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Can’t believe it was 3 weeks ago that I posted my latest art….I’ve been busy then but finally settled down these few days. Therefore, my plan in the near future is to complete some undone and to-do works. You can call this post a rehabilitation lol Btw thank you guys for all the messages! Also sorry for the wait, I will answer them asap :)

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How do you think Tracer and Widowmaker would be like being parents?

Whoops, this turned into a semi-related drabble. 

Lena had been waiting for the right moment to bring it up with Widowmaker. Unfortunately, right moments to bring up tricky subjects were few and far between with her, and after weeks and weeks and, like, loads of attempts at trying to cheer her up (which, Lena had to admit, never worked), she gave up waiting.

There wouldn’t be a right moment. Lena would have to attempt to transform a wrong moment.

Said Wrong Moment started with Widowmaker arriving home at 5am, covered in mysterious blood splatters. That was a good sign! Bursting, Lena accosted her girlfriend at the door. “Before I ask you something, did you kill someone?”

Widowmaker gave her a tired look, ignoring what she’d said. “Why are you awake?”

That was a good question. Lena was famously unconscious by 11 most nights. “I was waiting for you to get home!” she explained. “But did you kill someone? I have to know. It’s important.”

Widowmaker gave her a long, flat stare. “I would have thought it was evident that this blood isn’t mine.”

Okay, well, that was as much of an answer as Lena was likely to get out of her. “Right, so that means you’re in a good mood, then, aren’t you? I have something I need to talk to you about.”

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credit to original owner

WARNING: mentions of verbal abuse

Genre: pure angst

Words: 922

Walking into your apartment with a smile plastered on your face, you twisted the doorknob, excitement building up in your body.  You haven’t seen Jimin all day because you were busy working your ass off at school. It’s been a rough the past couple weeks with projects, essays, and various tests being thrown at you. Jimin was your stress relief, but sadly, he was busy too. 

“Jimin?” you spoke up, eager to see your boyfriend.

A moment of silence fell upon the apartment as you waited for a response.

Maybe he’s not home?

No. That wouldn’t make sense because his shoes are here and so is his car. 

So then where was he?

With a frown, you began to walk around the place, checking every room for a sign of Jimin. Turning the corner, you peeked into the master bedroom, your eyes falling on your target. Upon hearing the sound of paper being crumbled up in frustration, you slowly approached Jimin, careful not to upset him even more.

“What’s wrong, babe?” you asked, trying to be as calm as possible.

You knew how Jimin was when he was upset. Even though he would remain silent, his aura was dark and intimidating. At times, he would simply walk out the door without a second thought, only to come home late at night and curl into bed with you. You being a sweet girlfriend, wouldn’t dare question his actions. Despite its occurrence, it still hurt every time it happened. You wanted to be there for him in times of need, but he would just shut you out and keep to himself. Normally, he would bite his tongue and prevent himself from unintentionally hurting you, but at times, it got too hard for him to contain himself.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Jimin, I-” You tried reaching for his hand.

“I said don’t touch me!” he yelled, pushing your hand away, “Are you fucking dumb? What don’t you understand? Do. Not. Fucking. Touch. Me.”

Mouth open agape, tears instantly spilled from your eyes. Each word that came out from his mouth was a stab to your fragile heart. Jimin can be mean at times, but never like this. The most he has done was playfully call you chubby, but he never verbally abused you like this. In fact, he never actually yelled at you no matter how bad you screwed up. Instead, he would be as sweet as possible and correct your mistakes, guiding you through it all. 

“I’m sorry.” you whispered, running out of the room before he could see your tears.

Every step you took was excruciatingly painful. The breath hitched in your throat made it nearly impossible to breathe. You stepped out into the street, unsure of where to go. You had left everything at home: keys, jacket, proper clothing. You had no where to go, but anywhere other than here was better. With this in mind, you walked to where you felt the most safe. The park. Jimin had proposed to you as his girlfriend here and since then, it became your favorite place in the entire city. Tears continuously streaming down your cheeks, the gentle, cold wind caused you release a slight yelp as you shivered. You were only dressed in a thin shirt and shorts alongside with a dirty pair of sneakers you’ve been reusing for the past year or so. 

