been waiting for all 3 of them! :d

I have this very strong image in my mind of Adam and Ronan impulsively deciding to get married at like 3 am and then going to the courthouse at soon as it’s open and like

Driving to get blue and Gansey:  Ronan getting their attention with something resembling the wedding march on his car horn 

Gansey and blue start panicking about putting on clothes and getting presents. Gansey is trying to write a best man speech on a breakfast napkin on the front lawn. confusion and Chaos 

Ronan is still honking his horn and screaming “THE NUPTIAL BUS LEAVES IN THIRTY SECONDS”

a very confused, sleepy, and kind of annoyed Gansey and blue have to get in the car in their pajamas 

Henry is already waiting outside of the courthouse in a tux when they get there, with flowers and a wrapped gift. none of them know how this is possible

they set up facetime with matthew so he can watch

the ceremony lasts like 3 minutes and is not romantic at all. everyone cries anyway

Moth’s Short Mystrade

My bank of short stories has bulked out a little lately, thanks to all your helpful prompting. My Tumblr feed’s been moving pretty quick. Here’s a summary by category (with AO3 links) in case you missed anything. <3 

[Stories over 2000 words have a count next to them.]






spiderman!mark + ultimate spiderman!donghyuck

ok so first of all, bigbigbigbig thank u to @fuhyuck for showing me this (x) fanart of spiderman!mark and ultimate spiderman!donghyuck because that’s the reason i even began to write this au :’))

and second of all thank to @wendyson bc she proof read this 4 me so ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) thank

  • these two tease each other ALL the time
  • like, that’s already canon, but the fact that they’re both spiderman gives them so much more material
    • hyuck: your superhero costume SUCKS DICK MARK
    • mark: ?????? bitch what the fuck we have the same FUCKING COSTUME, YOURS IS JUST BLACK AND RED
  • they argue over who copied who
    • they originally met on their way to a crime scene happening and decided to figure out what the fuck was going on afterwards because people needed to be saved
    • and when they saw how nicely they fought together, they decided they should be a team
    • ‘the spider-duo’

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Imagine giving Chris his Christmas present.

A/N: Well, well, well. It seems like we’re nearing the end of the mini series ‘Baby Fever’. I’ll probably write the next mini series in the new year but for now, I think I can roll the credits. There will be an epilogue just for more fluffs and feels, but I think Part 5 is a good place to stop. (Maybe each mini will have five parts and an epilogue *shrugs*) Anyway, here are the links you need to read the mini series- both the first and the second (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts - Masterlist and Baby Fever Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4) I’ll add them once I get home. I love you all. :D

You sat on the floor of the living room, wrapping all the gifts you’d bought over December; there were a lot more than you’d expected, but then again- you were a bit of a shopaholic. Some people you had more than one gift for, more than five actually; Chris was always one of the lucky recipients and you couldn’t wait to give him his gift.

The week had been almost perfect; there were a few bumps in the road but nothing the two of you couldn’t handle as a couple. Chris did as he promised, doing nothing to nudge you except be the supportive, caring, loving husband and father- well, mock father- you always knew him to be. It was more than enough really because by the fourth day, your doubts were gone and you were ready to be a mother. That led to one of your gifts, the most pertinent one for his future with you; the onesie Chris loved at the store and a pregnancy test kit to tell him you were ready.

“I can’t believe you’re going home tomorrow, Bumble Bee.” Chris bounced Phoebe on his lap. “This week has just- whoosh,” he darted his hand across Phoebe’s face like a little plane and she giggled. “I don’t want to give her back, babe.”

You looked up at him and chuckled at his adorable pout. “I know you don’t, but we have to. She’s our niece, not our daughter.” He hugged Phoebe tightly to him, pressing his nose into her soft locks. “Don’t be such a baby,” you laughed and returned to wrapping, “she’s not going far.”

“Yeah, just four hours away,” he huffed. “I don’t know why they insist on staying so far away, it’s not like their school district there is that much better than ours.” He complained and you laughed. “If your parents could find a place near us, why couldn’t they?”

