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She should not have been brought to Manila for Manila Fame and let her tattoo 200 people in 2 days.

▪️In Buscalan, she makes art for only 2-3 people PER DAY. She is 100 years old, let her have the rest she needs for her age.

▪️She is a national treasure, and do not strip her dignity off for the sake of capitalism.

▪️No, having a tattoo from her IN MANILA does not make you a cultured person. If you want to experience her art, go and travel to her place, immerse in her community, learn her story, and make your own story out of your tattoo. And PAY her directly, PAY HER MORE, because she gives you a part of her rich culture’s history.

▪️Do not distort cultural norms by being an instrument to commercialism and consumerism.

▪️Do not exploit a person for personal gains. There is a story in every tattoo that she does. Do not commodify a unique culture, more so a member of an indigenous tribe.

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I really want to get top surgery as soon as possible but my mom wants me to wait until I’m 18 (rn I’m 15) Is there anything I can tell her to change her mind?

Jay says:

Honestly, no. You can’t make her change her mind. You can try to nudge her in the right direction, but that will probably take some time. Having her talk to a supportive therapist, if you’ve been seeing one, would probably help ease some of her concerns (if you’re gonna have surgery as a minor odds are almost 100% that you’ll need a therapist’s approval). Keep in mind that very few surgeons will operate on someone your age anyway. Many want you to be at least 16, but lots of surgeons require you to be 18. So you have about a year to keep nudging her towards surgery. 

You’ll likely have to show her that top surgery would be the right choice for you. You didn’t say why she wants you to wait so I can’t be specific. If she knows you bind (assuming you do), explaining that binding is safe enough but not ideal long-term (i.e. for 3 more years) might be a step in the right direction. It was actually a huge wake-up call for my parents for my doctor to tell them “yeah, he has permanent rib issues and he’s in pain and it can only get worse while he binds”. If she’s worried about you changing your mind having her talk to the therapist (if you have one) might be good. You could explain your dysphoria a bit so she can get a better understanding of how difficult waiting 3 more years would be (but don’t be guilt-trippy, you want her to really believe she’s making the right choice on your behalf, not that she’s doing something she doesn’t want to do because she feels bad). 

You’ll probably have to demonstrate that you really know what you’re “getting into”. If you can, sitting down with her and having a long conversation about everything would probably be good. Some parents just want to feel like you could handle everything, so do your research. Have an idea of what surgeons you’d like a consult with, what you have to do to prepare for surgery, what recovery is like. 

She might just need time. You can keep nudging her to speed things up but some parents just need a bit of time to think and reflect and plan. You could ask if she’d be open to talking to an Ally Mom.

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watch?v=OkMLYNWP-yo Youtube link, whatcha think of Bo en?

I’ve been listening to bo en for ages and I love their stuff, very unfortunate that they no longer want to make dance music but I understand that it’s because they want to pursue soundtrack work so that’s alright 


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10 Books to read this autumn & Halloween🍁🍂🍁

1.The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

It’s spooky,  it’s smart, thematic and has splashes of the otherworldly but it’s mostly a historical mystery

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2. Tangleweed and Brine by Deirdre Sullivan

This is a collection of twelve fairytale retelling it’s Witchy, subversive and lyrical, it’s a bit dark but not to bad, it’s an ideal autumn read.

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3. The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss 

This is a retelling inspired from the classic horror stories of: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Sherlock Holmes, Van Helsing, Dracula (Mr. Renfield,) Frankenstein, Rappaccini’s daughter, and Dr. Moreau.  it’s a very Interesting read if you love the Classics and a perfect read for Halloween.

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4. The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

This is a ideal book for reading and re-reading every autumn, Come October, seventeen-year-old Cara and her family – including her mother, older sister and ex-stepbrother – board up the windows and hide the sharp implements in preparation for the Accident Season, a month in which mysterious and dangerous things seem to constantly befall them. A spellbinding magical realism standalone, it’s full of tarot cards, masquerade balls, fortune-telling, dreams, hallucinations and hazy, stylish prose. If you’re looking for an atmospheric autumnal read, this is absolutely the book to go for. 

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5.Harry potter by jk Rowling

Let’s face it you can’t have Halloween with out harry potter, with it’s wizards and witch’s, it’s magic spells and potions, it’s monsters and just overall feeling of autumn in this series it’s a must read.

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6. Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

The Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries are one of those series you know is relatively recent but which seems like it’s been around for ages. It has that classic but accessible touch which makes it appealing to kids and brings something older readers or adults can appreciate, too. 