Sitting on the swing, you closed your eyes, sighing as you contemplated your relationship with Jimin. Lately, he’s been coming home late and endlessly neglecting you. At this point, you don’t even know if your relationship is stable anymore. You still love him, but does he still love you?

Your deep thoughts were interrupted by a hand grasping your shoulder. Eyes widening, you began trying to break free, but as dumb as you were, you tripped. 

“Calm down, calm down! It’s me. Jimin.” he spoke in a soft tone, afraid that he’d scare you off once more.

“Please, just go away.” 

“I’m sorry for what I said.” he grabbed your hand, “I swear to God I didn’t mean a single word.”

“You’ve been such an asshole lately, you know that?”

“I’ve be-”

“Whenever I cook for you, you just leave it there to rot. When I try laying with you in bed, you’d get up and sleep on the couch.” you nearly shouted, tears brimming in your eyes, “Do you not love me anymore?”

You choked back a sob as you spoke, unable to think of anything else other than the all the pain that Jimin had caused you. After all you had been through with him, he could have at least told you what was going on with him. Instead, he repetitively hurt you and caused you to jump to absurd conclusions. You were stressed over school as well, but you never snapped at Jimin over it. You would rant to him all the time and it would always help. He was your like your Tylenol, essential to your life. He was vital to you and he knew that. But the way he’s been treating you is unacceptable. Despite being in a relationship, he just pushes you away. Whenever you lean in to give him a kiss or hug, he’d instantly back away and go to some place else. Somewhere he knew you wouldn’t be around. 

“Jimin,” you continued, breaking the eerie silence that fell upon once dynamic duo ,”let’s break up.”

Emotional mess.

Based off of #80 prompt found here

“Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.”

Shawn Master List found HERE

The last week you have been what Shawn would say, ’an emotional fucking mess.’

You have not wanted to be touched, your body being sensitive to Shawn’s fingertips, everything about him has just put you off, caused you to want to curl up in the blankets and whimper noiselessly to yourself. There has been nothing he has done this week that has not set you off into an emotional state of abrupt tears or a rage of angry emotions that neither of you knew you were capable of harbouring.

He has taken it half-heartedly, not really taken anything you say to heart, after all, he knows that it is probably just a stressful time for you. You got a new job that has been working you half to death, he announced a new tour and is set to leave in a month, and to top it off, your emotions have caused you to argue him more times this week than in the last six months.

You hear the front door open and close, the sound of plastic bags rustling as you peek over the edge of the couch. You force your exhausted body off the couch, shuffling towards the kitchen where Shawn has just put the Groceries up on the counter top.

He flashes you his typical smile, his hands already digging into the plastic bags full of groceries, “Hey, I just got off the phone with my sister, she wants to spend the night tomorrow.” He announces, earning himself a smile in return.

You absolutely love when his sister spends the night, you get to do all the girly things you usually do on your own, like painting nails, watching chick-flicks, and gossiping about the latest episode of the Netflix series you and Alliyah follow.                                                              

“Sounds great, did you get dinner? I am starving.” You question, your own hands beginning to dig into the bags to help him with putting away groceries.              

“Uh, you said you weren’t hungry so I assumed that was you telling me not to bother with dinner.” He glances at you with a bit of a grim expression, biting his lip as if he is treading on egg shells.

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Fluffy fluff please! Tsuki getting excited about seeing his GF, who's been away for a little while on a trip, and she surprises him by coming home early and going to a game or visiting him at school? :D

Ah, how happy I am to receive requests for my darling husband! I am sorry for the wait, but I hope you enjoy this slice of fluff! 💕

-Admin Lana

When Tsukishima first learned of your trip to America for a two week-long study program, he had been indifferent, only telling you to make the decision based on what was best for you. Although he would never openly admit this to you while in range of hearing, you could tell he was slightly bothered for your impending extended absence. Even when you tried to assure him that it was only ‘two weeks’ he had brushed it off with a nonchalant shrug before giving you a kiss goodbye. The first week by as usual with the exception of not having to walk to class with you or eat lunch together. It was a bit lonelier than had had expected, but Yamaguchi filled the empty space with friendly chatter. ‘Only one more week’ he’d think before bed each night. 

