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180916 / derivatives more like DIErivatives because calculus makes me want to fall into an abyss! and it’s only september! haha.. but yes anyways i made some review cards because i will get my grade up in that class (ง'̀-‘́)ง

I’ve been reading from a lot of su critical blogs lately and i definitely want something more for the diamonds.

Like? These ladies are the ultimate villains of this series

Show me a blue diamond who shatters any gem who dare speak rose’s name in her presence and the mere mention of fusion makes her blood boil

And a yellow diamond who is disgusted with earth based gems and demeans them just for her pleasure. “Filthy grain of quartz” “ red clay clods”

Show me a sadistic white diamond who wants to see her empire expand eons and eons into the star filled galaxies and will stop at nothing to see her vision come true

And pink diamond? I want to see her despise any gem not upto her standards ( like carnelian and skinny jasper) i want to see her poof gems who dare to look anything less than perfect. I want her to ridicule our jasper “ the perfect soldier” i want to see her zoo (pre humans) and her vile treatment of rose quartzes

Show me the diamond authority hearing of pd’s shattering and immediately becoming infueled with rage and hatred for the crystal clods and their screams of fury (the corruption song) fueling their frustration and hatred akin to elphaba from wicked

Like come on @ crewniverse give me villains to hate villains that i love to hate because their evil and threatening

And no amount of steven *mary sue* universe being friendly and cutesy is going to end their unbridled rage for rose. And their anguish to shatter her just like she shattered PD not 5,350 years ago. And by god I want them to poof steven, i want them to be ecstatic at the mere mention of rose quartz “the rose quartz” gem being crushed into a 1000 little shards

Friends for a Moment

Lance week day 2: Friends

After everyone else had left the lounge Pidge slumps over against the sofa. Their eyes closing tightly against the tears that are threatening to fall. They should have just kept quiet. Would everyone treat them differently now that they know that Pidge is technically a girl?

A small sob came out before they could stop it. They rest their head on their arms to try and hide the tears that now fall down their cheeks like rain. Pidge is so distracted that they don’t even notice when someone else entered the room.

“Hey Pidge, have you see- Pidge?” Lance cuts off midsentence, his face scrunched up in concern.

Pidge curls up into a ball and tries to just ignore him. Hopefully Lance will get the message and leave them alone.

‘Apparently not.’ they think as they hear Lance jump over the couch to land beside them. His warm hand rests on their shoulder as a comforting gesture.

“Hey Pidge, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Did Keith say something to you? That no good pie-”

“No Lance. He didn’t say anything. It’s fine.” Pidge says as they sit up and begin wiping away at their glasses. “Everything is fine.”

Lance shakes his head in denial, his lips pursing before he lets out a sigh. “Pidge, everything is obviously not alright. You can talk to me, and if not me then Shiro. It’s not healthy to keep everything locked inside all the time.”

Pidge scoffs at this. “Like you have any room to talk! When was the last time you talked to anyone about anything? You’re the only on eon the ship who’s always 'cheerful’ and I know that’s complete bs." They angrily jerk their shoulder out of Lance’s grip.

Lance leans back against the couch and looks at them with a hurt expression. Pidge looks down ashamed. They shouldn’t have been so cruel to Lance. He’s only trying to help.

"I’m sorry Lance, that wasn-” Lance’s voice stops Pidge in their tracks.

“You’re right. I haven’t talked to anyone. I know I should but, I just feel like everyone would be annoyed. They think I’m just some egotistical jerk who wants to make everything about me. I can’t tell them anything. They’d just laugh at me.”

“Lance…” Pidge’s voice is disbelieving. “They wouldn’t laugh at you! Who would do that?”

“They would. Trust me. No one ever takes the kid who constantly jokes seriously when he says that he has anxiety, or that he feels he’s not needed. Anyone that I’ve ever tried talking to just laughs at me. Even my own parents. I’m just a joke.”

Silence falls over the room as Lance curls in on himself, waiting for the moment when Pidge starts to laugh.

“I… I’m afraid that now that everyone knows I’m technically a girl, they’ll stop taking me seriously. I won’t be allowed to fight anymore or try and find my family. I’m afraid that Keith, Shiro, and Hunk won’t want to hang out with me anymore because I’m a girl.”

“Pidge. That won’t happen. You’re amazing. You’re probably the smartest person on this team, and you’re super fun to hang out with. If anyone ever tries to treat you badly because you’re a girl, then they can deal with me!” Lance’s voice is so passionate that Pidge can’t help but to smile.

“Thanks Lance. That means a lot. And you can come talk to me anytime that you want. I’ll never laugh at you. You’re important to me, you remind me of Matt in a way.”

Pidge pretends not to notice when Lance wipes away a tear.

“C'mere” He says, opening his arms wide. Pidge smiles and crawls over to hug him. Everything will be okay now.

The next morning Coran finds them fast asleep. Still cuddling together by the couches. He smiles his first real smile since the fall of Altea.

-Hey guys! Please let me know what you think! This was requested by an anon, but I decided to turn it into something for Lance week! I hope you liked it! *hugs*

happy birthday to @alecmagnu! here is some this world inverted jimon for your birthday allie, i hope your day is wonderful.

(in my version of this au, jace and clary are not dating, and simon and izzy are just friends and roommates.)

as the sun crawled it’s way down towards the horizon, it was a perfect burning circle, sliding towards the dark edges of the city. it was warm, that kind of sticky warm that clung to everything and made the night feel like it might very well go on forever. and leaning against the heated metal of jace’s coffee truck, simon almost wished it would.

he had his head lolled back against the edge of the door, listening to the muffled staticky music on the radio. it was flooding through the relative quiet of the little square of the park where all of the food trucks lined up. it made everything feel a little thicker, a little more like summer time, a little more magical as the fairy lights strung between the picnic tables flickered with the street lights and the world got ready for the evening.

simon wasn’t thinking about the radio, nor was he thinking about the fact that summer nights felt like infinity. no, he was thinking about something far more settled in the honest human world. he was thinking that in this warm orange glow, with a sleeveless shirt on, humming along to the radio, jace looked so good that simon’s heart was stuttering in his chest. jace’s blond hair was flopping down over his face, catching on the shattered sunlight that lit up his stubbly beard and so much of his skin was on display.

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Lure | Min Yoonji

~First fic for the kreativewritersnet AU Bingo event!~
Pairing: Min Yoonji x reader (fem!Yoongi x reader)
siren!au, angst (??)
character death (???)
finally, a drabble!!!!!!!!! I know I am meant to be writing 10000000000000000x other things but I just wanted to write this, u feel?? I hope you like it! I still have more Min Yoonji to do in the future so look forward to it! Next in the au bingo will hopefully be Selkie!AU Jin!! ((i did the lil sketch below!! none of the gifs really fit haha))
[edit.] I read Kittae’s drabble like a week before this (was already planning to write this) so some themes may unintentionally be similar.

You’re alone on that island but at least there’s Min Yoonji there to keep you company.

