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Introducing K-Pop Idol Waltz!

I’ve been wanting to commission from @rif-art for the longest time and finally caved in. I received the finished surprise right after New Years Eve and it was such a welcome sight, I’m so, so happy!! Please check her out if you already haven’t, thank you again so much Rif! The colors are perfect, the sparkles are perfect, I will definitely cherish this piece forever!

so, enjoy my fun graphic xD but, as 2016 comes to an end, i want to recognize some people. on a personal level, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me. i was accepted into my education program, i started in my education program, i made friends at school, i made friends at work, i started in a new job that i actually really like. while 2016 has had many ups and downs, it’s also been a great year for me in regards to rping. i’ve just passed my 1 year and 5 months mark on this blog – the longest i’ve ever had an account for. i’ve just passed 1,750 followers – the most followers i’ve ever had before. i’ve made some really great friends, i’ve had some really great plots, and i’ve developed better as a person myself. i want to thank everyone who has been there along the way, who has helped me become the person i am today because without you guys, i wouldn’t be that person at all. so, thank you to everyone. this is in no particular order ( actually, it’s in alphabetical order but shhhhh )

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a few shoutouts bc these people are awesome. it ended up being beneath a cut bc it got really long. apologies xD

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I figured this would of been too simple to place in my Patreon so I’m placing it here. The longest progress whenever I work on a piece will always be the sketching. After I get the base linking and coloring are the easiest to do. Shading it the second difficult step as I don’t want the shadowing to over power the colors nor make the drawing seem so flat or bland. 75% of the time my lines do not follow the sketch either since its more of a guide.

This is Free from @free-bone‘s chibi commission set~

Drunk Fun (C.H. Blurb)

A/N: i want to start doing ‘blurb mondays’ for as long as i can do them. (don’t hold me accountable for having one prepared every monday though, but i’ll try to have one written) we’ll see how it goes. 
this has been sitting in my notes for the longest time and I’m not planning on adding anything to it, so here is a little blurb about our sexy bassist. enjoy ;)

Masterlist || Ask


“You look fucking ridiculous,” I told Calum as he strolled into the foyer that I was currently waiting in.
“I look fucking amazing,” he corrected me as he gave me an excited smile.
“Who the fuck wears a pink duck onesie to a club?” I asked him while closing my eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose.
“Us,” he tells me in a ‘duh’ tone. “And it’s Daisy Duck…I think.” He added unsurely.
I opened my eyes and raised one eyebrow up in response. “The fact that you don’t even know who you’re wearing is…” I shook my head. “Wait, us?” I dared to ask.
Then the rest of the boys came strolling in wearing, can you guess? All wearing some type of character onesie - well, asides from Luke because I’m assuming that he thought he was too ‘cool’ to wear one.
“Are you shitting me right now?” I asked as I continued to assess the mess that was 5 Seconds of Summer, a supposed band who were considered a heartthrob among the female and male population.
Luke scrunched his nose in disgust. “Ew, Y/N. Why would I shit here? There’s a perfectly well working bathroom just over there.” He jerked his thumb back in the direction of the bathroom.
My face paled. “I didn’t mean it literally, Luke.”
He simply rolled his eyes in response.
Well, then. Rude.
“Don’t act like you’re not jealous,” Michael said right after.
I laughed. “Trust me. I’m anything but jealous at the moment.”
“Don’t lie. You know you want to wear one,” Ashton prodded.
I shook my head. “No, thanks. You all look ridiculous and yet you all manage to pull it off.” I narrowed my eyes at them. “Fuck you boys for being able to pull off any article of clothing you wear. It’s totally unfair for the rest of the population. You could probably pull off wearing a garbage bag and still look fucking amazing.”
“Aww,” Michael came and wrapped an arm around my shoulders as he squeezed me to his chest. “Y/N thinks we’re so sexy and hot.”
I shoved him. “Those are your words. Not mine.”
“Ah, but it is what you implied.”
“I didn't…but I…oh, nevermind. Let’s just go already.” I grumbled and walked out the door with the boys laughing as they followed me out.

