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Dancing with the Linebacker - Chapter 10

Rated: M (Swearing, TW:drugs/overdose)
You know how you think you have a story figured out, and then you start typing and it’s like your brain does a 180 and your fingers try to keep up as the story takes a twist that even you didn’t see coming… yeah, that is 100% how this story is turning out right now

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Kristoff woke to the sound of his phone ringing.  He looked at the clock which read half past one, and he froze.  Getting a phone call in the middle of the night was the absolute worst feeling in the world.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Stiles saying he could see the appeal of a third eye in the last episode?

anon #2:  Hey there, love you’re meta! 2 things: 1) I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about it yet, but when Stiles&Lydia walked to the hospital he said"I’m not supposed to know that, am I?“-do you think it’s a hint to his somethingness/that he may get Valacks 3rd eye(the comment he made earlier), it’s starting to seem more&more likely, right with the dialog in the 2nd ep between him&Scott, how Lydia wasn’t physic&all that! So yeah, I feel like that’s gonna happen, right?


So two third eye related questions - I’m combining them, hope that’s okay :) 

I think that might just be foreshadowing tbh. And it’s not the first sign of Stiles and third eye. It’s been going on for a looooong time. 

This poster has been on his wall since 3a, but is curiously gone now (or on the forth wall we haven’t gotten a glimpse of yet this season). 

He’s also wore eye-related clothing on several occasions. 

and this

He also regards himself to have “a very perceptive eye for evil”. 

Stiles: Okay, good. ‘Cause we got another problem. Ethan keeps checking his phone, like, every five minutes. It’s like he’s waiting for something, you know, like, a message or a signal of some kind. I don’t know, something evil though, I can tell. I have a very perceptive eye for evil, but you know that.

Which is sort of true. Stiles is often uncannily perceptive. Like with Matt and how a lot of his hunches are often right, but no one ever listens. 

Stiles was threatened by the chemist, right at the third eye. The result is I think he killed the chemist by making the gun backfire and hit him in the forehead. Read about it here.

I’ve also pointed out the many parallels between Tracey and what happened to Stiles in 3B. Tracey also had a lot of eye stuff on her walls. Not sure if it’s important at all, but it’s at least curios

And then we have the little hints this season. Like Stiles openly admitting he’d kind of like to have a third eye. Mostly said jokingly but the Stilinskis are our Ron Weasleys - when the joke it often turns out to be true.

Stiles: I’m starting to see the appeal of a third eye

And also Stiles asking if he’s supposed to know the answer to Lydia’s impossible question - yes, perhaps he should know that… 

Lydia: So, if I’ve read the book, why don’t I have the full memory of my experience with them? 
Stiles: I’m not supposed to that, am I?

It’s phrased as a question, not a statement. Almost as if Stiles himself is questioning it… 

And Lydia has been labeled a psychic by Scott, but she’s been very adamant that she’s not one. Stiles is eager to correct Scott’s assumption, and yes, that conversation also feels like a foreshadowing to me. 

And Stiles distrusts Theo for the second he turns up - instinctual. 

Stiles: There’s something off about him. I can feel it. 
Scott: Lydia’s the psychic. Not you. 
Stiles: She’s not psychic. She’s a Banshee. Okay? There’s a difference. Yeah.

Also when Stiles visited Lydia after she was almost killed by Jennifer, we see a painting of lots of eyes right behind him. (cap borrowed for calicokat-teenwolf)

One of these days I should do a complete breakdown of his murder walls in season 3 because they are disturbing and fascinating. 

Curiously we can find stuff there that shouldn’t be there. In episode 3x13 you can see this on his wall. A drawing of a bald dude that kind of looks like the mute from season 4. And there’s also a footprint that also didn’t resurface until season 4 and still is on his murderboard. 

Also if we look at the characteristics of someone with a third eye, Stiles fits the bill. 

The Brow chakra is the seat of dreams, inner vision, spiritual direction and wisdom. Life lessons of the Brow Chakra include‘reality checks’, detachment, understanding, open mindedness, trusting your intuition and psychic abilities, self realization, and releasing repressed negative thinking. The wisdom within the Third Eye include seeing clearly, both symbolically and literally, intuition, wisdom and intellect. A Sixth Chakra imbalance might be experienced as a learning disability, poor coordination, and sleep disorders.

This does fit Stiles pretty well even down to the imbalance traits of poor coordination and sleep disorders :) 

With Valack’s eye stolen by the doctors I think it’s safe to assume they are going to use it for one of their experiments. Stiles might be a prime subject for it. He might have the supernatural DNA for it, but it’s not developed and they might want to help him along with a full blown transplant… 

I’ll eat my mousepad if nothng pans out about Stiles and third eyes. It’s one of those things that are so heavily foreshadowed for seasons it would be a crime not to do something about it… 

Also see my third eye tag for some of my previous ramblings on this matter. 

A Trip to the Zoo

Summary: A continuation of the Par Tea AU , specifically the zoo date mentioned in this little continuation drabble ~ Featuring NicoMaki joining Nozoeli on the fun little trip.

Notes: I apologize for taking forever to finish this, but I hope its everything you guys wanted~ Thank you for taking interest in this silly little au, and also thank you for reading, commenting, reblogging and liking ;;u;;! it means a lot;; <3!

Word Count: 4,139

“Mama! The door bell rang!” Kira sat at the table, a piece of toast in her hand as she watches her mother work in the kitchen.

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