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Freshman Orientation (Meet Darryl)

Get caught up on the series here

College orientation. I been dreading this day since mid-May. Here I am now, guess this is one of the times I’d have to roll with the punches. My grandfather always told me to roll with the punches. Couldn’t help but feel like if he was still here I’d be at the University of Florida. That’s where I was slated to attend, but then the graduation fiasco happened.  I was a 5-star recruit at linebacker out of Florida. Three years barring an injury and I would be league bound. I had been on so many official and unofficial visits. The bribes were immaculate, every school seem to outdo the next. I was real life royalty. Now everything was a question mark. I was the big man on campus since my sophomore year. I led the state in tackles for two years, and was second in interceptions my senior year. I was something like the Prince of Zamunda. Graduation was just like any other day from the start. I got up, flipped on ESPN and switched between that and ESPNU.  

I had to be at the school at 2 that day and for the 4’oclock ceremony. I was ready for the shit to be over before it even started. Haircut, check.  Outfit, check. Smell good, check. Shit was smoother than Jamesha’s ass. Even the ceremony went swell. Probably a little too well. It proved to be just that. As everyone spilled out into the courtyard, I was getting mad love from all directions. Hell, all of us were. Ms. Jones approached me with her fine ass. “So, we still on for dinner?” her teacher voice was so sexy, but her tone off school grounds was on a whole different level.  

“Yeah, we’re solid.” I rebutted. I had been fucking Ms. Jones since the second semester of my junior year. That was when I had her for chemistry. It was crazy because our chemistry was tumultuous. She got off on me calling her Ms. Jones. We only showed affection away from school, obviously. Her helping me with SAT prep turned into a whole fling in a span of two nights. I guess since I was officially out of school, she felt it cool to approach, however harmless the initial intent. Ms. Tarver approached from my rear as Ms. Jones and I were still conversing.  “Darryl, you look mighty sharp.” Ms. Tarver blatantly interrupted as Ms. Jones was divulging her evening plans of dinner on the beach.  There had been tension since the beginning of senior year. Ms. Tarver was my English teacher. She was a redbone, slim thick with an ass that poked to tease the eyes of most. Ms. Jones was a chocolate Stallion.  Cakes, chest, smooth skin and had the wettest of pussies to compliment all her luxuries. Ms. Tarver wanted me. She had pressed up on me several times in school but I always managed to be saved. She did suck my dick one time though. It was an ACT prep Saturday class after the season ended. I was walking out to the student lot after everything had wrapped and she happened to be coming out of her class, just as I was passing by.  She asked if I was hungry and offered to take me to a spot up the road. She lured me in and me in my youth a nigga didn’t even see it. She suggested we head to her house as the place was crowded, “no pressure” I thought, and just vibed. In my mind I knew what was about to go down, and I wanted her too. Ms. Tarver talked as she moved about the house, while I sat in the den smashing my food. After a few minutes, she came back in a negligee. My fork dropped onto my plate. Instantly my dick began to elongate. She noticed my print and didn’t hesitate. The older women went for what they wanted and to me that was so sexy. She slurped me down extracting my seed, not even pausing. I wanted more but I had a meeting to attend. It was an unofficial in Coral Gables at UM. I never managed to catch back up with Ms. Tarver, but I had every intention of doing so, if given the opportunity.  In a perfect world we’d all parlay together, the three of us, but this would never be my reality. Too much animosity and pride would never allow such a magnificent congregation to take place. In fact, I knew they wanted to shoot the fade. I can’t lie a part of me was down to see that shit too.

Here I was on the auditorium courtyard now turned to a good old-fashioned show down. I guess women’s intuition led them to know they were each other’s competition. I never said a word, but I always noticed the side eyes each shot across the hall. Most niggas had students ready to scrap but my ass had teachers on that same shit crazy. “Don’t be rude Cynthia.” Ms. Jones said, giving Ms. Tarver a dirty ass look.

“Bitch please” Ms. Tarver mumbled under breath.

“Excuse me, what was that? See, I’m tired of your shit. I’ve been dealing with your bull shit all year.” Ms. Jones voice began to carry, turning heads.

“Marielle, I don’t have time for your posturing and shenanigans. Have some more class honey.”

Ms. Jones came across her shit with a mean backhand. Seemed like the whole courtyard said ooohhh… The lights from all the camera phones became blinding. I faded back as the crowd closed in rapidly, looking for that World Star moment. I turned around when I bumped into Celeste. She was about the only student who could have my attention. We made eye contact, and both headed to the lot. I asked if she’d mind getting me out of here. Originally Ms. Jones was supposed to take me to dinner but I wouldn’t touch her ass with a 10-foot pole right now. This debacle would surely be all over the net in 15 minutes. Celeste and I briskly navigated the maze of cars and made it to her Accord. As we got in, the crowd was just dispersing. “Where to superstar?” Celeste said it in a smug ass kind of way.

“Shit I’m hungry, you hungry?”

“I can eat.”

“I hope you still ain’t boujee like you used to be.”

“Oh, so you actually know something about me?” Celeste feigned a shocked expression. “I surely thought you were too busy taking trips across country and fucking faculty to remember.”

“What you talking bout lil mama?” I was trying to play it cool, but damn was it that apparent?

“Hmph, imma take you to my favorite spot to eat.”

I had gone to school with Celeste since 4thgrade, but she had always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I knew her well, but she was hard to figure out, if that makes sense. She was undoubtedly the prettiest girl in school, and I always had a thing for her, but I was consumed with all the other hoes that made it easier for me.  While most of them pegged me for the dumb jock, but she knew otherwise. I learned early in the game that people would try to be on my coat tails to just be along for the ride. I played the game to get as much gain as I could out of the situation.  Lil mama got shelved in the process but she was ever present internally.  We rode in silence as I noticed the beach exit was coming up. She banked of to the flyover to head to I-195.  She lowered the tunes. “Remember when you wrote that letter to me that summer you were supposed to be moving with your dad? That was so cute.” Celeste chuckled.

“What are you talking about? What letter? I never wrote no damn letter.” I had forgotten all about that damn letter. I had written that shit in like the seventh grade. At the time I felt like that was going to be the last time I saw her, so why not let it be known how I felt? The next school year we still ended up in the same school because my pussy ass pops backed out. That was when shit started getting awkward whenever I was around her. She knew how I really felt about her and I couldn’t handle it. I became reclusive towards her. By the time the spring came of 8th grade I was practicing with the high school and all the coaches and upper classmen ladies were salivating over me for clearly different reasons. I took on the persona and never really looked back. Half way through my 9thgrade season I was moved up to varsity and the local legend was born.

“You know exactly what letter I speak of. You can fool everybody else but I know what it is chump.” She looked over at me with the sweetest sassy look.

“Yeah you probably have more insight than most. Hell, you helped me on every project these last four years. So, what you saying?”

“Hmph… nothing.”

“What? Man, you flaw. How you going to leave it there like that?”

“You still hungry or nah?” She hopped out not obliging a single question. She handled me like others didn’t have the balls to do. But shit at 6’3” 230 lbs, running 4.41 in the forty 19 reps at 225 on paper but really, I’m hitting it 23 times. Celeste pandered to my inner teddy. I could only chuckle as this pretty, brown thing tortured me knowingly. Life thus far had kept me in its favor, yet this little 5’4” bombshell I’d known more than half my life was now my biggest mystery. I watched her ass switch in her dress as she led the way. I wanted to show her all Ms. Jones had taught me. We walked into the restaurant and it was apparent it had been here for eons. My nostrils instantly notified me that seafood was on the menu. I really was hoping to make Celeste my meal. I mean, it had crossed my mind during study sessions, but never on this level, it was always subtle, never this pressing in my frontal lobe. Little papi came from around back and with the most broken English, but somehow managed to get our order down. Though this felt like the kind of place that even if he got both orders wrong, no matter what came from the kitchen it would be bomb. I know she caught me staring into her beauty on several occasions. Like a G, she moved in silence. I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be it. Would this be the last time we’d vibe? In a week and a half I would be back in Gainesville. I had graduated early, in January. I was enrolled at UF and was prime for everything to take off smoothly.