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7. All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater.

Here is a thing everyone wants:
a miracle; here is a thing everyone fears:
what it takes to get one.Enchanting writing and complex characters interwoven into a tale of love, darkness, fear and redemption.

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8. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Why so perfect for fall? The emphasis on education makes this feel especially appropriate to read during back-to-school season.
This turn of the century coming-of-age story is an American classic for good reason. The beautifully crafted tale pulls you into Francie’s story and has you rooting for her as she grows up in challenging circumstances. There is an undercurrent of hope that buoys everything

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9. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

One of Agatha Christie most famous mysteries, the eerie setting, and countdown of survivors makes for a satisfying mystery with a slightly Halloween-inspired feel. Add in the narrative following the children’s verse, and the disappearing soldiers mimicking the fallen guests and there is a decided sense of menace to the text.

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10. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

This is a fast-moving, eerie…tale set on Halloween nigh. Eight costumed boys running to meet their friend Pipkin at the haunted house outside town encounter instead the huge and cadaverous Mr. Moundshroud. As Pipkin scrambles to join them, he is swept away by a dark Something, and Moundshroud leads the boys on the tail of adventures. This book is actually for kids but I read it last year at the age of 18 and I loved it and learned a lot about Halloweens history.
(Also I loved the movie as a kid)

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Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

It’s an ideal choice when you’re looking for something to read while curled up under a blanket, sipping a hot drink. From the famous opening line to the dramatic conclusion, Rebecca is also perfect for a discussion title, if you’re looking for one for your book club to read this fall. The atmospheric novel is a modern classic, blending Gothic romance and mystery.

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Author: @queenofthyme

Dearest Potter,

My mother insists that I write you to formally thank you for speaking on behalf of us at the Wizengamot. Without your testimony, we most certainly would have faced time in Azkaban.

So: thank you.

If you were expecting any heartfelt words of gratitude, then you’ve mistaken me for those hero worshippers who submit their amateur poetry about you to The Daily Prophet. Even as a child, I could write better poetry than that. 

Hoping to never speak to you again,

Draco Malfoy


Please pass my appreciation on to your mother. I sincerely hope she is well.

As for you, I don’t need or expect your gratitude. That’s not why I helped you. You wouldn’t understand this of course, but those of us who have a heart, help others simply just to help others.

I also happen to enjoy and appreciate the notes people leave in The Daily Prophet for me. I’ve never heard any poetry from you, so I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

Wishing you horrible misfortune,

Harry Potter

Don’t give me that load of crock, Potter. Even heroes have ulterior motives.

I also highly doubt you enjoyed last week’s poem: “I see Harry Potter’s emerald eyes, they sparkle and shine, all magic defies.” What does that even mean?

Seeing through your media-trained lies,

Draco Malfoy

Malfoy. You only think I’m lying because you can’t comprehend anyone’s perspective but your own.

That poem was heartfelt and thoughtful. I have a copy of it on my fridge - that’s a muggle appliance.

Rejecting your rude assumptions about me,

Harry Potter

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A Tennant/Tate Celebration 

Interviewer:  “You can’t stay apart.”
David:  “We can’t, no.”
Catherine:  “No, we tried.”

David:  “We’ve always enjoyed working together… specifically working together as well as hanging out.”

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{ The Prince of Egypt } Aaron + favorite physical feature
          ↳ hands

bonus fact: “aaron’s animator noticed that jeff goldblum uses his hands a lot when he speaks, and decided to make that one of aaron’s mannerisms.” (x)


You’re a s m a r t man Jack, but I don’t entirely t r u s t you

                                 Peas in a pod, darling.

Daniel would rudely push every camper out of the way if they were in his path except for Space Kid, whom he would gently picked up, set to the side, and give his helmet an affectionate pat.

Little space morning routine

9:15am ♡ wake up, beg daddy to go back to sleep

9:20am ♡ pout cause daddy said no

9:45am ♡ ask for help getting dressed

10:00am ♡ dress build a bear stuffies

10:15am ♡ decide you’re hungry, decide to make food

10:20am ♡ quickly realise you’re no good at making food, cry out of frustration and wait for daddy

10:45am ♡ eat breakfast with daddy and watch cartoons, make sure to ask for several sippy cup refills

11:15am ♡ help daddy with dishes and other boring chores so you get a sticker

12:00pm ♡ naptime!!

12:01pm ♡ lie and insist that you’re not tired

1:00pm ♡ wake up, cuddle daddy till lunch time