been wanting to try one of these for awhile

Been wanting to do this for awhile now. Basically a Thundercats 2011/Voltron crossover.

Turns out one of Lance’s ancestors was a Thunderin (a.k.a a thundercat) which he only finds out when he gets zapped by a disgruntled Galra druid. Turns out the druid was trying to devolve him, but it had a different effect and made his dormant Thunderin genes dominate.

Unfortunately for Lance the Thunderin have been extinct for a LONG time, even before the Galra destroyed the Alteans homeworld 10,000 years ago, so no one really knows about their abilities or much about them.

I based Lance on a mountain lion/Cougar, cause I though the color scheme suited him. Also the top right is him dressed in a Thunderin outfit.

Okay, so I was talking in my other post how fucked up it is that straight people press their sexuality on queer people because they see them as “broken”, even to the point of intentionally hurting their own family members, and it reminded me of something that happened to me awhile back.

Firstly, it must be understood that my brother has been trying to hook me up with someone, specifically a guy, for years. One, because I’m a virgin (gasp!), Two, because I’m on the asexual spectrum and have never been interested in sex whatsoever, and Three, because I’m biromantic and he apparently can’t stand the thought of me pairing off with a woman instead of man, with whom I could have a million babies and be the perfect nuclear family and blah blah blah … (My brother is disturbingly obsessed with carrying on one’s genetics–especially if you’re smart and white–but that’s some shit for another day)

Alright, so, knowing all this, I once (stupidly, apparently) told him about this guy who was passively interested in me.

Now, this guy was already in a happy relationship with someone else. He’d just expressed attraction to me, no pressure to do anything. It wasn’t a come on or an invitation. Just stating that I was attractive, basically. I was telling my brother how I liked the guy, but he wasn’t the type of person I’d date, and my brother suddenly got mad at me.

Mind you, this guy wasn’t even TRYING to date me. Wasn’t asking. Said he was happy where he was. And I had told my brother that.

But my brother got all up in my face about “turning him down” because I “wasn’t giving him a chance!” My brother had literally never met or heard about this guy until now, and had no idea what kind of a person he was. But he was rooting for this stranger to hook up with me, even though I explicitly stated I wasn’t interested. This is the same brother, by the way, that has continually insinuated that he would casually threaten any new boyfriend I got by greeting them on the porch with a shotgun (in order to somehow “protect me” from being mistreated by them, presumably).

Basically, he had it in his head that his fellow males’ gratification was more important than his own sister’s decisions or wellbeing. He literally knew NOTHING about this guy, but the dude’s potential desires (not even explicit desires!) were a bigger deal than my freedom of choice. What more can I think, when my brother knew nothing more about the guy than that he was a guy? It seemed to me that, to my brother, the mere idea of maleness formed an inherently closer bond to him than that of kinship, sibling kinship nonetheless.

He all but says he’ll shoot any guy that brings me harm, but he’ll get angry at me on behalf of someone he’s never met, just because they *might* be attracted to me, even if I wasn’t attracted to them?

That’s fucked up in itself, and that’s not even considering that he knew the guy was already happy with another girl.

So, to my brother, not only was this random guy’s “efforts” (at getting close to me) more important than his own sister’s feelings or safety, and deserving of reward, my brother was perfectly happy to have some OTHER girl, the guy’s ACTUAL girlfriend, suffer in order for this guy to get with me. He was more worried about this guy potentially getting “friendzoned” than he was about his sister potentially ending up in a unfulfilling relationship (best case) or (worst case) being bodily harmed.

That’s about when I realized that my brother, despite what he may believe, was never on “my” team.

Now, I did realize all this as the conversation was happening–that he prioritized the imaginary longings of stranger over his own sister–and I told him as much, and how disturbing I found it. How, even if the guy WAS interested in dating me (and possibly cheating on his girlfriend??) it didn’t matter how much he was nice to me if I wasn’t interested in him, too. That me not being attracted to everything that came my way wasn’t some kind of personal failing or betrayal.

He did take a step back then, and seem to reevaluate his own logic, which was really refreshing to see. But he still, though sheepishly, maintained that I should “give the guy a chance”.

I told him something to the effect of “No thank you, I can make my own decisions like a big girl,” and walked off to have the spaghetti I’d been cooking.

