an awkward position. It was so frustrating.

Today you were going to the shore to try and find some clams or oysters. As you were walking you heard something land on the ground behind you “Hey Peter,” you said without a glance back. You knew it was him, none of the animals would get that close to you and if it had been a Lost Boy you would’ve known about him for awhile now.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter said, jogging a few steps to catch up to you, “What’re we doing today, love?”

“Well, I’ve really been wanting to eat something other than berries or deer or rabbit or bird so I’m going to look for oysters,” you responded with a small shrug.

Peter smirked and raised an eyebrow “You know what they say about oysters don’t you?” He paused “They’re an aphrodisiac,” he teased as a reached over and twirled a strand of your hair around his finger.

You blushed and swatted his hand away playfully, “Oh shut up,” you laughed “That’s not why I want them.”

“You’re right I don’t need an aphrodisiac, I can charm you all on my own,” Peter said seductively, flashing you his signature mischievous grin.

You rolled your eyes “Yeah, right,” you said sarcastically. It was taking everything inside you not to let him know that in all reality you thought he was really attractive and that he was right, he didn’t need an aphrodisiac.

He frowned slightly “What do you mean?” He asked “You don’t think I’m attractive?”

You sighed, you knew where this was going but you didn’t want to ignore him “I didn’t say that,” you said.

He smirked “So you do think I’m attractive then!” He exclaimed.

You shook your head “I didn’t say that either.”

He grabbed your hand and stopped walking. You turned back and faced him, your hand still in his. “Well which one is it?” He asked “You either do or you don’t.”

“It’s not that simple,” you said softly “Even though I’m attracted to you, I don’t like how you treat me. You all but ignore me when we’re at camp but then you’re nice to me out here on our own and I don’t know why.”

Peter sighed and looked down at his feet “It’s because I don’t want them to know I like you, I don’t want them to think I’m weak,” he admitted quietly.

Peter just said he liked you. That’s all that was going through your head. Peter Pan liked you, you couldn’t believe it. You took a small step closer to him and brought your free hand up to the side of his face “Hey,” you said gently “You aren’t weak, you’re the strongest person I know and I’m sure the boys would say the same.”

Peter looked up at you and time seemed to freeze. He suddenly leaned in and gently placed his lips against yours. It took you less than a second to lean into him an kiss back. After a few moments, Peter pulled away “You never answered my question love,” he said teasingly.

“I think this answers it,” you whispered as you pulled him into another kiss.

You never did get your oysters that day but it was completely worth it.

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Prompt: Five times someone walked in on Kaneki and Touka in a compromising situation (and one time they walked in on one)

I’m assuming this means 5 times people walked in on some Touken and one time Touken walked in on someone else…

It’s been awhile since I wrote something smutty, so I feel like this turned out a bit more romantic/cracky than intended *awkward laughter* 

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I wonder if White Diamond is real… like I bet shes real… but What if she was a fusion. Like Gems bodys are made of light…

Aaand combining Pink (Magenta) Blue (Cyan) and Yellow light… ya get white.

The gem placement… its easy enough for Amethyst to transform her body to look like shes got a gem on her head… a belly and chest gems would be easy enough to hide… say with a funky shoulder pad mantle thing similar to what Jasper wore in her first appearance or like the WD mural.


Maybe if Gems that have the same Gem placement… the Gem just grows bigger?

Like neither BD or YD even mention WD when theyre talking and we never see any Gems with a WD symbol do we?

Even Pearl who a lot of people think may be WDs Pearl due to her skin tone and gem placement has a PD symbol on her flight suit (and causes Sardonyx to have a PD on her shoes)

And with Jasper being orange (a yellowish shade of red) who was under PD but now serves YD (a mix of red/yellow)and Peridot whos under YD but seems more intellectual like other BDs crew (a mix of blue/yellow)

Rose shattered PD to stop WD from ever being formed again?

Perhaps YD, BD, and PD fusing and forming WD was what Centipeetle was trying to describe? (IDK the timeline too well so maybe not)

Do you ever just mess around with something for the luls but than accidentally convince yourself that its true?

WD and Anti-Cross-Gem Fusion is propaganda to keep weaker Gems in line…


…And if Pearl WAS WDs Pearl… that would explain her clothes colored with shades of Blue/Pink/Yellow… rather than like the other Pearls all in one color???? Peridot said she was ‘Fancy’…Maybe shes VERY VERY fancy.


Michael & Lingerie

This was requested by an Anon! <3 I hope you all enjoy this!