We ate, reminisced, and made eyes at one another. An hour and a half later we found ourselves back at the car. “Let’s go get our feet wet.” I suggested. I wasn’t ready to leave this moment just yet.

“What you trying to do here?” She was calling bull shit.

“Man, what the hell you talking about?” She knew I wanted her.

“They take you for the customary dumb black jock boy, but I see through you. So, like I said nigga, what you trying to do here?”

“Last time was a false alarm but this time…. This time I think it’s real. I may not see you again after tonight, if not for a long time, maybe ever. I’m not sure I’m ready to live life without you.” Speechless she made her way to me. Her hands wrapped my neck, mine found her thick cakes. Our lips sent fireworks into the atmosphere, never mind if they were only visible to us. We crossed Collins Ave. to find the looming darkness approaching from the open ocean. Feet dug in deep now. Life didn’t have a more perfect feel. Crazy all the fame, hoes, and bribes couldn’t compare to this. “Promise me if I make it to the SEC Championship that you’d come see me play in Atlanta.”

“Boy Imma be all the way in Louisiana. How…”

“I’d fly you there.”

“We’ll see.” Our lips again met and hands began to get life. Exploring. Her softness on my hardness. My chiseled flesh brushing her curves. She made a nigga feel like I could take on the world. The tide caught us immersed in passion. No fucks of what the world had going on around us. I picked her up and we drifted with the current until she was waist deep. I squatted making my thighs a perfect place for her to perch. Her dress floated to the surface, leaving just her and her boy shorts at my disposal. She undid my belt buckle. Swollen and ready her hands wrapped my thickness. “Damn you feel good in my hand Darryl. I want you inside me. I been dream of this for years. Its time I let you know how I feel about you.” She pulled me close by my dick. Slid her panties to the side splitting my rod with her pussy. It took a sec foe me to get in with us being in water and all, and here I was thinking water was a natural lubricant. We found our rhythm and we were grinding in the darkness to the motion of the ocean. That was the first time a nigga came in some pussy. Love was never more real than in the moment we shared.

Short lived was the euphoric high. It was a quarter til 12 when we pulled in front of mom’s crib. There was what looked to be media across the street. I thought damn what’s going on over there. Before getting out we sat and wrapped shit up. I didn’t know what this meant in the grand scheme of things but I knew every day until I went back to school I wanted to spend with her. I thanked her and kissed her, I too let it be known I wanted to see her tomorrow.  As I stepped out I made it 7 paces before I was rushed.

A million and one questions came from every direction. I managed to see Celeste in the crowd but was unable to reach her. I bolted for the door. Once inside Mom rushed me as well. “Boy please tell me this is all a lie.”

“What are you talking about mom?” She pulled out her phone and showed me the fight from earlier. The caption reads (Teachers fist fight over student they both have an affair with).“Fuck!!!!!!”

So here I am at Southern University’s orientation. I fell from greatness to my favorite HBCU.  Here I was still big man on campus, but suddenly my pool was so much smaller than it once was. I was just like all the dumb jocks before me. The key thing Ms. Jones used to make me feel comfortable was the fear tactics of how high school girls could get me cased up and ruin my future, and yet look at me, I still fucked up. So, it was fuck bitches. I had an uphill battle now to live out my dream. The world had birthed an asshole. Losing my scholarship made me so hungry. I was going to shit on the world like it had shitted on me. 2 months of hiding and barely being able to do the one thing you’ve loved and done since you were 5 will do that to you. Savage life for 3 years and we going for the check.

The love I was getting made me feel like I was back home in High School. There were so many bad bitches. I was making a mental note of all the hearts that would be trampled. There was one I made eyes with that reminded, me of Celeste. She was every bit as sexy as my lil mama. Shit was so crazy I hadn’t seen her since that night. This little thing was a hair lighter in complexion and she had an aura about her that let the world know she was every bit of the shit as you thought she was. A room full of dames and I wanted to know her name.

tigerphobia  asked:

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Wkhuh'v qrw pxfk lq wkh Eodfnoljkw Mrxuqdo wkdw hoderudwhv rq Eloo'v edfnvwrub, krqhvwob. Wkhuh'v d frxsoh olwwoh qrgv dqg vrph vxiihulqj iurp Irug, dv zhoo dv d vkruw klvwrub ri krz Eloo wruphqwhg shrsoh zkr kh'g wulhg wr pdnh exlog wkh sruwdo ehiruh. (Dqg d frxsoh ixoo sdjhv zulwwhq eb Eloo lq Irug'v ergb wkdw frqwdlq d vxpprqlqj ulwxdo.)

Bill’s backstory is pretty mysterious and probably meant to be kept that way. He’s apparently from the “second dimension” (a different one than the place Ford encountered in the portal) which he destroyed. (I think this is maybe at best semi-canon, but there are some references to Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions in Bill’s design and in the Bill Cipher AMA, so if you’re interested in learning about at least one theory regarding where he comes from you can read the full text of Flatland online.)

I don’t think his destroying it was an accident, though. His assertion that he “liberated” his dimension despite the fact that it had apparently decayed to the point of being unlivable even for Bill makes him seem pretty unrepentant. As did the fact that he apparently wanted to do the exact same thing to our dimension. We’ll probably never know how he got the powers he has–there are some things about Bill’s origin that I think will always be kept mysterious, and it’s probably better that way.

As for his character/motivations, I’m personally of the opinion that he isn’t that deep. Alex’s own description of Bill’s motivations in an AV Club interview is that he’s “been around for countless billions of eons, but he hasn’t grown up in that time,” that he gets angry when he’s told he can’t do something, when he’s given any sort of limitations or rules. But despite his talk about liberation and total freedom and chaos, when we see him in Weirdmageddon it becomes clear by his actions (immediately declaring himself god-king and bossing everyone around) that the only freedom he’s really interested in is the freedom for him, personally, to do whatever he wants all the time.

Basically, Bill is a petulant toddler with no indoor voice and godlike powers over reality, which is absolutely terrifying and makes for a great villain.


part two

a/n: hello! I finally finished request up! Geez, I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time until today to write this up. I changed it up a bit and it is a bit rushed so I am sorry for it’s shitty quality. Anon I am sorry if this isn’t what you had wanted! I did not edit this so sorry for any errors x_x

request: reader is good friends with Chris. Nick gets jealous because angry and moody Chris had reader’s attention and well, things don’t end well. Please enjoy!

Originally posted by valkyriescreed

“Hey, Y/N, I saved you a seat!”

Nick was grinning happily at you while motioning to the empty seat next to him. Alicia, his younger sister and your best friend, shot Nick a dry look before turning her attention to her cereal. Travis and Madison were moving around in the kitchen speaking quietly to Ofelia and Daniel as they readied breakfast.

You were holding two bowls in both of your hands. One was meant for you and the other bowl was meant for a moody, grieving teenagers sulking downstairs. You felt bad…Nick looked excited this morning, an expression you haven’t seen in a very long time. You threw Alicia a hopeless and pleading look but she ignored you, and left you to fend for yourself.