Wednesday’s match arrived without event, the team fired up with the hope of victory by the end of the evening. The blonde has never expressed an inkling of excitement when it came to a game, simply writing it off as another to cross. He at least had a little enthusiasm when you were cheering him on from the audience. It irritated him how much your presence had an influence on him, but even more so when his teammates would comment on it. 

He was relieved to finally escape the energy from the gym, opting to take a breather in the hall. His moment of peace didn’t last long when a light voice addressed him. “Good game, Tsukishima. You played well today.” His first instinct was to roll his eyes and ignore whoever it was, thinking it might be someone trying to make a move on him, but was pleasantly surprised to find you beaming at him instead. 

The tall male did nothing but stare at you, unfamiliar feelings stirring in his chest that he couldn’t quite put a name too. From a logical stance, two weeks was hardly a long amount of time, but after becoming so used to seeing you most days out of the week, he didn’t realise how dull his life was without you to liven it up.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to hug me?” You pouted, only to find your form being swallowed in his embrace. An airy sigh escaped your lips as you leaned into him, content to finally see his face again.

“Sorry, I just wasn’t expecting you to be back home this early.” It wasn’t often that you were able to surprise the blonde like this, and the expression on his face was well worth it.

“I was able to get an earlier flight back to Japan, and since I knew you had a match today it worked out perfectly.” You leaned back slightly, hands sliding up his arms to gently cup his cheeks. “I really missed you, Kei.”

He had a feeling that his teammates would hound him after this, but only for you would he show a soft side to. “I missed you too. It’s nice to have you back.” You thought your eyes were deceiving you as red flushed his ears, stemming down to his cheeks as he glanced away, unable to meet your gaze.

“Cute…” The simple word left your lips in a hushed voice as you committed this scene to memory. There was no telling when you’d ever see your boyfriend blush like this again. 

Tsukishima whipped around furiously in an attempt to hide his face. “Stop calling me cute! I did not miss this at all!” You couldn’t help but laugh, a warm feeling spreading through your chest at the usual banter. He missed you as much as you missed him.


This week has kicked my ass. The Marketing Director was in from NJ, and it’s been non-stop meetings about everything from process, to state of the union, to our Meyer’s Briggs types and how to work together (DEEP STATE INFP here), to new hires, to a tragedy for our most recent hire that’s all over the news, to me presenting on the software training and on the new social software I’ve been test-driving. Every night after work has been a meeting of some sort. I have done nothing but sleep and shower in my house all week, and the weekend is insanely full, too.

One more week of this and then it’s off to New Mexico for seven days. I can’t wait to move my body through the mountains.

Therapy yesterday was all about strategy for dealing with a co-worker who struggles with anxiety and ADD, and a couple of other mental health issues. His way of talking and behaving during meetings triggers such a visceral reaction in my body that sends my blood pressure sky high and makes my breathing so fast and shallow.

I’m not the only one being affected by it, and we’re trying as a group to work on reminding everyone to use library voices because the space has such a huge echo, and also to raise hands to ask questions instead of talking over one another, and to use those questions to bring us all back to the point rather than sending us off on another tangent.

I end up missing so much of what is being said because I have to work so hard to not spin off by putting my attention on my deep, slow breath and gently talking to myself in my head. Then I get into a self-judging spiral of feeling like I’m not performing at the level I should be and I worry that others notice.

My therapist asked some questions that I found myself asking about dozens of issues in my life over the rest of the day.

What if, she asked, you lower your expectations for yourself before you enter a meeting? What if you take a moment to do some deep slow breathing, and say to yourself that it’s OK if you miss some things? What if you tell yourself it’s OK to take care of yourself when you’re reacting to something that is so out of your control by focusing on your breath instead of on what’s being said? What if it’s OK to simply revisit things with people via email or a quick stop at their desk if needed?