This story is less about me getting my brother to check himself and more about me realizing how prevalent this kind of fucked up narrative is in society, where heterosexuality and sex are prioritized to the point of degrading other kinds of cultural ideals that are supposed to keep us safe. Where friendship is devalued in comparison to a romantic relationship. Where your own family might be perfectly happy to throw you (and possibly others) under a bus if it means you’ll live up to their idea of social norms. Where your opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to your own relationships because you couldn’t possibly know what’s best for yourself.

I am sick and tired of this rhetoric. It is ancient and harmful and it needs to go.

On that note, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite old “oh shit realization” memes, which is essentially what I tried to explain to my brother:

some lardo/george things
  • lardo has like. the coldest feet ever, so in the middle of the night, she’ll snuggle closer 2 george and try to tuck her cold feet in between george’s thighs w/out waking her up
    • this never works cause shoving icy limbs btwn someone’s thighs is never subtle
  • george gifted lardo a pair of mugs, one that says PAINT and the other that says COFFEE
    • lardo still uses both for paint
  • their first official date is @ an ice skating rink
    • nice in theory, but when lardo falls, she takes both of them down
    • their second date is way more chill + they go for a walk and feed some ducks
  • lardo: this is my wife georgia martin, olympic athlete and assistant gm for the providence falconers
  • george: this is my wife larissa duan, award-winning painter and sculptor
  • lardo wearing george’s jersey
  • they usually chill in their bed before going 2 sleep and one of them will always roll over and say “i love you”
  • (for @brunch-at-jerrys, happy bday phee!! <3)

a (sorta) love letter to myself,

i’m pretty sure no one will read this, it’s quite a long letter.

sometimes you have to write to yourself, to get everything off your chest, to know you’re not alone.

you don’t give yourself enough credit, and you know you do that. you always try so hard, and you just think that this is the most absolute shit thing ever, but it’s always fine. please learn that it’s okay to take pride once in awhile.

you’ve been think about college a lot lately, though it won’t happen if quite a few years. you dwell too much on it, and you’re motivated by the fear of failure. you’re so motavatied that you’re already planning a resume. no one understands why your so worried, but you don’t want to fail life. please don’t forget to live.

you think you’re a bitch, but we have our days. it’s okay to be mad at your friends for a while, or get frustrated and snap. it was okay to rant about them, just because you told your friend that you had a panic attack and they laughed, it hurt you, so you distanced yourself from her. they should understand if you’re not okay. and yes sometimes you get sassy or complain to much, but you have to let it be. please learn it’s okay to have bad days.

you desire love quite a lot. it turns out that you create love stories for yourself up in your mind to fill in the gap in your heart. your crush didn’t end up liking you, and you figured out he liked your best friend. you won’t die alone, hopefully you won’t, someone will find you and love you. please learn there’s someone out there.

and finally, you’re not a failure. you get anxious and think your not good enough, you don’t deserve anything. you don’t think people will ever love you and you’ll end up homeless. you think you won’t get a job or choose the wrong career, but honestly you’ll probably find a way. you make up scenarios in your head, to make someone care for you, to make something matter. it’s okay if you read many books and end up harry potter obsessed, it’s okay if you cry at a song and a book, it’s okay to not be okay. please learn that there’s still so much that will unfold itself.

love always,


(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Drawing break

Okay so uhhh… I don’t know if anyone saw my tag in my last post, but I had server stomach pains that were so bad I was crying (and I never cry from pain) so I ended up going to the hospital. I only just got home. I’m not going into details, but I’ll be hurting for awhile, so I’m going to put a pause on drawing. I’ll try to draw a little at a time, I really want to finish the one I was going to finish last night. I’ll post when I can.

11 Things

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  1. I’ve been horseback riding for nearly four years. I don’t own a horse, but man, I love the one I ride.
  2. I love music and have considered taking singing lessons or learning to play piano or guitar, but haven’t gotten around to it.
  3. I’ve been in a writing slump and it’s slowly killing me, because I love writing, but the only time my brain wants to write is when it’s midnight and I’m trying to sleep.
  4. I do archery and really love it. I like to think that I’m pretty good at it, but it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out my bow, so I’m probably rusty.
  5. I used to read A TON and had a book counter. I read over 200 books one year. Now I’m lucky if I finish three. *Shame*
  6. I’m an emotional sponge. If you’re stressed or tense or feeling anything negative, I pick up on it really easily and get super drained.
  7. I’m in maaany fandoms and love a lot of things, but don’t talk about a lot of them, so I just silently stalk a lot of stuff.
  8. I’m allergic to so. many. things. It’s awful. I’m not allergic to any foods or bugs, like wasps or bees, thank goodness. But grass? Trees? Weeds? Birds? Dogs? Horses? I’m allergic to nearly anything living with fur/feathers/pollen. OH, AND CATS? I’M SO ALLERGIC TO CATS.
  9. I taught myself how to use Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Now I can make icons, gifs, and fanvids. I’m still learning how to use different parts of those programs and am hoping to expand my abilities further.
  10. I want to learn how to draw digitally, because I get so many fan art ideas in my head, BUT I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.
  11. I want to learn sign language and Italian.