You chewed on the inside of your cheek before saying awkwardly, “Uh, I was going to eat this with Chris…he’s…you know.” You saw Travis throw you a grateful glance. Chris was still mourning the loss of his mother and wouldn’t even look at Travis, and since no one else was willing to help comfort the guy you took it upon yourself to do so.

Chris was moody and a bit unpredictable but he was just misunderstood. He didn’t like you much at first but after your persistence, he finally caved. You hadn’t thought Chris would’ve gotten dependent on you but you were glad that you were helping him with his loss.

Nick’s smile faltered a bit, “Oh.”

Alicia lifted her head, “Jesus, Nick, don’t make her feel bad. She’s helping Chris out.” Like always, her voice was sharp and blunt; the typical Alicia trait you loved and sometimes hated.

Originally posted by emskinney

 Nick’s face quickly changed into panic as he looked at you with an open mouth before profusely apologizing, “Sorry, Y/N! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad!”

You had to admit…watching Nick in such a state was amusing but only because it reminded you of the Nick he used to be before the drugs. “Don’t worry about it, dork,” You giggled stopping his apologetic babbling, “Tomorrow, okay?” You threw him a grin before making way down the lower deck to the sleeping quarters.

You weren’t sure how long it had been since the destruction of the modern world, but it had felt like it happened eons ago; although if you honestly thought about it…it had only been a few weeks. You didn’t ponder it too much since your father had died long ago due to some guy who wanted the twenty dollars in his pocket. Your mother was a drunk and often tried to use you as her stress reliever.

You were positive she was long dead. It did sting your heart…after all she was your mother. You had ceased all contact with your mother after Madison had gained custody of you over a year ago. It was the reason why you were safely tucked away on a multi-million dollar boat heading…somewhere.

You shook those thoughts away as you walked up to Chris’s room that he shared with Nick. You slipped through easily not bothering to knock and saw Chris flipping through a random book that had been tucked away in the room.

His eyes found yours and a smile spread on his brooding face.

“Here you go, moody one.” You grinned at him as you handed him his food.

Originally posted by chaotic-kings

He took it eagerly and began shoveling the food into his mouth acting as if he hadn’t had any food in days. You shook your head as you took a seat beside him on the floor, sat criss cross, and nudged your elbow into his side halting his barbaric eating.

“What?” Chris muttered with a mouthful of food.

You scowled in disgust, “Eat right and don’t talk with your mouth full.” You chided firmly.

Chris rolled his eyes but ate like a normal human being. You both fell into a comfortable silence.


It was the next day and you had managed to coax Chris out of the confinements of his shared room. “Do I have to?” Chris muttered under his breath as you dragged him up towards the main deck to eat breakfast.

You shot him a dry glare, “They’re all worried about you, Chris, and no one hates you or anything. You don’t have anything to be afraid of.” You comforted soothingly.

Chris shifted on his feet and avoided your gentle stare. It then occurred to you that Chris probably was scared to look at his father. You walked down towards him and gently ruffled his hair, “Hey, your dad isn’t mad at you about the punch,” You murmured trying to sound comforting and gentle, “He’s only worried about you. What he did…he’ll never forgive himself for that, Chris, and you need to understand that, okay? He’s worried that you hate him now.”

Chris’s dark eyes were conflicted, you could clearly see that, but after a silence he sighed and nodded, “Okay, but only because I trust you, Y/N.” He stated firmly.

You beamed at the moody teenager before dragging him up to the deck where everyone was gathering for breakfast. Conversations halted once they saw you and Chris. You grinned and Chris awkwardly looked anywhere but the group.

“Morning!” You chirped giving your family and friends pointed stares.

Madison was the one to snap into action by smiling and greeting the both of you and ushering you to take seats to eat. Travis looked like he wanted to say something but in fear remained quiet. Alicia greeted Chris casually trying to get the kid to relax. You plopped down next to Nick and Chris sat down on your other side.

Nick was staring blankly at his plate of food and didn’t immediately greet you like he always did. Madison was talking to Chris asking what cereal he wanted and you took the moment to nudge Nick in the side, “Hey, are you okay?” You gazed at the brown-haired boy with concern.

His eyes met yours and for a moment, he didn’t say anything, but you could see the calculating look in his eyes; a look you were very familiar with. You remained quiet but didn’t look away.

“I’m fine.” He stiffly stated breaking eye contact.

You frowned at him and glanced towards Alicia who was glaring at her older brother. “Dude, rude much?” Alicia muttered not liking that Nick had been so rude to you for no reason. Another trait you loved and hated about Alicia; she was very protective of you.

Nick chewed on his food moodily.

You sighed quietly and thought, “Great another moody teenager.”

Alicia and you exchanged looks before you turned your attention onto Chris who looked a bit more at ease then he was before. You nudged his shoulder and gave him a pointed smile. He stuck his tongue out at you but you saw the smile creasing at the corner of his lips. He knew you had been right.

You enjoyed breakfast to the best of your ability. Nick was very quiet and everyone took note of it. After cleaning up, Alicia, Chris, and you were laid out on the outer deck enjoying the sunrays. Chris had his head in your lap, your fingers weaving through his soft hair while Alicia read out loud to the both of you. 

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 Nick was the one now locking himself in his shared room. After eating, he had mumbled some half ass excuse and headed down below deck. You weren’t sure why he was acting so strange but you knew that sooner or later Madison or Alicia would ask you to see what was wrong with Nick.

Originally posted by diver5ion

 “What’s up with Nick, Allie?” You asked as Chris had moved down onto the lower docking deck to watch Daniel fish.

Alicia shrugged and picked at her nails, “I don’t know. You know how he gets into his moods.” She sounded vague and the habitat of picking at her nails was always a sure sign that she was lying to you.

“You can’t lie to me.” You persisted with a smirk.

She would give in sooner or later. Alicia was easy for you to break. “I don’t.” She frowned at you with her shrewd green eyes.

“Liar, liar pants on fire!” You sang poking her sides making her giggle and swat at your hands.

“Stop it! You know I hate when you do that!” She laughed as you continued to poke her tickle spots.

“Tell me what I want to know and I might let you live!” You said in a deep and dramatic voice.

She laughed and tried to get away but you held onto her waist, “No, let go, Y/N!” Alicia laughed trying to loosen your hold on your waist.

“Tell me, best friend!”

“Nick’s jealous!” Alicia finally said.

You froze and looked up at her, “What?” Did you hear her right? Nick was jealous? Of what?

Alicia gave you a dry ass look, “Y/N, seriously? You still haven’t noticed it by now? Dude, Nick’s been in love with you since, like, the eighth grade.” She rolled her eyes at your stupidity. How you had gotten into Harvard was beyond her; you could be so daft sometimes.

You stared at Alicia unsure whether or not she was being honest but the serious/nervous look in her green eyes made your own eyes widened, “What?” You whispered with shock, “No, that cannot be possible. Nick’s…Nick! He’s always sweet and kind—“ You tried to ignore the warmth in your tummy and the increase pace of your heart rate.