What if, indeed.

The meeting I excused myself from to go to therapy was the worst one yet, and I arrived at the office with that agitation still vibrating in me. In the last fifteen minutes I popped another ocular migraine that blinded me for a half hour in my truck, so I was late returning to work, and then had such a hard time focusing for the rest of the day with that feeling of having my head in a vise and body fatigue that made me wish for a soft velvet couch in a very dark room. Alas, sleep was restless last night. I woke four times. Today will suck donkey dick.  

All this to say life is good, I’m busy and tired and learning so much, and feeling so blessed to get to work with people who care about us all as individuals with lives outside of work. Healthy communication is a huge priority for them, and thus for us. I’ve never had that before. I’m kind of blown away. And tired. Whoa with the tired.

Happy Friday, y’all.


Holy moly, this blog just hit 6,000 followers! And right before a new Genyatta week too!

Thank you all so much for following this blog. I know activity here has been slow lately, but I’ve still kept up with posts just for you guys! Summer is finally here which means I will have much more time to find content for this blog. 

Thank you all for being patient and sticking around. You guys keep me going and keep my love for Genyatta strong.To everyone new here, welcome! I hope you enjoy what you find! 

Thank you all again, I can’t wait to see the future of this fandom.

Tyler Seguin- I’m going to pin you down

Request: Your first time with segs and you’re really wanting and he keeps teasing you about how horny you are and you lie and say you aren’t but he starts seducing you and whispering and stuff

Author’s note: Wow this didn’t turn out how I wanted and I’m sorry.

Warnings: Dirty dirty lol

Up next: Andre Burakovsky

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Thank you so much to everyone that voted!… Both times!

I’ll be working on all of these stories, so don’t be disappointed, but the plan is to hopefully get the missed connections au finished in a couple of weeks, and then start working on the new multi-chp, so please look forward to more information about it coming soon.

I’ve been working on a different fic during the voting period and plan to have it completed over the weekend, so something to fill in the wait time.

Thanks again for all your support and campaigning, I hope to live up to the expectations. Also, the prompt-a-thon details will be up later today as well, so if you want something short and sweet, I hope you’ll enjoy that as well!

Thank you!

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Hey. So I went out with a dude a few weeks ago. I thought things were going fine. He used to hit me up daily but for the past two weeks he's been mia. I texted him on Monday to see how he was and all I got was one word responses. Is it too early to cancel this prospect? Or should I wait awhile?

cut that ass lol

In the weeks leading up to his wedding, Sherlock is completely confused by all the people asking him if he’s nervous or if he’s getting cold feet. 

Why on Earth would he be nervous when he’s about to marry his best friend?Marrying John was going to be the easiest thing in the world. Not to mention he’d been waiting to do it for years!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last posted but I’ve decided to try and be a little more active again. The past few weeks have been a mess and looking back it’s all very blurry so I don’t remember much of it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this trapped in my eating disorder. I had my appt at the clinic today, which didn’t go as well as I expected. They told me that they currently don’t have any vacancies at the day clinic so they’d have to put me on the waiting list and it could be months until a spot opens up. They can’t offer me outpatient treatment either because my weight is currently too low. Basically my only option is going inpatient for a couple of weeks and then stepping down to day patient as soon as something opens up. I told them that I didn’t think inpatient was the right option for me (a decision fueled by very disordered thoughts of not ‘being sick enough’) and left the appt feeling even more hopeless than I had before. I had a really bad breakdown at home, realized that I can’t keep going like this and eventually got my shit together and emailed the clinic that I have changed my mind about inpatient. They’ll have a bed for me in about 2 weeks and I’m freaking nervous but also quite proud of myself for taking this step. Also I’m starting an antidepressant for the first time and I don’t know what to expect but hopefully it’ll finally help stabilize my mood. I hope you’re all well; I love you guys and I’ve missed you! (Also sorry for the long post)

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35 & R76

Gabriel doesn’t have time for this. He has been waiting to see Jack all week, but amidst Overwatch buisiness and Blackwatch operation planning, they’d both been booked solid. Now, the one time where he was able to be penciled into the Strike Commander’s busy schedule, he gets stuck in a goddamn elevator.