Word Count: 311

Warnings: Fluff

(gif is not mine)

You held the fabric up in the air, contemplating whether you should even wear it.  Lingerie wasn’t something that you wore.  You thought you would try something new for Michael.  Gabriel assured you that Michael would love it, but you were worried.  You never saw yourself wearing something like this.  It wasn’t that you were unattractive, you just never liked the idea of lingerie too much.

“[Y/N], are you alright,” Michael asked from the other side of the bathroom door.  “You’ve been in there for awhile.  I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you replied in a slightly shaky voice.  “I’ll be right out.”

Michael backed away from the door, padding back over to the bed.  The archangel looked up when he heard the bathroom door finally open.  His eyes grew wide at the sight of your beautiful figure.  The way the lingerie fit just right, showing your curves off perfectly.  

“[Y/N],” Michael whispered, approaching you rather quickly.  “You look amazing.   I didn’t take you for a lingerie type.”  A small smirk unfolded onto his lips as he scanned his eyes up and down your body.  His hands rubbed your arms up and down in slow motions.

“Thanks,” you replied, a nervous laugh leaving your lips.  “Gabriel helped me pick it out.  He said you would like it.”

“Well he must know me pretty well,” Michael mused, a playful grin dancing on his lips.  “You look beautiful all the time [Y/N], lingerie or not.  I never understood the fascination with lingerie.  It always ends up on the floor.”

“I think I’m supposed to show you what it’s all about,” you noted with a smirk of your own.  

It wasn’t as dreadful as you thought it was going to be.  Michael enjoyed himself, and you did too.  You would have to thank Gabriel some time.

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Allies, Axis + Canada accidentally make their s/o cry when they yelled.

America/Alfred F. Jones
It’d just been a quick bust, nothing more. You’d been arguing for the better part of an hour, and he snapped. But regret replaced anger as he saw your eyes mist.
“Oh shit, shit, shit, no.” He rushed back over and cupped your face, swiping the tears away as they came.
“I‘m so sorry, I‘m sorry. Babe don‘t cry, please?” He kept clearing your face, guilt drenching his words. He hadn’t meant to snap, but then again, no one ever did. And that you could understand, the argument had simply gotten to him.

Canada/Matthew Williams
You’d have to piss Mattie off pretty badly before he even raised his voice. That being said, it hadn’t been you who’d done the riling up. It was the day he’d had, another few hours of taking the beatings for his brother. All you’d asked was what the man wanted for dinner, and he spouted a return.
“I don’t know!” He looked over the second he’d realized what he’d done. Your face was twisted and a thin line of tears was of your lid.
“No.” He said before bringing you into a hug, he almost wanted to cry himself.
China/Yao Wang-
It’d been trivial at the time, you simply didn’t listen to his instructions. You were cooking and turned away for what you assumed was a second. But in fact it was just long enough for it to burn.
“All. You. Had. To. Do. Was. Listen!” He bit each word, starling you, so badly your utensil clatter to the floor.
“And now a mess?!” He screamed, this time much closer to your face. But his irritation faded when he saw tears welling in your eyes. He laced his arms around you and allowed you to sob into his shoulder. Afterward he apologized and cleaned up, happily re-cooking the dish.
England/Arthur Kirkland-
He’d been ranting again, and you’d gotten quite used to it. But thus far you’d never been the focus of his anger. But this time was different, you’d toppled over a set of antique tea cups. Sure they weren’t his personal favorites, but the still had sentimental and monetary value.
“…And that‘s why you need to watch your damned feet.” He turned around for the first time in half an hour. Your face was streaked with tears and your nose red from the constant rubbing and sniffling. His eyes widened as he looked at you, not wanting to believe he was responsible for your current state.
(I don‘t want a happy ending for this because I really feel it would take awhile to get over him being such an ass. But you forgive him after he burns his hand trying to make you a cake.)
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
??? I don’t see him yelling at you???? Like ever???
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
All you’d been doing was laundry, like you always did. But this time something of Russia’s slipped into your own pile. You’d shrunken his jacket, and decided to present it…that was nearly an hour ago. He’d been gritting his teeth and ordering the rest of the time. 
“What if it‘d been something important?! You need to pay closer attention!” He stroked an absentminded finger across his scarf. This lecture was more of a warning than anything else.
“Y-yes, R-Russia…” And you had to storm out. After he realized what he’d done he search for you, and found you sobbing inconsolably. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t try. He’d hold you close and whisper soothing things into your ear.
Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-
You were very used to being corrected by Germany, corrected, mind you, not yelled at. Occasionally he’d tell you to straighten up or clean this and that, but it was never in malice. But after you’d been running around with Italy and broken a vase…it was different. He heard the crash and stormed in, catching you red handed while picking up the pieces. And before you could even apologize he barked.
“You should know better than to be so stupid!” He watched and waited for you to finish cleaning, not noticing the beads strolling down your cheeks.
(He‘s also an ass. And shitty at apologies. He‘d most likely avoid the situation until it came to a head and a HUGE argument. Where after he apologizes and pays you extra affection because he know he‘s an ass sometimes.)
Italy/Feliciano Vargas-
????He wouldn’t???? He’s a sweet baby??? And squishy. Squish.
Japan/Kiku Honda-
See Italy and France. It’s just not happening.

