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27 March 1960 - james fleamont potter

Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you need of him. How else could you produce that particular patronus? Prongs rode again last night.

Something I find super interesting about shows like iasip is that, yes, it’s clear that the writers want you to interpret and analyze what happens in the show, while other times things are improvised or done purely for the sake of comedy. every time something like that happens it either fits into the ways we already interpret a character, or it completely adds to their entire characterization. It makes me glad that the show has been on the air and consistently good for so long because it means that the buildup of random tidbits in the show really gives the characters a lot of depth and makes them out to be complete characters rather than characters with only one distinct personality trait. I think that’s why the show has gained such a large following especially in the past few years; not only do we relate to the character’s dysfunctionality but also their multidimensional character traits. 

Portal Fanfic Testing Maintenance Contest!

When I started working on Testing Maintenance I thought I would make an art contest of some kind when it was all finished, and now that it’s done and I have an idea of what I want to do, here it is! Actually, I’ve been wanting to do a contest in general for a while and this is was a good excuse to get one off the ground, so it all works out. <3

Here are the rules!

1: It won’t just be an art contest. You can submit creative writing works or even music, just as long as it’s something you have made that’s inspired from the Testing Maintenance fanfic.

2: You do not have to be following me to enter the contest.

3: I will be shipping prizes so you will have to be comfortable with giving me an address to send them off. If you are uncomfortable with giving me your address and you win a prize we can arrange something else!


Anyone who enters will also get a surprise participation’s prize.

 If you want to win one of these you must use #TestingMaintenanceContest so that I can find your submission or directly message me your submission with the hashtag

1st Place Winner: Companion Cube Messenger Bag and a colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

2nd Place Winner: Companion Cube Keychain and a colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

3rd Place Winner: A fully colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

CONTEST END DATE: APRIL 22nd at Midnight PST (California USA time)

NCT 127 Reaction When You Eat Out Their Fridge

requested by: anonymous 

members: Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin Mark, Haechan

a/n: okay i’m trying to write more now so here’s to turning over a new leaf! I promise i haven’t forgotten you guys i’ve been busy with college, work and i have exams soon.

Taeil: He’d be monitoring you while you ate, making sure you weren’t eating too much or something that you would regret later. He wouldn’t want to be too controlling of you since he doesn’t own you but he would be worried about you making a habit of this. ‘Try not to do this too much jagi, it’s not good for you!’ Eventually he would make you a meal instead of having you eat too much out the fridge, as he’d want to take care of you and for you to take care of yourself.

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Johnny: Honestly Johnny would be emptying the fridge with you! We all saw him in nimble. The boy can eat. You’d probably clear it in one afternoon while binge watching old SpongeBob episodes together. He’d be impressed with how much you could eat in one go and make sure the fridge was fully stocked every time you came round so you could do the whole thing over and over again.

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Taeyong: I think he would be worried about you making yourself feel sick. ‘Are you sure you didn’t eat too much y/n? You look a little ill’ He’d be very sweet and keep asking you if you’re okay and rubbing your stomach if you felt a bit sick. You did eat an entire fridge, that’s a lot of food! He’d ask you to stay the night at the dorm to make sure that you weren’t sick during the night and take you home in the morning.

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Yuta: Like Johnny. Yuta would be part of the reason it was empty. He would never let you eat all of it alone and make it into a competition to see who could eat the most! Yuta would be relaxed, expecting to win but he’d underestimate how hungry you were. He’d stare, mouth open as you ate a whole bunch of grapes in 10 seconds flat. ‘Wow y/n! You’re an animal!’ He’d find it cute though and steal little kisses in between mouthfuls of food, happy that he’s found someone that can eat as much as him.

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Doyoung: Oh he’d be pissed. Mainly that you didn’t leave any food for him but also because someone has to replace the food in the fridge and he’d never make you pay for it. He’d grumble as you were walking round the super market looking for things to fill the fridge with again. He wouldn’t stay made at you too long though because Doyoung could never stay mad at you. When you got back to the dorms he’d make you promise to not eat so much again, or at least leave half the fridge alone!

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Jaehyun: With Jaehyun it would be a little different. He’d stocked the fridge so he could finally teach you how to cook for yourself. But you’d keep eating the ingredients that he wanted to use! ‘Pay attention y/n this bit is important. Wait, where are my cucumbers?!’ Eventually he would give up realising all his ingredients were gone so instead you would sit on the kitchen floor eating instant ramen together, which is the tastiest thing in the world because he made it for you.

