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There are things that are meant to happen, written in the stars and tattooed in invisible ink in the air. They’ll happen no matter which turn you take in the path of life, or how many delays are in the way. They’ll wait for you right until the end, when it’s time for a new beginning.
This was probably not one of those things.
That probably doesn’t change anything.
Harry almost missed her, didn’t see her in the large and unruly group that was walking to the last table on the restaurant, and frankly, that’d have been for the best, but then Gemma back tensed, making her look a little bit too uptight on her seat while she tried to look away from the group and smile awkwardly to the air.
At first Harry thought it was one of Gemma’s ex boyfriends, cause God knows she had a couple of awful ones, and as he looked again at the group, ready to mock the large head on this one guy she dated years ago, he felt the oh so familiar pang on his chest. It wasn’t hurtful anymore, not like the first few times he had seen her after it all went down, but still, it was hard to breathe for a couple of seconds, only able to look at the way her eyes sparkled a little bit as she laughed at something.
“Wanna go?” Gemma whispered lowly, frowning her perfectly shaped brows as she looked at her little brother.
“Nah,” He smiled sweetly at her, that smile that could end wars and probably make flowers grow on the ground. “I’m ok. Starving, though.”
Gemma decided to leave it at that, fully aware that that was probably all she was getting from him. But if she knew him well, and she did, there had to be a bitter taste in his mouth, the loud thump of his heart drumming in his ears, while the heavy feeling settled in his body and made a home out of it. It was called heartbreak and she had experienced once or twice before, although, she could never feel anything as intensely as Harry did, so that had to be hell.
The girl could probably have lived without knowing that Harry was sitting right across the restaurant, with his long legs hooked around the legs of the stool and his head hanging low as his sister leaned into him. There was no pang for her, no bitter taste or feeling in her body at the sight of the boy, but a black hole, a void that turned her into a numb doll. She would have wondered if she was still breathing, but the prickling of her eyes as she tried to look away made her sure that she was still alive. Just barely.
She had loved him, the kind of love that sets you on fire and watches you burn slowly, and then when it leaves, you can’t bear the thought to let it go, cause even if it hurts, even if the memory of it leaves you breathless from time to time, even that is better than to live without it. She still loved him, and it fucking hurt.

The loveliest thing about shinee world v overall was seeing shawols gather together after the concert at nearby restaurants, seeing them linger around the hotel socializing with one another until late hours that same night, and seeing them out in town the following day.

What’s so precious about what I mentioned above is the fact that some of these individuals attended the concert on their own, while waiting outside of the venue to enter became friends with fellow shawols who were also waiting, and once the concert was over exited the venue accompanied by one another.

It’s beyond heartwarming knowing that new friendships have been made as a result of shinee world v, and truly amazing seeing how united shawols are in real life.

The 100 Episode 4.8 Takeaways

1. And there’s the Mount Weather comparison we’ve been waiting for. Clarke was one decision away from becoming exactly what she fought against in Season Two.
2. While everyone else is doing their damnedest to find a solution, Jasper just wants to get high. Typical.
3. Nice to see everyone in the lab at the same time, and not taking turns napping. Missed you, Miller! Also, how damn pretty is Luna?! (Even when she’s low on blood and bone marrow!)
4. Assuming Octavia and Ilian are having a grand old time on his sheep farm. Not like Octavia has family she could be spending the end of days with. Oh, wait.
5. Murphy will fuck up everybody’s shit if they touch one hair on Emori’s head. And he does have a great point: Nurse!Murphy literally saved Clarke’s life at the end of Season Three, which was only a few weeks ago in the show’s timeline.
6. Raven didn’t have much to do this episode. A little disappointed that she didn’t protest more when shit started hitting the fan. Luna was the only one like, “fight me, we’re not doing this.”
7. Nice pep talk Roan! I don’t know about Clarke, but that worked for me on all the levels.
8. Jaha trying to National Treasure his way into the cultist bunker is hilarious. I’m sure there’s a clue on the back of the Declaration of Independence!
9. Who is this random rave hoe all over Bellamy? This whole set up is very Season One.
10. Getting some serious Mummy vibes with Monty’s fire solution to the bunker key. Kept thinking: “no harm ever came from opening a bunker.”
11. And finally, Clarke becomes a nightblood. Been calling this for a while. Obviously, Clarke is meant to be the next Commander. ALSO, APRIL 26TH IS BULLSHIT!!

