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What if they find Shiro and he's been trapped in this time/space bubble thing and they can't get him out because the only way for him to leave is for someone else to take his place in the bubble. Everyone starts panicking and arguing trying to think of a plan to save him, but while they're distracted Lance just walks right up to the space prison and takes Shiro's place without even thinking about it because obviously - in his opinion - Shiro's way more important than he is.

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I say this to you all the time, and I’m hesitant to do it again. But if you knew me, if you knew about where I’ve been and about the nightmares I have at night, if you truly knew how much you mean to me and how much you’ve simply been for me, you’d understand. I can’t afford to lose you. I couldn’t take the pain that would come with that. My heart is physically incapable of seeking anything but to love and be loved, and that’s been screwed up for me plenty of times but you’re full of everything I could’ve hoped for in one person. I can’t say this certainly, and that’s only because I don’t truly and completely know what you see, but I think that I can thank you for seeing me and being satisfied.
—  @itsfangirlalex; Thank You. 🖤

About the ship wars on this fandom (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

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Ohhh could you write a sic fic where back at home Lance would find small random places to curl up when he was sick to get away from his siblings sense they were always loud and so when he gets sick in space for the fist time he hides somewhere tiny in the castle (like the air vents) and the team get worried when they can't find him??

Thanks so much for the prompt! I hope you enjoy it!

He wasn’t sure when the habit started; it could have been when he was old enough to realize that the noises in the house wouldn’t stop just because he was feeling a little under the weather. The first time, he found himself crawling in the space between the couch and wall, dragging a blanket with him; vainly trying to block out the sounds of music blaring from the kitchen and his siblings fighting over some sort of game. For some reason he found his headache alleviate and he let out a sigh as the warmth from the blanket traveled through his bones. Slowly he found himself following his strange habit whenever he became ill. By the time he moved to the Garrison, he had healed up in every single part of the house. Small spaces between furniture, under tables and counters, even going so far as to curl up in empty cabinets. Although it didn’t seem to do much for his actual ailments, he was more comfortable and able to rest more than if he just laid down in bed. His family got used to the teen’s strange habit after encountering him a number of times and accepted his weird superstition. However, he didn’t stop even when he moved away to the Garrison. The very first time he got sick at the Garrison, he crawled under his desk without hesitation a blanket trailing behind him; disregarding the strange look he was getting from his then roommate. He wasn’t surprised that a week and a half later he switched out of their room and was replaced with Hunk, not that he was complaining. You’d be kind of weirded out if your roommate started sleeping under his desk for no apparent reason too. It wasn’t exactly like he was trying to hide his little quirk, but it’s not really something you bring up during a conversation or an icebreaker game. Which is why he wasn’t exactly surprised when he was woken up out of his nap by the panicked voices of his friends. They, however, had a different view on the whole situation.

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i really hope that dc announcing that wonder woman is bisexual sets off a string of dc and marvel announcing that all their superheroes are gay to try and one-up each other. like, tomorrow we wake up to find that marvel has admitted that captain america has been bi all along. then dc counters by making batman gay. next thing you know black widow is canonically ace. and no one stops until all their superheroes are somewhere on the lgbt+ spectrum  

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How do you get such expression and life into your characters? I've been trying to do it but I can't get the hang of it

Here are some posts I did on expressions: (x) (x) (x) I hope you find them useful! To be fair, it’s much easier to experiment with characters you’re already familiar with and pretty comfortable drawing.

The easiest way is to take pics of yourself and study your features. Don’t be afraid to emote a lot or make silly faces!
Here are some quick Buttons’ I did just now, referencing photos of myself. If I had to draw these emotions from memory, they would look much more boring and cliche. Still recognizable, hopefully, but less personal. (This would probably be more interesting if I had my photos attached but I’m a tired grease monster atm so naaah.)

  • Good thing about Supergirl: Season 1 ended in a way that we can consider a series finale.
  • Bad thing about Supergirl: Season 2 has been shitty but Alex and Kara are still there plus we got introduced to Lena, Maggie and M'gann so I can't just simply stop watching.

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We know that Lotor does not like being spied on by the Empire, especially if it's Haggar doing the spying. If Lotor we're to find out that Shiro is not only connected to Haggar but has been compromised on some level what would he do? I think he'll try to kill Shiro but how can he do when he knows that he can't afford to mess with Team Voltron now that the Empire wants him dead.

I mean, there’s a massive standing question at present how Narti was compromised. Because she absolutely was.