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Winwin: He’d be pretty chill with it actually. You kept leaving to go get more stuff from the kitchen and eventually just brought the entire fridge contents with you. He wouldn’t stop staring at you as you just kept on eating, impressed that you could eat so much. You’d swat his hand away when he tried to have a bite of anything but would make sure to leave his ice cream alone. We all know how much Winwin loves his ice cream.

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Mark: Again, similar to Taeyong, Mark would be worried about you eating too much. ‘It’s not good to each so much in one go y/n, you should slow down’ He’d try a pull you away from the fridge telling you you’d had enough but you’d pout every time he stopped you. So he’d let you eat more, always giving in to your pouty face. Eventually he’d be right and you’d start to feel ill so you’d crawl onto his lap and he’d cuddle you till you felt better, letting you wear your favourite hoodie of his.

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Haechan: He’d tease you at first because of the amount of food that you ate. ‘You eat like a pig y/n this is ridiculous!’ But then he’d realise it’s an excuse to go out and buy more food to eat together! You’d eat round two together with him eating more than you since you were full from the first round. Fear would start to settle in though as he would realise that the hyungs wouldn’t be too happy coming home to an empty fridge so you’d have to go out and fill the fridge AGAIN to save Haechan from a scolding!

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I saw some people talking about the “Stiles comes back from college hot” trope, and it reminded me that I needed to make a seperate post for this fic!

Inspired by this post. (On AO3)

He’d been hoping for a reaction.

If he was being honest, he’d actually been anticipating a reaction.

While he’d been away at school, he’d started meeting people and making new friends. Some of those friends had turned out to be fitness guys, who loved running and working out. Stiles had ended up accompanying them on numerous gym trips, until eventually he liked it enough to just go, with or without them. He’d liked the feeling of being stronger, being able to trust his body to do what he wanted.

He’d become more confident with his looks, and started accepting invitations to parties. He’d started buying better-fitting clothes to show off his physique, and felt incredibly flattered when he was flirted with often. He’d kissed a lot of people, talked to a lot more, learned as much as he could, and even hooked up a few times.

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Ah, got so excited (pun intended) about the Ride Players that I missed this part of the Twitter announcement for episode 25:

Did you see today’s Ex-Aid? The next is episode 25! A new chapter begins in the developing world of Ex-Aid! Even if you’ve just started, you can still make it in time! Also, there’ll be a new opening with Daichi Miura’s “EXCITE”!

Fans have noticed for a while that they’ve been excluding the opening, which I’ve always assumed was because they wanted to get in an extra minute or so of plot, but it sounds like they’re well aware of its absence. It isn’t specified if “new opening” means they’ll make appropriate inclusions/exclusions to the current opening or if this will feature entirely new visuals. Interested to see how that goes!

I want a really cute dinner with you someday where you stand with me in the kitchen as we drink wine and tell each other funny stories about our day, while I make dinner for us. Then we sit down around some candles to eat; all while we try not to have the other catch the little stares towards one another but we’ll eventually catch each others gaze and all we can do is smile, knowing we have been caught admiring the other.

Sleep - pt 8

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You woke up on top of Jimin, and Hoseok was right next to you guys on the couch, head thrown backwards and mouth slightly open.

Jimin’s cheek was red where you had been leaning on. You pushed yourself off his chest and fixed Hoseok’s head so he wouldn’t have neck pains when he woke up.

By three, you guys were refreshed and staying in the house seemed boring compared to last night.

They performed for you at the karaoke bar and drank until they couldn’t sing properly anymore. The taxi dropped you guys off around three in the morning, none of you even bothering to make it to your rooms.

Today you and Hoseok wanted to relax while Jimin decided to go shopping.

“Let’s just go walk around the park.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” You said, throwing on a light hoodie.

“It’s too hot for that. Here…” he went into his room and pulled out a brand new spring dress.

“When did you buy that?” You asked, annoyed that you would have to get dolled up.

“I ordered it last night. It got here this morning, isn’t that crazy?”

He must have been awake and seen you on Jimin. Probably half awake when the package arrived and returned to the couch to keep sleeping.

“Okay, I’ll wear it but only because it’s nice out and a walk in the park seems like the perfect thing to do right now.” You said.

He got ready too and you hesitated. “Isn’t this a bit too much?” You looked at how nicely dressed he was too, in khaki slacks and a baby blue button up.

“No. We look cute. Don’t we look like a couple from the 40’s?”

“No.” You scoffed, smiling at his silliness.