“Y/N, think about it. Madison and I always go to you when it comes to handling Nick especially before and after his rehabs. You’re the only one he can completely trust. I know my older brother—“

“Hey, Alicia! Y/N! Come look at the big ass fish Daniel caught!” Chris called out cutting your best friend off. Alicia looked irritated that Chris had caught her off but just then Nick had stalked onto the deck

“Perfect timing.” You heard Alicia mutter under her breath before calling out to her brother, “Nick, someone has something to tell you!”

Your eyes snapped towards Alicia’s smug ones, “A-Alicia!” You practically shrieked.

She grinned like a cat and got up to go fish with Daniel and Chris, “Have fun and use a condom.” Alicia whispered the last part making your face turn a brilliant shade of red.

“What’s up?” Nick asked glancing between his sister and you.

“Uh, nothing! Nothing’s up!” You nervously stated rubbing the back of your neck.

Alicia was gone but she had given Nick this knowing look in which, Nick was staring at you intently now. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” You shot up from your spot, “Geez, it got cold, I think I’m going to go inside

“Y\N, dude, come look at the dolphins’!”  Chris shouted.

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Nick’s face darkened, “Prince Charming calls.” A sour tone was in his voice.

You looked at Nick, “You seriously are jealous.” You said in awe.

Nick glares down at you, “Me? Jealous? Of what?” He scoffs in disbelief.

You grinned at him, “You’re jealous of Chris! Aw, Nick if you wanted my attention all you had to—“

“I am not jealous of that kid,” Nick spat angrily, “Why would I even be jealous? It’s not like he has anything I want.”

You flinched at his harsh words and felt your stomach drop. Okay, that had been a definite low blow! “Oh…” You mumbled quietly feeling a lump form in your throat—a sign that you wanted to cry.

Nick didn’t say anything but he had seen the look on your face and regretted in saying such harsh words towards you. He always had to screw everything up, didn’t he? This was Y/N for crying out loud! There wasn’t a mean bone in Y/N’s body!

Jesus, why did he say that?

He didn’t mean to, honestly, the words just fell out of his mouth without much thought.

“Y/N?” Alicia’s voice grabbed your sad attention, “What’s wrong?” Alicia’s eyes immediately hardened as she came to your side. She had seen the look of sadness and hurt in your pretty eyes and was on instant attack mode, “Nick, what did you do?” Alicia demanded angrily.

Nick wasn’t sure what to do…all he wanted was to have your attention…to see you smile at him like you always used to do…and now, he had fucked it up just because he had gotten jealous.

“Fuck.” Nick thought, “I really fucked up.” But before he could apologize to you, you were rushing inside and towards your shared room, tears streaming down your face, and Chris and Alicia calling after you in alarm.

Chris hurried after you as Alicia glared at her older brother, “Real fucking nice, Nick. I practically handed her to you and you go fuck it up.” She seethed viciously.

Nick remained quiet as Alicia gave him one final glare before going after her best friend to comfort her.

Nick sighed and looked up at the sky. He would rather face the dead then face you again, that was for sure.

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 I hope you enjoyed! Sorry if you didn’t. My next request is a Chris x reader that takes place when Reed boards the ship. I might spilt that into two parts because I know I’ll make it super long, so yeah, and then I have a Nick x reader pre apocalypse requst as well. 

I managed to only catch the last half of the special but some thoughts!

-Gosh I love those new gems! I’m not sure which one is my favorite since they’re all so lovely. 

-I get that the writers were probably trying to push a message of “We’re in this together” but I just wanted the other gems to be safe and happy on Earth (this is pretty much just a nitpick). I had a feeling the writers weren’t going to let that happen but it’s really sucky, especially because these gems have been in hiding for eons.

- Lars saying that he wants to be someone who deserves being brought back to life. Lars sweetie I don’t understand why you think that but there is literally nothing you’ve done that makes you someone undeserving of life. 

-Everything is back to the status quo (for the most part) again. It seems like this show really has difficulties taking risks. It’s great that Steven is back with his family but the reunion lacked the emotion I was looking for (kind of like when Steven was going to Homeworld the first time. Maybe it’s because they’re all used to Steven being okay time and time again).

- I’m not really sure which direction the show is going to be going in now. Steven can now transport between Homeworld and Earth, so I’m hoping the others gems can finally visit Homeworld again and meet the other gems. I also really want to see Lars come back to Earth and see his family and friends again. Lars still has a lot of self hatred and toward the end of the episode before he and Steven parted ways it still appeared as if he felt that he didn’t deserve life again. Lars isn’t a horrible person and I want him and the show to acknowledge that, especially considering that Lars is more important to the narrative now more than ever.

The Perfect Two

Jeonghan One-Shot #1

Genre/s: Romance, fluff, humor

Warning/s: None

A/N: I’ve been gone long right? Sorry classes started and all but I’ll get around to doing the requests soon okay? Forgive me but here have some Jeonghan fluff! I always thought a relationship with him would be a nice comfortable one. The title is based off of this song. ENJOY!

I sighed, shifting on my feet and pulling my coat tighter around me as I watched the students stream in and out of the college building. It was February yet winter’s presence was still evident.

I glanced down at my phone, re-reading his last message. So I only had to wait 10 minutes more before he arrived but that seemed like it would take forever.

Damn the traffic.

I hid my pout by pulling up my muffler higher so it would cover my face up to my nose. He was so going to get it from me, making me wait out in the cold for him. He was so lucky I loved him but he was still getting it.

“Hey Y/N!”

I glanced back to see one of my classmates, Si Eon and her group of friends all looking ready to go out.

“Hey.” I greeted halfheartedly with a nod. She and I weren’t close, I would not call us friends but more acquaintances and the occasional study buddy. Our personalities and how we chose to spend our free time contradicted too much and it kept us from forming a deeper bond. But that was okay, we were content with being just classmates anyway.

“So the girls and I are heading for a group date and we’re one person short.” She approached me, slinging an arm over my shoulder much to my irritation. I did not enjoy being touched so familiarly. “Why don’t you join us?”

I stopped myself from rolling my eyes but shrugged her arm off. “I can’t. I have plans. Sorry.” Though I’m really not.

“Oh come on Y/N.” Si Eon shook my arm “I bet you’re just going to go home and study. Stop being such a stick in the mud and join us!”

I sighed heavily, shaking her hand off of me. “Si Eon I really do have plans. My boyfriend finally got a day off today-”

"You always say you have a boyfriend but you never tell us much about him.” She groaned, almost sneering.

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I heard some of yall are talking shit on Fluorite

stop that

Now I’ve seen a few posts saying that the OP doesn’t like Fluorite because of their appearance making them seem like an “unhealthy fusion” like Malachite because of their similarity in the long-lower-torso-and-uncommon-leg situation, and even citing their slow speech as the 7 gems that make her up are not cohesive/stable enough to be a “better” fusion.

So here I am to throw out that idea and stop y’all from hating on my caterpillar wife. 

