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1:Ok so ive been meaning to watch/read bnha for a while but when i did watch the 1st episode i had to skip like half of it bc bakugou bullying deku p much brought back my (school) War Flashbacks so uh i was wondering if it gets better? from what ive heard/seen around he still continues to be p much an asshole but with Layers(TM) like an ogre or smth but tbh that would only make things worse cause i really dont want to see a bully be in every episode & not be actually redeemed or even sorry so...

2:Like i know he is an interesting character but i REALLY cant stand seeing bullies, well, bullying that much - i can skip some scenes if they are not too many but if its too entrenched in the story then i would prefer not to watch personally. you dont have to convince me hes not that bad tbh i mean i know he is like 14 and immature and a brat but i just need to know if he continues to be episode-1-levels bully or if dekus newfound powers make at least a bit of a difference psychologically 4 him

Heh, I guess to start I’ll say this: Bakugou’s still a pretty bad person.

My short and straight answer is that yes, Bakugou’s bullying of Deku continues. It’s more Deku who changes, as he develops the confidence to no longer be fazed by Bakugou’s bullying. 

I think that Bakugou’s character development is interesting, but there’s no single moment where he’s redeemed. And no, Bakugou has not yet apologized to Deku about the things he’s done, even in the manga. And if you don’t like to see his character explored and developed (while his actions are not corrected) then this might rub you the wrong way.

I really enjoy Bakugou’s character, but frankly I enjoy him more like how I enjoy villain characters than hero characters. Villains can be interesting and entertaining and bring a lot of depth and character to a show while still definitely doing bad things. Bakugou’s not a villain, but I throw him into the same “entertaining and interesting but I’m not forgiving him one fucking bit for the bad shit he’s done” box.

And also, joining the BNHA fandom might be hard for you because it’s gotten pretty popular to dismiss Bakugou’s actions and treat him like some kind of “secretly a sweetheart” “can do no wrong fan favorite child” “here’s 4 paragraphs about how the look Bakugou gives Deku in one panel of one chapter proves Bakugou’s actually never done anything wrong in his entire life.”*

(*and yeah everyone’s got a right to interpret characters however they like im just saying this is a thing that happens)

So all that being said, it might not be a series that you can really get into. Bakugou remains a very central character with a lot of development and exploration, but he still definitely bullies Deku. Deku’s just built up the confidence to not be all that bothered by it anymore. 

I honestly can’t call niall “a celebrity” I literally can’t. I don’t feel like he is one. I see celebrities as unreachable people from another universe. But Niall’s so down to earth he’s so “normal” if that makes sense. Like I hate the word “celebrity” while talking about him because this word regroups every famous people and I don’t want to compare niall to every celebrity because he’s just so different to me. When you’ve been a fan for so long and you’ve seen him grow up as an individual and an artist you can’t help but feel so close to him in a way. But also the fact that niall himself shares a lot of stuff with us on social media. It really closes the borders between us.

💋Just Friends [Part 3] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan while you’re hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.

Warnings: Eating out/Unsafe sex/Swearing/Dick sucking??

A/N: I am working on a mini series with the lovely @cassmoreiraxo aka @4odolans! Make sure to check out the parts before hand!

Part 2

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I was sitting in my car outside of the boy’s apartment building. Grayson and I have been fooling around for about a month now, and Ethan had no idea that I knew of. At first, this friends with benefits thing was exciting. Figuring out when Ethan would be back so we could fool around, there was even one time I rode Grayson’s dick while Ethan was in the same room. Grayson made this whole thing we were doing so fun and exciting. Sending each other text messages like ‘I need you’ or sending each other extremely sensual text messages made this all the more exciting But today I needed everything to end. I started to feel sick at the thought of Ethan having no idea about his brother and I seeing each other. I would feel absolutely terrible if Ethan found out about this from either walking in on Gray and I, which has happened on multiple occasions but we were well covered. I looked down at my phone as Gray and E’s named were across the screen with some twitter notifications.

Grayson: Come sit on my face I need you so bad baby
Ethan: Pancakes tonight?

I tossed my phone in the passenger chair as I opened my door. I walked into the apartment building and took the elevator to their apartment. My heart was racing as the thought of telling Grayson goodbye came to mind again. I enjoyed what we were doing no doubt, but this wasn’t fair to me. I started developing feelings, but I couldn’t. He was 18 while I was 22. I knew it would be better for the both of us in the end. I knocked on the door to which Ethan answered the door before I could finish knocking.

“Hey Y/N! I didn’t know you were coming over.” He said as he opened the door wider for me to allow myself through. I looked to see Grayson walked around in some track pants shirtless. “Gray go put a shirt on.” Ethan hissed which I just smiled.

“Hey E! What are you all dressed up for? Got a hot date?” I asked trying to decrease any awkwardness between all of us.

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“Hey Y/N what are you doing here? Not that I mind, but I’m about to go to Jack’s so I guess that’s my hot date.” Ethan asked with a chuckle to which Gray and I exchanged a look of fear. Grayson lets out a laugh to try and break the created tension.