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The temptation to pinch yourself was big, enormously big. It didn’t take a genius to know that Yukio Okumura never took a break. Even if he had been hurt on a mission, he wouldn’t allow himself more than the ordered amount of bedrest which was driving you and especially Rin absolutely nuts. One would think that if you knew enough about medicine to get the Doktor-Meister, that you wouldn’t be so damn stubborn when your friends wanted you to rest; something that would benefit your body once in awhile. 

So when Yukio had asked you if you were free this Sunday, you had looked like he’d just asked if you unicorns were real. 


“A new café opened up, maybe we could try it out.” He smiled, seemingly ignorant to the faces you and Rin, who had witnessed the whole thing from the start, did. 

“Yeah… sure…”

“Alright, see you around 3pm.”

After he left, you turned to the older twin, grabbing his collar and almost strangling him the process. 


Title: Secret Studying
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Fleurmione (Fleur x Hermione)
Words: 1859
Warnings: None Apply
Notes: Written for the “Free Space” square on my femtrope bingo card. I decided to go with Soulmate Marks.  Also available on my AO3.

Summary: Fleur knows that not every soulmate relationship goes smoothly, but she had hoped her soulmate would be as thrilled to meet her as she was to meet Hermione. 

Fleur felt for her fellow Beauxbatons students. Several of them had left their soulmates to come here, to Hogwarts, and with a Yule Ball, they would either have to go alone, or pretend to enjoy themselves with someone else. And after finding your soulmate, nothing else would do.

Or so Fleur was told.

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Strangers ~ Chapter Three

Not requested

Genre: Angst

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) For the past two years, you and Baekhyun have been dating. But for the past six months, he’s treated you like a stranger. Tight schedules and different careers drive the two of you apart from each other. What happens when you decide you’re no longer happy and enough is enough?

Summary: (of this chapter) More flashbacks that explain EVERYTHING. More crying. More begging from Bakehyun. And the ending…I’m sorry…again. I’m such an ass for torturing you guys. Please don’t hate me, honestly I can’t even…what have I done with this story?

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter four} {Chapter five} {Chapter six} {Chapter seven} {Chapter eight} {Chapter nine} {Chapter ten} {Chapter eleven} {Epilogue}

You see even more pain in his eyes and on his face. Everything you say is hurting him even more than the last time. Swallowing, he says, “I want to give you an answer now. But please, say my name so I can fight the instinct to get off of you and run out of this apartment.”

Gulping out of being nervous you say the first thing that comes to mind.

“Maybe you shouldn’t fight your instinct then, Baekhyun.”

“No no no please don’t say that love please don’t shut me out.” he begs.

Please don’t shut me out.


What happened when he shut you out?

What happened when he stopped calling you love?

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A question about twitfics and actual printed pages...

I had this idea today about possibly binding and printing a small selection of twitfics I feel are my best from the last 3+ years. It’d be like a short poetry chapbook.

Reasoning: I’ve been saying I want to tangibly print something for awhile, whether fanwork or original. Oranges is always in the works, but it’s a big project, and it’s taking a long time. I have also planned to complete a poetry chapbook focused on life as an aro/ace (tentatively titled Love Poems for Friends but seriously will I really ever finish it).

