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Hey Tumblr staff and support, I love the website you’ve made! Don’t get me wrong, I love the microblogging format that allows me to post my music stuff or pictures or long text rants like this one! And despite there being bad apples, I still like the community this website has garnered.

But I have a hypothetical situation for you guys.

Let’s say HYPOTHETICALLY I wanted to rebrand this blog a bit. I wanted to drop the “blog” and just have my URL be a brisk clean “”. Now in this HYPOTHETICAL situation, I would have tried this about six months ago, only to learn that the URL was taken. The user hadn’t posted in six years, but after looking over the guidelines I read your policy on account dormancy which states “Some long-unused URLs may eventually be released as part of our policy on account dormancy, which only applies to accounts that have not been logged into for over one year”. Additionally, if a blog is terminated, you can’t claim its URL. This is a completely fair policy and I respect it. Upon further HYPOTHETICAL research, I would read that if an account is dormant, you all don’t terminate the blog, rather you move it to a backup URL and release the original URL. Hypothetically.

So a HYPOTHETICAL week ago, let’s say I noticed the URL “” was empty, and nothing was there. Upon some searching I found the old one at “chongo-backup.tumblr.con” (URL changed to protect the innocent. If you do find the backup URL please do not @, message, send asks, or otherwise perturb this person).

So I then HYPOTHETICALLY try to change my URL. And it doesnt work. I hypothetically contact support and ask what the deal is, and they tell me all the policies you saw above. I mention to them that I know the policies, and that the original owner of the URL was moved to “chongo-backup” and so it should be open. They reply saying that “chongo-backup” was recently active, but still holds the “chongo-backup” moniker rather than “chongo”

So hypothetically, what the heck? If he’s active, should you change him back to his original username? If not, then why make the URL “chongo” just an empty void that cant be claimed. If you moved the guy entirely to “chongo-backup” then isn’t that the moving you were talking about?

Like, if you guys just hypothetically moved “chongo-backup” back to “chongo” I wouldnt be this mad! Heck, I’m not even mad because I cant hypothetically change my URL! I’m mad because I’ve been trying to contact you guys with questions about this baffling hypothetical situation of a ghost URL that is just a wasteland that no one can claim except for a person who you moved (which is part of releasing the URL) and isn’t even a terminated blog. I don’t care if I don’t get the URL. You could tell me the URL got eaten by sharks for all I care or that it belongs to someone else now. If you just help me make sense of this situation of inconsistent policy, I’ll calm down.

Hypothetically, of course.

Taking Build Requests!

So I just hit 440 followers. Yikes!! I’m not sure what I’m offering you but thanks??? I appreciate you all so much ❤❤

I want to especially thank @applezingsims, @annaisntcreative, @starry-hills, @108sims, @pillowcreek, @glammoose, @zimbyplays, @pooofy, @calisimgirl, @sacraia, @indielectualll, @cherrygrapesims, @greenfooddog, @sarrasims, @luridroses@vicarious-sims, @berrysweetboutique and @vvatore (and probably more people oops) some of whom have been following me for way too long, but all of whom have been really supportive and liking my posts and replying to things and generally making simblr an enjoyable place to be, especially when I was a lil baby starting out. You’re all amazing ❤

Onto the fun stuff:

I’m on study leave as of today which means I’m going to have lots of time and a strong desire to procrastinate. So I thought “why not spend all my time building things for you lovely people to say thank you?”

So if you’re following me and want me to build something (including commercial lots and apartments), send me an ask or reply to this message with what you want.

! Please include the packs that you own, because otherwise it’ll be awkward
!! I don’t have any build CC so they’re all going to be CC free
!!! Go nuts with requests - want a base game starter? An alien restaurant? A secret serial killer dungeon? A building shaped like a flying pineapple? I’ll do my best.
!!!! Be as detailed and picky as you like. Don’t feel bad about specifying the dimensions of the first floor bathrooms if it’ll make you happier with the end product

I’ll do the requests in whatever order they arrive. In the event that I get 440 requests I’ll probably do them all eventually but it may take three years, so get in early.

Thank you so much for following me and interacting with me and generally being along for the ride. I’m really enjoying simblr and it’s because you form such a gorgeous, supportive, creative community and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Have a fabulous day everyone!

An update on some personal stuff

Hey you guys, thanks for your sweet comments about my family members - both are home now recuperating from their sudden health issues.

I’m dealing with some health issues myself and the doctor wants to run more tests. :-/ I’ve been really stressed and out of sorts about it lately, but I’m trying to keep my head up and stay positive.

I haven’t been able to open my game for a while due to all kinds of stuff going on, but my husband and I took some much needed time off and are trying to rest, play and be creative.

I actually got to play a little yesterday and hope to post some updates on my Raine Perfect Genetics Challenge fairly soon.

I know I don’t have to post, and that you guys wouldn’t expect me to, but I do enjoy interacting with you all and playing/posting. It helps me stay present and keeps me focused on things I enjoy.

Anyway, that’s a little update, and if you don’t mind, any prayers and good vibes would be appreciated.

Don’t repost my art

Hey, I’ve been getting a lot of asks from people to repost my art on instagram and facebook, and the answer is no, please DO NOT repost my artwork.  

I have a twitter and a tumblr, and you can retweet and reblog those original posts that I make, but I would not like my work reposted.  Even if you give credit.  Even if your account is very popular.  

If I don’t post my work to those sites it means I don’t want them there.  

If you wish to translate my comics into other languages, that is an exception, but you still must ask for permission and it must still only be posted on twitter and tumblr, no other sites.

Thank you.