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“That’s fine. I’m here to–” I began.

“She’s here to help me pick an outfit out for next week’s video. Come on Y/N.” Grayson grabbed my hand as we ran to his room.

“Okay? Nice to see you two getting along!” Ethan shouted as Grayson slammed his bedroom door shut slamming me up against the door and kissing my lips hungrily and his hands gripped my sides. His hand managed to unbutton my top as he almost pulled my shirt off of me. He slid the sleeves down my shoulder as my arms wrapped around his neck again. Since this was a thing we did, I just stopped wearing a bra over to their place to make things go faster.

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“Jump.” I did as Grayson told me as my legs wrapped around his naked torso. His lips stayed connected to mine as his tongue slid in my mouth as we both let out some moans.

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“E-Ethan?” I lightly moaned as I pulled away to ask Grayson where Ethan was. Grayson’s lips sucked on my collarbone as I let out another moan.

“God Y/N I’ve had a stressful day with Ethan and I just want you to ride my face. I want you to ride me until I cum all inside of you.” Grayson said which made my knees wobble. He knew his words made me weak and he used that to his advantage. “Do you want me as bad as I want you?” He ask as he rubbed me outside of my shorts. I let out a shaky breath. “Do you like it when I do that?” I nodded my head as I threw my head back against the pillows as Grayson unzipped my shorts. I knew that now was not the time to bring up not wanting to continue things.

“Grayson do it.” I moaned as he slowly slid in head down my stomach leaving a trail of kisses along the way. He kissed the hem of my pink panties as he kissed my inner thighs which made me let out another moan. I then felt his tongue slide along my slit with just the thin fabric keeping his tongue away from where I wanted him.

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“Come on.” Grayson pulled my underwear down as he flipped on to his back. He held my hips down on his face as his tongue slid up and down my heat. I had one hand gripping in his hair as the other hand gripped the top of the bed frame. I rolled my hips as he flattened his tongue which made my grip tighten in his already messy hair. I felt him pucker his lips to suck and nibble lightly on my clit. “G-Gray.” I muttered which Gray pulled his mouth away.

“No babe you can’t cum yet. I get to cum first and I want to cum inside of you because of my stressful day with Ethan.” Gray says as he flicks his tongue against my clit again.

“Fuck.” I moaned as I leaned my body forward to which I could feel Grayson’s fingers enter me as he pumped his fingers in and out of me a couple times before he slapped my ass. I turned around, but he stopped me.

“No let me see your ass.” I turned around confused, but knew what was happening. I spread my knees apart as I stuck my ass higher in the air.

“I thought you wanted me to ride you?” I chuckled and so did Gray.

“Yeah well now I want to slam into you with your ass against me and pull your hair while you scream for me. How does that sound?” He asked as he slapped my ass again which made me let out a small yelp. He ran the head of his dick along my slit teasingly which made me groan. “Beg for it Y/N.” I groaned again, but I guess if it will make him feel better.

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“Please Gray. Please make me cum with your dick.” I whined which I then felt Gray slide himself inside of me which made my mouth turn into an ‘O’ shape as I buried my face into the pillow. Grayson was slow at first, but soon sped up as he slammed into me and slapped my ass every other thrust.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight. Even after we’ve done this I’m still not used to you.” I chuckled at Gray’s comment.

“Ditto friend.” Grayson chuckled at my response as he thrusted faster into me. I sucked my top lip into my mouth as I let out a moan. Soon I was pushing my ass towards him for more friction. I could hear Grayson grunt as his grip tightened on my hips to where he was basically pulling me into him.

“Cum for me Gray. Cum inside of me with that big dick of yours.” I could feel myself beginning to come undone, but just as that moment approached, Grayson let out one more curse word with a moan as he filled me up with his cum. I came undone moments afterwards as Grayson stood still for a second. I smiled as I decided to clean him up some. I turned my body around as I wrapped my hand around his cock and pumped him a bit in order for all the cum to ooze out as I licked the tip. Grayson sucked in a sharp breath in between his teeth as I stuck him all the way in my mouth and pulled away with a pop.

“You look so sexy when you do that Y/N.” He smiles as he tilts my head up towards him. He pressed a kiss to my lips which was full of tongue. “When you swallow all of it you always make me proud. I love you.” Grayson’s eyes snapped opened at what he just said as did mine.

“No you don’t. You love what I do.” I chuckled awkwardly trying to break the new tension. I stood off of the bed as I gathered my clothes off of the ground. I threw back on my baggy shirt and shorts. “I have to go get ready. I have a pancake date with your brother tonight. I’ll see you later Gray.” I pressed my lips back to his as I leave the room without another word. We can talk another day.

