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Boyfriend appreciation post because I am forever grateful for this guy right here. It’s been a rocky path for us but he’s my forever ride or die. We met when I was 16 years old and he’ stuck my be ever since. I love you so much pumpkin and I can’t wait for what this year has in store for us 🙏🏽💖

I said once that a home is just a grouping of objects, connected by a shared personal experience of time, which was just a fancy way of really just asking you to move in with me, and, um, and it worked but I wasn’t wrong, and I know now that a relationship is just a grouping of moments, connected by that same shared personal experience of time. what it means to make a life together is to take the experience of two different lives and choose to interpret them as a single shared narrative, so, in other words, changing the story about you, or the story about me, into the story about us. do you remember before the throat surgery when I sounded like this: “science is neat”? well, science is neat and I still believe that, but I know now that a lot of things are neat. having a quiet breakfast with another person is neat; calling someone over to experience a particularly noisy sunset is neat; this town is neat; night vale is neat; love is neat. love is- is very neat, actually and, um, and you are neat. that first night, when we sat on the trunk of my car and looked at the lights above the arby’s, when we got up to leave, I looked at you and I tried to think of how to say everything I was feeling, but I’ve never really been good at describing feelings, I’m only good at describing facts and love- love isn’t a fact, you know, love, it’s- it’s a hunch at first, and then later, it’s a series of decisions, a lifetime of decisions. that’s love and I didn’t- I didn’t know how to express that, and, so, I just said “I’m glad I decided to call you”, and now, um, tonight I say I’m glad again for this decision and all the decisions that will come every day after, which is to say, uh, scientifically speaking of course, speaking from the point of view of mere facts and logic and you know, um, what with this science and all, I just thought that it was time for us to make a life together.
—  Carlos the Scientist, Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 100 “Toast”
Happy Accidents (reader x Bucky) [AH pt 10(End)]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Sam, Steve, Nat, Tony, Bruce (mentioned)

Summary: Reader stays home from a mission and Bucky returns with unexpected news that could change your life together forever. 

Warnings: lil angst, mostly fluff. Mentions of illness and possible pregnancy. 

Word Count: 4k. (last part, I needed all the words! )

A/N: Well, this is it!! The last part. It’s been a long time coming and I’m sorry about the wait, but I hope it’s worth it! This series was my baby. Part 1 was my first fic written and posted EVER. Thank you all for sticking around and supporting me and this series! Please let me know what you think! :)

Tags at the end. 

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“There really is no one like you, Y/N. It’s good to be home.”

Now that Bucky was back, the tower felt like home again to you, too.


One Year Later

“I’m going.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Bucky. I feel fine!! I’ve been fine all morning. I am going on this mission.”

Bucky opened his mouth to protest, but your determined expression stopped him, throwing his hands up in surrender.

You smiled victoriously, gathering the last of your gear and tugging the zipper closed on your duffel. The both of you already wore your combat gear, ready to board the Quinjet that was leaving in 10 minutes. Steve had interrupted breakfast saying there was a last minute mission so you and Bucky, along with Bruce, Clint, and Steve were heading out as soon as possible. Steve protested your joining the mission, too, which annoyed you. What was up with that?

One last scan around the room to make sure you had gathered everything, you met Bucky’s eyes.

“You ready, babe?” you asked him.

“Yup. How ‘bout you, doll?”

You paused, holding up one finger before you bolted for the bathroom and lost your breakfast. Aw, crap.

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Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! Welcome to the 2nd follow forever of this blog ! In the first place, I wanted to make it to celebrate 7k, but since both L and I are busy these days and don’t post much, we’ve been losing followers, so I thought why waiting when you can make it now ? SO HERE I AM I also wanted to make one to celebrate the 2 years of this blog (about a month later lol oopsie)

First of all I wanna thank every each of our followers that stay by our side and keep cheering us on and all, you guys are gold I love you ♥ And of course, thank you to all the beautiful people I follow and manage to make my day at least 10 times better by seeing your posts I love you guys too ♥

Without further due, let’s start this ! (Oh btw it’s probably not all in alphabetic order because i’m too lazy~)

mutuals || faves 💖 || lovely ppl that I love vry much 💙

[If I forgot to bold you if we’re mutual tell me ♥ and if I forgot to mention you (sorry ugh), tell ma as well ♥

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Non-spoilery pre-release thoughts.

OK so I haven’t finished my 10 hours of Andromeda yet, but I’ve gotten as far as the trial allows me for the main story and I’ve got like one hour left of pre-release play anyway.

For those on the tag/those who missed my earlier post, I ended up getting Origin access just for the trial because the “OMG ANDROMEDA IS GOING TO BE AWFUL AND BIOWARE IS RUINED FOREVER” talk was really starting to get to me after I saw the bad face animations. Didn’t want to wait a week because I’ve been excited for Andromeda ever since before ME3′s DLC came out. While I was super hyped and had high hopes, at the same time, I thought I had fairly realistic expectations (”Yeah Bioware’s not perfect this isn’t a bad thing” instead of the “OH GOD I’M NOT GONNA BUY THIS GAME BECAUSE BIOWARE KICKS PUPPIES” bullshit I was seeing around) but… yeah.