“Because not everything revolves around us, sweetheart.” You told him then smiled when he chuckled in response. “Relax, we’re going to Mom and Dad’s for Christmas Eve and everyone is going to be there. You can spend time with Bumble Bee there,” you said and smiled when Phoebe lit up at your use of her nickname.

“Yeah, I guess.” He sat Phoebe down on her play mat then crawled over to you; he couldn’t get very close. “Do you need some help?” He sat on his knees, scanning the floor area around you; items were scattered everywhere. “You look like you’re working for Santa,” he chuckled, sitting down and propping a leg up and resting his arm on his knee.

“That’s what my sweater says,” you smiled and pointed at your sweater, making him laugh. “I’m fine for now, you can sub-in when I start to swear.” He laughed because he knew exactly what you were talking about; it happened every year, after the fifteenth or so present.

“Okay,” he nodded.

“Okay,” you smiled and returned your focus on wrapping.

Chris watched you intently, chuckling softly at the way you’d purse your lips and furrow your brows when you concentrated. It was adorable, you were adorable and he would never get sick of watching you do things. Chris loved you during Christmas, you were extra adorable with your childlike enthusiasm and Christmas spirit; he also loved the feeling you gave the house with the decor and the baking and the sweaters. Christmas was better with you around and he couldn’t help but wonder how much better it could be with a kid around. Phoebe gave him a glimpse of the future he wondered about, she made him fall deeper in-love with the idea; his hope was that she had- the week had done their job of making you fall in-love with it too.

“What?” You asked when you realized Chris was watching you with a love sick smile on his face. He shook his head, chuckling as he reached for his mug of hot cocoa; it was a Christmas Mickey one, and of course, you had a Minnie one to match. “Yeah, right. Nose scrunch,” you randomly said then scrunched your nose in the most adorable way, making him laugh.

“You’re so weird,” he chuckled with a shake of his head.

“Are you insulting me just before Christmas?” You gasped dramatically and he rolled his eyes, biting back his smile. “Do you not want your presents?” You quizzed, glancing back at the stack each labeled with names from his past roles, except one; one was always labeled ‘Chris Evans’ and it was always the most personal gift. You had wrapped his presents while he was doing a grocery run so he couldn’t catch a glimpse of his gifts. “'Cause there is one in particular that you’re going to love.”

“Your presents are always amazing.”

“This one is going to be above and beyond amazing,” you told him. “So much so…” You trailed off as you reached behind you for the present labeled 'Chris Evans’. “I kind of want to give it to you now.” You held it out for him and he raised an eyebrow; the tradition was opening presents at your parents’, or his, depending on where you spent Christmas Eve. “I’d like to keep this one between us so you can open it now instead of at my parents’.”

“Something exciting for the bedroom?” He smirked, taking the box from you. You scoffed and chuckled simultaneously, shaking your head. “Everyone thinks you’re so vanilla but- I know you’re more chocolate vanilla swirl,” he winked.

“Just open the damn present, Evans.” You threw a spool of twine at him and he laughed, carefully unwrapping the present you so carefully wrapped. “Honestly, you’re just the worst. I don’t know how you convinced me to marry you,” you shook your head.

“My good looks,” he kissed the air in front of him and you laughed. “I don’t understand,” his eyes narrowed as he held up the onesie which was worn over the pregnancy test kit. “Why are you giving me the onesie we bought? And why did you wear it over a box?”

“Take the onesie off,” you suggested.

“I like that your gifts make me think,” he said and you laughed. “Okay, I’m- Oh my God,” his breath hitched in his throat and the biggest smile spread across his face when he saw the kit. “Y/N, does this mean what I think it means?” He looked up at you, his eyes welled with tears of utter joy and excitement. “Are we-”

“We’re not pregnant yet,” you quickly said and he chuckled; you were too careful for that. “But um-” you swallowed and smiled, nodding your head. “It means I’m ready,” you told him and he tossed the gifts aside lunging forward to grab you and pull you into his arms. “Chris!” You yelped as the both of you crashed onto the floor, laughing. “You can’t do things like that once I’m pregnant, I hope you know that.”