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otayuri: admitting weaknesses

so i was so torn between h/c and nsfw themes for this one but i live to torture @otasucc so i put liability on loop and just went with it.

it’s not like yuri wants to be envious.

he loves otabek, he does; otabek’s skating, his soft smiles, his careful words and deep laughter. the way otabek hums to himself in the kitchen of yuri’s apartment in st. petersburg, making dinner for them both while he’s here to stay for training camp. the way his back looks in that tight black shirt; the way his eyes are gentle, fond, when he looks over at yuri.

he moves around smoothly, easy motions and instinct. the same way he is on the ice.

it’s not like yuri wants to be envious, but there is cold fog seeping through his ribs whenever someone else greets otabek, even here in st. petersburg; when otabek spends the night out, having been called over to dom beata because a friend is playing a set; when otabek gets calls from his parents, his friends, from jj. the cold sneaks up yuri’s throat, makes him start to pull away when otabek sits beside him, makes the resentment form pools in his lungs that threaten to drown him.

“i’ll make dinner a bit early tonight, yuri,” otabek says after he hangs up, having taken a call on yuri’s tiny balcony. “maxim’s asking me to drop by mosaique tonight, sorry, i didn’t know he was in st. petersburg.”

yuri’s hand stills where he’s petting potya, sitting cross-legged in the living room in tights and an old sweater. he looks down. his hands are shaking. he can’t say anything.

“yuri?” otabek looks over curiously, and yuri realizes he’s taken too long to respond.

“yeah.” yuri cards his fingers slowly through potya’s fur and feels proud of how his voice doesn’t waver. “that’s fine, i wanted to go to bed early anyway.”


he doesn’t want to admit it. he doesn’t want to say that when he sees the things otabek has that are not skating, he wants to break them, wants to ruin, wants to take them away childishly and chain otabek to figure skating the way yuri is, so inescapably. he doesn’t want to admit it but it gnaws away at him, and he breathes splinters and ice.

otabek goes to make dinner. yuri closes his eyes.

stays silent.


send me two word prompts to write here!

gosh, thank you! that is so sweet??? I hope you (and any other of my followers who celebrate!) have/had a very happy Eid!💖 💕

on another note, I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning out my askbox! under the cut is almost every ask I’ve gotten that i haven’t answered in the past…. I’m not sure. it’s been a WHILE though.

as a warning, there’s all sorts of stuff, and it’s all untagged! also also, if you sent one of these asks and want me to remove it, just let me know!

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One of the things I really like about DA2 is simply how much you can say fu to canon.

Varric is an unreliable storyteller, he’s just been captured and held at sword point 1.5/2 years after the start of the rebellion, and he simply tells Cassandra what she wants to hear all the while making blame scattered and protecting his friends.

While Im fully aware that the repetative use of maps and jump from the air enemies are faults on the devs part, they can also be considered Varric (as he hates being underground) thinking all ruins and caves look the same, or he’s like ‘and then 4 bandits, okay more like 8 bandits and like 6 of their buddies hidden in the shadows came out’.

The characters are characters cause he’s spinning this epic tale, he could have placed his own family frustrations (particularly with his mother) in his version of Leandra, Gamlen, Carver and Bethany.

I just really like that you dont have to take everything as canon because its Varric telling a story, not Hawke living it as it happens.

Julie Plec the "feminist"

So Julie Plec broke up Hayley and Elijah, because Elijah was violent towards Haley while trapped in the darkest corner of his mind. He retreated there because at his core, he was violent. Even though Klaus mentioned that he has only ever killed people to protect his family. Elijah, who has been nothing but kind, and protective towards Haley. Elijah who always put her happiness above his own. Elijah who was kind, patient, and understanding towards her needs. Elijah who always backed off when Haley didn’t want to be around him. Elijah who is the only reason that Haley and her baby were kept safe when she first came to New Orleans. Elijah who loved his brother Klaus so much he never gave up on him. Never gave up on seeing Klaus be redeemed. Sacrificed himself many times for Klaus to be able to become and stay a father to Hope. Julie Plec did this because she’s a feminist who cannot support abuse in relationships. Yet, she spent 6 seasons of The Vampire Diaries glorifying the love of Elena Gilbert with Damon the rapist Salvatore. Meanwhile, she killed off his much better in every single way brother Stefan. Julie Plec is a feminist icon

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sliding in here a few minutes late with my choices creates submission, sorry!! this round was hosted by @hollyashton and @zigisbisexual and the theme was “that was fun, let’s do it again sometime!” of course my hoe ass had to make it at least mildly nsfw lol

edit: now that it’s submitted and i’m not stressing out i wanted to say a little more. (if you don’t want to read anything cheesy just ignore this lmao)
i just made this blog like a week ago, but i’ve been creepin on the choices fandom for a while now from my main blog @trashdigger. i felt weird about starting a second account from scratch because i’ve had my other one for like 6 years, but this fandom has been so warm and friendly that the weirdness didn’t last for long. it’s made me really happy talking to you guys the past few days! i’ve also been kind of in a rut in my life bc i dropped out of college for art a year ago and haven’t actually drawn anything more than a doodle since then, but for some reason i was weirdly motivated by choices creates? probably because there was a short deadline and i haven’t had a deadline in a while lol. but anyway what i mean is this is the best fandom ever ok i will shut up now goodbye


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So I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to every single person that has followed me, I honestly don’t know why but I literally appreciate every single one of you !! 500 has been my goal for a while, and although it is small, I am SO happy to reach it before my blog has turned one years old!