Today you promised yourself to go along with his silliness. It would make him happy and you wanted to feel the sun on your skin, refusing to think about work or your worries.

The park was about fifteen minutes away. You swore you two could film a movie right then and there, the park was beautiful. Hoseok looked like celebrity too.

There was a big fountain deep within the park and Hoseok managed to lead you guys straight there. It was more like a rectangular pond, long enough to take up a few minutes just to circle around its perimeter.

You finally took out your phone and snapped away, but taking pictures of him instead as revenge for taking pictures of you nonstop on the way here.

“These are coming out pretty good.” You smirked.

Once Jimin was famous, you could be his professional photographer because in these pictures, Hoseok looked like a model.

You giggled at the pictures, amazed by how good the phone’s camera was.

“It’s not the phone Y/N. It only captures the beauty that already exists.” He looked off into the distance and waited for you to take some pictures.

Again, they came out as if from a magazine. You laughed and immediately showed him.

“Okay. Enough paparazzi. I’m just going to walk around the fountain, no pictures please.” He said arrogantly, acting like a celebrity.

“I understand” You laughed. “Carry on.”

He laced his hand into yours and didn’t bother to see your reaction.

You didn’t think about it for too long because he bought ice cream from a man rolling around his cart. How nice it must be to work in the park…watching children pass by and couples going on dates.

It felt silly knowing that’s exactly what you two looked like, a couple.

Embarrassed, you freed your hand and happily ate your ice cream, sitting on a nearby bench with him.

“Let’s take a picture of our ice creams.” He suggested.

“Okay, but I already bit the cone.” You pouted.

“That’s fine.”

You stretched your hand out next to his and he snapped the picture.

“Now I just have to put a caption….‘my ice cream and Y/N’s half eaten ice cream cone…hashtag fat ass’…”

You giggled and snatched the phone out of his hands.

“Ay, give it back. I wasn’t really writing that.” He laughed.

Brining the phone father away from his reach you shook your head and licked your ice cream. “No.”

“Yah! I just want to send it to Jimin and make him jealous.” He whined, reaching over your body as you stretched your arm back as far as possible.

His face only inches away from yours, and his determination making you laugh. “Nope…no.”

“Okay.” He said suddenly, then he quickly gave your lips a small peck.

You were so shocked, so surprised.

“Hobi!” You gasped, looking around and laughing at your own embarrassment when you realized no one was watching. “Why did you do that?”

Admittedly your heart was beating faster.

“What? You can kiss me when you feel like it but I can’t? I like it when you call me Hobi by the way.” He smiled, looking into your eyes and pushing your hair behind your ear.

“And when did I assault you so?” You asked, amused.

“You don’t remember? Oh, Hobi! You’re my teddy bear, come here! Then bam! You kissed me right here.” He pursed his lips and poked his right cheek.

“Hoseok…” your smile faded and your tone was serious.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

“I was drunk. It just happened. Plus that was on the cheek, not on the lips.” You mumbled.

“I know. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not ready.” You breathed, suddenly feeling anxious.

“I know but…what are you afraid of? You have me, Y/N. You can tell me anything, you can flat out reject me if you want to but just tell me. No matter what you say, I’m not going to get mad or think differently of you.” He said, a slight frown on his face.

You placed the phone on your lap and thought about his words.

“I know about Jimin…What he did that night the cops were here.” He said.

You gasped and brought both hands to cover your face, dropping the cone onto the ground. “He told you? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you first.” You said, voice trembling and tears in your eyes.

He pulled one hand away from your face and you turned away from him.

“It’s not about who tells me first. Jiminie could have kept it to himself but he didn’t because we’ve been friends for a long time and he respects me enough to admit when he does something stupid that could affect me. What I don’t understand is why you were afraid to tell me. I tell you all the time, you can tell me anything and I want you to tell me everything.” He sat closer and hugged you to him, kissing your forehead.

You faced him and apologized again. “I didn’t want to hurt you Hoseok.”

“I don’t care. I want you to dump everything on me. All the bad things, all the good things. Don’t hide anything from me. That’s what really hurts most.” He brought your chin up and you looked at him. “Promise?”

“I promise.” You nodded.

“Okay then let me do this…and don’t think about it for too long because I know you’re not ready and I’m okay with that. Just pretend it never happened. I just need to know.” He said seriously, gazing into your eyes.

You wondered what he was talking about but you got your answer quickly.