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I remember when I first saw your artworks on dA tho :’D! You improve really fast my child, and I’m sure  you’ll be a master next year ! YES.

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Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a masterful performance with subtle calls for inclusion

All eyes were on Lady Gaga heading into the 2017 Super Bowl. Following yet another week of protest and unrest in Donald Trump’s America, the world was waiting to see how divisive, how political, how “satanic” she would dare to be with everyone watching — and it wasn’t even close to Beyoncé’s Black Panthers nod at Super Bowl 50 or Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

She did exactly what she said she would: deliver a masterful performance while continuing to offer the same message of hope, compassion and inclusion she’s been making since day one. Read more

Skeleton Island
James Flint
Skeleton Island

“The story, as it was recounted to me, is that Avery was the first Englishman to find the island. The Spanish had been using it to conduct illicit transactions for decades. Avery plans to lie in wait for them. He and his crew of 44 arrive and sail inland.
But as they move up the inlet, they see something most unexpected.
She was Spanish, but not one of the ships they’d been hunting. This ship had been there far longer than that. Captain’s log identifies her having set sail from Havana in 1636. 31 souls aboard. Avery finds the remains of all 31.
Brutally so.
Evidence that a number of them had been dismembered while still alive.

All 31 bodies were found still on the ship, locked inside the hold.
Locked from within.
They ate each other alive.
Avery claimed to have seen the log. It said that the crew had refused to go inland to forage for food or for fresh water. That the first men in had returned, reporting sounds coming from the forest.
The men said it sounded to them…
… like the voice of God…
… warning them to stay away…”

Soo… I saw Rogue One again last night on IMAX. Some random thoughts:

In the bunker while little Jyn waits for someone to get her, in the low glow of the lantern light, you can see her silent tears rolling down her face. At eight, she learned how to cry silently. I imagine that, until she saw her father’s holo on Jedha, from eight until twenty-two, it was the only way she ever cried if she cried at all: alone and without a sound.

I’ve been pronouncing Chirrut’s name wrong for months now. I’ve seen this movie twice before. His name is not a text post. What the hell is wrong with me?

You can see how much Jyn and Saw cared for each other when they reunite on Jedha. There’s a lot of hurt, but also a lot of love that never went away.

The looks on Baze and Bodhi’s faces when they see NiJedha destroyed breaks my heart. You see it pass through their eyes: their home is gone, everyone they ever knew is now dead; incinerated.

I got chills every time Cassian shouted “JYN!” because this guy has no chill and I love it.

Jyn lashes out at Cassian after Eadu because he has lied to her and had intended to kill her father, but it strikes me that the hurt is amplified because up until then, she has trusted him more than she has trusted anyone else in almost a decade. And like in the novel, she doesn’t just feel like he lied to her–many people have lied to her–she feels betrayed because he mattered, and he’s shown that she matters to him somehow, too.

The first time I watched it, I was totally in the uncanny valley with Tarkin. Less so the second time, and this third time, I was like oh yeah, that’s cool, that looks fine.

TARKIN IS TALL. I never noticed this before, but he’s a giant. After we got home from the movie, we put on A New Hope and yep, Tarkin was always super tall, but he looked average sized because he was always standing next to Darth Vader who is a giant.

The lack of personal space, oh my gawd. I mean I noticed it the last two viewings and obviously during all the times I stared moonily into the various gifsets, but seeing it on IMAX, like whoa. They’re six inches away from each other practically every time they speak. One stumble and they’re making out. WHY DID THEY NOT STUMBLE EVER? STUPID SURE-FOOTED REBELS.

Ben Medelsohn nails the look of terror when Krennic meets Vader. By all accounts from the Rogue One press tour, he was legit terrified when he shot those scenes, and it shows, and it’s perfect.

Felicity Jones is fucking amazing in this part and I’m literally the fight me emoji (ง'̀-‘́)ง to all the haters because if all you want is obvious scenery-chewing to represent deep emotion, then get out of my face you clowns.

By the time we get to “welcome home,” Jyn and Cassian are so into each other, like, I cannot even.