To commemorate this: I am going to open up requests for some little imagines/one shots/bonus scenes for my existing fics. 

So, that is Coffee Shop, Watching You and any Other World fic (but I’ll only write if it doesn’t spoil for stuff I have planned already!) 

Just drop me a message for what you want and I’ll try my best!

Also, while I am here - going to make a little follow forever post - these blogs, mutuals or not, make my time on tumblr magical and honestly deserve the world: 

So my Follow Forever:

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1K Comeback - Have Your Say!

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Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long while since I’ve posted and I’m going to explain why in a following post for those interested, but long story short: I’m ready to come back to this blog for good and having discovered that, even while this blog was inactive I have accumulated 912 followers - nearly 1,000 beautiful people - I am ready to fully come back.

But - I want to do it in a way that makes this blog more personal and more inviting. I want to have my original identity returned, as the one I came to be known as before I transferred my stories to this blog instead.

Therefore, I am going to be making a comeback on a new blog, which you can find at @the-girl-who-lives-in-her-head. It’s already created, but it won’t be up and running for a few weeks now - why? That’s what this post is going to explain!

I want a fresh start - to put myself into this new blog and have it be friendly and welcoming and truly personal. This blog? It’s a bit clinical and only full of fics with no… personality. My new blog is going to be a sort of do-over for me, and I was seriously considering just moving there and wiping these old stories. But, at the same time, I know that these stories are the ones that earned me all of you guys and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them.

So - I’m going to ask all 912 of you to help me out! I will be asking you to send in votes for two different things: which fics and headcanons you would like me to transfer AND what you want me to write my comeback story for!

Votes will be close until 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 20th of July and the process is simple:

  1. Send me an ask that tells me the title of your favourite fic or headcanon. A reason would be appreciated but just the title will do.
  2. Send me an ask  with the name of the Voltage Inc man you’d like me to write about along with the preferred genre (e.g. fluff, angst, smut etc.)
  3. You can vote as often as you like, and while I will count both anonymous and non-anonymous votes, I would prefer it if these were not anonymous. None of the votes will be publicly responded to and only I will see them anyway.
  4. For the favourite fics, I would like it if you could include a reason why you like that fic in particular - you never know, if the reasons compel me enough then I might just transfer that fic even if it loses out on votes!

All asks will be counted and tallied and the Top 5 Fics/Headcanons will be moved to my blog, and the Most Popular Man will be the main focus for my comeback fic!

Again, votes will close at 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 20th of July and the results will be revealed at 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 21st of July, ready for my official comeback and the beginning of my new blog on the 22nd of July, which just so happens to be my 18th birthday! I thought it would be fitting  - having the birthday of my blog be the birthday of me!

I won’t delete this blog straight away after the transfer (this is only a side-blog so deleting is easy enough) to give people time to re-follow me if that’s what you want to do, I’ll probably delete this blog towards the end of July, but this will be dependent on you guys. 

I hope you all welcome me back, I’m happy to return and I hope that while my transition might not be smooth, that I can eventually work myself back up to be respected and - hopefully - liked by you all once more!

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I've been single for about three years now and severly miss physical contact. I just want to spoon with Bucky in bed and watch a movie while he traces patterns with his thumb on my hip, slowly moving up and under my shirt, but not high enough to distract me too much. After the movie ends I want him to kiss my neck, saying "Doll, you just look so pretty right now. Can I make love to you, please?" and have slow, passionate sex while still spooning, his arms surrounding me.

This is so soft and pure omg

Moaning Monday™

I really want to do a Deaf!au, but I don’t want to offend anyone or make it seem like I’m romanticizing Deafness. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Deaf culture for my ASL classes, and I find it super interesting. I want to be able to educate hearing people on it while creating something entertaining. I don’t know what to do.

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Do you want kids?? Opinions on having kids?

Personally, I don’t want to kids, haha. I’ve known that I didn’t want kids for about 3 years now. My mom has the argument with me that I’m too young to know, but it’s still my choice and it’s been that way for a while.

You know, it’s your choice whether or not you want kids. It doesn’t make you a shitty person if you don’t want them.

Texts From Kylo: Prequel 2

A/N: so I'm back from Anaheim and I’m ready to write! I didn’t do much writing on vacation but I got a quarter of the way through a top secret fic I'm working on. sorry to say but it is not kylo related…. I will still be writing some kylo things but I want to venture and write outside the kylo bubble. unfortunately, the kylo and Adam tag have been polluted with drama by the ship-that-shall-not-be-named and the antis. both sides forgetting the purpose of the tag… anyway, I'm not here to lecture… I hope my padawans enjoy.

SIDEBAR: um- this- ahhh!!!!! more prequels to come????? I've also been debating on actually making a fic of your first date with kylo and how you two met…… it’s been something I've been thinking about for a while.

Warnings: none.

Text from Kylo Masterlist.

Requests are ALWAYS open.

(this is strictly kylo and reader pairing. you are in a relationship with him. occasionally there can/will be conversations with Hux but those are strictly platonic!)