I realized today, after archiving today’s twitfic, that I have… a lot of twitfics that go back years. So, I’m trying to gauge if people would be interested in a print copy of selected twitfics (we’re talking no more than 20 or so). Twitter poll is here:

There would possibly also be a few artworks that have been created in response to twitfics over the years, if the artists are cool with it, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Purchase vs giveaway doesn’t matter… it’s more whether people would be interested or not. Feel free to vote in the twtr, or anon/message/reply to this post. :D

I’m also shamelessly tagging this post with my main ships I’ve twitficced about more than once in the past, cause like yolo gimme some honesty. If there’s no interest that’s totally cool, but it seems like it’d be potentially fun. :D

I’m not the type of person you should be falling in love with

Wrench x reader angst c;

Prompt: Wrench tells his s/o he can’t fall in love with them and that they need to leave before they get hurt because of his violent nature. He also explains he can’t be the type of person to fall in love with because of the risks that get included. He tells his s/o to walk away first or he will.

Originally posted by thectossystem

You opened your eyes slowly and heard a voice. It was a familiar voice but you couldn’t make it out. Your head was still dizzy and your vision was blurry, but you thought maybe it was because you just awoken up suddenly. You asked yourself, “Where the hell you were. What happened? How come I don’t remember much.” Your mind started clouding with thoughts and the questions. You turned your head and saw Wrench sitting there along with Sitara, Marcus and Josh. 

“You’re finally awake.” Wrench said slowly. 

You were about to get up and ask what happened, but Sitara stopped you. 

“Take it slow. You been out for awhile now.” She said in a concerned voice.

“What happened?” You asked trying to stay up on the couch you were sleeping on. 

Josh helped you stay up while Sitara and Marcus explained the whole thing. You noticed Wrench staying quiet. You wondered why he wasn’t talking. Normally Wrench was the type to be worried even if he didn’t look like the type to care at all. This made you feel so unsure that you didn’t even want to look at him or say something to him.

“Wrench accidentally caused an explosion to go off and which destroyed part of our hideout as you can see.” Sitara said. “You fell unconscious and nearly survived the explosion. 

Marcus continued, “We took you to the hospital and they said you’ll be fine but there’s no serious injuries on you just some cuts.”

“Also some bounty hunters tried kidnapping you as hostage for Wrench to come out of hiding. He’s been having sound bounty’s placed on him.”Josh commented. “Also if you’re still wondering about the explosion it was a very small one but could still get one person hurt.”

You just laid on the couch processing what they had just told you. You thought how you were getting hurt by DedSec activities and not even being part of this hacker group. The only thing that was DedSec affiliated for you to be here was himself Wrench. Wrench stood up from his chair and whispered to Sitara, Marcus and Josh. They left the hideout, but Wrench stayed.

“We need to talk outside.” Wrench said, “Somewhere else that’s actually private.

“Isn’t this private enough for us?” You said laughing a bit trying to lighten up the mood and him. It was one your innuendo jokes you always told him.

“Just come on.” Wrench said in short voice. He led you outside and walked over to a empty bench. “Sit.” 

You sat down feeling bad. You were curious to why he was acting like you were both strangers. You felt cold it was starting to rain down.

“You need to walk away before I do.” Wrench said. That’s all he said while you just waited for an explanation from him. He didn’t say anything but just stared at you.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” You finally asked.

“I can’t be that type of person you should fall in love with. There’s risks including.” He replied. “I think it’s time for you to walk away from me and for me to walk away from you. I come with too many risks that’ll got you hurt already. There’s no way you can love me with a violent nature.” 

You got up from the bench and grabbed his vest before he could walk away from you. “Wait what the hell are you even saying?” You yelled out.

“Walk away.” Wrench replied coldly.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” You said as you stood in the cold rain.

“I’m leaving you behind.” Wrench said without any further explanation.

There he was walking away from you. He was leaving you behind and left you in the cold rain. His words rang in your head, “I’m not the type of person you should be falling in love with.”

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“Legolas? Are you okay? You have been acting quite off as of recently.” You said, concern clear in your voice. Everything was off, and it was easily the worst week of your life because of it. It was tearing your insides apart. You didn’t want your friendship to fade like that. Without knowing anything of why. 

“It’s nothing, m’lady.” He muttered, Voice mototoned, as if trying to hide something. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused on why he wouldn’t tell you. Did he not trust you?

“Not to be rude, but i don’t believe you,” There was a long pause, that seemed to last forever and a day. After awhile, you sighed deeply. Lifting your body up, you slowly got to your feet, which were uncomfortably wobbly, due to you laying for so long. 

You weren’t going to stay for silence.

“Before I met you, I had Philophobia.” He said, making you stop in your tracks. Those words repeated in your head more times than you could count before you truly registered what he had said. 

“Legolas, don’t say things like th-” 

“But it’s true, Y/n, I never thought I would love, until you,” He shot up, grabbing your wrist like you were going to run off, even though you were still as a statue. “be with me, please. I do not think i could live without you by my side.”