In the society that Haggar and Zarkon created, Narti is undesirable. She’s a “lowly half-galra”. And we have… never seen Haggar and Narti so much as share a sidelong look before then. Haggar ignored her that entire interaction until right up at the end.

Ezor, who seems to have been the closest to Narti, says that Narti trusted Lotor. She wouldn’t give Lotor that service when she’s talking about Lotor being untrustworthy if it wasn’t, as far as she knew, completely true. And Narti wouldn’t have a reason to lie to Ezor.

Haggar hasn’t offered Narti anything. Because it’s not really Haggar’s nature to offer, or even really consider how her actions will affect the other person. She takes what she sees as useful, and from her perspective, her victim should shut up and be grateful because she’s giving them power.

Narti was not a spy. Narti was overtaken. Either puppeted, or Haggar somehow manipulated her bond with Kova, stealing her use of his eyes without his knowledge.

But Lotor? Lotor who sees his generals only as people, who’s sure that Haggar’s never been able to do this before- that Haggar was forced to use other routes- the only conclusion that makes any sense to him is somehow, Narti was a traitor. And Lotor’s paranoid, Lotor’s terrified, Lotor’s trying to hide from the two most powerful people in the known universe. He won’t stand there jawing about how this is impossible and none of it adds up- it’s easier for him to assume that he completely misjudged Narti and she wants to hurt him just like almost everything else.

So what does this all mean with Shiro?

Because through Shiro, Lotor might realize what actually happened to Narti.

Because it’s quite likely Haggar’s got some kind of fetter on Shiro, possibly in the same way- and Shiro has a more optimistic team. People who aren’t so vulnerable. People who would hold their ground and say, “No. Shiro wouldn’t do this. Shiro wouldn’t want this to happen. He wouldn’t let this happen.”

Because it’s possible what made Narti vulnerable was just that she had some kind of power or connection with the rift- and that we also have implications that Haggar empowered Shiro somehow.

Assuming that’s the case, it means Shiro, just like Narti, is at risk. Like Narti, he has seemingly a direct line to Haggar’s power and experiments- and now, seemingly, without warning, Haggar has developed the ability to either seize control of, or make involuntary spies of such people.

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hey what did you mean in that post about raven's home getting the 'bombshell of the century' from an interview last year? i've been trying to find it but i can't :/

It wasn’t specifically about Raven’s Home but more about the That’s So Raven cast reunion on The View last year. It wasn’t explicitly said buuuuut when asked who dated the most on set, everyone pretty much pointed to Anneliese but then Raven said they actually had “a really nice” relationship with each other and Annelise did this face that told all. 

So if you take the knowledge of Raven being gay + saying they all pretty much dated each other + Annelise’s face =

Raven and Annelise totally hooked up when they were younger during the show and everything we’ve ever know has been lie when we saw them as best friend goals as children lmao. So now watching Raven’s Home like 10+ years later, that’s all I think about

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The thing you mentioned about butterflies not always being so good; you are so on point. Comfort and security is a much better feeling to be in a relationship with. I've been looking for that lately, bcuz I'm tired of the butterflies/anxiety, but I can't find it. How did you find it with Sasha? Whenever I try to make friends with a guy first, it's either I end up developing feelings too quickly or they do which makes me uncomfortable. I want that level of comfort before a romantic relationship.

uh, I don’t know to be honest! it all just flowed naturally? 

Sasha was never too intrusive or demanding, he’s a good company, so it was easy with him and then it just started to grow.

The thing is that you don’t FIND it on purpose, you know. It find you when the time is ready. Life is always spinning and taking turns, so all the changes will eventually lead you to where you are supposed to be!

So..try to not rush things! I mean…Don’t go for what makes you uncomfortable, I think I don’t even need to say that because it seems like you aren’t the person who would do that. I think with the right person you can tell in the beginning they are a decent human being, they won’t give you negative connatations.

There’s right time for everything, so let the life flow! 

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I'm planning on getting a tarantula and I've researched for hours and hours on end and I know how to keep one healthy, but one thing I haven't been able to find is advice on what to do if they actually DO get sick or injured. I have a feeling you can't just take a tarantula to the vet. What do you do if your tarantula gets sick or hurt?

There’s not too much that can be done about ‘sick’ tarantulas unfortunately, and vets usually know nothing about inverts. I’m not a veterinarian or anything, but I’ll try my best to give some advice.