Oh, Bodhi. You were key to all of this. Your bravery was the first domino to fall. Without you, none of this would have happened. And then, taking charge on Rogue One. Giving orders. What a change from the shell-shocked, post-Bor Gullet Bodhi on Jedha. Galen would have been proud of you, too.

When Baze smiles my heart melts a little bit and then I die inside because he’ll be dead soon, too.

“Your Father Would Be Proud” kicks in as soon as Cassian saves Jyn from Krennic on the tower, and I was barely holding my shit together right then and there.


Jyn and Cassian walking to the beach is like peak handsomeness and beauty. Goddamit, Diego and Felicity. And goddamit, Gareth Edwards, you done good.


Every single one of them died knowing that they had completed their piece of the mission. Bodhi patched through to the Alliance. Baze and Chirrut turned on the master switch. Kaytoo helped Jyn and Cassian get the data file. Jyn and Cassian successfully transmitted the plans. But none of them never knew for sure if the Alliance got the plans. They’d never know that the Death Star would be destroyed. They’d never know that they were all parts in the sum of the whole. But they all died knowing they gave it everything they had to give.

Compliation of Fics

mostly baekhyun cause duh.  mostly smut cause duh. stories may contain fluff, smut, angst, violence and death. so read the warnings in each fic and if there are none, read at your own will. 

all credits for each story goes to the owner. 

im just a person who decided to be organised while living the trash life. i will update the list once i get the chance.



Wolf AU

College AU

Smuttyfairy Compilation


Punish Me



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Anything For Her



Playboy | Highlight |


Bellamy Blake’s entire purpose since the age of 6 years old has been to take care of Octavia. 

Bellamy has spent his entire life putting “My sister, my responsibility.” into action. 

Bellamy has broken the law for Octavia. 

His mother was floated because he wanted one moment of happiness for Octavia. 

He shot the Chancellor for Octavia.

He finally learned to let her grow and fly free of the proverbial nest. 

He watched her find love. 

He watched her lose love. 

Bellamy Blake thinks his sister has died while he is on bad terms with her. 

I can not wait to see what this moment does for his journey. 

Movie Date (M)

Originally posted by got7wings

REQUESTED: you and your boyfriend going to the movie theatre and things get a little heated.

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1076

Warnings: SMUUTTYYYY (overstimulation and public sex)

note: here you go, anon! as requested! i really hope you like this one because i died a little while writing this haha! i do need holy water after writing this tho… happy reading and take care! -admin

It was a warm evening with people packed at the movie theater. You had convinced Mark to go out and see a newly released movie that you’ve been waiting for months to release. Together you two walked into the movie theater, hand in hand, as Mark paid for the seats and food. You were grateful that Mark had agreed to go out with you since he never took you out anymore. And what more could you ask than a perfect movie date in the evening.

“Why are there so many people here?” Mark whined as we entered the theatre. You didn’t bother answering him because you were two busy looking for two seats.

“Over there.” You pointed out as you started to make your way towards the two seats. But Mark pulled your arm back and led you in a different direction.

“Let’s sit in the corner.” Mark stated as he dragged you to the opposite side of the room and sat down. Sitting down beside him, you looked at your boyfriend and questioned his actions. Usually he wouldn’t pick the seat nearest to the wall because he liked to sit in the middle where he could see the screen properly. But today was different. Today, you sat beside the wall of the theatre instead of a stranger while Mark sat on the other side of you.

“We should go get some ramen after this.” You suggested to your boyfriend.

“If you’re still hungry after all of the food I bought you, I’ll take you.” Mark stated as he put his arm around your shoulders and leaned back on the chair.

You leaned in to kiss Mark on the cheek as the lights turned off in the theatre, “Thanks, babe.”

You two didn’t talk anymore after the screen turned on and started to play the movie. You were focused on the movie to notice that Mark wasn’t even enjoying the movie at all. He started to fiddle around with his fingers and tap his foot while you focus yourself on the screen. You didn’t notice until an hour in the movie that Mark’s hand rested on your thigh and played with the hem of your skirt. As you felt his fingers push up the fabric of the skirt, you derived your attention off the screen and looked down at Mark’s hand.  