“I’m not that stupid,” he chuckled. “Are you sure you’re ready?” He asked, brushing your hair out of your face. “I need you to be sure, I don’t want you to feel like I forced you into this.” You smiled and brushed his cheek with your thumb.

“I’m sure,” you nodded. “You made me sure, with this week and with how wonderful you’ve been with Phoebe- I’m very sure I want that for us, I want us to have a mini you or a mini me in the house for the Christmases to come. I want to be a mom as much as you want to be a dad,” you promised him and he smiled. “Well,” you bit back your smile, “do you like your present?”

“Are you kidding?” He chuckled and your smile widened. “Best,” he kissed your forehead and you chuckled softly. “Christmas,” he kissed the tip of your nose and you scrunched it, suppressing giggles. “Ever,” he pressed his lips against yours and you melted into the kiss.

You smiled against his lips and agreed silently, it was the best Christmas ever.

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You are a masterful storyteller. Just read the recent update and wow, the way you add character details to each scene and it gradually builds up over time to these lovely incredibly in-depth characters. I’ve read tinf about 3 times?? And a few of the chapters more so (Julian and Landon at the party hehe). Thank you for creating it and letting us all read it :)

ANON!! Thank you soooo much, you’re too good to me!! 💘😭💗 I’m so glad you like TINF enough to re-read it, how do you even click that many times, it’s amazing.. my heart is warmed 💘

And thank you so much for noticing about my characters, I appreciate it!! It means a lot to me because there have been some aspects of them that I’d waited like YEARS to show LOLOL and even when I get to show them (like Landon’s insecurities, I guess, for example), I’m never sure if readers will pick up on it. But so many people do!! It means a lot to me TT___TT))) thank YOU for reading and supporting me, this message is so good 💘😭💕😍💓

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I've been scrolling down ypur blog, and oh my gosh, you're amazing! Plus I kind of feel like LucasNana is one of the most underrated ships, and you draw it a lot! That's so nice! I love every single MOTHER 3 child NPC, and you draw them all so well~ Plus you like Lloyd and somebody who likes it has to be pretty good at least XD I think I love tumblr a bit more for recomending me your blog :D (also sorry for the long message)

I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!  This has got to be the nicest thing for me to return to after my trip and I couldn’t stop smiling,, you’re too kind! <333 What I love most is to be able to make people happy in ways like through my art, so hearing that you love my drawings of these characters makes me very happy! especially of the ones that don’t get as much love, I have a really big passion for them x) and I’m glad your tumblr experience has gotten better for it recommending my blog to you!! please have this doodle of the kiddos as an extra thanks! <3

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I've only been on your art train for a few days but it is beautiful! (And I can see why your verison of KD has so much fanart ;3 👌 ) Anyways keep up the great work, pump out the good gay stuff, and you deserve every complement!❤❤❤

Originally posted by readyto-flamingle

…wait fanart??? Where??? Dude y’all send me or tag me the King Dice or any other boss art you drew man I’d love to see them!

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Hiii! I read all your klance fics on ao3 this past week and I have to say that I loved every single one. I had never read a klance fic before so it was an amazing experience, thanks to you <3 Congrats for your incredible work!! I will wait happily for your next masterpiece ;) Btw if you have any klance fic to recommend, I'd love to know xoxo

ahhh thank you! i’m glad you liked them! as far as recs go, it’s been a while since i’ve really gotten into digging around for them, but here’s a couple of posts i made for fics: here and here

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Fanmail time!! OMG!OMG!OMG! So yesterday I worked all day and I just now got around to reading all the headcanon from yesterday and today and just ajsdajkfljk;!!! AMAZING!! I'm in the trash now I'll bring snacks! I saw you're recommend for nobody's baby now fics. I'll have a look in a bit. Thank you for sharing all your headcanon with us!! I can't wait for tomorrow you know Gad's my lovey-love right? XD and the thought of dark!Benny o_O oh yess tomorrow will be a good day! <3 <3

EEEEEEEEEE!!! I’m so glad you like them :D  YES SNACKS. How did you know my weakness (other than all forms of Gabriel)?  You’re very welcome for the head cannons - they have been incredibly fun to write (and creatively challenging).   I’ll let you in on a little secret:  Dark Gad made an appearance specifically for you and @blondecoffeecake (my lovely Gad lades!).  I hope Dark Benny cooperates so I can get him out tomorrow.  He’s being a little shit right now, but I finally pinned down Gad so he’s at least a given.  