Most of the time, mites can be easily prevented. They thrive in moist conditions with high humidity, so if you have a tarantula that’s native to more arid regions you may not have an issue.

Routine spot cleaning always helps – the cleaner the environment, the less appealing it will be to parasites. Removing uneaten food/boluses, scooping out waste, etc.

If you do see mites in the enclosure, take the tarantula out immediately and clean the whole tank. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS, as they might cause illness to the spider when you put it back. Pest control that kills mites also kills spiders. Replace the substrate, and put any decor in the freezer for a few hours to kill any mites that may be living on it.


Arguably the most common ailment tarantulas suffer from, dehydration is also one of the easiest to cure. Just remember to keep a shallow water bowl in the tank with them. Make sure it’s not wider than the T’s legspan and not deep enough to submerge it. Make sure it’s filled every day with clean filtered or bottled water.

If your tarantula is lethargic and withered-looking, maybe even with a shrunken or withered abdomen, it may be dehydrated.

Mold & Fungus:

Growths may occur if the enclosure is too moist. This happens mostly with tarantulas that are from more humid environments. Some molds can cause infection in a tarantula that can prove fatal.

Prevention includes making sure the environment is well-ventilated, not overly-wet, and clean. Mold and such like to grow on organic material such as food boluses, so make sure to get rid of any uneaten food.

There are ways to treat fuzzies on the surface of he tarantula’s exoskeleton, usually by gently wiping it away with a soft paintbrush, rinsing in water between each stroke. Internal infections usually cannot be cured, to my knowledge at least. (If someone can correct me, feel free, please!)


So this part scares me. Sometimes after a fall or during the soft stage following a molt, a tarantula my develop a rupture in their exoskeleton. Usually with limbs, it isn’t too big of a deal as they are able to detach their legs with little consequence (save perhaps complications during the next molt as it tried to grow back lost limbs). It’s best to leave leg injuries alone.

A rupture on the abdomen, however, does often prove fatal. If your tarantula has a break in its abdomen, put it in a tarantula ICU (a smaller, well-ventilated container with paper towel lining the bottom of it). Then gently, with a cotton swab, apply petroleum jelly to the wound. Tarantula “blood,” called Hemolymph, doesn’t clot as well as human blood does. Sealing it with petroleum jelly helps it to clot properly. When your T molts next, there should be no sign of pervious injury.

Of course ways to prevent this are to prevent falls (not having tall decor), making falls less dangerous (higher substrate, decor that isn’t too hard like rocks and ceramics), and not using mesh-top enclosures (their little claws could get stuck, causing broken legs).

Hope this helps, and if anyone has more info to add or corrections please feel free!


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hello!! I've been trying to find a fic for awhile now and haven't been able to track it down. It's an au where they're college professors in a mythology department, and Keith is the new professor. Everyday, Lance asks him to lunch or dinner and Keith always turns him down, not realizing he was serious about it. Can't seem to remember the title.

you might mean this fic ^.^
- Vallie

A Spoonful of Ambrosia Helps the Date Go Down by communikate (1/1 | 2,110 | Teen and Up)

“Are you the king of the underworld, because I think I just died and went to heaven,” Lance smirked, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

Keith laughed, a small scoffing snort. He put his pen down looking at Lance with a small amount of interest pulling his lips into a smile. “If you’re going to use Greek Mythology to hit on me, you should at least get it right.”


Where Keith is the new Greek Mythology teacher at Altea University, and Lance tries his hand at getting a date through horrible, horrible pick up lines.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: How can Liv and Ravi NOT end up together? Okay, get this. We've seen Liv fall in love with Lowell only to question their relationship because there was no foundation. They weren't friends. If Liv wasn't a zombie they wouldn't be together. And Major. They're friends, but he can't accept her being a zombie. Can't accept that she changes with each brain, but she's still herself. HOWEVER, Ravi has single handedly been there for Liv through it all. He is her best friend. They have the inside jokes, the teasing, the loyalty. And you know what else Ravi does? Understands. He's made it clear that Liv is Liv, not the current brain she happens to be using. He's even tried cheering up Major by saying "She just needs to eat another brain." Okay? He's cool with it. Without him, Liv is nothing. Nothing. And who has dedicated himself to finding a cure for zombie-ism? that's right. Ravi has. He's tried so hard. And willing to keep trying. For Liv. It's all for Liv. And I can't even believe for a second that this show might reduce these two to nothing more than a quirky friendship I swear to god. Just fukc me uP

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I've been trying to look for methods everywhere but I can't find any; how do you create endless patterns?! I must learn how!