“Mark, not now.” You hissed quietly at him as you pushed his hand away. Turning your head to look at him, the light from the screen showed a smirk plastered on his face. You rolled your eyes, turning your head to the screen and tried to focus on the movie. But Mark’s hand make their way back on your thighs and distracted you from tuning in on the movie.

“Make a noise and you’ll be punished tonight.” Mark growled in your ear as his hand began massaging your thighs. You wanted to protest against his actions, but as his hand made their way underneath your skirt and up to your core, you couldn’t help but melt under his touch. His hand finally reached your panites, tracing your slit with his index and middle finger. You bit your lips, trying not to let out a moan as Mark started to circle your clit slowly.

“Fuck, Mark.” You breathed out quietly as Mark continued to tease you. Mark knew how to press your buttons, making you mewl under his touch. But in a public place like a movie theatre, you tried to contain your moans as you started to rock your hips, wanting more from Mark.

“You feel so wet, baby girl.” Mark whispered against your neck as he inserted two fingers inside of your sopping sex, moving in and out very slowly. You bit your lips and closed your eyes, enjoying the pleasure your boyfriend was giving you. But he was going to slow. You started to bucked your hips against his fingers, trying to create friction but, Mark stopped all his movements.

“You like this baby girl?” Mark growled in your ear, his dirty talking turning you on immensely. “Let’s see how well you can take this.”

And with that, he took his finger out for a moment before he inserted two fingers again but this time curling them to hit your spot. You gripped your seat as Mark started to move his fingers at a brisk pace, sending you over the edge. He moved his fingers faster while his thumb applied pressure onto your clit. He began circling your clit slowly as he continued his fast pace while you struggled to keep your voice down. You felt your peak nearing as Mark hit your sweet spot over and over again. And soon, your peak came crashing down on you that sent your quivering under Mark’s touch as you let out a soft moan.

“Shh.” Mark hushed as he inserted another finger into your taunt walls. “You can take one more.”

You bit your lip hard, trying to contain your moans as Mark continued to plunge his fingers in and out of you, not giving you time to recover from your previous orgasm. He jerked his hand, curling his fingers to hit your g-spot as you were squirming under his touch. You gripped the seat tighter, closing your eyes and biting your lips. It didn’t take long to hit your second orgasm as Mark moved his fingers harder, faster, and deeper within you. You felt your essence drench Mark’s fingers and your skirt as Mark pulled out his fingers, taking the napkin beside him to wipe them clean. You let out a breathy sigh as you opened your eyes and turned to look at Mark’s smirking face.

“How about we get out of here?” Mark whispered as he took of his jacket and laid it on top of your skirt.

“Yeah,” You managed breathed out, looking back at the movie that you were no longer interested in because of how turned on you were, “Let’s go home.”

Mark took your hand and helped you get up from your seat as you wrapped Mark’s jacket around your waist. Dragging you out of the theatre, you two ran out of the place and went home. You planned to go see the movie again another time since Mark distracted you from watching it. But you weren’t complaining because your boyfriend was ten times better than the movie itself. And it was a date that you would never forget.

After reading about the footage that debuted at the Disney shareholders meeting, I can’t wait to see what is revealed first to the public! (but don’t worry, no spoilers here!) I just know that I’ve been looking forward to seeing Luke train Rey for a while!

Artwork by Maryna Babych

804 Days until Episode IX

441 Days until the Han Solo Movie








Little Bit in Love

A lil fic about a tearful, cheesy airport reunion because I am a sucker for those. c:

Shifting your feet, you resisted the urge to check your watch again. You’d been waiting for maybe ten minutes, but it felt so much longer. Maybe it was because there were families reuniting all around you, children hugging their parents and couples laughing tearfully as they embraced. You watched a girl fling herself into a guy’s arms and giggle as he spun her around.

You wondered if you would act like that if you had a boyfriend picking you up from the airport.

The business trip had been a long one, exhausting even. It had been fun getting away for a while and seeing new places, but in all honesty, you were much happier to be home. Home was where your family was and where Lin was. He had promised to pick you up from the airport when your plane landed, as he insisted that “the best friend had to be the first person you saw when you got home.” You decided that you didn’t mind. He was your closest friend, after all, and had been for a while. Not to mention the fact that you might’ve been a little bit in love with him.