What else did he expect?

It ends up taking an hour of stress, mild claustrophobia, mobile games, and slow-stripping of his layered clothing before a technician gets the elevator working again. The poor man probably expects a reprimanding, judging by the look on his face when Gabe breezes past him whilst exiting the metal death-box, but there’s no time. He can still get to Jack’s room with a bit of time if he hurries, although he’s not sure if Jack’s stuck around waiting for him because the man hadn’t picked up his phone.

After rapping gently on the door to Morrison’s room, Gabe begins to tap his foot anxiously against the ground. He doesn’t even get through an entire one-two beat before the door hisses open and a muscled arm tugs him inside.

Gabriel gains the upper hand quickly as the two grapple for control, pushing slowly towards the bed. They end up on their sides, together, hands intertwined, one facing the other like a cheesy romance film.

A series of small kisses take place before Gabriel speaks. “Take off your shirt.”

The blonde regards him quizically. “Gabi, we don’t have time for-”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off. I went through hell to get here, and damn if I’m not going to appreciate that body, Morrison. Fuck your schedule.”


I haven’t done anything for this Jumin/Zen week for @juminzenweek I’ve been so freakin’ busy this week! So, I’m combining Day 3 and Day 4, AU/First Kiss

AU in which Jumin is a Ballroom Dancing instructor and the theatre hired him to teach Zen how to Salsa. Since I’m still kinda busy, this was rushed and not edited! I apologize for any mistakes!

The mirror showed Zen’s reflection as he stretched, waiting for his dance instructor. He’d been learning how to Salsa for the past week. He had to admit, Mr. Han was a very good instructor. Strict, but fair.

The door to the practice room opened and Mr. Han stepped in, a bag over his shoulder, a water bottle in one hand. He was very stringent in making sure that Zen drank plenty of water. He half smiled when he saw Zen was already stretching.

“Zen, how was practice today?” he asked politely.

“Good.” Zen sighed.

Mr. Han raised an eyebrow questioningly. He was used to Zen’s complaints by now. The first day he had assumed he was a narcissist with a large ego. He still believed that, but having seen some of his practices, he had to admit, Zen was exceptionally talented. It was difficult to keep your eyes off him when he was on the stage, even if he was not the primary actor.

“Something happen?” he asked as he set his bag down and dropped to his knees behind Zen, he pushed on the man’s shoulder’s as he pressed his head down on his knees. Zen grunted, but was incredibly flexible. He pulled Zen down on his back and had him lift his leg, his foot straight up. He grabbed his thigh and pulled it down to Zen’s shoulder. He marveled at the muscle in his lean body.

“Ahh, nothing really. The woman I’m supposed to be dancing with is complaining again.”

“I see, Miss Kim has seemed extremely eager to get on with it.” Mr. Han laughed. His dark hair fell over his deep grey eyes as he met for a split second, Zen’s crimson orbs. “I have already let her know that you will be able to practice together next week. You are coming along nicely Zen, but Miss Kim needs more practice before I let you dance together.”

“That’s what I told her!” Zen dropped his leg and lifted his other one. Mr. Han pressed down on Zen’s thigh and Zen tried to ignore how close the man was. He could smell his cologne and couldn’t look away from his adam’s apple as it moved hypnotically up and down.

“Ok. I think we’re ready, up you go.” Mr. Han jumped up and helped Zen to his feet. Zen pulled back his white hair and put it in a ponytail.

“Basic position if you please.” Mr. Han ordered.

“Yes Mr. Han.” Zen stood up straight and held out his left hand up and to the side, his right at waist height.” Mr. Han stepped into him, his right hand going into Zen’s left and wrapping Zen’s right hand around his waist. He placed his left hand on Zen’s shoulder.