To be honest I’m still learning myself lol, but I can tell you the basics of how to create patterns (or at least the way I’ve been doing it so far).

First off I use Photoshop (I use CS6 but previous versions should work too).

I create a big ass file, usually over 4000x4000 pixels with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Take note this is only important if you’re planing to have the pattern printed, if you’re doing it exclusively for Tumblr, for example, it’s best to work with 72 pixels/inch and a smaller canvas size, but that’s up to you.

I place two guides to mark the center of the canvas and four more around to make a square. I use Snap for the guides in the center as they literally snap to it. Leave Snap on as it’s important for the next part.

For this tutorial I’ll make the pattern very simple, say hi to bulbaderp. 

I copied/flipped the leaves and placed them into the horizontal, vertical and diagonal spaces to explain how to make the pattern seamless. The guides in purple are basically the edge of your tile, to create the endless effect you have to cut the parts of your drawing that are outside this limit and place them on their opposite side.

Like this 

Notice the leaf in the diagonal side covers also the horizontal and vertical sides. You’ll have to cut the drawing into three different pieces and move them like you would with the other two leaves.

Now cut or copy the drawing bit, paste it with Paste in Place (SHIFT+Ctrl+V) and drag it to the opposite side while pressing SHIFT so the bit stays in the same height as its counterpart, otherwise the pattern will look crooked. With Snap the bit should place itself right next to the guideline with ease.

Make sure the element is riiiiiight next to the guide. Using Snap helps, but it tends to be very finicky and sometimes be as 1 mm off. Remember to always zoom after placing the bits to make sure they’re on the right spot.

The final result should look something like this.

Next crop the canvas like this

You can add a color for the background or hide the background layer to make your pattern transparent. 

Now give it a test run. Go to Edit/Define Pattern, name your pattern and click ok. Then create a new photoshop file, add a layer and fill it with any color, then go to Layer/Layer Style/Pattern Overlay, choose your pattern and click ok.


Once you’re used to this method you can start experimenting by adding more elements and shaping the tile in different ways besides a square.


* Remember to keep another save file with your drawings in case you mess up and need to start over.

*Instead of cropping the canvas you can merge the layers, copy it into a new file and do the Define Pattern thing, in case you want to fix the placement of the drawings.

*When working with more elements think of it as a game of tetris. Place your objects in a way they all fit together harmoniously. IF POSSIBLE avoid placing the same drawings together. Flip it or change its size in case you’re not working with too many elements.

*I usually use copy instead of cut in case I don’t like how the final pattern looks and I want to move the drawings around, but to make the tutorial clearer I used cut.

If you feel ready to create something more complex I recommend this tutorial:–cms-23833

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what do you think about the contrast between alec always been willing to try and find a balance between his relationship and responsibilities, despite the fact he made mistakes, and magnus deciding he can't do both and giving up on the relationship? like i find it interesting that alec was willing to try even though he struggled but magnus didn't believe he could balance both and chose to walk away from one

i think people need to realize the two can’t be compared because alec’s responsibilities are directly tied to an institution responsible for centuries of systemic racism. so if he puts them first, it isn’t just “responsibilities”, and when alec chooses magnus, it isn’t just about him choosing magnus. it’s about him choosing to be a better person. all of the things alec has struggled with from s1 to s2 isn’t about a neutral work/life balance, it’s him struggling with his racial biases and the pressure from the clave to maintain that system.

magnus’ responsibilities on the other hand are about literally keeping his people from undergoing genocide and about breaking free of the clave’s oppression, which magnus has personally endured for the entirety of his 400+ years and which has lead to the deaths of thousands of downworlders. so the context of his choices are entirely different.

in short, you can’t really examine magnus’ and alec’s choices as if they’re in the same context because magnus belongs to an oppressed minority and alec belongs to a privileged group. so their choices and decisions come from completely different places.

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I Can't Believe It's Not Butter has made a vegan butter! I like it so much more than Earth Balance, and the packaging is openly stamped "Vegan," so I figured I'd share! I've been finding it at Hannaford, Market Basket, and Walmart!

I haven’t tried yet! I do love earth balance though and it’s at all my stores I go to now with the regular butter so i’m like proud of it? but i’ll try that at some point. More and more brands are putting out vegan versions its so nice. My dad buys and loves the vegan Breyers oreo ice cream. I’m still on the look out to try the new vegan Häagen-Dazs ice cream, too. Times are changin’ c’: