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Fireproof // Part 7

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Summary: Supernatural Half Blood Boarding School AU where students are paired with a human counterpart to help them adapt to the human world outside their supernatural communities.

Shawn shakes your shoulder, knowing you were already waking up. It’s the day you would drive back to school and you don’t want to get up yet. The last two days had been the best you think you’d ever had. Shawn was playful, loving and attentive to you. For two whole days both of you laid in his room and lazily made out, explored each other with clothes on, and watched movies while talking about your lives. Sometimes things almost going too far when his hands would slide down your sweatpants and he’d make you melt under his touch.

The clock on his nightstand says it’s 4:45am. Way too early for you to even consider getting up. But Shawn’s hand on your side is persistent. It’s dark in his bedroom save for the dim ambient light from the moon shining through the large windows and patio doors on the far wall.  You roll over to face him as he shakes your shoulder persistently. “What is it?” you groan and he pulls the blanket it off your body.

“Get up with me. I want to show you something,” he whispers, holding your blanket hostage so you can’t turn over and go back to sleep.

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anonymous asked:

How’d you learn to draw mechas? I’ve been wanting to try that myself for a while, and I know as an artist that the only way to learn is to just Do it, but it’s so daunting! I have no idea where to begin. Do you have any advice or tips? Thank you for your time!

Okay first of all, sorry to take so long to answer. I really wanted to draw some pics for this, and the last weeks have been quite busy. 

1. Draw from the reference

Drawing is like learning a new language: You can’t say you wanna learn English and then just start making up your own words because you think that finding words in the dictionary is cheating - It doesn’t make sense. Find a super cool robot picture and try to copy it. These are called “studies” for a good reason. You’re studying the vocabulary of those drawings. Many times people don’t share their studies since it’s only for the practice. But don’t study just one person. You don’t want to become that person - you want to become better! And if you post your study online, don’t forget to credit the original artist!

2. Try different techniques

One of my favorite techniques is something I call color blocking - I’m not sure if it’s an actual term or just something I came up with. I kind of carve the silhouette of the robot with one color and then I add a second color and carve the details in. I do this also if I have a picture with lots of characters and I want to make sure everything reads correctly. But these are all personal matters. Try different techniques until you find a one that works for you. And remember to flip your canvas!!

3. Try different brushes

My favorite brushes vary, but these three are the ones I keep using more than the others. Kyle’s brush I got used to while I was working on my freelance work - it just feels good to draw with. The square one is really fun to work with in mecha designs, and the basic one also feels surprisingly good while drawing. Sometimes I just grab a new brush, start doodling, and end up with a decent piece.

4. Symmetry vs. asymmetry

This one I included especially because I’m talking about robots. Breaking up the machines with asymmetrical parts gives them more character BUT it’s important to keep the symmetry in mind. If I do a robot that has a one big arm and one small arm, I later make sure that most of the other parts are symmetrical. This way the asymmetry is the choice rather than a mistake.

5. Draw from the reference (!!!)

Yes, I added this the second time because I really feel it’s important! I use Pinterest all the time - I have a board with over 1000 pins of robots! There are paintings from my favorite robot artists, 3D models of super cool robot designs, and even photos of real robots all collected in one place. And for anyone who feels “wrong” doing this: Finding reference DOESN’T mean copying - it can be just an idea or inspiration: It’s finding the language you want to use. Sure you won’t need  the reference as much later on as you build your own “shape-vocabulary” - just like you won’t need your dictionary after you have learned the words you use.

6. It doesn’t have to be perfect

I’m never 100% happy with my work. But I have learned to say “oh well” and move on. Next time I’ll do better.


Don’t talk down your own work no matter how much you’d like to. If you’re not standing behind your drawings, who will? Sure you do see the mistakes, but it’s still a great piece of art you made!

I’m going to make a rare “out of character” post to say a couple of things.

First, I know it’s very corny but I want to thank all of you sooooo much for the lovely response you’ve given this blog. I’m so excited that thousands of people share my enthusiasm for weird Sims game mechanics! I’ve been having a hard time lately irl, and while I may not respond to all of your nice comments, I do read all of your asks and every comment on my posts, and I save all the good ones because they genuinely make me happy.