“I would love that.” 

Je mange des femmes- Brett Talbot

Author: coyotes-anchor

Pairing: Brett x reader

Request: Yes, by anon

Warnings: None

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Brett was extremely nervous about telling you how he truly felt about you. Even though you and Brett have been dating for a couple months now, he felt that it was the right time to tell you the three words every girl dreams of hearing from her love. 

 So Brett was determined to make it really special for you. He’s been stressing about it for weeks now, trying to get the perfect idea on how to tell you.

 Brett was so clueless. He didn’t know where to start. Brett went to his family and his friends who had girlfriends but none of the ideas they gave him were good enough. He wanted it to be perfect. So Brett decided to go to your friends.

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More than friends ( Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

A/N: Hi guys, I wrote something for you. Tell me what you think or send me a message if you just want to talk.
Summary: Reader and Bucky are best friends with benefits. Everything was going great until Reader decided to go on a date with another guy.
Warning: Swearing, mentions of sex

Rays of the sun were coming from the window, lighting the room. You turned on your side, smiling, feeling the grip around your waist tightened. Mornings like this were the best, but they weren’t quite often. More than before, but not as much as you wanted.

˝ Where are you going? ˝, his voice was hoarse.

˝I have to go to work˝, you answered, ˝Are you alright, your voice sounds different? ˝

˝It is probably just a cold˝

˝Yeah, I think you’re right, I mean the winter is coming, so, be prepared˝, you got up slowly moving away from him.

˝You have to stop be obsessed with Game of thrones˝, Bucky said watching you getting up.

˝Never˝, you said, leaving his room only in his blue shirt.

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19 Noam :)

#19 “So… about last night…”

Your eyes fluttered open briefly and you could hear a constant *beep* *beep* *beep* invading your ears. You groaned as you sleepily reached forward and grabbed your phone, turning off the alarm that you had set before settling back into your nice warm bed. 

“So… about last night…” you heard a sleepy voice say from behind you, making your eyes shoot open and your whole body freeze. You slowly looked over your shoulder and saw Noam propped up on his elbow with a lazy grin on his face. 

“Oh my god, we didn’t,” You groaned, but it all came rushing back to you in one powerful wave. The two of you had gone out for a drink, had a couple more than you should have and wound up back at your place together. You sighed as you distinctly remember saying something about him being ‘the only guy in the world’ for you. You silently cursed drunk-you as you pulled the covers up over your head. 

“We definitely did, love.” He said with a laugh, “but don’t worry, you were great.” 

You could feel the heat rising in your cheeks as you shut your eyes tightly, praying that your alarm would go off and you would actually wake up from this nightmare. You love Noam, you really did. You had been best friends with him for years now, and you had always loved him…. so you didn’t exactly want to be drunk when you told him for the first time. You also didn’t want your first time with him to be when you were drunk. 

“I’m so sorry, Noam,” You mumbled from under the sheets, you felt emotional and tired. Your stomach hurt and you assumed it was probably because of how much you drank last night, but figured it could also be from the horror of waking naked and next to your best friend. 

‘Oh my god, I’m naked.’ you suddenly thought as you looked down at your body while under the covers, you quickly glanced over at Noam too and gasped, ‘Oh my god, we are both naked!’

You quickly popped your head out from under the covers and pinned both of your arms down to your sides tightly so the blanket didn’t allow any room for him to look under the covers and see you. You looked over at him and he smiled sweetly at you. 

“How are you so calm? I’m freaking out over here!” You squeaked at him, but he just laughed and leaned in closer to you. 

“Well, I don’t know about you Y/N, but when I said I had feelings for you last night… I meant it.” Noam said, his smile faded but his face was still warm and welcoming. A memory flashed in your head of Noam leaning into you last night, whispering in your ear that he loved you too. You felt warm inside now as you finally offered a small smile in return. 

“I did mean it. I guess… I just pictured this all happening so differently.” You said softly, turning on your side so you could really face him now. 

“So… let’s try again?” Noam posed, smiling as he cleared his throat, “Y/N, I’ve been wanting to tell you something for awhile now, and I don’t know if you’re going to feel the same… but I really like you. Actually… I think I might love you.” 

You both were laughing now as you swatted him in the shoulder, “You’re such a dork, of course I feel the same.” 

Noam leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Good, now come here so we can cuddle like normal couples do in the morning,” he said, and without another word your head was against his chest and his hand was running through your hair. Maybe last night wasn’t such a disaster after all.