Golden Hearts 💛🖤 - Chapter Two

AJ Styles/OC

Authors Note: Tika gets to let out a little bit of her emotions and fears with Trinity and AJ. Some news from home about Serenity.

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May 23, 2017

11:15 p.m.


After the show, all Tika wanted was a long, hot shower and to make a phone call home. The show itself was fun, she loved being back at work but she was tired. It had been awhile since she had been out under those lights and doing all the moving around she was doing, it had taken a bit of a toll on her. Tika had hoped her mother was awake while she waited for her to answer the FaceTime request. She just wanted to know everything was okay and that she did the right thing by coming back to work.

“You’re just getting back to your room, sweetheart?” Ella Harris, Tika’s mother, was a sight to behold even at this late hour. Tika could tell she was almost ready for bed as she still had her make up on, hair was still down and from what she could see Ella had her robe on. “Yeah, looks like you’re just getting home too.” Tika snuggled deeper under her covers, propping her iPad on the pillow beside her. She could feel her sleepiness take over, whenever she was away from home and she talked to either of her parents she would fall asleep. Their voices were comforting to her, they were home. “After Ren’s appointment, earlier we took her out for a bit and ended up at your aunt and uncle’s. You know how it is over there.” Ella laughed a little. She stared at her daughter for a few seconds, Tika had her eyes closed tightly. The mention of the appointment had made her uneasy. “You know she’s okay, right? Your father and I are taking good care of her, Tika. Don’t you worry.”

“What did the doctor say, Mama?” She asked, her eyes now looking back at her mother.

Ella hesitated a bit, looking at something off camera before answering. “He wants her to come back tomorrow to run tests.”

“Is she okay? Tests for what?”

“Baby, you’re too far to be worrying. If anything happens, me or your father will let you know,” she said softly, “You should get some rest, baby. I know you’re tired.”

“Let me see my baby, mama. It’s okay if she’s sleeping I just want to see her.”

Ella knew better than to argue with Tika about it. With Tika being away from her daughter, all she could do was see her through video calls and pictures until she her days off came around or they were close enough to Orlando to go home and check on her.

“She was sleep as soon as we pulled out your uncle’s driveway. Honey, Walter asked if she wanted to get ice cream and you know your baby doesn’t turn down sweets,” Ella laughed softly as she opened Serenity’s door. “So when we didn’t get an answer we knew she was out cold, Ti.” Ella switched to the rear camera, putting it on a sleeping Serenity.

As soon as her eyes were on her little girl, Tika laughed louder than she should have. When Serenity stirred a bit, Ella hushed her though she was laughing a little herself. “Who did that to my baby’s hair, mama?”

“Me, girl. She saw me doing my hair and she asked me to do hers.”

“But finger waves, ma? Of all the styles,” Tika laughed. Ella shushed her again as she left Serenity’s room to go back to her own. “Got my baby looking like he stepped straight out the 80’s. I can’t, mama.”

“Girl, hush. Nana’s baby looks cute. Don’t be jealous.”

“Yeah, sure,” Tika said shaking her head. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you. Tell Pops and Ren, I love them.”


May 24, 2017

11:25 a.m.


The flight from Ohio to Tennessee was uneventful and short. Tika hitched a ride with Trinity and the twins to their hotel since they were there until Saturday. While the twins were off playing video games with some of the other guys from the roster, Trinity sat with Tika to catch up with her. They hadn’t had much of a chance before.

“I tell you what I didn’t miss,” Tika groaned rolling onto her stomach on the full size bed. Trinity sat Indian style on the full size bed beside Tika’s. “Hotel, plane and car hopping. But I will say the beds are definitely more comfortable than those chairs at the hospital.”

“Yeah, after lying in them for almost a year I don’t know how your back made it.” Trinity joked looking down at her phone.

“When you don’t have a choice it helps, Trin.”

“Shit,” Trinity dropped her phone and looked over to her cousin. “I didn’t mean it like that. I was just saying, I was agreeing with you, babe.”

“It’s fine. I know. I just,” she paused to gather her jumbled thoughts. “If someone would have told me that at just three years old my baby would be lying in a bed fighting for her life instead of at her dance recital and classes I would have punched them in their throats. If they would have told me that her father would abandon her the way he did, I would have kicked them in their shins. Co-parenting was cool until she got sick.”

“She’s a fighter, Ti. She’s proved that, so are you and if Anthony is too much of a punk to deal with this then it’s his loss.”

“Trin, it’s hard. She spent her 4th birthday in the hospital. Do you know what I had to tell my baby just weeks before her birthday? How was I supposed to tell my baby something the damn doctor couldn’t tell me without crying? She didn’t and still doesn’t understand that if she stops fighting and if what the doctors are doing don’t work she could die.”

Quickly, Trinity moved over to the other bed to console Tika. Anyone who knew her, knew that she never outwardly showed emotion until it had reached its boiling point inside of her.

“Serenity is not going anywhere. You don’t worry about that, you worry about staying strong for her.”