I tag @owlswing @greek-praetor @frozenlanturns @elvencookie @envisiondragons @fanwriter02 @jeyna @childof-olympus @frosty-viking @lunascamandersbowtruckle @lutavero (Y’all can totally skip this.)

denielapple  asked:

Illyrian!Klaus and high fae!caroline for headcannon thing please!!!

Interesting! It’s been awhile since I’ve read the books so I might screw up the canon but I’ll try.

1.) Caroline belongs to the Dawn Court, her father close to the High Lord. She’s brought along on a trip to the Night Court and dressed in gold and wrapped in rubies she sticks out in the low light and darkly dressed denziens of Hewn City.

2.) No one touches her, but they look, judging and calculating - as if they find her wanting, and she dislikes it, sticks to the fringes, her eyes and ears open while her father attends to diplomacy. That’s where she runs into (literally, because he excels at blending in when it suits his needs) Klaus.

3.) Klaus is stuck in Hewn City, not welcome by his father’s clan because he was born and raised in another. And not welcome by the one he grew up in considering their leader is not actually his father. He keeps tabs though, concerned for his siblings still residing in the mountains and aware of the trouble that’s brewing in  Prythian.

4.) He lets her see him because he thinks she can use her, recognizes the distaste on her face even though she tries to hide it. 

5.) Caroline is, of course, not willing to be used.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

Creepypasta #375: Free-diving

It had promised to be an awesome day. My dad was finally going to take me deep sea fishing off the east coast of the island. Like most kids on the island I wasn’t allowed on the east beach. It was for a stupid reason, of course: a mile out from the east shoreline there was a 500 ft drop off, an undersea cliff, and they didn’t think it was “safe” for us.

I think my dad agreed to take me to the east beach because of the divorce. Both of my parents were trying to win custody of me. They wanted me to choose. I just wanted my family back.

We made a plan to boat around the reefs for awhile, snorkel and let me practice my free-diving. I had been working on it for a year and I could already free-dive down to 21 feet! I wanted to break the world record one day. We found deeper and deeper places for me to dive as we wandered around the unfamiliar reefs and sand bars.

After we had finished exploring a sunken speedboat I decided to sunbathe and snooze for awhile. Dad got behind the helm to take us to our next location.

I was awoken by the shrill ring of my dad’s phone. He cut the engine so that he could hear the person on the other end of the line. I thought it must be his divorce lawyer because he decided to take the call below deck.

I peered over the side of the boat into the crystal clear waters and saw that the ocean floor was about 30 feet down. I wondered if I could free-dive that. Then I heard my dad yelling below deck and I realized he must be talking to my mom. I covered my ears, I didn’t want to hear that. I decided to try the 30 foot dive just for a reason to get off the boat.

I took several long, deep breaths and dove into the lucid, sparking water. I made it down ten feet easily and then 15, I struggled to 20 and then 25…I was doing it! I was almost there, I just needed to touch the seafloor and I could claim victory! I was so close, just a little more, I can make it, I can do it! My lungs began to burn, and I could feel the panic welling. And then, I was there. 30 feet down!

I quickly braced my legs and pushed off against the sea bed, jettisoning myself up toward the surface. My chest and my head were aching severely now. I swam up as hard as I could, hoping I hadn’t made a terrible mistake. Darkness peaked around the corners of my vision. My arms and legs began to feel weak. This had been such a stupid idea, I was going to drown here.

And then, suddenly, I broke the surface. I took the deepest breath I’ve ever taken and tread water for a few minutes as I tried to recover. I’d done it!

I climbed up onto the boat just as Dad was coming up the stairs.

“Dad, I did it!”

“Did what?”

“I free-dove down like 30 feet and touched the seabed! See?”

I looked over the side of the boat.

“Oh actually it only looks about 20-25 feet.” I said quickly. “But that’s still a personal record!”