I looked up from my seat from below the little lounge type section of the club when I heard Calum start yelling and swearing.
He had a half full bottle of beer in one of his hand and was gesticulating a lot as he talked amicably to the group of friends he was with. He let out his famous drunk chuckle that I had become accustomed to whenever we went out drinking.
He saw me looking up at him and let out a goofy grin. He perched his forearms on the little railing, with his hands and his beer dangling over the edge. “Whatcha looking at, gorgeous?” He drunkenly asked.
I smirked up at him as I sipped my mixed drink. “I’m looking at this sexy guy in a pink duck onesie that seems to be flat out hammered,” I teased him.
“So you do think I’m sexy,” he pointed out with a smirk.
I rolled my eyes playfully at him. “That’s what you got from what I said?”
He leaned down a bit further. “I always knew that you thought I was sexy.”
“Mmm,” I hummed and took another sip of my drink. “Don’t flatter yourself too much.”
He pouted. “But you said that I’m sexy.”
I nod. “Yes, and I also think Luke, Michael, and Ashton are sexy so…you’re not at a very high advantage.”
He kept quiet for a moment as he thought of something to say. His face lit up and he smiled deviously at me. “I can think of a few things that can bring me up to a higher advantage.”
“Yeah? Like what?” I teased.
“Why don’t you come up here and I show you?”
His words held their promises.


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky and the reader hook-up then radio silence from Bucky. The reader gets frustrated and confronts him.

Warnings: talk about sex, but come on grow up.


“Hey Bucky!” You shouted down the hall after him. This was the fifth time you saw him since the two of you had hooked up, per-se. The sex was amazing, incredible even, but when you woke up the next morning, he wasn’t there. It had been two days and no contact, you were getting a bit nervous. He seemed to leave the room when you came in or just ignore you altogether. You and Bucky had been hard-core flirting for the longest time and you were waiting for him to make his move. Once he finally did you were so happy. You wanted more of him, with him, but from the way he was acting, it wasn’t looking to good. He continued down the hall, you just assumed he hadn’t heard you. “Hey Buck, wait up!” he still continued to walk. You were fed up with this silent treatment. You ran to catch up with him and grabbed his arm.

“What?” He said harshly. You were a bit taken back by his tone. You looked around, he was loud enough to draw attention to the two of you. There was a closet behind him, you pushed him in. You struggled to find a light, when you turned it on you saw the angry expression on his face.

“You can’t just ignore me after we had sex” he still said nothing “Did I do something wrong?” You asked agitation laced your voice. He stared at you with a blank face. “If I did something I didn’t mean to I mean I-“ You were cut off by Bucky’s lips on yours. He kissed you deeply, you grasped the back of his neck while he pulled you towards him by your waist. You pulled away and his lips followed yours. “Hey, hey, hey” This man was driving you crazy. One minute he’s ignoring you, and the next he can’t get enough of you. He was most definitely going to be the death of you. “You’re kind of sending me mixed signals, can you elaborate?” You took a step back so he wasn’t tempted. He took a deep breath.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong” he sighed “It’s just, the other night was good, really good but…” He looked at me longingly “Everyone I get close to ends up damaged or dead” His breathing started to become rapid and unsteady.

“Hey, just breathe, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself” You moved closer to him in hopes of calming him down. You put your hand on his cheek and rubbed his face with your thumb. “I’m a kick-ass assassin, I’ll be just fine”

‘Have I changed since we met?’ Bon Iver wants to know.

My hand goes to his face, feeling the soft pile of his beard and the warmth that never leaves his cheeks, even when he’s scared himself with one of his own jolly wintertime pranks.

These thousands of days have produced more creases from smiles than tears, but both are represented. The longest winter left an argent frost in his hair, and it never thawed. 

He’s more perfect to me today than he has ever been, and I gasp when I think of the thousands of days ahead.

'Grow old with me,'I beg him in a whisper. 'The best is yet to be!’

 Hi everyone! 

Yay, here’s a really simple edit because I’m too lazy. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for the longest time to say thank you to everyone who has made Tumblr a second home for me. And this is for my 1k milestone, thank you again! It’s a really nice early birthday present actually, it was my goal to hit the four digits before the 6th of June (my birthday)! I can’t thank you guys enough~~ <33

I absolutely adore our E.L.F community here on tumblr, we all support each other and to me it is just one of the most beautiful thing :’) To my followers/mutuals, you are all wonderful to be able to bare with my little moments when I feel down which I am truly grateful for! ^^ 

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I can’t believe it’s been 2 whole years since I started this blog (may 1, 2014!? wowie) and my first post was literally steven thinking “to go out and have a social life…….. or to play with rocks.” and that really set the tone for the kind of steven I’d have ever since. steven’s changed so much over time, but the community has been consistent. the pokemon community has been so good to me?? through all this time, with all the friendships I’ve made, all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet, I really wouldn’t rather be anywhere else. thank you so much for being such a fantastic, marvelous, lovely group of people and the place I always want to come back to. I’ve got to do a decent shout-out to all those who were there along the way and everyone who makes the pokemon community so great (in order from the longest I’ve been following!): 

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