Fusion in the Steven Universe world has many meanings that we’ve seen throughout the course of the show but the original purpose for it among gems as a species is an ability to combine forces of 2 or more individual gems into a more powerful being capable of fulfilling the purpose (usually a fight, or imprisonment of non-gem species/objects as we see with Topaz). Garnet, and presumably Rhodonite and Fluorite, discovered a new purpose for fusion: love. Now I’m assuming that since most of the fusions that we’ve seen so far (Opal, Alexandrite, Sardonyx, Sugilite, Rainbow Quartz, Smoky Quartz, etc.) are more humanoid/recognizable as a human figure it seems like the fan theory of “the more human the fusion looks” (aka less arms/eyes) the more “healthy” a relationship as a fusion they are. This was further fuelled by Garnet’s comment on Malachite after her formation and disappearance under the sea: “Wow they are really bad together”. Her less humanoid form with the four arms as a centaur-like lower body was the assumption for the basis of Garnet’s opinion on her; however Garnet was more likely either making a comment on the reason for her formation (Jasper forcing Lapis to fuse in order to fight against the Crystal Gems and Lapis’ secret intention to trap Jasper into the fusion to save Steven from further persecution of Jasper and Homeworld’s forces), or on the split personalities of Jasper and Lapis surfacing and the fight for control between the two within Malachite, rather than the unity that Garnet experiences as a combined love between Ruby and Sapphire. 

Because Fluorite shares more in common with Malachite than any other gem fusion that we’ve seen (aside from the shard-Forced Fusion experiments), there is this rumor-mill among the posts about her that I’ve seen that Fluorite is an unhealthy fusion like Malachite. This is FAR from the truth even just going by Fluorite’s stability as a fusion and her lines in the “Wanted” arc episodes. 

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Characters: Hoseok x Jungkook

Length: 12,218 words

Genre: Angst, Demon!AU

Comments: You don’t always get what you wish for

“Five black candles. Check. Incense? Check. Now all I need is….”

Hoseok paused, his eyes thoroughly scanning the room for the one missing item.

“Ah, there it is,” he mumbled to himself as his hand landed on a lighter lying by his foot.

A deep, shaky breath later, he ignited it, the flame bright and stinging in his eyes as he used it to carefully set fire to all of the candles surrounding him.

His heart was beating hard against his rib cage like it was trying to escape his chest.

The blood wouldn’t stop pulsing through his head as he adjusted his position in the middle of the circle he had built up, before he inhaled one more time, the smell of burning incense wafting in his nose.

Before his courage could leave him again, he started mumbling the few words he had scribbled onto a piece of paper- they were written in another language, though he could not tell whether it was Latin or another kind of devil’s tongue, but it didn’t matter to him.

It wasn’t like he understood it anyway.

At first, his voice was gentle, soft even, barely a whisper in the musky air, almost like he was scared of himself, but the more often he repeated the chant, the louder and stronger it got.

He could practically feel the power in him building up, filling him from the tip of his toes to his fingertips, making him sit up from his crouching position and throw his head back as he came to almost shout his words into the clammy attic air.

All of a sudden, he felt empty and deflated again.

From one second to the next, it was like all the energy and strength he had built up had escaped him and when he opened his eyes, he glumly noticed that all the candles were blown out.

His eyes wandered over the little trail of smoke rising from the wicks to the window right in front of him.

It was open. He could see the stars twinkling in the distance, speckled through the sky like little diamonds.

“Stupid wind,” he hissed, before slumping down again, resting his head in his arms as he tried to figure out what to do next- and most importantly, what had gone wrong.

“You forgot the pentagram.”

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I look fine.

Don’t tell me I look great because I know it’s a lie.
Not in general but just for you.
I wear my hair the way I want now. The way you don’t like.
I’m not even sure you ever liked the way I looked. Not completely.

I remember when you said a little piece of metal “ruined how perfect I was.”
and when you picked out my outfit and it was more your clothes than mine.
and how your type was always going to be dry and empty and smiling.

Well I have a new type now too. It’s the type that won’t expect me to gut myself like the core of a cantaloupe and throw the seeds in storage. It’s the type that holds my hand and means it. It’s the type that fucks me even when he’s tired. Or she’s tired, because that’s an option for me now.

And I should be allowed to like girls. They’re beautiful and strong and hand-sculpted every part of myself that I adore. I should be allowed to want to kiss them on top a mountain or hold them so close that their breasts play my ribcage like a xylophone. I should not feel shame for acknowledging imperfections in my gayness. You ruined my second coming out just like I ruined my first.

Three years is eons when you’re in your twenties. I counted the exact percentage of my life you took over to make myself feel better and it was still too much. Thirteen percent of my pathetic suburban existence has been dedicated to compromising on every last detail 
and splitting every last penny

and pretending to be bad at things to make you feel better
and eating your undercooked pasta
and quenching my thirst with droplets of your backwash
and laughing at your eight weird legs
and giving you a thousand fish kisses
and holding your hand even when I was afraid

and building you up
lego block by lego block
until you were so tall that you couldn’t see me anymore.
Until your lego parts looked like precious metals.

But don’t let me take all the credit.

You were busy building too.
A skyscraper of expectation. And I waited there  on the one-thousandth-one-hundred-and-forty-fourth floor all alone. Waited for you to take the elevator up to meet me. But you never fucking showed.

I guess you just got mad at me for living there. But what was I supposed to do? I signed a contract. Our love was a business deal and you violated the terms of the agreement when you sent that embarrassingly long settlement and expected me to sign it.

I know you lie to yourself about what that was
but you cc’ed the CEO and he knew what was up.
So I bailed 
before you could finish your halfhearted severance and now 
here we are.

Well, here I am. I have no idea where you are. I hope you’re happy.

Because you said your worst was rooted in me. That I was a garden of misfortune, sprouting suffocating vines and poisonous fruit.

Well, the rainy season came and carried it all away.
Let’s see if you can eat without my crops.

New Bond 25 Details Revealed - Director Hired

I’ve been pretty accurate in the past, so thought I’d drop some more morsels I’ve been hearing.

  • There was a point where Mendes could have returned. He was talking to EON, but the talks fizzled out as all parties felt they had creatively reached a dead-end.

  • EON fought for Denis Villeneuve. He wanted to do it badly, but couldn’t make schedules work. He has signed to Dune and contractual issues prohibit him from engaging in another film that could take up the next 2 years of his time.

  • Yann Demange is said to have a “harder take”. He was said to be a speculatively meeting, but blew EON away in the room. A lot of people are talking about this around London. It’s considered a surprising move.

  • Yann has the job and is working with P&W. He’ll probably bring on his own writer after Christmas.

  • One big factor in deciding Craig’s return was the promise of a Logan-esque send-off.

  • Tom Hardy met with EON but never screentested. It was likely just an attempt to get Craig to commit. Craig and Hardy have issues (trust me, half the film industry hates Tom Hardy).

  • The story approach is said to be action-light.

  • Two BIG rumours I’ve heard that be bullshit say the P&W’s story does not include Blofeld and involve Bond working with a single mother.

Catch up on some James Bond!

anonymous asked:

Could I have some pre-relationship headcanons with the incubi? Like how they would vie for your attention, act around you because they like you ect.? Please and thank you!