His lips pressed against yours, catching you by surprise. Unknowingly, your lips responded and your body buzzed with an unfamiliar feeling, but it felt warm and safe and euphoric. His hands gently held your face. He moved his lips again and you were shocked by how natural this seemed, and overwhelmed at the same time. He pulled away with a small peck and you looked into his eyes, a small smile on his face.

This is what it felt like to be loved…

It was too much. Your heart was racing and you flushed pink then frowning the second you remembered what he said…to forget.

He understood that you couldn’t give him what he wanted…at least not yet.

“Let’s go. Maybe we could catch up with Jimin and do some shopping.” He said, grabbing your hand and pulling you off the bench, already putting that moment behind.


He let you walk around by yourself. They stayed at the boutiques while you headed to the Target.

It felt nice just being able to grab a shopping cart and buy your own things. Just the simple task of getting groceries and whatever else you wanted, felt like a brand new start at life. It felt good.

When they caught up with you, they grabbed a few things and you guys quickly went to checkout since it was getting late. The sun would go down in an hour or so and everyone was starving.

On the way back to the car, the temperature was noticeably colder. Hoseok just had his button up but Jimin had his hoodie. He unzipped it and handed it over. You gratefully accepted it.

Inside you felt a bit weary, as if you had to be more conscious about your actions in front of them. Jimin still didn’t know that Hoseok told you about the incident.

Hoseok showed no ounce of reaction to Jimin’s gesture as you put on the hoodie.

Tonight’s menu was ramen. You guys were too hungry to wait for food to be done cooking so you added some sausages, some veggies and whatever else seemed good.

Within fifteen minutes, you guys were sitting on the couch, watching a war movie and drinking soda.

For a moment, nothing felt real again. It was like you were watching someone else’s life. It was different, but in a good way.


“Give it to me Y/N.”

“Jimin it’s fine but I don’t think you need to add that extra chorus at the end.”

“What else?” He asked.

“Nothing else. I’m no expert. Maybe you should tell Hoseok to listen to it? See what he thinks.” You slid him a folded up sticky note with a thumbs up you drew on it.

“He’s too nice. You’re more straightforward with the feedback.”

“Are you sending these demos to a label?” You asked, sending back the USB.

“I can hear you guys mumbling!” You guys faintly heard Hoseok yell.

Why?…well you and Jimin found out that the only reason Jimin comes to comfort you after having nightmares so quickly, is because there’s a hole in the wall between your rooms, right above the floor.

It was about the diameter of two fingers and you could see through it. He had the cute idea of attaching two paper cups to either side of string so there you guys were, communicating like kids. If you both laid down on the floor, you could see each other’s faces.

You touched pointer fingers, a secret handshake of sorts that you two came up with since your fingers just reach each other.

Crawling into bed, you were sure that each of you would get a good rest and somehow you also knew that this week was going to be just as exhausting as the last.

Suddenly remembering you jumped out of bed and ran to the hole again.

“Jimin!” You half whispered.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” His eyes appeared at the hole.

“Hoseok told me that you told him what happened.” You said quietly.

“Ah…he did?” Jimin’s expression was too serious.

“I’m kind of glad you told him. Relieved actually.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you’re a good friend to him. You told him the truth and now I can trust you without a doubt.” You said.

He stuck his finger through the hole. “Of course. Jimin is one outstanding guy isn’t he?”

You poked his finger and giggled. “Yes. Goodnight Jimin.”

In the middle of the night, you went to get some water and Hoseok must have heard because he shuffled into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong Y/N?”

“Nothing. I was just thirsty. Go back to sleep.”

He smiled before turning around and going into his room again.

A small part of you wished something was wrong. Then you’d have an excuse to be comforted by him. It sucked though, because now you felt guilty. Like you were abusing his feelings for you.

How could you be in his arms knowing what it meant to him? How could you hold his hand and or throw your arms around him?…but how could you not?

He was your friend, your best friend, the one who made you want to live again, your other half. The one who held you down to this earth and made you smile.

Things were good, yes…but a relationship? Could you even make him happy? You didn’t even know how.

But how could you forget that warmth in your heart when Hoseok kissed you? It was like you could feel what he felt. It was wickedly impulsive on his part but that didn’t matter. It felt perfect.

Hoseok was a part of you now and there was no way in hell that you would continue to live on without seeing his smile everyday.

He was so full of life and hope, everyone saw it. You had him all to yourself now, you’re his first priority and that made you feel safe, protected, brave even….

One year was all it took for him to single-handedly to make you happy. What more could you ask for? You had a friend and a protector.