“Shut up,” you muttered to yourself, fiddling with the hem of your black Hamilton hoodie. Unreturned feelings were only going to get you hurt in the end and you’d been trying to forget them for some time now.

You realized how bad of a job you were doing at that when you finally spotted him.

A happy gasp escaped you and you tightened your grip on the handle of your suitcase. Lin hadn’t seen you yet, but you could see him, weaving between people with hands stuck in his jeans pockets. Your heart fluttered. He looked better than you’d remembered, dark hair charmingly tousled and wearing a navy shirt. He had the sleeves pushed up (he always did that, you remembered fondly) and it had a couple buttons at the neckline that he hadn’t bothered to button.

“Wow,” you breathed to yourself. A blush was already starting to creep up your neck and you scolded yourself to reacting to him so much. He hadn’t even come over yet, for God’s sake!

A soft chuckle from next to you brought your attention away from him for a moment; an old woman was waiting patiently for her family beside you and she smiled up at you with gentle blue eyes. Pointing in the direction of Lin, she asked, “is that your boyfriend, dear?”

Your blush deepened, but you smiled. People did that all the time when they saw you two together and you HAD just been gawking at him, after all. Honestly, you kinda expected the mistake by now. “Oh, um, he’s actually just—LIN!”

You interrupted your own sentence with a gleeful shout, as you glanced up and saw that he’d found you. A brilliant smile spread across his face and he picked up the pace, almost jogging to meet you. The old lady beside you laughed when you immediately broke into a run. You were aware that you probably looked a little insane right now, but who cared? You were home, Lin was home, and it had been so damn long.

Your suitcase thudded to the ground when you were within a foot of him and you threw yourself into his arms without a second thought. He caught you, arms secure around your waist and you looped your legs loosely around his hips to keep yourself upright. “(Y/N), (Y/N)…” He mumbled it into your hair, staggering back a step. You giggled like a schoolgirl just from being near him again and tears pricked your eyes. Oh god, you had really missed him.

“Hi,” you managed in a small voice. Adjusting your arms around his neck, you rubbed your sleeve over your eyes. “I’m back.”

He gave a rueful laugh, the sound vibrating in his chest and making you grin like a fool. “God, I missed you,” he murmured breathlessly. “No vuelvas a salir de nuevo.” The emotion in his voice made you hold him tighter. One of your hands wandered up into his hair, threading it between your fingers, and aching to be as close to him as possible. His arms tightened around you and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. The warmth of his breath on your skin made you shiver. Suddenly, pushing your feelings aside seemed much more difficult than it had before he’d gotten here.

“Lin?” you asked, snickering when his response was to slide a hand protectively up your back, like he didn’t want to let you go. “I’m gonna get down now, okay? My legs are starting to go numb.”

“Sorry,” he chuckled ruefully. He let you go and you slipped back down to the ground. His hands retreated, but only to your arms. You’d thought being held by him was bad for your heart rate, but now you were faced by his gentle brown eyes. He looked at you like you were everything in this moment and you scolded yourself for thinking such things. It wasn’t healthy, not when he probably didn’t feel the same.

“Hey, by the way,” you began, pointing over your shoulder, “you see that old lady back there?”

Lips curling up at your joking tone, he peered behind you. “Yeah?”

“She thought we were dating.”

“Oh my god.”


“This has to be the twentieth time that’s happened.”

“I know!” You grinned up at him, brimming with happiness from being able to share those inside jokes with him again.

His smile softened and he ran his hands fondly up and down your arms. “You wanna prove her right?” he asked, quiet.

You blinked, sure that you had heard him wrong. He didn’t mean….did he? “What?”

“Do you wanna prove her right?” he repeated.

Oh my god, he was serious. You dropped your eyes to the floor, unable to think when he looked at you like that. “Are you…are you sure?” you asked, twisting your hands in the hem of your hoodie. You’d never thought Lin would notice you like this, but if he had…

“Yes,” he answered you softly, his hand skimming up your arm to touch a strand of your hair. His expression was affectionate, lovestruck even, when he looked at you and it had your heart pounding.