This makes me want to go listen to the Otome CD again (人´З`)


  • he never outright asks you about any of your preferences, but rather uses his skill with perception to figure you out
    • you often find unannounced gifts from him on your desk and they’re almost always something you’d been needing
  • because of the way he’s often scolding his brothers, he’s afraid that you’ll see him more as a fatherly or adult figure rather than a love interest
    • because of this, he tries to tone down how strict he is whenever he’s in your presence


  • flirting from him is part of your every day routine, a constant back and forth of compliments and hard to find innuendos
    • somewhere along the line he stops mindlessly flirting and starts giving you well thought out and sincere compliments
  • you’ll find that he shares more about himself and his interests with you than he does any other person
  • he’s not afraid to tease his brothers in your presence, not necessarily wanting to make them look bad, but wanting himself to look better


  • he’s not willing to admit he likes spending time with you the most, but he finds himself subconsciously searching for you all the time
    • “I wasn’t looking for you, I ran into you on accident!” “For all I know you could have been looking for me!”
  • you’re the only person he’s ever gentle toward, especially when he realizes you’re having a difficult time with something
  • the last time he did a favor for one of his brothers was eons ago, but he’ll do a favor for you in a heartbeat


  • expect a lot of gifts from him, even if there isn’t really a special occasion happening that calls for them
    • he’s a lot more careful with his gifts though, not wanting to accidentally create another Simon
  • he’s always asking you what your favorite types of foods are, asking for specifics so he can look around for recipes
    • it doesn’t take long before you’re having your favorite meal cooked to near perfection every other week


  • he has an unfair advantage, what with being able to read your mind and all, and he uses it wisely
    • he almost always knows how to respond to what you’re thinking; it’s hard to have a bad day with him taking care of you
  • no matter how boring the activity may seem to other people, he will always take interest in whatever it is you’re doing and ask you about it
  • he isn’t afraid to say how he feels and will often talk about things he likes about you, his statements getting bolder until he finally confesses one day

if you ever want to feel pain then imagine Gav and Dan having their biggest argument ever right before Dan heads off to the military (they made too many enemies to remain at home SMG did, so Gav did a bit of digging and found an empty space for one Daniel C. Gruchy to occupy). and them not speaking afterwards, from the day his plane leaves until the day Gavin gets a visit from a CNO. Dan never did end up removing Gav from his secondary next of kin position. 

and skip forward, to present day, when Gavin’s the Fake’s frontman and Dan’s a famous merc (and not dead to boot) and when their paths cross again after six years, everyone expects them to just, get back to the old days. The Crew have heard tale upon tale of Gavin’s old partner Dan, (’work partner’ when he’s sober and ‘B’ in a voice soaked through with love and affection, and heartbreakingly wistful eyes when he isn’t), but the second they see each other

a screaming match that makes the rafters of the penthouse ring. accusations, “you sent me to that deathtrap on purpose!”

“you’ve been alive for 6 years dan, i thought you were dead for 6 years.”

“I might as well have been. I am the only one alive today Gav, the ONLY ONE LEFT.”

until one day Dan has his hand tangled in Gavin’s collar, not enough pressure to hurt him but just enough to make a statement, and that statement is “dans outstayed his welcome” to the crew, and all Gavin see’s is the 6 years he had to spend without his best friend finally rearing its ugly head. “B-” its been 6 long years since he’s said it to Dan, so many months praying to a god he doesn’t believe in, because Dan doesn’t deserve this, Gavin might, Gavin probably does to be fair, but not Dan

“DONT YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” Dan snaps, “you’ve lost the right to call me that,” becuase it’s too little too late. His Gavin’s dead and this impostor’s trying too damn hard to fill a role he isn’t meant to, doesn’t deserve (because friends don’t send friends off to fight and die for no good reason do they) or so he thinks, but seeing those tears fly to Gavin’s eyes, seeing that hurt in a pair of wildfire eyes, all Dan can see is his Gav staring at him like Dan’s the monster here. 

Gavin spins on his heel because he didn’t let Dan see him cry during their first fight and he sure as hell wont let it happen now, and prays that the crew will just let the matter die, of course he wont stay and find out because he is dangerously close to bursting into tears and he wont do it here, not in front of him or Geoff or Michael, Meg, Lindsay, but as try as he might he knows everyone could hear the sob he couldn’t quite contain as he fair ran out the penthouse doors.

Dan watches him go. Hindsight and regret are fucking awful bedfellows. He’s managed to repeat more or less the same mistake twice now and even though he’s mad, he’s seething with rage at the unfairness of it all, -what happen on his tour, what happened after, whats happening now,- the urge to go run after Gav and talk? talk, talk and try to make the fucking eon long apology possibly someday make up for that one sentence, the worst one he could have ever said, is so strong he’s lightheaded. Gavin’s not there and dan feels like his moors have all been cut and he hates it. Right or Wrong, deserved or not, he kinda wants to take it all back, wipe away the tears. but his, Gav’s, crew, they to their credit say nothing, as Geoff grabs Dan and leads him out the door. Dan can sense the military-esque presence on Ramsey, maybe thats why he listens, that’s why he almost snaps to attention at the first word, and he can see the sense in it. He fucked up, he said that, he should just leave, go back to England, anywhere ‘as long as you stay far the fuck away from my boy.’. A seinsible plan indeed, and not the first time. Its beginning to be an SMG staple this, scream a lot of hurtful shit at each other and run away for 6+ years

he takes the next flight out, 



or he plans to, he sets everything up on his phone. only to watch them get cancelled, no refunds. no explanation. his other attempts to book flights end in much the same way.  the text message a minute later begins to make sense then. “del perro. 10 minutes.”

Gavin’s sitting on the edge of the pier landing, alone, and it’s cold outside too, Dan wants to give him his jacket, out of the blue. He doesn’t. “Sit.” Gav says and Dan does. and they talk, Dan opens his mouth to say he’s sorry and Gavin cuts him off, launches into this story about his life, what happened after Dan went off, how Gav had no clue, none at all, that Dan’s division was sent where they were, didnt know anything was amiss until he got the worst news of his life. How he beat himself up for 6 years and two weeks because it was all his fault his best friend got killed all that way from home. “you’re right. i dont have the right,”Gav says. and it takes until the wee hours of the morning for Dan to stop explaining to both Gav and Himself how incredibly wrong he was. ‘It was not your fault Gav, it wasn’t. No one could have known what we were walking into, not you, not us, not the general, the townspeople…’

the sun come up, and B is back. they have so much more to talk about, explain, apologize for, him and Gav both, “I’m sorry too. About everything. All of it.” Gav says and damn it Dan has to take a break to will those tears stinging his eyes away. Who knew he needed to hear that as well eh. Dan spends five minutes in there holding Gav so tight he can feel his heartbeat against his chest -and gav will never know how much dan wished for this, this hug- , repeating, “B, b god i’ve missed you.” but Gav drags them back to the penthouse with a smile on his face, genuine, if a little brittle -which is probably the only reason Dan walks into, and out of the a bit later, the penthouse without getting shot- and Dan swears to never be the one to lose that again. 

Nightvale Horoscopes #2

Aries- Have you been extra tired lately Aries? Maybe you should take a nap. Just right now. Wherever you are. Just go to sleep for a while. Someone will wake you up in an eon or so Aries.

Taurus- Vanity will be your downfall Taurus. No, seriously. Stop looking in mirrors Taurus. The beings that live in them are getting restless. You might want to avoid your reflection for a while Taurus.

Gemini- Take the path less traveled today Gemini. In fact, make your own path. Construct a new path down which you cannot be tracked or followed and make your escape Gemini.

Cancer- Failure is an option Cancer. In fact, it is the only option. Well, the only option besides spiders, of course. Sorry Cancer.

Leo- Do you ever feel like a plastic bag Leo? Well you shouldn’t. You’ll be much more eco-friendly when you decompose. You’re already decomposing actually Leo and you’re being so eco-friendly about it.