It was really getting to me.

So here’s some dot points, no spoilers, under the cut. This covers character creator, face animations, world exploration, and narrative, without any spoilers. Any possible spoilers are referred to so vaguely you’ll have no chance of putting anything together, so don’t worry.

I also have a bit at the bottom covering things I really like about this game.

TL;DR – Guys. It’s fine, it’s okay, it really is. Chill. These issues exist, but they’re tiny ass things you’ll barely notice, like in every other game ever. You’ll love Andromeda, you really will. Yeah, it is DA:I in Space, but it’s also not – it’s DA:I in space, but better.

Honestly, these issues are fucking terrifying when you’re hyped up and can’t see the game for yourself yet and everyone’s nitpicking about these dumbass tiny things like they’re Huge Fucking Issues, but when you do play you won’t run into them nearly as often as people made you think, and when you do see them you’ll shrug and move on and forget about them ten seconds later, like you do about 99% of glitches you run into in other games. 

You’re not gonna hate the game just because Jallo’s legs clip into his seat or Addison stared at you way more blankly than any other character or something, for fuck’s sake.

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Squishy Sentence Starters

“Give me love or give me DEATH”

“I haven’t been cuddled in three hours I’m going through withdrawal!!!”

“I can hear your heartbeat laying on you like this, it’s really fucking disgusting but cute I guess”

“Grab my glittery hand so I can take a picture and post it as a e s t h e t i c. Yes. Now don’t let go. Ever.”

“Lay back and let me just rub your back, you’ve been stressed lately”

“Come in the bath with meeeeeeee.
- Wait not naked gross go put a swim suit on you animal”

“Be the Romeo to my Juliet? Okay- yeah I know they both died that was a bad example but you get the idea!”

“Hold me in your arms and don’t let go while I act like I don’t like it”

“Just let me hug you forever- stop squirming!!”

“Let me fucking love you jackass”

Hey guys! Red here! I know you guys are already waiting forever for this comic… or just don’t care anymore lolol but lately schoool has been catching up on me so for the mean time, I won’t be posting any major artworks, comics or anything that takes more than an hour. Plus, when I do get back I’ll definitely post so much of this dang drama XD. I hope you can understand, I will see you soon!

*casually rockets straight into fandom hell* *although this was totes posted on DA forever ago*

With the release of Sister Location, I have once again fallen face-first into the pits of FNAF. So, of COURSE, I made a BillDip AU! Because I have no chill! These pictures are so very old, they’ve been waiting to be scanned for about a month, but I only just got a new scanner after my printer broke.

The general gist of the story is that Bill is in the role of Freddy. He was created by three men; Mason Moran, Henry Pines and William Afton. Mason and Henry had created his character, a traveling, singing, dancing yellow magician/clown, years and years previous for Mason’s young daughter Meredith, and later Henry’s twin children Samantha and Stanley (Yep, Stan and genderbent Ford) When Meredith got ill with the same terminal disease that killed her mother several years prior, Mason turned to Henry’s powerful engineering and robotics knowledge and together they brought the character of Mr. Cipher to life in the form of an animatronic. However, Henry’s business partner William Afton was also involved in the project and made some modifications to Bill…but Bill is more than an animatronic, and his story is a long one…

This is him in his first incarnation, back in 1968 in Mason’s Pizza, which would later become Mr. Cipher’s Family Diner when Mason gave the place to Henry after Meredith’s death. He looks friendly enough now, but just you wait.

   so I’ve been here for all of five minutes. — and I have over 150 followers, and I think ALL of you are NUTSO. but that’s not really the point here… I made Archie in the middle of the FIRST episode, then I waited like two or so more episodes before I posted anything. I wrote a little but not much. then these last maybe — two??? weeks I finally did my tags and junk, and got my shit together. and now ~ now I have you beautiful people. 

   so in thanks for following me and my trashy ass, I am doing this lovely follow FOREVER.
and at some point this weekend, I am probably going to be posting CHARACTER PSDS for the main Riverdale characters. or who I can make psds that I like for xD so with that, follow forever:

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when Sana gets to be with Eunha~ ♡

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How did this happen guys??
This blog was suppose to be a side project but now I’d say it was my main blog xD I’ve met such wonderful friends here and I know I’m currently going through a bit of a hard time at the moment ~ so thank you all for sticking with me when all my ooc posts have been me basically having mood swings <3

Hopefully you’ve still been enjoying interacting with Atem whenever I have been able to get content out ^.^ I really do love this muse and I wish to thank everyone for helping me to make this muse into the awkward mess that he is. It has been one heck of a ride and I can’t wait to see what else awaits - no doubt plenty of Angst. We all know how much I love my emotional roller coasters. 

Okays all the sappy stuff and a general follow forever will be under the cut: 

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