My dad raised his eyebrow and went to look over the side of the boat. I peered down with him.

“Oh…well now it only looks like around 15 feet. Nevermind, I guess.” I frowned.

Dad backed up from the bow and started running toward the helm.

“Wha-, what’s wrong?” I asked, alarmed.

“We passed the drop-off a quarter mile ago,” he yelled. “That’s not the seafloor!”

I didn’t understand. The seafloor was there, I’d touched it. I looked over the edge again.

5 feet….

Credits to: The_Dalek_Emporer

Clueless - Fred Weasley Imagine


I absolutely adore your imagines. I was wondering if you could write one where the reader has been dating Fred for awhile and Fred and George try and trick the reader by saying Fred is George and George is Freed (if that makes sense??) and the reader knows its really George who is trying to be Fred but the boys keep saying no and then the reader kisses George and he gets all flustered and Fred is all jealous. (Hopefully this makes sense???)

~(Y/n)’s POV~

The thing about dating a prankster with an identical twin is that of course they’ll want to have fun and trick you in anyway they can. My boyfriend, Fred, and I have been dating for about three years and we’ve known each other since our first year at Hogwarts when we met in the great hall. Fred and George think that if they trick me by saying that Fred is George and George is Fred that I’ll get confused easily and I’ll actually believe it. Wrong. I’ve known them for quite awhile now and I can tell the difference between them, they think I’m like Mrs. Weasley.

“Hi, Fred” I told the real Fred.

“Sorry, love. Got the wrong twin. Fred’s over there” Fred said pointing to George who was across the transfiguration courtyard. George saw Fred pointing at him, so he came over. George put his arm over my shoulder making me roll my eyes and slap his arm away.

“Are you kidding me right now? I know that you’re Fred and that this is George!” I said through gritted teeth and I know that I’m right. The twins shook they’re heads.

“You have it all wrong. I’m Fred and this George” George said making me huff in frustration. I walked away from the both of them.

“Where are you going?” George asked. I ignored them and heard them chuckling as I was out of sight. Gits.

Over the years I studied both of them and they look completely different to me. The boys have been playing they’re little game for about a week now and of course three can play at that game. “Fred” has always been around me and “George” was looking from afar to make sure that his brother doesn’t do any funny business. Since I’m playing too, I like to run my hands through “Fred’s” hair because I know that the real Fred loves it when I do that. I can see from the corner of my eye that “George” is pouting.

“What’s wrong, George?” I said faking a sad tone and pouting my bottom lip.

“Nothing. This book is really-” he huffed “I have to go” he muttered before leaving the library. The real George left after the real Fred.

“Bye, Fred! I love you!” I yelled. I heard a crash and I’m sure it was Fred. I felt bad but, they’re the ones who started it. After, they were out of sight I laughed to myself. Oh, they are so clueless.

~A few days later~

I can’t play this game anymore. I want to kiss Fred and the real Fred. I want my boyfriend back! It doesn’t feel right when George holds my hand or kisses my cheek or hugs me from behind. I want Fred to do all those things again.

“I’m serious. I’ve had enough of you’re games!” I yelled at the two red headed twins.

“What are you talking about?” ‘George’ said.

“We’re not playing any games” 'Fred’ said.

“Oh, really?” I said crossing my arms over my chest. They both nodded. I gave the real Fred a death glare before grabbing the front of George’s shirt and crashing my lips against his. It felt so wrong but I had to put a stop to they’re foolish games. I pulled back from the kiss and saw they’re reactions. The real George was all flustered and The real Fred looked as if he could kill George at any given moment.

George looked at Fred touching his mouth “I - I” he kept saying, Fred started walking towards George to end his life but I stepped in front of him and kissed him. I grabbed Fred’s face and deepened the kiss the way he always enjoys it. This felt better and right instead of kissing George. Fred out his hands on my waist and kept me close against him. I pulled back when I was completely out of breath.

“Fred, I knew you two were playing around. That’s why I kissed George so you could stop acting because I missed you so much. I lo-” I didn’t get to finish because Fred pulled me in for another long and much needed kiss to make up for the days that we hadn’t. He pulled back. It was like a back and forth conversation with kisses in between.

“I’m sorry. I-” I cut him off with another passionate kiss to show him that I accept his apology. I knew Fred would go on and on about how sorry and stupid he was and all I really need is one sorry and one kiss to make it better. We smiled into the kiss missing the feeling of each other’s lips against one another.

