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Hello, i have a request: how would DA:I companions and advisers react to an Inquisitor that is bullied because of their weight? Romance too please. This thing happens to several people, my little sister went throught this situation for being overweight and i've always been criticized because i'm too thin. I would love to know that someone, even if is fictional, would support people like us. (Sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my first lenguage)

((I have also been bullied for my appearance and I would like to say that everyone is beautiful no matter how they look, and thank you for the request!))

Cassandra: did she just hear correctly? Someone had the nerve to come into skyhold and bash the one person who was trying to save the world. She gave them quite the talking too. ROMANCED: she comforts the inquisitor telling them how beautiful they are and makes sure everyone knows it.

Solas: as soon as the words hit his ears he whipped his head around, all the calmness that surrounded the elf seemed to vanish, he marched up to the person who said the insult and spoke elvish curses no one had heard before, it was quite the scene. ROMANCED: after he finished with the curses he turned to the inquisitor and gave them a kiss, just so everyone knew who he loved.

Varric: he put down his pen and cracked his knuckles as he made his way to the insulter, no one had ever seen somebody run so fast.

Sera: “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY YOU LITTLE-” She chased them around skyhold and they got heavily pranked before they left. ROMANCED: arrows flew in every direction and people took cover as she went into fits of rage.

Dorian: oh no, did he just hear correctly? After a few insults to the persons fashion and hair he turned to the inquisitor and showered them with compliments. ROMANCED: he is ruthless in his insults, he turns to the inquisitor and kisses their face repeatedly.

Iron bull: when he heard the person commenting on the inquisitors appearance all he had to do was appear in front of the person, they seemed to leave in quite the rush, he turned to the inquisitor to make sure they were ok. ROMANCED: he dived in and scooped the inquisitor up, he gave the insulted a rather scary look and everyone laughed as the chargers were seen chasing them out of skyhold.

Vivienne: she stopped everything she was doing and made her way to the inquisitor. she, like Dorian, was ruthless with her own insults to the person and finally turned to the inquisitor. “Anything else you would like me to do? Freeze them? Turn them into a toad?” She smiled.

Blackwall: he had never been more upset with someone, he made a display in front of the stables and when it was over he made sure the inquisitor was ok. “Don’t listen to people like him, you’re lovely.” He said placing his arm around them. ROMANCED: he chased them out of skyhold and when he returned he didn’t leave the inquisitors side the rest of the day, he also didn’t stop complementing them.

Cole: “I know how to help.” He knew people were scared of him, so he simply appeared behind the inquisitor and the insulter got scared away. “You aren’t what they said you were, you are so amazing to so many people, like me.” He smiled.

Cullen: he unsheathed his sword and gave some threats, no one had seen the commander so intimidating before. ROMANCED: he took the bully on a walk around skyhold, so it was odd that he returned without them, he gave the inquisitor many kisses on their face as well.

Josephine: she had never heard such terrible things before, she marched over to the bully and gave them some advice. “Leave skyhold.” They were seen walking out of skyhold with their head down. ROMANCED: she turned to the inquisition after. “You know none of that is true.” She said kissing them.

Leliana: she sent some spies after they were done, no one has heard from the insulter. “If they want to find them they’ll have to go to the dungeons, but who would look there?” She told the inquisitor, she made sure to remind the inquisitor that they looked amazing. “People like them don’t have anything better to do than make other feel bad about themselves, don’t listen.” She said as they walked around for a little while.

Breathe Underwater

Pairing: Antonin Dolohov x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical AU

Word Count: 1,013

It’s a hot, humid night in late July.

“Why are we here,” Pansy bleats. She glances around the interior of the bar—which had looked like a fucking barn from the outside—and sees thick reels of obviously fake rope coiled like snail shells along the walls, as well as a pleather-saddled mechanical bull lurking in the far corner. “Daphne. Daphne. Why are we here.”

Daphne blinks. “Like…here? Existentially? Or—”

“No,” Pansy interrupts, sneering at a girl who’s wearing a tacky red bandana as a dress. “Like, here, here. Specifically, this dumpster fire of a fucking drinking establishment in the fucking 909.

Oh,” Daphne coos, nodding sagely. “You mean here. I just—I thought it would be fun to do something different tonight, you know? Like. Pansy. They have square dancing here. Look at all the cowboy boots.”

Pansy pointedly inspects Daphne’s twelve-hundred dollar Louboutins. “Fun,” she repeats, acidly. “Right. Super fun. Flannel shirts and illegally lifted pick-up trucks. Bathrooms that smell like Bud Light and cough syrup. Remember that scene? In that weird Reese Witherspoon movie with the Alabama people? Where she’s, like, you brought your baby to a bar—”

Pansy’s cut off by an elbow—large, leather-clad, masculine—catching her in the ribs.

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Day 8 - Gold

Damen took the crown in his hands – the golden laurels for him, the sapphires and starburst for Laurent. It would suit Augustine better than he’d ever suited them.

If he had to find something he regretted, in this marvel of a life he’d been given, it was not having more children.

It wasn’t a wish he had harboured during youth. Even when Jokaste had presented him with the possibility of fatherhood, what he’d felt had been duty, not longing.

Kings needed heirs. It was the way it was. His own mother’s miscarriages had sorrowed the entire kingdom. From tales of those times, and of Kastor, and from the extent of Kastor’s deeds, he’d learned that the sooner there was an heir, the more solid would be his reign.

He realised now, with some irony, that he’d never had an heir at all. He had an heiress.

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Tucked In

Summary: After a startling (or not so much, really) confession, Robin reads Regina a bedtime story. Unedited - apologies for any mistakes.The idea just wouldn’t leave me alone.

He’s watched her so many times, curled up on Roland’s bed with the boy cuddled into her side and Henry perched at their feet (too old to be read bedtime stories, he says, but never misses a single one of Roland’s). He’s listened so many times, let her deep, rich voice wash over him as talking animals and mischievous children have come to life before Roland’s imaginative, twinkling eyes. When she claps the book shut, slips from Roland’s sagging, sleeping form, and tucks both boys in (Henry protests, but only half-heartedly, and only half of the time), Robin’s heart soars and he thinks bedtime stories must be one of most glorious things ever.

Tonight, Regina shoves the book into his stomach playfully and reminds him they’re supposed to take turns reading, that he’s been slacking off. Robin has no defence other than that Roland keeps specifically requesting her, and his mock-injured tone elicits a grin from her. Her expertise, he mumbles into her ear in perfect sincerity, is truly remarkable.

A sigh escapes her, and he knows her, this sigh means trouble. He knows something’s wrong even before she slips from his arms.

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