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I feel bad for ally though she doesn’t really stand out like the others and ‘ot5’s’ barely support her. Maybe if she sings soulful songs and not stick to pop she’ll be more appreciated and be her own person u know? I just want them all to be able to continue doing what they love and be appreciated man they deserve it they’ve all been through so much

I think it’s just the sad reality of the entertainment business in general, one has more luck/push/means, while the others don’t. Especially in girl groups (even boy bands), not everybody will shine (sometimes it’s because of unfair treatment from labels, sometimes it’s simply a lack of a certain mass appeal).

The thing is, unlike previous GGs from other generations, each member of 5H has the potential to make it as a solo act. They all have it - the talent, the charm, the personality. They’re not just fillers. Some members just get overshadowed because other members have a bigger presence, but I can see that the potential is there.

I know what you’re saying about Ally, she’s usually the one who is unnoticed, even though her contribution to the group (vocally speaking) is solid.

But I also think that it’s just a matter of tapping into the right niche for her. It’s all trial and error, and I love what they’re doing now. They’re all doing solo stuff and they’re finding their own sound. Of course there’s bound to be failed attempts at first, but I’m sure that if they continue what they’re doing, they’ll eventually find what they all are comfortable in doing. This year (and probably the next) is like them developing their own artistry, which is needed for a healthy growth. It’s organic, the way they’re all taking their time honing their skills and meeting new people.

Ally has been vocal in her desire to try acting or comedy, so maybe that’s where she’ll shine eventually.

The thing is, happiness and a sense of fulfillment differs for every individual. Like Camila may walk the path of a pop sensation, charts and all, and Lauren may choose a more indie or laidback sound, Mani may be RnB, Dinah tbh could do anything with that awesome voice of hers, and Ally is versatile as well because she has comedic timing and she has range. My point is, the others may not chart, but it doesn’t mean that they’re failing. It’s just a matter of finding the right place for their individual expression.

The important thing is, they are enjoying what they are doing.

Imagine, if you will:

  • Hide and Kaneki have been dating for a while (they’re both human)
  • Hide wants to bring Kaneki over for dinner at his house so that Papa Marude can meet him
  • Marude is a police officer, so he’s become hard over the years in order to cope with the stress
  • Kaneki is a fucking nervous wreck throughout the entirety of the night because he’s heard how cold Marude is towards everyone except his son
  • Kaneki’s polite to Marude, but Kaneki makes a complete fool of himself and tips over the coat rack and breaks a vase
  • Marude is not impressed, not that he liked Kaneki to begin with
  • “I didn’t peg you for the kinda guy who’d go for the nerdy type, my boy.” Marude grunts
  • “The body underneath those clothes is anything but nerdy, daddy.” Hide smirks, making Kaneki flush
  • Marude shoots Kaneki death glares after that when he thinks Hide isn’t looking or has his back turned, which makes poor Kaneki fidget noticeably
  • Hide sees this and decides to get even with his dad
  • During the actual meal, Hide makes a show of being super affectionate towards Kaneki
  • Marude gets even grumpier
  • Que Hide looking down innocently at his plate, going in for the kill
  • “Could you be a dear and please pass the salt, daddy?”
  • And both Kaneki (having not thought about it until it was too late) and Marude lean forward before freezing in their tracks
  • Kaneki’s face is beet red, and he looks like he wants to die
  • Marude looks like he’s gonna have a stroke
  • And Hide just sits there smiling proudly and knowing that he won 😎

After making those d&d bracelets, I have developed an obsession. I’ve always been obsessed with dice sets, they appeal to that “late 90′s to early 00′s” plastic shiny look I’m into. Like inflatable furniture and odd-colored electronics. Now that I’ve made two bracelets, I’m itching to make more, in a whole array of colors. I’m also coming up with ideas on incorporating dice into other jewelry pieces.

No idea if it’ll sell, but that’s not really the point here. While I am selling them, mostly to cover my costs and allow me to buy more supplies, I just really want to MAKE them. There’s something deeply satisfying about it.

I have a bunch of dice sets on their way, but they’re coming in from the states and got stuck at the border (I GUESS DICE ARE A DANGEROUS WEAPON). I’m also going to use my Christmas money to get some more and expand the line.

Very excited.

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I'm trying to figure out if I'm genderfluid or if it's just in my head or if I'm trying too hard to be different. I've been thinking about it for years. Do you have any advice?

