been wanting to do this photoset forever

Oh, look. I’ve made another challenge.

The concept of this one is simple: you pick an era of Disney films (I’ve made a cheat sheet for you here!), and you make a photoset (or gifset, art, whatever you feel) for each of the following:

  • Favorite female character
  • Favorite male character
  • Favorite song/musical number
  • Favorite villain
  • Favorite sidekick
  • Favorite pairing
  • An underrated or underappreciated film
  • Your favorite film

Tag me in your posts, use #disneymydear and #pick an era challenge - I want to see what you create! :)

here’s a sterek meme

I haven’t seen people do one of these in forever for sterek and I really want to make myself create more stuff so I’m making a list of gifset prompts that I’m going to work my way through. Anyone who wants to do this with me is more than welcome to (with gifsets or photosets or art). We could all use more Sterek content ❤

☆ favorite season
☆ top 5 episodes
☆ top 5 scenes
☆ top 5 color porn: favorite color schemes
☆ top 5 indirect scenes (stiles or derek alone or with other characters)
☆ top 5 AUs
☆ top 5 scenes that should’ve been canon
☆ top 5 headcanons
☆ top 5 reasons to love sterek
☆ top 5 character parallels
☆ top 5 sterek songs/poems