Thanks so much for leaving me some love!  It really makes my day :D

imagine living in the 50s (any century) and getting a letter from ur penpal that you’ve been waiting a month for and all it fucking says is “lmao dope wyd” and u reply (kinda pissed u wrote them 2 pages but it was dope so u let it go) telling them everything u doin and u send it but 3 months go by no reply those months turn to years and u move on but never get a reply or another penpal (too painful) ur left wondering forever what u did wrong why’d u say so much so soon…. but if cuckerburg had been alive u woulda seen on fb that a week after u sent ur letter ur boy died of dysentery rip

i think i’m going to be taking a small hiatus because i’m very overwhelmed with life right now. i work retail so it keeps me pretty busy through the holiday season  so my replies may be scarce/sporadic until the new year. i apologize to anyone i have threads with as i know some of you have been waiting forever for replies. this time of year is always a little rough for me, but i’m still eager to keep all of my ships. i understand if there are those of you who don’t want to continue them however, due to my absence. i completely understand. just let me know if you’d like to drop any of them and if not, wonderful! 

thank you for being your wonderful selves.

<3 ducky

snoozlebee replied to your photoset: My new friend :) :) :) I love her to death.

wow. ball joint dolls have gotten EXCEPTIONALLY weird since I last looked at them!

I have been looking at them for over ten years, and thought, “oh, I’d like to have one of those, but not sure if any of them really speak to me for the money…”

And then I saw her.  And it was like all the air in my lungs was kicked out of me because she was made for me and it was like THIS IS IT THIS IS THE ONE. She legitimately terrifies people and I am in love with her.  Cannot wait to get to work on her~ <3

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Imagine this: Brulee comforting Katakuri after failing his fight with Luffy and saying "I still think your #1. Screw that dumb strawhat big brother". Also, I'm so happy to see Sanji real smile. Ugh, after all the bullcrap and torture from this arc my boi finally smiling true and happy and can't wait to leave this food kingdom.

Aw man I’d love to see that! Brulee loves her big bro <3 I was so glad to see Sanji smile after, like you said, all the crap and torture he’s been through. I also totally agree with you, I can’t wait for them to leave so we can go onto the next arc!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE OC ASKS AAAA I can’t wait to answer them all <3 feel free to send more if you want!

And sorry for the delayed reaction;; been workin’hard on a thing the past week and I finally finished it, so I spent all day today recovering. X’D

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Are you still planning to link all the E/R fictober fics after the 31st (I hope)? I can't wait to see what everyone has been doing. And I hope there will be more of your fantastic art too!

Yes I am! :D I gotta say thank you to all who participated, it’s been fun to read them all so far.  

I’m shooting for the 31st to showcase all of them, indeed. (if not, you’ll definitely see it on Nov 1st) Then I’ll hop right on to doing some fanart of them right after. <3

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Hey, could I be tagged in your dark head-canon things? I've read all the ones you did so far... and I'm waiting with baited breath for Gabriel and Demon Dean, lol. =D Also, you're awesome, and I hope you have a great day/night. =)

You’ve been added! I’m glad you are enjoying them :D They’ve been really fun to write and I’m glad people are getting as excited over this as I am.  I love all dark things, but dark characters don’t get a whole lot of love.   I hope YOU have a great day/night as well (and you’re awesome too!) <3