“She has a 50/50 chance, Trinity. Before I left there were problems with her blood work and mama says she’s gotta go run tests tomorrow,” she stressed wiping furiously at the fallen tears. “Cancer is gonna take my baby from me. Its gonna take her away and she doesn’t even understand completely.”

“What does she think about it?”

“She hates the all the poking and prodding, she hates the hospital, she hates it all. For a while she would fight so much that they had to sedate her to even do the smallest things.” She gave a small, sad smile thinking about it. “She hated me for letting them do it. She wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t touch me for hours because I let them hurt her. I tried and tried to explain the cancer to her but she only ended up hating cancer and me for a little longer.”

“Boo, she didn’t mean it.” Trinity consoled her as best she could. Wrapping her in the biggest and tightest hug she could. She wasn’t around as much as she wanted to be when the family was notified of the diagnosis. She came around as much as she could and when she did Serenity was in a good mood, luckily for her she had never seen Serenity’s bad days. Trinity let Tika cry for as long as she needed. There was something to be said about the way Tika loved her daughter. She did whatever she could for her and got her anything she needed and wanted. It hurt her deeply that she couldn’t take this cancer away from her. If she could take it so that Serenity could live pain and worry free she wouldn’t hesitate.

“Your boo is texting you,” Trinity sung holding Tika’s phone in her hand.

After her emotional release, Tika and Trinity decided to watch movies and relax. They were 45 minutes into their second movie, Poetic Justice, when her phone started vibrating on the bed between them. Tika ignored it, she didn’t want to interrupt their time or their movie. Trinity on the other hand wanted her to get just in case it was something about Serenity.

Tika looked to her cousin then back to the television ignoring her.

“Fine, I’ll just text him back for you.”

“Who is that, Trin? It better not be you and Jon playing on my phone again.” Her eyes never left the movie. She was relaxed and not in the mood to play games.

“It’s Mr. Styles. He’s wanting to know if you’re busy,” Trinity hummed and got to work on her reply. Tika watched from the corner of her eye. There was never any use in fighting with her, she did what she wanted whenever she wanted.

“And you told him what?”

“Your room number. You need a little distraction and from the way he looks at you, I’m sure you’ll get just that.”

Tika sat up, sitting Indian and pulling her pillow into her lap. She snatched her phone from her grinning cousin. After the morning they had, Tika wasn’t in any mood to deal with anyone who wasn’t Trinity. Her focus was shot, she was relaxed but Serenity still weighed heavily on her mind. She scrolled through the thread confirming what her cousin had said, sure enough he was on his way.

With a hard eyeroll, Tika tossed her phone onto the nightstand. “I swear sometimes I can’t stand you. I’m not even attracted to him, Trinity.”

“Girl,” she scoffed. “You’re not attracted to him but before everything with Serenity happened y’all were sneaking around on dates and all in each other’s faces. Don’t try it, Ti.”

“Nobody was sneaking around. Him and I just went to get food a few times, that’s all.”

“And the flowers he was sending you, the forehead kisses and him ditching Luke and Karl to ride with you? What was that? Just being nice, huh?”

A knock at the door put an end to their heated discussion. Trinity knew what was happening. Serenity’s problems took the front seat with Tika as they should have, Trinity had no issue with that, her problem was Tika not allowing herself to have some sort of life. It wouldn’t make her a bad parent to take a little time for herself. All the doctors that had seen Serenity encouraged her to take time out for her. If she didn’t make time for herself, she could be putting herself at risk for some psychological issues.

Defeated, Tika pulled the pillow closer to her, clutching it as she waited for Trinity to come back with AJ.

“Hey there, darlin’.”

His southern drawl had captured her full attention. Her mind was off the little spat with Trinity, off the movie and off Serenity’s problems. Him in his ring gear was attractive of course but there was something to be said about him in every day clothes. He looked better in Tika’s eyes.

“You know you didn’t have to come to my room. You could have just texted me, Allen.”

He whistled lowly as he sat on the bed beside her. He took in her appearance notice the slight frown on her face. On her way out the door, Trinity had warned him that she was in a bit of a mood. Even though he knew he could handle her, he thanked Trinity anyway.

“You’re callin’ me ‘Allen’. What’s wrong, pretty girl?” He asked softly.

“Why do you care? It’s not like you can fix it, AJ.”

AJ grabbed her hand, lacing his fingers with hers attempting to soothe her. “Maybe I can’t but it might help if ya told me. I won’t talk if ya don’t want me to, I’ll just listen.”

He watched her eyes close, she took slow, deep breaths. Tika was trying to dial her tone back, AJ hadn’t done anything to her. Despite her barely texting and calling while she was gone then all together stopped replying period, AJ was still there for her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just been a day for me. I’m waiting to hear from my mom.”

“What’s goin’ on with Ren?”

“I dunno. She has to go in for tests again tomorrow,” she sighed looking at their hands. “I’m just worried. She was finally able to go home, I don’t want her to have to go back and be miserable.”