Virgo-If you love something, let it go Virgo. If you love something, throw it far away from you and then run away screaming.

Libra- Someone’s got their eyes on you Libra. All of their hundreds of eyes. And they really want them back. You’re covered in eyes Libra. That’s really disgusting.

Scorpio- All of your infractions are going to catch up to you Scorpio. You really need to stop breaking the law. It’s not polite.

Sagittarius- Your true beauty is on the inside Sagittarius. Your organs are lovely. They’re positively glistening. We bet they’d be worth quite a lot on the black market.

Capricorn- Two wrongs don’t make a right Capricorn. But neither do two rights. Or a right and a wrong. We don’t know what does make a right. Hopefully that’s not important.

Aquarius- A shift in the cosmic charts will be bringing some drama your way soon Aquarius. The kind of drama that has a lot of live reptiles.

Pisces- How long can you hold your breath Pisces? Hmm I don’t think that that’s long enough. Keep practicing Pisces, it’s very very important

I don’t talk much about games but I’ve really been loving Dream Daddy, it’s super cute, well-written, and the relationship the main character has with their daughter is really healthy and you have a lot of options that encourage you to be open and honest with your daughter. One of the cutest parent/child relationships I’ve seen written in a long time!

And the cult ending that was supposed to be a Halloween DLC? Honestly… I would have loved it. Because this game is a world inhabited wholly by queer people, where queerness isn’t treated as something odd or exceptional, it’s ordinary. Having the option of a horror ending (where you actually DEFEAT THE HORROR WITH THE HELP OF A WOMAN WHO OUTWARDLY SEEMS LIKE A BITCH) felt like an extension of that. That queerness isn’t something that needs to be held up on a pedestal and vetted for perfection, it can go into any genre just like heterosexual relationships can. Maybe I’d feel differently if the scrapped data has a “bad ending,” but from what I’ve seen it ends with you and Mary defeating a demon and getting hit on by a hot detective at the end. (Also I feel worse about Joseph’s actual “bad ending” than the cult one, since the cult ending is a fantastical, heroic ending while the “fuck on the yacht and he goes back to his wife” one is depressingly realistic for shitty marriages. WHERE IS THE ENDING WHERE I HELP THEM BOTH THROUGH DIVORCE.)

I’ve felt so much frustration in how queerness has been treated in the media so on some level I understand the backlash. But mostly it feels like people are trying to tear apart a game that was made by queer people, for queer people, with non-fetishized trans men and men of color–all in an effort to make sure queerness is held to an impossible standard. That we must be Perfect and Unproblematic and Happy All the Time.

I just want to feel normal. I want the cute romance, the heartbreak, the horror, the bittersweet moments, the fantastical and heroic. Everything that cishet media has explored for eons. Queerness is treated as Not Normal IRL, so I’m happy to dive into media where my sexuality isn’t the focal point of the story, it’s the normal backdrop.

I should be getting back to actual work but I’m probably going to go romance the fuck out of Hot Coffeeshop Man and Bigby Wolf’s cryptid-hunting brother.

The end is a lot less climatic than prophets had determined it to be. It came slowly. You think the wage gap widened in a day? No, it took years, decades - the chasm growing, deep enough that any attempts to cross it were suicidal at best. Bodies tumbled into the chasm —— some in despair, some in hope, an unchanging outcome. Sometimes kids peered down, nudging each other with conspiratorial whispers: Don’t be chicken, I heard a friend of a friend made it to the other side.

Each crossing story more embellished than the last. Many, many decades ago when the gap had been a small crack on the pavement it had made sense to accuse those on the wrong side of wanting to stay there. Of making that choice. That thought, at least, had never changed. And so the world ended with a slowly encroaching chasm and little ceremony.

The horsemen, however, did come into this world in a split instance — their mouths opening and closing like fish out of water. Their limbs of shadow and sinews spilling awkward across stretches of ground; they pulled themselves together slowly, scrapping each limb against the asphalt, and leaving an inky trail behind. Their eyes glued shut by eons of stardust; they come from being infinity to breakable vessels.

In four corners of the world they awake to eat ash and death.


He crouches, spreads his fingers over the trembling ground and feels the thin layer of dirt that is neither soil nor dust, but made of the exhaust fumes of cars and the burnt particles of rubber. He fashions himself a crown of fingers and hands, weaved together before rigor mortis sets in.

His bow of ligament and bone: he rather likes it.


She spreads her fingers to shield her face from the burning sun. Napalm covers the fields at her feet —— a moment ago her skin was singing with the fire(it has gone silent, a chord struck, and spiralling into dissonance). Objects become weapons in her hands: she can swing a straw and watch men drown in their blood.

Her sword is a metal rusted pipe: all that was left behind in that field.


He scratches his fingers against the wall as retches his last meal along the side of a petrol station, the asphalt oily with tire marks and vomit. No one stops to ask if he’s okay, people scurry past as if he’s invisible; paper thin and made of bird bones as he slips inside the restaurant once more.

His scale is made of chicken bones: spitting the leftovers on the floor.


Death is death is death, and he has always been here among the bodies and the ashes and the mortality of it all; he is sick with conquest, famished for war; they portray him with a scythe but it is all in the curve of his hand —— from thumb to index, he flicks them together.

Ignites a spark.

—— Horsemen & Archangels [You don’t need a weapon when you’re born one] || Eliot C. ©
Meet the Monster Office Crew

Oranhamme and Fairy have Limited Interactions:

Due to my work/managing the blog/creating art and the large demand for interactions with Oranhamme and Fairy I will be limiting how often these two interact with other Office Members.

They will be mostly used for Answering Asks/Plots/Prompts/ and other miscellaneous roles.

Any interactions must be agreed on and planned ahead of time so please feel free to message me if you want to try and set up something with Oranhamme and/or Fairy. Let me know what you would like to happen and when in your initial message.


Asks for the two are okay because I can answer them at my leisure and don’t require follow-ups.

Without further ado:

Oranhamme, the Big Boss.

Oranhamme is a monster who dates back a time before humans walked the earth. Since his creation he has always had a passion for preparing food and eating food.

Oranhamme originally shared some of his secrets of food science with humanity when it was just starting. He was worshiped even. However over time humans began to grow in numbers and arrogance. When they began assaulting and killing monsters, Oranhamme withdrew not only his knowledge but also himself away from what he now considered a destructive race.

The big orange popped up throughout history in various places and has returned to continue doing what he loves best, making, distributing, and eating food. This time in the form of a large business. There’s only one problem. Eons of food preparation can make things boring so now Oranhamme wants to do something new. He wants to add magic to his creations. Its not exactly easy to get one’s hands on loads of magic to use in cooking but Oranhamme is a patient monster and will do what it takes to make his food the best.

Fairy, the Assistant of Villains.

For as long as Fairy can remember they’ve been working for the bad guy. It just seems to be where they fit the best. Over the years they have worked for many different types of villains, conquerors, masterminds, mad scientists, necromancers, sorcerers, you name it.

Their history in villainy has left them indifferent to most tricks and schemes that villains pull. They know how to get work done amongst the chaos of flashy dance numbers and take-over-the-world plots which makes them the perfect candidate for perhaps the most under appreciated job. An assistant.

Some might wonder why Fairy agreed to work for Oranhamme when the pace is constantly hectic and the workload is heavy. Well, one, they get paid really well to do it and two, you will have to figure out for yourself.