His fingertips were touching your jaw now, thumb brushing your cheek, and his gaze flicked down to your mouth. You swallowed nervously and when he leaned in toward you, your hands flew up to his chest to stop him. “Wait, Lin,” you stammered. “I just… If this is some kind of joke—”

“(Y/N),” he interrupted, and you blinked up at him. He stroked his thumb over your cheek and it instantly relaxed you. You found yourself leaning into his touch with a sigh, his fingers soft where they cradled your jaw. “(Y/N), please just kiss me now,” he whispered. “I’ve been waiting for so long.”

You grinned giddily, unable to form words.

Nodding once, you stretched up on tiptoe to meet him halfway.

The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 16)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Angst!!

Word Count – 979

Notes – Whew!!!  This part was hard to write!!  So many feels!!!  I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger at the end of this one!!!  I’ve been waiting a while to drop this one on you guys!!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

Series Masterlist


Originally posted by readytocomply


By the time you made it to the beach, the Soldier had stopped coughing.  You looked up and down the shoreline, hoping to see a village or a boat.  Seeing neither, you turned back toward your companion.

“It’ll be wiser for us to split up and search for help,” you said as you looked at the sun in the sky. “I figure we have a couple more hours of daylight left, so it’s best if we go now.  I’ll head north, you go south.  If you find help, get a message to the team and meet me back here at sundown.”

“How do I know you’ll come back for me if you find help first?” he asked, a wary look in his eye.

You shrugged your shoulders as you turned and started walking away.  “You don’t.”


You were hot and thirsty and every single part of your body ached.  Between the fighting at the base and the plane crash, you were sure that you’d at least bruised some ribs, if not broken a few.  Your feet were screaming at you to stop walking, but you needed to find civilization.  You couldn’t stand the thought of being stranded here, especially with the Soldier. You wondered if he’d had any luck, and if he had, would he even bother coming back for you.  It would be just as easy for him to leave you for dead.  

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Absolutely loved it. This is the Wolverine we’ve been waiting for ever since the first X-Men film 17 years ago. James Mangold finally perfected what he’s been trying to do on The Wolverine and the R rating is what was desperately needed. This is a modern day superhero western, it’s in love with that concept and it fully delivers on everything it promises. And while this says “superhero movie”, Mangold made it with the same care as Cop Land and 3:10 to Yuma.

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: none

Words: 892

Warning: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: this is my first Barry imagine (or maybe drabble) so I really hope you like it!

Originally posted by wells-bennett

It was your second cup of coffee that morning and you still were asleep as fuck. Last night was a rough one. It had been your first day at the Central City Police Department and you had seen your first murder. Of course, you couldn’t close your eyes during the night without seeing it over and over again in your head. The result was being exhausted on your second day and considering to inject the coffee straight into the vein.

You were supposed to be at the police station in half hour so you got up from your seat at Jitters and went to the bar to order another one to take away. While you waiting in line you looked around. That was the first time you saw him.

He was sitting at a table, in front of another guy with dark medium length hair. He was thin but you could see he was fit as well, he had green bright eyes and short brown hair. But that wasn’t what caught your attention. It was his smile. The most genuine smile you had seen in a long time. Somehow it made your heart race and smile. Just then, he looked around and spotted you so you quickly looked away, biting your lip and feeling your cheeks getting red. You were always so obvious with this kind of things.

After a few moments, you looked back to where he was just to see that he was looking at you, but the moment your eyes met he looked at his friend. Yet, you could see a smile forming on his lips. You chuckled a little but the barista took you out of your thoughts.

“A coffee. Take away, please”, you smiled as you put the money on the bar.

While you waited for your coffee you looked back the table where that guy was. He was talking to his friend which gave you time to take in more of him. He was wearing some jeans, a white t-shirt and a blazer, along with some black Convers. It made him look so good. Of course, just then he looked back at you so you looked back away, pretending to be focused on the muffins next to you.

“Here you go. Thank you”, the barista said.

You smiled at her and took your coffee. Then, you walked to the table where you were before and took your things. You were going to be late already and it was just your second day so you hurried out of the coffee house and ran to your car. Your boss was going to kill you.

When you got to the Police Station, you walked to your desk, putting your stuff on the top of it and letting you fall on the chair with a sigh. You weren’t that late, but you could feel the eyes of your boss on your back so you just started working. The next hour was stressful since you had to fill in so much paperwork due to the murder of the day before.