“I forgive you.” I whisper putting my forehead against his. “I love you so much”

He pecked my lips. “I love you more”


Who I Write About

New fanfic writer, here’s a list of who I am able to write about!
- YouTube
Jack Maynard
Joe Sugg
Caspar Lee
Conor Maynard
Josh Pieters
Ethan Dolan
Grayson Dolan

-TV shows
Criminal Minds
Law & Order: SVU
Stranger Things

Twenty One Pilots
All Time Low
Ed Sheeran
With Confidence

5 Seconds Of Summer

Thanks for reading this! I would really appreciate it if you sent in requests, this is just something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now. I’ve never done this before, so feel free to give me any tips or suggestions. I would gladly appreciate it!

I’m so worried about other people’s happiness, I forgot to give myself some. Trying to make everyone else around me smile that I can’t even smile for myself. There are night’s that I stay sitting in my bed crying or trying to cry cause when I feel that first tear fall, I tell myself to toughen up. I don’t tell people when they hurt my feelings or when something is upsetting because I don’t want to upset them. So it just fills me with this pent up emotion to where I am just filled with anger. And the one time I try to tell someone what’s going on in my head… Is the one time I regret letting them back into my life because I’m just a hidden object. So what do I do? Smile and go on about my day not letting anyone know that I’ve been hurting for awhile now. It’s kind of the only way.
—  Strongest of Hearts
Kayden Treble

“You haven’t had a day off in awhile.” Awhile? That was an understatement. You couldn’t remember the last day you had off. You’ve been working your ass off ever since you got into this gig. “Maybe you should try sitting out on this one, (Y/n).” Sam suggested and you couldn’t stop the look of shock that crossed your face.

“Sitting out? You don’t want me to come?” You automatically assumed. That was just absurd, in your opinion. Those boys need you. They’d already be six feet under if it weren’t for you.

“It’s not that we don’t want you there. I know that this can all get to be too much without a break. You’ve gotta take some time to yourself.” Sam looked to Dean for help. Dean gave him a look that said he didn’t really want you to skip out on this, but he knew it was for the best.

“Sam’s right.” Dean sighed. “Not matter how good you are, you need a break. We’ll be back in a few days, a week, tops.” He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his side.

“I don’t like this.” You grumped.

“I know, kiddo.” He chuckled at you. As soon as Dean let go, Sam pulled you into him.

You knew the boys loved you. They just wanted what was best for you.

“We’ll call you when we get to Tennessee.” Sam told you before releasing you from his arms and then they were gone. You looked around the empty bunker, unsure of what to do with yourself.

“Well, shit..” You quietly mumbled to yourself.


It didn’t take long for you to make yourself busy. You were in the library, buried in various works of lore and literature, digging up information you could send the boys that could be useful to them. You were in the middle of a passage about ghouls when you heard something fall towards the back of the room. You perked up in your seat, listening for another sound.

“Hello, beautiful.” Gabriel was directly behind you and you screamed, throwing a book behind you, hitting him in the face.

“What the hell?!” The two of you both screamed in unison.

“What are you doing here?!” You shouted.

“Why are you throwing dictionaries?!” He yelled back, rubbing his face.

“You scared me!” You groaned, taking a second to collect yourself. “I’m on a break and I wasn’t expecting company. What do you need, Gabriel?” You let out a breath, relaxing yourself slightly. Maybe you did need to chill out a bit..

“You? On a break?” Gabriel snorted. “That’d be like Raphael going to Disney World for enjoyment.” The analogy was accurate.

“Well, the boys made me.” You almost pouted, picking up the thrown book before shaking your head. You weren’t going to vent about it. Especially not to Gabriel, of all people. The angel just got on your every last nerve and you didn’t even know why. Just something about him drove you absolutely mad. “Can you just go? I’ve got stuff to do.. Well, stuff to read.”

“Oh, c'mon, (Y/n), you’ve got a day off! Live a little! Let’s do something exciting!” Gabriel took you by the hand and spun you around, dipping you like the dancers you’d only ever seen in the movies.


“You know, I like it when you scream my name like that.”

“Shut up.”

Gamps snippit (nsfwish)

Feedin the smol

Gasty/wybie @truelabsafterdark
Gramps @me

Season the meat, brown it, drain; add in the pasta, water, milk, sauce mix, and let it all simmer and cook. Stroganoff was a pretty simple dish and didn’t take that long either. It was one of the dishes he had come to make a habit of cooking, ever since Papyrus had insisted that he’d need a hobby or two in his retirement. He’d said he didn’t want him boondoggling and becoming lazy like Sans. It was endearing, having his son trying to look out for him. 