“Oh, darlin’. Don’t worry about that, she’s safe in God’s hands. What he has planned for her only he knows.” His voice was softer than she had ever heard. It was as smooth as velvet. “Whether it’s in his plan to keep her here or make her your angel, she’ll always be with ya. You gotta accept that she may not make it through this but you gotta know that you did everything in your power to help her through it.”

At that moment, Tika saw something different in AJ. She already knew that he was strong in his faith and she had conversations with her parents about God and Serenity’s future but in his eyes, she saw more than just words. The words he spoke were meaningful, she felt the worry she was holding onto start to slowly fade. The soft words, the soft touch and the way he looked at her let her know she was safe.

Tika tossed her pillow aside, sat up on her knees to straddle AJ and brought her hands to the sides of his face. Her thumbs caressing the apples of his cheeks, her fingers carefully placed on his beard. Their eyes were locked on each other, she couldn’t hide the smile on her face and he was happy to see it.

“All these moods I’ve thrown at you and you don’t seem bothered. Why?” she titled her head to the side. AJ’s hands found their way to her waist, keeping her in place. “Cause I know what’s goin’ on. There’s no use in gettin’ upset over something stupid, darlin’.”


“Yeah. Plus you’re kinda cute when you’re upset and pouty.” He laughed as she brought her face closer to his. Their foreheads pressed against one another, Tika’s eyes falling from his eyes to his lips and back up. “If you wanna kiss me, just kiss me. I don’t bite.”

“Oh but I know different, AJ. You definitely bite,” she sassed biting her lip.

“Only because you asked me to,” he laughed. His right hand ran up from her hip to her neck. “I’d definitely do it again but you gotta ask nicely, pretty girl.”

“Mmm, yes, Daddy AJ. I know, I know.”

AJ opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it. After knowing each other for a few months, Tika found out about his Daddy kink when she had made a joke about him bossing her around. She suspected it with their 14 year age difference but she wasn’t completely sure until that moment.

“Come on,” he huffed, “Let’s go get some food.”

“But I thought we were gonna stay here,” she pouted playfully. “Thought we could do stuff here. I don’t wanna go out.”

“Darlin’ if we don’t go now, I can’t be responsible for what happens to you. Get your shoes on and let’s go.”

They settled on Aubrey’s, from the reviews they found that it was the best place to get southern style food in Knoxville. AJ had chosen the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with macaroni and a loaded backed potato on the side. Tika, a half rack of ribs with sweet potato fries and baked yellow squash on the side. The atmosphere was nice, the employees were as well but Tika couldn’t say the same about the patrons. From the time they walked through the door, she could feel the eyes on them. AJ wasn’t shy with his affection. He held onto her hand, squeezing a bit when he felt her trying to let go. It was as if he didn’t feel the stares.

“Hey, man! You’re AJ Styles!”

AJ shook the fan’s hand before giving Tika an apologetic look. She didn’t mind his fans coming up to him, it came with the territory. She always thought it was cute to see him interact with his fans and not be a dick like some of the other talent could be.

“Yeah man. How you doin’?” AJ asked standing from the table.

“I’m good. Hey, do you mind taking a picture with me,” he asked pulling out his phone, “My friends won’t believe I met you, dude.”

“No problem. Let’s make it quick though, man. I don’t want my date gettin’ jealous.” AJ looked over to Tika, sending a wink her way. While doing so though, he missed the look the fan had given him then her. Tika knew that look, it was a look of disdain or disgust. The fan, just like most of the other patrons, didn’t particularly care for them there together. Just like that, they had taken their picture and the fan had walked away, allowing AJ to rejoin Tika at the table.    

“Sorry ‘bout that. Hopefully there won’t be any other interruptions.” He said digging back into his food. Sadly, Tika wasn’t very hungry anymore. The stares made her uncomfortable, which still went unnoticed by AJ. He went on having some conversation about his one of his brothers, oblivious to it all.  

While AJ went to take care of the check, she checked her phone to see if there were any messages from her mom, instead there was a notification from twitter. Trinity had sent out a tweet. Expecting to see a goofy picture of her and Jon or some kayfabe message to one of the other women she was surprised to find her cousin had responded to a fan. Before she could really get a good look at the tweet, she saw someone approach the table from the corner of her eye. When she looked up she found the fan from before, who had given her the ugly look.

“If you’re looking for AJ he went to pay,” she said as nicely as she could.

“I wanted to talk to you actually. Who are you?” He asked still giving her that look.

“I’m a friend of his, although I’m not sure why it matters.”

“It matters because he shouldn’t be with you,” the fan spat harshly.

Tika couldn’t stop the frown on her face. She leaned to the side to get a better look at him, not believing what she had heard. “Excuse me? He shouldn’t be with me?”

“No. He needs to be with his own people, not some black bitch. Date your own and leave us alone.” As the last word left from his lips, Tika watched AJ place a hand on his shoulder, gripping it tightly from what she could see. He spun the fan around, meeting his gaze with an icy glare. “That there is a lady, my lady depending on the time of day you ask her,” AJ chuckled but there was clearly nothing funny, “The next time you think about callin’ her that again I’ll put you on your ass, boy. Didn’t your mama teach you manners?”