I have sleepy, drugged up advice, which might be good or not: 

If you’ve been thikning about it and wondering about it for years, you’re probably genderfluid. If you’ve been worried about ‘faking it’ you’re probably genderfluid. If the label feels best to you and makes you happy, you’re DEFINITELY genderfluid. If you change your mind later that’s okay; you were still genderfluid while the label felt right. 

P.S. Everything is in yoru head. That’s not a disqualifier, that’s just where things like ‘identity’ are. Gender lives in your brain, not in your pants.

P.P.S I’m drugged on pain pills which is ok bc they’re mine for this issue…just wanted to clarify…

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Ahhh why do you leave it on such a cliffhanger...... Oh, and I wanted to point out that I liked how accepting Tony was that Sam was the new "man of the house" while he was gone. I could see that turning into more angst, like him being jealous and stuff, but I think he handled it really well and I'm proud of all of them 💕

Yeah, I thought about making Tony feel really inadequate as an Alpha? Because after everything he’s been through… yikes.

But I also didn’t want to ruin him like that. He has a few times where he admits (specifically to Rhodey and then Sam) that he isn’t the alpha the family deserves and they are quick to call bull shit.

So I wanted Tony struggling with that? But he’s also still aware of his family enough to be thankful that Sam is filling in where Tony can’t, and to notice that it’s a big deal for Bruce to be willing to hold him all night and that Bucky has retreated into himself and that’s not a good thing.

Because Tony might not think he’s a good Alpha anymore? But just noticing those ^^^ things prove that he still is.

I just want to thank you all for making the last 4 months a little more bearable for me. Running this page without Cloe has been so hard for me, but your positive vibes really helped me through it. I’ve missed her everyday and I’m still dreading my first SIO concert without her being with me, or texting me constantly while I’m there, but I think knowing I’m surrounded by you guys at every show will really help me. Cloe and I became friends through this band and nothing meant more to me than keeping this page going after she passed away. It’s even grown since her loss. You are all so awesome and I couldn’t ask for a better family to be a part of! 

Being the Priestess

My performance, my art it is all in Her name. So much of me is Her and for Her. There are days where I can hardly see the separation between us. She’s been apart of me for so long, in many ways, we are one. I could not separate myself from her if I wanted. I am frequently asked what Kind of Witch are you? Many assumed the common NeoWiccan as the safest bet. While I studied NeoWicca once upon a time it was never really a fit for me. Why? Because I am more than a Pagan, I am more than a Witch. I’m a Priestess of Bastet. I am.

This is a role I have been serving for many a year but never really wanted to admit to myself. I don’t care for the self-proclaimed titles. In fact, many that take them are simply looking to stroke their own ego. Make them appear to be some Super High Muckety-Muck.

For a long time, I simply chose the title Daughter of Bastet. interestingly enough this has become quite a term in those that work with her. A little bit of UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) becoming verified via “coincidence.” 

I’ve worked with many Gods, pantheons, and traditions over the years. However, I was always Hers. Just Hers. Even the rest of the Egyptian Pantheon and traditional Kemeticism just couldn’t hold me. It was like water thru my fingers trying to practice Kemeticism. I was going thru the motions but it just didn’t connect. 

I am Hers and Hers only.  She shares well, but to Her, I will always return. 

While I have known this since always, it only recently occurred to me. I am Her priestess dedicated to only Her. So now I am no longer witch but priestess. Most things will not change except for this more internal definition. The closest analogy I can compare it to is the difference between a Sorcerer and a Cleric in DnD both are Spellcasters but their application of magic come from different sources. I’m a Cleric not a Sorcerer like I thought I was. 

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i was trying to make you happy with a oc and i dont like that other anon bullying me or it felt like bullying im not trying to get free art i just want pepole to be happy.

While I have no control over what kinds of messages get sent to me anonymously(other then just not answering those messages) my apologies if someone made you feel uncomfortable. I don’t know what that anon’s intentions were, other than voicing annoyance over something. I think it might have been over your word choice that made that anon suspect you were trying to request free art, which even I wasn’t sure whether or not that’s what you were trying to do. I meant it when I said I like the picture. I think it’s cute. Though I think with messages like “how’s pork chop doing?”, it made it sound as though you were trying to start up a role play or send draw bait. If that wasn’t your intention, then my apologies for the misunderstanding. However, please understand this doesn’t change the fact that I have no desire to do anything else with the image that was submitted to me.

I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams



the eℓyxion from greek elysian; meaning paradise
presenting the angels you meet at heaven’s gates

A doodle of a Dab for all your fast dabs needs