 Phantom hands mixed the bubbling concoction on the stove while he dug for a container. It had been awhile since he had visited his inter-dimensional lover, and he, as he himself used to, tended to get caught up in his work. It was a nice gesture to say the least even if he had managed to remember to eat.

Food was sat beside the smaller fragment, the sound of plastic connecting with the wood of the desk and movement in the corner of his vision catching his attention. He could only catch a glimpse of a retreating hand before the larger monster was upon him, arms enveloping him as boney lips trailed along his cervical vertebrae. 

Gramps kissed along his lover’s neck and base of his skull. “Good evening, sweetheart~.” That petname. It always got him, even without the attention to his neck, making him squirm and gasp in the other’s hold, a conjured red tongue not helping as it ran over the sensitive vertebrae. He had to finish these reports. He couldn’t… 

A large hand slipped under his sweater, pulling squeaks and other small sounds from him as they trailed along his ribs, claws gently running between them. He shuddered, that hand trailing lower. He outright moaned as the fingers ran down the front of his lumbar vertebrae. 

Everything suddenly stopped, the hands retreating. A fork was placed in his hand and the freshly-made food put infront of him, steam rising along with the rich smell. Gramps kissed his cheek and stood from where he’d been kneeling.

“Eat up.”

Eyy it’s been awhile since I’ve drawn other’s AUs not as requests -v-

This is the Heavenfell Gaster!Skelebros.

Just wanna sketch them and try out a new colouring style… I’m really happy hiw this came out. :D

Anyways, hope you like it!

Heavenfell belongs to @heavenfell-au
HF!Skelebros belongs to @jaquesart
Original Gaster!Sans belongs to borurou


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Genre: Fluff?

Pairing: Junhoe x Reader

Request: he has a crush on you and you two do a song together and then fans always caught you together (the fans make rumors about you two). And in an interview about you’re song junhoe tells you’re his ideal type

A/n: you gave ma a lot to work with so I’m gonna try my best, I might change it a bit, but I’ll try to get all you asked for in there :)

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I wore a maid outfit today to motivate me to clean. What can I say I’m a method actor!
Also really proud of my boobs in this one. Like I’d want me to come to my house to clean, if I was someone else, if I knew what I meant, wink wink. Sorry that was dumb and confusing.
I’m not a funny person..
Anyways it’s been awhile since I got to take pictures of myself. But now that schools over I have a few ideas I wanna try out including some videos and some outfits of my own design. If I’m lucky I can get some feed back.

Dan x Reader - Piano

a/n: this is a short imagine, just a little blurb because i haven’t posted anything recent / i have another imagine coming up btw

I glance over to see the time and clock reads 1:10AM. I’ve have been trying to sleep for at least 45 minutes and it would probably go to an hour soon. Ugh why can’t I just sleep? Can I just stop thinking and turn off my brain? If only it was that easy. Dan had been in bed around the same time as me, but he wasn’t trying to sleep. He was either scrolling on Tumblr or planning an idea for YouTube or something. The brightness was turned lowest just like his earphone volume, because he didn’t want to disturb me but I still just couldn’t sleep. Somehow I’m already disturbed by the thoughts that rage my mind. Dan looks down at my agitated face. 

“You’ve been tossing and turning for awhile now. What’s wrong?” He asks puzzled, taking one of his earphones out.
“I just can’t fall asleep, I don’t know why.“ I say annoyed.
“Do you have something on your mind you’d like to discuss?" Dan says slightly turning to look over at me.
"Nah Dan, I don’t think talking would really help my situation of trying to get my brain to shut up.” I answered sarcastically.
“Sorry.” I guess he took some offense to my answer.
“It’s fine.” I said trying to make him feel better because now I feel bad. I turn over on my side to him. 
“y/n?” Dan says quietly.
“Hm?” I say still fully awake.
“I have an idea.” Dan says beginning to get up.
“What is it?” I ask him slightly confused.
Dan walked over to his slightly broken brown piano and opened the cap slowly.
“I’m going to play you a song.” He said while turning on a light desk lamp to see the keys. 
“You might have to play me a couple of songs Howell.” I say raising my eyebrows slyly, much to Dan’s amusement.
“That’s alright.” Dan said, softly smiling back at me and then he began to play.
His tall silhouette sat on the stool. He was so graceful. It was beautiful to watch him play, let alone here the music that came out. His brown hair was slightly pushed back, as he bent his head slightly down following along with the melody. Dan’s long fingers flowed effortlessly on each of the keys. He concentrated, but at the same time seemed relaxed and confident in himself. He genuinely enjoyed what he was doing and it was truly a magnificent sight to watch. 
You fell asleep to the beautiful sounds of Dan Howell’s piano playing. 