Also, thank you for all your questions and suggestions for future posts! I promise I’m not ignoring them, I will get to all of them and if it’s taking me a bit of time to respond it’s only because I’m trying my best to put together quality and factual posts.

Well, I guess that’s all I really wanted to say. Once again, thank you so much for all of your love for simsposting <3

anonymous asked:

i want more aesthetic in my life, but it seems expensive and exhausting. TEACH ME UR WAYS SAN PAI

oh goodness, it’s been a while since i’ve been called a “senpai” but i’ll try my best to advise! “aesthetic” could mean lots of things, so i’m not 100% certain what the word means for you? i’m a hopeless romantic with an inherited eye for design and i’m a very firm fan of the treat yoself mentality so, for me, there’s a neat lil circle of a venn diagram between indulging in what makes me happy & what i find aesthetically pleasing. 

i’d recommend little luxuries that make you happy, as well as finding things that make you happy in the world! i.e: listening to piano instrumentals walking home late at night, looking up up up at the stars from beyond the street lights and thinking about how nice it’ll be to curl up into bed once you arrive. take yourself to places that make you happy - cafes, museums, bookstores, parks, wherever makes you happiest - and surround yourself with whatever objects and styles delight you. i buy myself flowers and wear my trench coat much too often and bring rosebud salve and postcards with me whenever i travel. 

so tl,dr: if you’ve ever stopped to ask yourself “I know this will make me happy, but is it really necessary?” that is 100% what you should indulge in. not just for the Aesthetic, but for your own sake. live a life Oscar Wilde would be proud of

irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  asked:

Prinxiety your the one I want from grease

*screams YAAAASSSSSS* (lmao re-watching this forgetting how beautiful Oliva NewtonJohn is, my pOOR GAY HEART)

You’re The One That I Want- Grease

  • They’re having another night where they just watch movies. Sometimes both of them will be half-working on assignments, then turn back to the film.
  • (Roman realises it’s somehow become a ‘just the two of them’ thing? Not that he’s complaining but…how…?)
  • This time, their work has been long forgotten, and they’re happy to just make up stupid commentary while Grease plays. 
  • Roman would never usually, but Virgil’s got him into the habit of actually criticising some parts of musicals and it’s surprisingly… fun.
  • “Wait, though,” Roman says, as You’re The One That I Want starts. “So, Danny takes off his cardigan-thing? I thought the whole point was they swapped styles? So she’s got to be left with his style and he’s back to his usual? That doesn’t make sense.”
  • Virgil snorts. “Tell me about it, stud.”
  • Roman suddenly thinks it’s very warm in here. 
  • But then, he’s left laughing at the thought of something else. “Oh, come on, that’s not what an electric shock would look like.”
  • Virgil pauses the film just to smirk. “Are you saying you’re better than John Travolta?”
  • (Somehow, it’s not condescending, Roman thinks. In fact, it sounds like a challenge).
  • “I got chills they’re multiplying–”
  • Virgil scrabbles up from the bed. “Oh, no you don’t-”
  • But he’s giggling already and Roman knows he’s won.
  • “And I’m looosing control. ‘Cause the power you’re supplying-” He points over-dramatically at Virgil. “It’s ELECTRIFYING.”
  • He falls over with so much force that Virgil trips over himself, and then they both fall of the bed, laughing.
  • “You’re unreal,” Virgil says once he’s got his breath back, pressing play again.
  • (Still, they both hum along to the rest of the song and try not to think about why they find it relatable).

Taking singing uni!au prompts

My Fair Lady; Hamilton; Legally Blonde; Cinderella; Heathers; Wicked; Dear Evan Hansen; Wicked x2; Les Misérables; Monty Python; Can’t Help Falling In Love; Mary Poppins; Heathers x2; Into The Woods; Dear Evan Hansen x2


ok- uhm … some adopts !!! ; U
heheaa….. i honestly rlly like them and the ideas have been in my head for a while but i already have so many ocs and i need money…. so !!

** Message me if you’re interested!!! Put the number of which one you want, they are numbered. (Click on them to see.)

** Once you buy them, you are allowed to change what you’d like just please make sure the designs are not drastically changed!

** I will be sending an invoice for payment on paypal. ( PLUS: If tipped, depending on the amount, I will be glad to draw extra art for the character you want!)