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Hey!^^ Huh, so first; I love your blog, your analysis and you, too!♥ I'm a big (delulu) Baekyeol shipper, so it's my daily rutine to come here and read/watch all the Baekyeol that I just can. But in these days I began to miss the "Chanyeol into Baekhyun" interactions. Maybe bc of the loads of "Baekhyun very into Chanyeol" fanfics what I read. T.T Am I feel wrong? Could you make a "Chanyeol into Baekhyun" spam if that's not a big problem? ;; Thank you for answering this, I love you! >3< ♥

Hey there darling~ <3 Aww so first, thank you so much for loving my blog. And for taking the time to read my analyses and actually liking them <3 I love you too~~~ thank you so so much! I appreciate your kindness TT___TT

Oh you’ve failed to see them? Don’t worry there’s been quite a few recent moments of Cy being boyfriend af towards Bh ;D


Cy’s prob like “must. resist. the urge to hold Bh’s hand.”

Also, on the same day, Cy stopped walking to wait for Bh so that they can walk together. SO BOYFRIEND I CAN’T WITH CY.

and here’s a link to a vid if u want to see it :DD

Here’s a few more that I managed to snag

Cy lookin’ back at Bh while smiling whyyyyy

Both of em esp Cy craning their necks to look at each other whyyyy

and the recent comeback of BaekYeol with umbrellas.

Those are the recent “Chanyeol into Baekhyun” moments that I managed to get. Idk if you still want some that aren’t recent but I’ll give some haha.

Yeah I think that’s enough haha. It’s no problem to ask and you’re welcome :DD Thank you for sending a message darling~ <3 you’re too kind tbh ily too :** have a good day! ^^

Did you miss me?

It’s been a long, long, long time since I really put any fresh content out on here. Probably only doing those 3 for tonight, got 27 old-ass asks in my inbox that I’ll get to at some point. I’d ask you all to not send in anything new until I clear those out, mostly out of respect for those who sent them in and have had to wait months for a proper response.

wildwood #6

Flame/Forest Spirit AU

Part 6/6
rated: T
(T for tame. so tame i’m not even gonna rate it M. no coarse language. no nsfw. this is a friggin fairy tale.)
Even the smallest flame could shed light into the darkness. The smallest things could make a difference.

THIS IS THE LAST PART OF THIS FICLET! I don’t know whether to be sad or happy. :’D I loved writing this!! And I loved sharing it with you :3 Thankyou all so much for your enthusiasm and love. ♥


There has been so many amazing and cute art pieces for this fic!!  
You won’t regret checking them all out HERE ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
(the incredibly cute art you see above is by @semi-ordinary !!)

read: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5all

Before the newly formed little group continued on their journey, however, Igneel stopped Natsu by putting a hand on his shoulder.

“Wait a moment, my boy,” he told him, moving to rummage through the large bag at his side. He pulled out numerous things (and Lucy got a feeling this bag held way more than should have been physically possible) before he found his desired object. He pulled out a long, gray scarf that was frayed on both sides, as if it had been well worn.

The scale pattern resembled that of his own body.

“Take this,” he said as he held it out to Natsu, “And guard it well.”

Natsu accepted it curiously. ”Is this for protection aswell?” he asked.

Igneel raised his brows in question, and Natsu clarified, “Like the cloak.” as he pointed at himself. The dragon grinned, showing off sharp canines.

“Yes. It will protect you,” he chuckled.

He watched as Natsu fumbled with the material a little, placing it around his neck and comparing it to the cloak.

“It’s magical, you see. It will sustain your energy with my own, so that you can never be snuffed out – no matter how dark it gets,” he said with a grin that made happy wrinkles appear around his eyes. “You have my flames with you always now, my boy.”

For once, Natsu was speechless.

Then, slowly, a blinding smile spread across his face, and he launched himself into Igneel’s arms.

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You guys get two posts today! Because this one is neither art or headcanon– it’s translation! @josukeban translated all the Eyes of Heaven Dialogue options for Dio and Giorno, and I’m tossing them up in case anyone wants to reference them.

They start from here at 20:10 and go in order. 1-2 are where they’re fighting against each other, 3-4 are when they’re tag teaming.

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