And what about Jimin? Wouldn’t it be weird for him to see you and Hoseok as a couple and have to live together? Was that another reason as to why he wanted to leave?

He proved to be someone you could open up to. Someone who was trustworthy. Best of all, his honesty proved that he had Hoseok’s best interests at heart.

The fact that he confessed to Hoseok just crushed any doubts about him that you had. Jimin was a good guy. One you wanted to get to know more of…but that kiss was something different.

You couldn’t give too much thought to it without thinking about how a Hoseok must feel. He didn’t say he was upset…

Thinking about it brought you more feelings of guilt but it was easy to put yourself back in that moment, when Jimin grabbed you close and kissed you as if you were his already. The shock of the moment took your breath away, paralyzed you and it was also wicked. He did it to hurt her, Yumi.

The look in his eyes when he apologized to you though, it was more like he was sorry about your reaction and not so much the kiss.

The Jimin you grew to know so far was kind, trustworthy and caring. If he hurt other people then that was his problem. For now, it was just you, Hoseok, and Jimin against the ugly world.


“Jimin.” You whispered, lightly tapping Jimin’s door.

Hoseok was gently snoring next door.

You woke up before he died in your nightmares.

Jimin opened the door, half asleep but quickly waking up when he saw it was you.

You threw your trembling hands on his shoulders and arms, touching him and making sure he was real. Your face, crying into his chest.

“Shh…” He said, hugging you tight.

Still in his arms, he walked you backwards to your room.

You laid down once again, but you were shaking. You faced the wall and closed your eyes, trying to calm down and sniffling like a baby who’s just cried for hours. He hugged you from behind with a bit of pressure.

“I saw you die again…” you managed to blurt out.

It made you think, maybe you should speak to Dr. Yoo about how graphic these nightmares were getting, how violent they were. It wasn’t fair. It was like torture.

“Don’t think about that anymore. I’m right here.” He said, rubbing your arm, warming the skin.

You clenched your hand into a fist and listened to his voice, angry that it was taking so long for you to relax.

He hummed and sooner or later your breathing returned to some normality.

Almost asleep now, you wanted to tell Jimin he could go but even that seemed like using too much energy. It threatened to wake you up again. You couldn’t even lift your eyelids open now.

Everything was quiet.

The last thing you could possibly remember was his lips placing a soft kiss on your shoulder before he left.


Love Live! Characters as things people at my school have said

Honoka: Regret, regret
Umi: We don’t have time to wallow in self hatred! You have a test next period!
Kotori: Didn’t we make a pillow in grade seven? Yeah, that was the only time school has ever been fun or important.
Hanayo: I hate math. But math class doesn’t have any presentations, so I guess math is okay.
Maki: I wasn’t kicked out of band, I left because I was too good for them.
Rin: Gym class is like the Olympics! Except with more of the sport and less of the Olympics.
Nozomi: She’s so cute, I want to be her. Or kiss her. Whatever.
Eli: I hate it when people say “She’s really quiet.” Like yeah, I know.
Nico: *While going through math questions* I’m too good for this.

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lol walter's new design includes ugly glasses a missing tooth a swollen drunkard's nose and 50 pounds

LMAO i know this is a joke but i think its a perfect time to mention that he’s actually relatively the same! i’m not trying to make him UGLY, just,,, less onceler if you get what i mean? he looks very generic and he’s been compared to a LOT of characters so i want to give him some uniqueness. so far i’m really digging what i’ve come up with and i feel like it makes a huge difference, at least in my eyes! i’m having fun with him for the first time in a while 

father craven still looks the same tbh, at least with what i have right now 

I warned you.

Authors Note: So, I am not a fan of this but I wanted to post something. I know the Shawn pieces are not getting any notes, but I like writing them so I am probably going to continue this trial run until I officially make up my mind on whether to continue writing them. Enjoy! Xx

You had been awake for quite a while, in a non-creepy way watching as Shawn harmoniously sleeps beside you, his fingertips wrapped around the corner of his silk pillow, his hair messily falling around his face, his mouth occasionally twisting, allowing a few mumbled hums to escape, along with a few moans.

He tends to be a heavy sleeper after performing shows, there are times he sleeps through his alarm and you have to pry him away from his sleeping state. You know this morning is going to be one of those mornings; a morning where you have to shake him a few times before he’s alarm is set to blare through the hotel room, a morning where you’ll have to whisper sweet nothings into his ear until his eyes gradually open, in which he will mumble an ‘I love you’ before falling back asleep. He’s not hard —per say— to wake up, but he’s not exactly always waking up the moment you shake him. The concerts take everything out of him.