“Eh…excuse me, are you (Y/N)? I’ve been told to give you this evidence from the…” you looked up and dropped your pen the moment you saw the guy from Jitters in front of your desk. He was tall. “Oh…hi”, he said smiling immediately, making you smile as well.

“H-Hi…” you chuckled, feeling heat on your cheeks.

“What a small world”, he said putting the file he was holding under his arm.

“And yet I never ran into Beyoncé”, you replied quoting Chandler Bing from Friends. He laughed at your response and you swore it was one of the most beautiful sounds you had ever heard.

“I do like Friends as always”, he nodded.

“Then you can talk to me” you joked. “You are…?”

“Barry, Barry Allen. I’m the forensic scientist”, he said stretching out his hand.

“I’m (Y/F/N). Nice to meet you”, you replied shaking his hand. “So…you have something for me?” You asked with a sigh looking at the file.

“Oh yeah! I’m really sorry for giving you more work since…you look pretty busy but…these are the reports from the evidence of the murder we had yesterday”, he said handing you the brown file.

“Great” you smiled taking it. “Thank you”, you thanked him with a smile. “I…gotta get back to work” you said biting your lip.

“Me too” he nodded.

He put his hands into his pockets and walked away, so you forced yourself to focus back on the work. But a minute later, someone distracted you again, making you look up to see Barry standing in front of you.

“Sorry again” he smiled. “I was wondering if…” he looked around and chuckled, looking nervous, as he ran a hand through his hair.  “Would you like to…grab a coffee sometime? With me?”

The proposal took you totally off guard but it still made you smile at the same time you got nervous.

“Sure. I… would love to”, you smiled at him. “Maybe tomorrow? Breakfast at Jitters? Maybe 9 a.m.? It takes me a while to get out of bed” You suggested. He laughed a little and nodded.

“Looking forward to it”, he said walking away again.

This time, before leaving the office, he turned to look at you once again, smiling as he saw you looking back at him.

Morning Conquests

Note: This fic is the follow-up to Late Night Desires. Thank you all for reading and leaving kind notes on the first part!

As always, a huge thanks goes out to my dear friends @skittle479 and @larkistin.

Rafael had given you one of his shirts to sleep in. He also offered a pair of sweatpants, but since the waist would have been significantly loose, and you still wanted to make an impression, you opted to forego the bottoms and stayed in your panties.

The shirt he gave you had a Harvard logo on it, so he must have had it for a while. You breathed in Rafael’s scent, permanently ingrained in the shirt by now. The pleasant aroma attributed to the difficulty of waiting until morning to see, to touch, Rafael again.

And his bed! The peacock of a lawyer sure knew how to assemble a lavish bed set. Based on their crisp texture, the bed sheets had been recently ironed and starched. A man who cared about clean, pressed laundry was a turn on all on its own.

When you crawled into the bed, you were surprised to find yourself sinking into the mattress slightly more than you expected. Apparently his firm presentation did not extend to all aspects of his comfort zone.

Sleep found you soon after you built a cocoon for yourself in Rafael’s bed, his scent aiding in a peaceful slumber.

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I work at Bread-Milk. At my particular Bread-Milk (never been to another) there are two tills, separated by nothing on our side but by several displays and a warmer on the customer side. I have had many, many customers go to the other (empty) till and ignore me for a good long while. Calling them over has never done anything so I have to just stare at them until they see me. There was one guy, however, who went to the other till, waited a bit, saw me, and came over. As I rang up his items, he went, “The other one broken or something?” I replied, “No, I’m just at this one.” And he grunted and huffed as though it were a huge inconvenience. Like, dude! If you go to a store with proper lines and numbered registers and such, you don’t just stand at a closed till until someone walks over, you go to one that’s open. Why would it be any different here?