I haven’t made a personal post on this blog in a very long time, and it’s been even longer since I updated my website. This is just a quick check-in to say that a lot is going in my life, and a lot is changing. It’s mostly good stuff, so don’t worry–it’s just that I’ve been too busy living and working to post about life and work. Hopefully, I’ll carve out a little time to make some longer, more in-depth posts soon. In the meantime, I just wanted to say that I know things are hard and scary, but I believe in us. <3

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a few more blogs to follow that post a lot of TOG and/or ACOTAR fanfics. Do you have any blog suggestions?

@feyre-archerons-scrapbook has been working on some fics lately, she’s not a fic blog and I think it’s pretty much just her stuff and mine she posts/reblogs (because she’s my lovely beta and the bestest ever), but she’s a great writer I will always recommend to anyone who listens!! 

She has:::

Beyond her’s though, I don’t actually read fanfic (I know, I write it but don’t read it???), so I’m opening this up to my followers to also help you out!


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Hello! Can you please promo my friend?? They've been gushing about matt cortez and they decided to start posting more pictures of him, but I'm seeing that they're getting no notes/support (they also reblog a bunch of other bandom/youtube/shitpost stuff, just in case anyone wants to know what type of blog they have) PS Its ok If you dont wanna do it, i just wanted to support my friend, url: @luna-lovesu

YES! Matt deserves the love! 

Go follow @luna-lovesu and appreciate Matt Cortez!!

I feel like I need to explain some stuff...

Hi guys! I’m Cat, as you may have noticed I haven’t been posting on this blog in a while and want you to know why because you really enjoyed this and I don’t want you to stop having your daily kick outs on your dashboard.

Okay so, long story short, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety later and It got to the point where I wasn’t taking care of my irl relationships because the merely thought of talking to someone was stressful. This was really weird, even for me, because I’ve always bee a fella outspoken, straight forward extrovert. I started going to therapy and it helped me a lot, I started to face situations with a different point of view. And during that process I faded away from this blog, something I regret very much. I was suddenly scared that you all would just not care anymore and leave. But the thing is that, as a therapy, I started writing. It started as a therapy but it grew on me and I really do want to continue doing it (maybe not Riverdale fanfiction, but you get the point😅) .

On top of that I’m being tested for some medical stuff (nothing to worry about) but, yeah, that is triggering my anxiety a little bit more.

So, because of that, I decided to get a new member, admin, (idk the name) to help me keep this blog alive, so everybody seemed some love to:

hi, i’m a new admin! my name’s mathilde, and i’ve been a fan of tøp for about two years. excited to be here! my personal is @stauns if you ever wanna get in touch(:

anonymous asked:

i've been following you for a while, and I just wanted to say that your blog is beautiful and your graphics are just gorgeous. you make me grow inspired day by day so I can start to post my own things!!

I yelled when I read this tbh

You have no idea how much it means for me to be someone else’s inspiration, thank you so much for continuing to follow me ❤️❤️

And whenever u start making stuff tag me! I’d love to reblog it!!



This is the artwork I’ve been working on.  It’s probably not wholly complete yet, but I wanted to share it.

The skull mask was inspired by this awesome artist’s work: @adamantred 

You guys need to check her art out.  It’s so cool.  Very awesome.  And the artist is super nice!

I’ll post any updates I do on this stuff.  For now, enjoy!

Please don’t remove credits!  Jezebel is ©2012-2017

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Hello! Can you please promo my friend?? They've been gushing about matt cortez and they decided to start posting more pictures of him, but I'm seeing that they're getting no notes/support (they also reblog a bunch of other bandom/youtube/shitpost stuff, just in case anyone wants to know what type of blog they have) PS Its ok If you dont wanna do it, i just wanted to support my friend, url: @luna-lovesu

i don’t mind! i guess go check them out?? @luna-lovesu 


All @llyn-on-ice and I have been talking about the past few days is an Otayuri Star Wars AU because it was where we were bound to wind up eventually. So, I had to draw them to give her strength for all her work she has to do, and to selfishly try to bribe her to write me more of them because i am w e a  k

(Otabek is a resistance pilot and Yuri is a space prince)

EDIT: My babe posted her little drabble HERE if you want to read how this all starts <3

Does Ryan Ross hate his fans?

So in response to an ask I got, I thought I’d make a detailed post 

First of all I want to stress the fact that Ryan Ross is a shy, awkward guy. Naturally, people tend to compare him to Brendon. But while Brendon is excitable and wild, Ryan’s quiet and introverted. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just their personalities.

Post split, a fan sent him flowers on his birthday. When she met him after a TYV concert and asked him if he got them:

His reaction when a fan gave him a gift basket:

LJ era excerpts showing how he appreciates fans’ art even if they aren’t confident about it. More recently he’s also appreciated fan art on ig 

An Afysco era discussion, basically the same topic

He’s always pretty polite and respectful

  • Recently Z Berg talked about how he’s internet shy. So he’s not too active on social media.(x)
  • Another very important point is that his ex manager, sh**e used to post nasty shit from Ryan’s accounts, posing as Ryan, which confused and hurt fans.(x)
  • Sometimes, his sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but trust me he’s just trying to be sassy
  • Ryan used to feel bad about not being able to sign everyone’s stuff. Even after he’s been musically inactive I’ve never heard of him denying a fan a photo
  • Ryan has said he doesn’t mind fans illegally downloading his music for free.
  • That story about how he had so many stuffed toys in his bunk that he could barely fit but he didn’t want to throw them out cuz they were gifts from fans.
  • He gives good hugs??? jfgjkfkl

In conclusion, my boy is just shy, he’s said it millions of times. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. I’m pretty sure he understands us pretty well.