“That’s what she is. A black bitch, AJ. Don’t betray our women by datin’ that monkey.”

Tika reacted quickly, stepping in between the two men, placing her hands on AJ’s chest. The last thing he needed was for him to get in trouble for beating a fan’s ass, even if he deserves it. “Come on, AJ. Let’s just go,” she whispered pushing him backwards.

“Fuck that. He doesn’t talk about you that way. Move, Tika.” AJ tried to push her out of the way but she stood her ground. She couldn’t let him do this to his career.

“No, please don’t do this. I wanna leave, Allen,” she stressed finally able to catch his eye, “Let’s just go. Please.” His face softened as he stared down at Tika. Badly, he wanted to knock the fan on his ass but he didn’t for Tika. “You’re one lucky son of a bitch,” AJ mumbled then gestured for Tika to grab her things.

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There's a girl in my class at school who is openly gay and has been as long as I've known her, and I really admire her for being so open. But a while ago a few of my friends were talking about her like she was some kind of predator, like making fun of her? So I told them not to talk about her like that and I thought that was it. But recently (within the last six months) I've realized that I'm bi and like ... I haven't told anyone yet and the first people I'd want to tell would be my (cont)

(cont) friends, but as much as I want them to know I don’t want them to act like that around me or talk about me behind my back. I don’t want to stop being invited to their parties or sleepovers because they view me as a predator … I’m such a coward but I really don’t know what to do. Sorry for the long post, but I could really use some advice.

Go be bff’s with the gay girl and ditch your friends

Lmao not really but maybe. Idk I hate how straight girls are like this. It makes me afraid to come out to them even tho I’m proud of my queerness and want my friends to know who I am. You could try explaining it to them. Y'know, sapphic gals aren’t just creepy weirdos… we’re just girls who like girls, and no sharon, that doesn’t mean I like you. I have a type and it’s not you.

If they really care about you they’ll understand and accept you and if not then they’re losers anyway. I wouldn’t waste too much time mourning it. Either way you should come out (if you’re safe doing it) and they’ll react how they react and you can choose how to deal with that. If they reject you then yeah I say fuck them and go be friends with that girl 😂🤣

A.D. Candidates

Alright. I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again. This time no explanations or evidence, just a quick list recap. Looking at this list…makes me feel like it’s gonna be a really unsatisfactory reveal….fuck

- It won’t be any of the core four OR their significant others. The show doesn’t have the balls to do that. So no Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, Alison, Toby, Ezra, or Caleb. Damnit.
Alison would have been excellent though.

- Mona has been eliminated as an option I think…. Part of me is super thrilled while the other part is a little sad.

- I want Wren to be A.D. SO FUCKING BAD. It won’t be. They’ve made it obvious he’s connected to it in the promos….and even PLL doesn’t mess up their reveals that badly. Damnit. But I shall still dream.

- Melissa would be fun, but I would feel almost cheated since she wasn’t around all season. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a motive to torture the other girls…and I truly do believe that she has been protecting Spencer. I’d say count Melissa out. I will say, though, a lot of the stuff from previous seasons would make more sense….

- Lucas has been my front runner since the start of the season (other than Wren of course). They suspected him and then cleared him. I would actually love if it was Lucas. I’m gonna count Lucas as still in…but it’s probably a hopeless thought.

- None of the parents will be A.D. I’ll even include Mary Drake in this. I think she truly wanted to reconcile with her daughter.

- Jenna is working for A.D. - she is not A.D.

- Jason has been gone a while now….but it would be a neat way for the show to go. I don’t think he’s in the finale - which is super sad….but I would count him out regardless. It’d be too out of left field at this point.

- A character we don’t know well or don’t really care about. This includes theories like Bethany Young, Avery, etc etc. Goodness I hope they don’t go this route without a solid explanation. It’s…cheap. This would also include the “real” Charles…if such a character exists..

- A twin or secret family member. So Twincer, a Mona twin, a Charlotte twin, a third Drake child…all that cheap lazy writing stuff. Please no.

Sorry about all these text posts butttt

Ive been thinking for a while about what I want to do for a 300 followers gift and at first i wanted to make a story based blog but I’m not feeling that right now. Ever since 200 followers, I thought I could make a YouTube channel where I make create a sims, room builds and machinamas? What do you think about that??

Also does anyone know where the link to ‘fraps cracked edition’ is because last time I tried to get it I got a virus sooo 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sooo I’ve had an idea for a while.
Here it goes.
So my idea has been having a tumblr blog or actual blog that we could put fan fiction on. It can be linear with each other or past things. I was thinking roleplay? Where we make our own character and they dwell in the thisby world? Whatever we want. I thought it could all connect within a time line but I’m open for ideas! I was just curious to see if anyone else would be interested.
I tagged a few of the blogs I know about but feel free to bring in others!
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Song: Hold Me Now

Artist: RED

Manga: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

So this is my latest, and last MMV I think. Hope you enjoy!

It’s finally done. I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time, and am proud of it now that I’ve finally finished it. I’ve been editing this here and there for a while now, and I think this song fits Sakura and Syaoran really well.