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I've been meaning to submit this request for a while but can someone write a Grease AU with Courtney as Sandy (since she's Australian) & Willam as Danny (since he is a bad boy). I would actually prefer to see it with both of them being boys-that could add to the plot a little bit & explain why Willam would be embarrassed to be with Shane around his friends (since he doesn't want them knowing he's gay & is worried about his reputation). Someone please make this happen!

How are you?

I’m almost done with a comic I’ve been working on for a while. I almost scrapped it a while back. I’m glad I picked it up again. Maybe some people will like it on here, I’ll just be glad knowing I’m still able to produce work. Thanks to everyone who’s still sticking around.

Listening to NITW for the first time while doodling. No, no fan stuff just doodles. I haven’t drawn in sooooo long.  Work has just been too much but I need to make the time to draw every day.  Miss it. Weekend was productive, cleaned the house top to bottom, processed photos from a shoot, did a little wood burning an doodled some.  

These were just practice of angles

No idea, no references (need to use them though)

This is a challenge going around.  Draw some circles, squares and triangles and then add, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, arms and tail.  I think there was suppose to be whiskers too but can’t find the original post.

Emily Bett Rickards

So I found out today the reason why Emily doesn’t do many Cons. Apparently she’s been getting death threats for a while now. Like people have been saying they’re going to bash her head in and periscope it for everyone to see. It’s gotten so bad that CW executives have to like call her and make sure she’s okay all the time. She’s such a nice and beautiful person and she doesn’t deserve this at all. I can’t believe people are actually doing this to her and it makes me want to cry big time. I hope she’s okay 😥

I want to thank all my followers! I know I’ve been gone a while, but I’m happy to see all the likes I’m getting and you guys are truly amazing! I opened my submissions and this time I promise to make more posts with the bellies of my fans in them or of Prey begging to end up in one. Message me or put in a submission and I’ll make the post before 24 hours are up! Keep voring guys!!

Still got a couple asks left over from yesterday that I’ll be getting to after work this evening, but wanted to post a casual reminder that yesterday’s spam of ask responses wasn’t just some one time thing and my askbox is always open! While I don’t have time or am not always able to respond to every ask I ever get, I’m always happy to get messages. I’ll keep making my own content regardless, but this blog has always been partially fuelled by the fandom’s engagement in what I’m doing and like any artist, I love hearing your interest in the things I make! You lovely people help keep me inspired when you send in asks or write nice tags on my content. That interaction is a large part of why I’ve always loved this small but relatively vocal crossover community and continue to be a part of it.

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Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!

     This is Hanako Uchiha, she is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga…And I’ve been dying to expand upon her character. And up until a while ago i’ve been scared to share her with everyone since…well I didn’t know how many people liked SasuHina x’D please someone stop me from actually making her blog…

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Can i have 2d having a crush on reader and everyone in the band knong somehow or another (i.e. murdoc read his jornal or heard a song he wrote about her) and it's just constent teasing and just really awkward and embarrassed 2d whenever there near each other. Sorry if its long :)

((Sure!!! These’ll just be with 2D and the other band members though- if you want me to add any interactions with 2D and the reader just send in another ask and i’ll make sure to change it :^0))

- Noodle was bored and had been cleaning around the house. She was tidying up 2D’s room a bit and found a crumpled up piece of paper on the floor. She uncrumpled it and saw that it was a love letter to you. Needless to say, she immediately ran out of his room to go tell the others.
- Russel was mildly amused, but when Murdoc heard he had the best laugh he’s had in a while. It took Noodle and Russel by surprise, they didn’t think Murdoc could produce tears.
- This was 2D’s worst nightmare, he hated being teased and every time the both of you were even the slightest bit near each other, one of his bandmates would be tormenting him about it. 
- It’s extremely embarrassing for him. He flushes, covers his face and starts whining about it every time.
- Noodle constantly “jokes” about shipping the you two together. She makes ship names and even draws fanart. Does she actually ship the both of you, or is it just to fluster 2D? We’ll never know.
- Russel is almost as bad as Noodle, usually he’s telling the others to knock it off if they’re messing with 2D. Not this time. He just sits back and chuckles at poor 2D’s misfortune.
- But of course Murdoc is the worst, making sexual jokes every single chance he gets. If 2D’s face were to get any hotter, I think he’d melt.
- Eventually you both get together, but they never stop teasing him. Poor 2D can’t take a break.