“I told you before Zen, call me Jumin.” He was eye to eye with the actor, Zen’s heart beating just a bit faster.

“Right. Jumin.” he knew he was blushing, but he couldn’t help it. Jumin smiled but said no more about it.

“Ok, remember, you need to lead, let’s run through this once without the music, ready?” Zen nodded.

“Step forward with your left, rock back onto your right, step back with your left, hold, step back with the right, rock forward on your left, step forward with your right, hold, and, repeat…” Jumin dropped the prompts and followed Zen’s lead. He was graceful and fluid, perfect. He looked away and Jumin slapped him lightly on the shoulder. “Eyes on me, remember, always, keep eye contact.” Zen’s eyes widend, then he nodded, locking his gaze onto Jumin’s steel grey ones.

“Good! Now, let’s do it with music.” Jumin let Zen go and went to take out his portable speakers and play the music from his phone through it. As soon as the music began Jumin was back in Zen’s arms. They practiced for an hour straight, by the end Zen could dance the brief choreography he needed to learn for the play with no mistakes. Jumin smiled at Zen, proud of the man and how far he had come in such a short time. He would make an excellent professional ballroom dancer. He had all the necessary skills. The music died and they stopped, both sweating with their effort. Jumin held onto Zen, not letting him go.

“That was perfect Zen! Your fluidity is astounding. I’ve never had a student  pick this up so quickly, you should be proud.” Jumin’s eyes sparkled with pride.

Zen felt his chest puff out at the praise, his hand was clammy, yet, he did not want to let go of Jumin’s hand, feeling the weight of his other hand on his shoulder palpably. His lips were dry and he looked down, licking his lip slowly.

“Zen?” Jumin’s face came even closer and when Zen looked up, their noses nearly touched. Before he knew what he was doing, he tilted his head and pressed his lips to Jumin’s. They felt stiff at first, but then seemed to soften and yield. Zen pulled him closer, pressing their chests together. Jumin melted into the other man and Zen, seeing this as consent, slid his tongue into Jumin’s warm mouth.

Jumin placed his hands on Zen’s shoulders and pushed him away.

“Zen! What! We…we can’t…” he stuttered.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! Forget I did that!” Zen grabbed his towel and his own bag, running out the door before he could embarrass himself even more.


The next two days went by in a blur, Zen tried to forget about what he had done. Tried to erase the mistake and how horribly he had misread the situation. He would have another lesson the next day, but he wondered if he could get out of it.

He stepped into the cool night, rain having washed the streets clean. He took a deep breath and deliberated whether to smoke a cigarette or just walk home.


Zen twirled behind him. Jumin stood there, his nose and cheeks a little red. He must have been standing outside for a while for him to have that coloring.

“Mr. Han!” Zen looked down, embarrassed. He was the last person he wanted to see.

“Zen, how many times….ahhh…never mind. I wanted to tell you that I spoke to the director.”

“What? Why? I told you! It won’t happen again! Why would you do that?” Zen was horrified. What would the director think about Zen’s character? Would he fire him?

“Calm down Zen.” Jumin grasps the other man’s shoulders and slides his hands down his arms to his hands. “I recommended someone else to take over your training. After all, it is very unprofessional to date a student.” He chuckled.

“Dd…date?” Zen asked, clasping Jumin’s hands.

“Oh, unless you weren’t interested?” Jumin tried to pull his hands out of Zen’s.

“No! I mean, Yes! I mean…I’m interested.” He pulled Jumin closer and cupped his face. “Very interested.” He whispered against Jumin’s warm lips before kissing him once more. This time Jumin wrapped his arms around the actor and grasped the back of his jacket tightly. He wondered exactly how flexible Zen was, he couldn’t wait to find out.