To the boy who will fall in love with me as well I to him please understand I have never dated anyone you will be my first in mostly everything depending on how long we are together I want to take everything slow because everything is new and scary and exciting for me if I don’t want to kiss you after three weeks doesn’t mean I don’t want to I really do I’m just scared I won’t be that good it has been over a decade since of kissed another boy holding hands will make my stomach flutter and i will be so shy that I can’t even look at you in the eye for a while because you see something in me I have never seen in myself it will be like waiting on a flower to grow but with care and patience you will one day be able to enjoy all of me I hope you choose wisely and understand how fragile I will be
—  @naturaljamaicanbeauty
Summer Nights~

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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 827

He sighed to himself and rested his head against the cool metal of the locker while he waited outside of the classroom. He probably should have been in class himself hearing what tonight’s homework assignment was but he knew he wouldn’t have even done the damn thing anyway so he left early. Jungkook began getting impatient as he waited for the door to swing open signaling the start of the weekend. He just really needed to see you, at least attempt to say sorry even if you chose to ignore him or not accept his apology. He felt like shit for throwing you to the side like that earlier like you were just another one of the girls that hung on his arm.

Everyone in town knew who Jungkook was, even those that didn’t //want// to know him, and they were well aware of his reputation. Your typical greaser punk, doesn’t pay attention in class, talks back to teachers, hangs out with his friends in the restricted parts of the school; hell, he was even caught smoking once or twice on the grounds. You knew it was all bullshit though, Jungkook would secretly write down assignments and complete them when his pals weren’t with him, when he smoked behind the school with his friends he was glad he got caught because any longer he would’ve visibly gagged at the taste, he would even make up excuses to spend time with you.

Contrary to his public persona, Jungkook was actually one of the sweetest people you’d ever met. It just irritated you that he bought into his own façade.

The loud ringing of the bell caused him to straighten up as the door opened, a frenzy of students burst through in an attempt to hurry and leave the confinements of the building faster to enjoy their weekend. He caught sight of you and quickly reached to grab your arm, this startled you and caused you to yank away from his grip. “Babe it’s just me.” He says in a reassuring tone, if only you felt better about seeing his face. “What do you want?” You respond in a cold tone. Jungkook sighs and takes a step closer to you.

“Look, I’m sorry okay? I know I shouldn’t have said any of those things. I was just showing off for them-“

“You seem to be showing off a lot lately.” You interrupted him as you tried to walk away, but soon his grip was on your arm again. “Babe please give me a chance I promise you I’m gonna be better!” He pleaded making eye-contact. You tried to look at anything but him, you finally setting your sight on the floor, knowing that if you stood into those brown eyes that you’d break. You knew you loved him, that’s one of the main reasons you’re still angry, but you were getting tired of being put under the radar as to not tarnish his image. “Look, babe,” He said placing a finger under your chin, forcing you to look at him. “Let me make it up to you, how about a date at the diner down the street? You’ve been wanting me to go with you for a while right?”

You slightly pouted, did he seriously think a date would automatically make things better? Is he once again feeding into his “I’m so great everyone wants me” persona? He noticed the look on your face and smiled, now obviously wasn’t the time for him to realize how cute you looked but he couldn’t help it. “I know it isn’t much but, it’s a start, right?” He said in response to your silence. You were a bit uneasy, you wanted to tell him no and see the look on his face as you turned to walk away, but another part of you desperately wanted to work things out with him. You always tried your best to remember he’s just under peer pressure, but if he cared about you as much as he said he did then why couldn’t he just listen to your advice for once and realize everyone will still like him regardless?

“Babe you’re over thinking it,” He slightly whined breaking you away from your train of thought, “Just say yes, I promise you that if I ever hurt you again you have every right to dump me.”

“That’s what you said the last time.”

“Okay well I mean it this time.”

“You said that the last time too.”

He groaned at your response and sighed, “Please just say yes or no, I don’t wanna lose you without trying first.” You hesitated and began chewing on your bottom lip, your eyes scanning the empty hallways. After much contemplating, you slowly nodded causing Jungkook to smile and bring you into a hug, “I’ll pick you up at 8.” He dashed out of the building leaving you standing in the hall by yourself wondering if you had just made another mistake.

(Possible part 2???? ~Admin Gray)

so anyways shout out to people who dont know what to call themselves. to people still trying on labels to see if one fits. to people who decide none of the labels fit. to people waiting for someone to come up with a label that describes them. to people who are nonbinary or something and feel the best way to describe their attraction is gay. to people who don’t feel comfortable calling themselves gay because their gender doesn’t fit in with that. to people who are comfortable with their sexuality but don’t know what to call it. to people stuck between changing definitions 

being content sometimes means finding a label, but sometimes it also means just feeling comfortable with yourself when there’s no label that fits