** I will update this when one is bought.


anonymous asked:

How do I get followers on here as a TCC blog? I'm quite new, like been on for about two days and I'm really wanting to get involved but it seems impossible to get followers.

hey anon, 

WELCOME TO THE TCC!!! i didn’t start getting a lot of followers for a little while after joining, it takes a while to learn the ropes, at least for me. Here are just a few tips on how to get followers and maintain a respected blog in the community:

  • Make original content. this could be artwork, informational posts, funny edits, just be you! 
  • NEVER EVER copy anyone’s post. you def wont get followers if you do. 
  • reach out to your fav blogs off anon, talk to them ab your fav cases, and tag them in posts you know they’ll like. 
  • if you make informational posts FACT CHECK! bonus points if you include links to your sources  
  • interact with your followers, and when you’re just starting out, follow them all back (for the most part) its a great way to build mutuals and a community for yourself
  • TAG YOUR SHIT!!! but dont write like every case name in your tags. for example, if you make a post ab ted bundy, dont tag eric harris or some shit. 
  • DO NOT REMOVE CAPTIONS when you reblog things. 
  • Be open for friendly debate, the thing ab true crime is that there is so much room for debate and opinions in every case. so dont get upset if someone disagrees with you, listen. it took me a while to learn this lmao
  • IGNORE ANTIS (or send em my way, i’ll take care of them for u lol) it’s just a part of the community, but i found the more i ignore, the less they bother me
  • remember that your first like ten posts will prob get 2 notes. dont get discouraged, keep posting! you have a unique voice that im sure the tcc needs. 

hope this helps anon 💙

sweetvodkaplush  asked:

i came out a while ago with help from my therapist as being trans but my mom doesnt want to accept it. my dad accepts it more, calling me by the name i want when making phone calls about me but my mother argues with him after. do you have any tips for me or should i ignore her (i am happy as a trans man, happier than i have been in years i just need help with this hurdle)

Hey there. Getting through to her via your dad is gonna be your best bet. I would talk to him and see if he can get through to her. And also ignoring her is a good choice. If you’re happy and if she’s not causing serious issues, letting it go if your dad can’t get through to her can work. And who knows, maybe she’ll catch on with time.


miraichou  asked:

despite all the constant abuse by the hands of the cult, he feels deep down he deserved it and he shouldn't run away from those who "care" about him and want to "help" him and even now he still craves their pride and positive attention because he's been wired to obey every order to get it,, he still refuses to call it abuse in his right mind because he's been so conditioned to think this is normal and all part of them caring for him while simultaneously manipulating him into a loyal puppet

whenever daniel goes into town (with david, he’s not allowed alone) he gets glares and people whispering and it makes him feel so bad that he usually doesn’t go out he was in the papers so like… he finds that paper one day, takes it to his cabin and just cries because the one in the photo is so different but it’s him, he did those things, it’s his fault. and he rereads the stuff about himself until he can’t take it anymore and throws it as far as possible and just hides under his covers sobbin

hey uhhhhhhh What The Fuck

moving blogs

hey yall! pretty soon im gonna stop using this blog altogether and move to my new blog, @bear-mutual.

ive been wanting to remake my blog for a while for a couple different reasons. mostly cause having 3k followers kinda cramps my style and makes it uncomfortable to make personal posts, plus i know a lot of people were here for roosterteeth stuff anyway.

im gonna b posting aes and personal stuff on my new blog and also trying to stay away from the Tumblr Mental Illness Attitude, bc that has rly negatively impacted me and made tumblr a rly draining and unfun place to be. i might keep this blog so i can keep up w my cherished mutuals but i think im gonna stop participating in fandom tumblr permanently

thanks everyone for understanding!

Ok so I was trolling cheesy 80s songs, and I swear I was just being shitty when I said I was gonna make a Jegulily moodboard for Your Love by The Outfield bc of the “you know I like my girls a little bit older” line, lmao, but like… these lyrics are totally on point for the Defectors AU:

I ain’t got many friends left to talk to
Nowhere to run when I’m in trouble
You know I’d do anything for you
Stay the night but keep it under cover

Try to stop my hands from shaking
But something in my mind’s not making sense
It’s been a while since we were all alone
But I can’t hide the way I’m feeling

I just want to use your love tonight
I don’t want to lose your love tonight…

I’ve been thinking a lot about raising children too and how to impart things I learned from experiences I shouldn’t have had to go through in ways that won’t hurt them…Not being able to trust my parents put me on the fast track to a higher degree of empathy and critical thinking skills than most people my age and I’ve noticed that wirh my friends too…no kid should have 2 go through what I did but I also want to find a way to impart those skills to them while also making sure they always feel safe supported and loved

Anxious - Clint Barton - Soulmate AU

I really don’t like how this turned out because for what I wanted it to be like I’d have needed about 1000 more words. Hope it’s still a nice read.