 Misc MysMe Fics


So I don’t think anyone will read this and I don’t know why I even post this but I am not feeling very good lately. I’m thinking about everything so much and my anxiety is being a pain in the ass. I really want to post every day/every other day but I just can’t get myself to writing now. I will post imagines this week, but just not today. And I know that no one is waiting for me to post or anything but I just wanted to explain why I haven’t been writing as much as I used to? I really really REALLY appreciate everyone who likes what I write and follows me, thank you ❤️

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Swedish guests screwed by travel agent [Long]

I was just going deep in to this sub and a few threads reminded me of what happened to this really kind Swedish family on July 4 a few years ago.

They came in around 9pm. Father, Mother, Daughter, and Son. I had no more arrivals and I’m sold out. I tell them this and as every guest does, they argued that they certainly had a reservation. They booked this months ago. I asked for a confirmation, which was on their iPad, which is dead. I show them there’s an outlet they can use to charge it. While waiting, the father tells me they’ve been in the states for 2 weeks now and have had no problems. He’s clearly tired, the kids are too and probably hungry. Eventually, the iPad has enough charge to power on and they show me their email that’s in Swedish. What I can tell from it is that they hotel name is right, the dates are for the 4th checking out the 5th and a number that I think is either a confirmation number or an international phone number.

I asked them who they booked through and am told they booked through a travel agent in some town, Sweden. I ask them if they can find a phone number on the confirmation, but they can’t. Weird. I look at it again and start googling any number I find on the confirmation. The second one is a phone number (it wasn’t in any format, just a straight string) But the number doesn’t go to their agent in Sweden, it goes to Company A in Spain. I google Company A, their owned by Company B (I don’t remember the company names), Company B is owned by Expedia. Finally, something I can use to get somewhere. I call Expedia’s international number. It was actually a short wait. I give the guy the confirmation number which he confirmed was theirs and asks to put me on hold. While on hold I explain to the family what’s going on and tell them about this weird chain of companies. At this point they’ve realized this is beyond this hotel. There’s so many links in this chain that any one of them could be the problem.

Expedia takes me off hold and explains to me it was booked via Company A. He gives me Company A’s number, which wasn’t the same as the confirmations. I call this number, again it’s a Spain phone number. Thankfully it had an English option. I get someone on the phone, give them the number, and they tell me it was cancelled. I tell the Swedish family this. They are not aware of ever canceling, in fact they were told by their travel agent that none of it could be canceled once booked. I relay this to the support agent and they tell me that insert Swedish name canceled it out of one of their partnered travel agent companies in insert Swedish town name. I repeat the name, at the best of my ability, to the family and the father says that’s their travel agent. I ask for this travel agencies office number and the support agent gives me one. I google it and see that it’s Swedish - about damn time! Call it. Get a recording, and put the phone on speaker. I’m told it says their offices are closed. It was only 5am in Sweden, so it made sense.

Well, our trip down the rabbit hole of travel agencies finally came to an end. Unfortunately, we had no real answers. The father was very upset and kept swearing (I’m assuming) in Swedish, but he made it clear to me he knew this wasn’t the hotels doing. He probably came to the same conclusion as me, that he was screwed over by Jorgen Dickfaceson back in Sweden.

The problem now, was helping them find a place on the 4th of July. We were sold out, the entire town was. I called B&B’s, hostels, anything I could think of. At this point it was 11pm and my auditor was in. I explained to him what happened and we each got on Google Maps and picked a nearby town and started dialing. By 12:30am I found one. 120 miles away. ONE cabin left. The family doesn’t care, they’ll take it. The kids are already sleeping on the sofas. Get them booked, even convinced the auditor of this place to get them a late check out, they were going to need it. I was never thanked so much by anyone in my life. I certainly didn’t have to go as far as I did or stay one and a half hours after my shift. And they didn’t need to be as nice and as patient as they were. They more than deserved it.

I never found out what happened with their reservation. I always thought their travel agent dropped the ball big time. I hope they got their money back and then some from that asshole.

tl;dr Swedish family arrives on July 4 with no reservation, but has confirmation. Confirmation number takes me down a huge rabbit hole. Eventually find out the Swedish family was screwed over by their travel agent. Spend hours finding them a place.

By: Jewpracabra