Payback Part. 1 (Zico Smut)

REQUEST: Could you do a Zico smut? Pt1 Can you do one where you guys just had an argument but you’ve been wanting him for awhile and all that frustration was turning into sexual desire. It starts out with you string on the couch and he sits next to you and starts to act cute and keeps trying to cheer you up but you’re still mad. Then you start to straddle him and kiss his neck(jaw, lips hickeys etc.), he tries to stroke your hair and body but you tell him not to touch you.

“Can you just shut up!” I yelled at the beautiful blonde boy in front of me. For half an our now he’d been trying to tell me that I had a crush on Mino. All i did was comment on how he was a good rapper. I was having a ‘Show Me The Money’ marathon with my good friend, colleague and mentor on the show, Zico when this whole Mino thing started. 

Zico had performed with me when I debuted, which is how we became friends. What he didn’t know is that I’d felt sexually attracted to him ever since then. Lately its only been getting worse. Whenever I’m around him I notice the way his tongue moves, the way his fingers clench or the way his chest tenses. I would normally be carefree and happy when Zico teased me about having a crush, but everything he did lately was getting to me. I didn’t like the way he was forcing me to feel like this around him. 

“Fine, Y/N.” He mumbled and rolled his eyes before walking out of the room. I heard him on the phone to someone, rolling my eyes when I heard him putting on his innocent voice, obviously talking to a girl. A girl that wasn’t me. 

I was still angry when he came back in. He’d calmed down, not that he’d ever been angry with me anyway. I crossed my arms as he sat down on his phone. I shuffled to the end, trying to take my mind off of him. 

After a while I felt the couch dip next to me as Zico was staring at me, his face not too far from mine. I left it a couple of seconds before turning to face him. “What?” I asked sternly and raised my eyebrows as he pouted, trying to be cute. 

“Don’t be mad at me beautiful.” He pulled a wide smile and pursed his lips, fuck I wanted to kiss him. 

I glared at him, not saying anything before looking back at the tv. It was taking all the strength I had not to touch him. 

“Baby.” He whispered in my ear. I breathed in sharply and closed my eyes as his lips grazed my neck. 

“Fuck off.” I mumbled unconvincingly as I pushed him back by his shoulder, holding onto him for longer than I should’ve. 

“Y/N jagi, I was kidding about the Mino thing.” he used his sweet voice and performed aegyo, trying to cheer me up. 

Did this boy not know what he was doing to me? Of course he did! How could he not? He was going to pay. 

I suddenly pushed him back against the sofa and straddled his waist, still scolding him as I held his neck, rubbing it gently with my thumbs. His mouth fell open in surprise as his hands gripped my waist. I soon fixed that by grabbing them and pushing them off me. 

“Of course you were kidding.” I chuckled deviously, keeping a straight face as I lean closer to him, gently pushing my hips to his. “He’s not my type.” 

He didn’t respond as I leaned in and began kissing his strong jaw,biting down gently which made him moan. He tried to hold me again but I quickly slapped them away. “Wh-Who is your type?” He asked shakily as I made my way down his neck, running my tongue over his veins. 

“You.” I answered innocently before biting down harshly on his neck. I heard him whimper as I left a deep red-ish, purple mark. I began making another as his hands moved up to my neck before running through my hair. I growled angrily and bit down harder. He gasped in surprise and I pushed his head back, looking up at him fiercely. 

“Don’t touch me.” I demanded before gripping his wrists, holding them down on my thighs so he couldn’t move them. “You’ve been teasing me ever since we met, so now, I’m getting payback.”

“I want to touch you.” Zico whimpered and puckered his lips again. I moved in and kissed him softly as his hands gripped mine so they wouldn’t disobey me. I moaned into the kiss, his lips were soft and gentle. 

“You can.” I told him sweetly and flicked his tongue with mine, letting little breaths escape his mouth. “After I’m finished with you.”