Prompt: none, I just wanted to write Clint and the Soulmate AU hit me when I wasn’t watching my back.

I blame Cover You In Oil from @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse as inspiration

“Can I sit with you?”

Clint turns around, looking down from a supporting beam he had been perched on, to see Vision looking up at him.

“I guess you can,” he calls back and Vision all but floats up to him, not sitting but standing on the small surface the beam offers.

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☑️ New flooring

☑️ Christmas shopping

Yep, that’s right folks. I am DONE Christmas shopping. In record time. And it feels glorious. I’m so excited for everyone to get their gifts! I’m also super excited for the gift Taylor and I are getting from “santa”. We decided to treat ourselves to the Amazon Cloud Cam. We have been wanting a camera for awhile bc we are just super curious of what Bug and Adora do while we are gone, haha. It’s going to be fun!

And we also got new flooring for whole house!

Taylor is a little unsure about this light of a color but I just love it and I think it will really brighten up the house and make it unique, as you really don’t see light colored flooring much. Plus it won’t show scratches from Bug as much. Since taylor caved in on the flooring, I’m letting him make the ultimate decision about kitchen cabinet colors. We are leaning towards a dark grey though.

Can’t wait to start getting this installed! Immediately after I’ll need to decide on paint colors so we can get somebody over to do the whole house (I refuse to paint myself. I hate painting.).

A good Sunday 😊

Long time, no write

Hi 😊

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I just want to thank you all for your patience. I’ve been so busy these past two-ish months that I’ve barely had a free moment to spare for myself let alone to write and while I know you all understand, I’m hoping that will change very soon.

I plan to have something up for Cheryl and something else for Arya sometime this coming week so I hope you’re looking forward to that. 

I hope to have the requests open shortly so I can make sure that I’m providing you all with something you enjoy-fingers crossed that will be soon. 

I hope you’re all having a great day/night and thank you again 💜 💚 💙

anonymous asked:

Ey,, can I get some Headcanons for how Thomas helps when his lover is sick/ not feeling good?

Thomas is very comforting to people he’s close to

  • He brings you anything you need
  • From soup to medication to that ice pop you’ve been craving for a while, he brings it all
  • The doctor’s insisted that he didn’t follow your every whim, but he wants you to feel good, and this is what he thinks is the best way

And he’s the worst cook in the world

  • He’s convinced he could make a mean soup; topping it off with bay leaves and this strange spice he’d insisted was from france
  • Right when you taste it, oh my, what is this disgusting flavor on your tongue
  • You try to give him a smile, but you feel even more queasy than before
  • He makes sure to actually get someone else to make it for you, preferably the packaged kind

Cuddles? Thomas is the number one at giving them

  • You don’t want to get him sick, but he ignores your pleas, kissing your cheeks and pulling you into his arms
  • Head on yours, fingers entangled, legs brushing against one another
  • Small whispers of how much he loves and cares for you, no matter what

Once you get better

  • Thomas is glad and brings up the soup again, saying it was, and you quote “his magic touch”
  • He ends up getting sick

anonymous asked:

congrats on finishing the baseball au, it was so so so fantastic im actually emotional :'))))))))))))))))))))))))) as an aspiring writer, you are such an inspiration to me!!! I truly really look up to you and wish I could write as well as you do :D i'd kinda stopped writing for a while, but I've been really inspired since i started reading your stuff! so i just wanted to drop in and thank you! I'm pretty busy but I hope I can make some improvement in my writing (bc im quite shit for now)

Thank you so much for this praise!! 

And YES, get back into writing! Rediscover your passion! The only way to improve is practice practice practice!!! 

And you saying that I am your inspiration is very overwhelming and i just - thank you so much omg you’re so kind.