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“This is the end of nothing. This is the beginning of something new and solemn and so important. You must be part of what comes next.”

“The future is never gone, never hopeless. No one has ever lived in the best possible world. There has always been a fight to fight.”

“But we are here. We find ourselves with a job to do, no matter how hard, no matter the pain in our hearts. Do not shrink away.”

“No jokes tonight. Do not laugh and look away. Watch this, stay here. Burn this into memory. Wake up tomorrow: the fight will await you.”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson

AU set shortly after Neverland, in which the gang find themselves in the Enchanted Forest trying to defeat the Wicked Witch – and, in Emma’s case, trying not to admit her feelings for the pirate, until circumstances conspire to admit it for her. Based on this post.

She doesn’t meet his eyes after the ogre attack that nearly kills her. She lets her mother hug her, reassures everyone loudly that she’s okay, she’s fine, but she doesn’t look at him.

She doesn’t run to him when they rescue him from the Wicked Witch’s minions, his shirt ripped and his cheek bloodied. His eyes do meet hers, though, and she remembers thinking she’d never see him again. She remembers how she fought, with quiet, deadly determination and flat-out refusal to accept any other outcome than this.

She leaves the room once she’s healed his wounds after the skirmish with the flying monkeys, the claw marks and the blood imprinted on her memory. She doesn’t want to be there when he wakes up, and she leaves it to her mother to check on him. She knows he’s healed. And she knows that she doesn’t want to see him with his shirt off when he’s not hurt—or rather, she does, which is exactly why she shouldn’t.

He follows her lead and does not reach out to her, does not take her hand or hug her the way she sometimes thinks he wants to.

But they are still on the same team, and he does not hold back with his opinions.

And that’s how they end up here.

“Swan, I really don’t think that you want to do this.”

“Yeah? Well, I think I do, so we’re doing it.”

I’m not.”

“No one’s asking you to!”

“I know th—I’m merely voicing a concern.”

“Oh, now you’re concerned?”

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i really hope that dc announcing that wonder woman is bisexual sets off a string of dc and marvel announcing that all their superheroes are gay to try and one-up each other. like, tomorrow we wake up to find that marvel has admitted that captain america has been bi all along. then dc counters by making batman gay. next thing you know black widow is canonically ace. and no one stops until all their superheroes are somewhere on the lgbt+ spectrum  


WOOSEOK being (or trying to be?) rude during ‘Lukewarm’ perf (x)

“Once, the temperature between us was truly hot, 100 degree celcius hot
back then, the signs were invisible
Why do I long for you now?
In our lukewarm relationship, I must’ve grown cold
again the time to revive it has come
it’s been too long since the last time
it’s approaching, I’m getting that feeling
I don’t want to be cold anymore” (eng trans cr: cheon sa)

So I’ve been looking at a lot of tarot forums lately trying to learn more and find out about some decks I’m interested in and like wow, there is a lot of elitism out there.

Not in all of them by any means, but there is a lot of snobbery regarding less conventional decks. I have come across so many posts belittling the wild unknown, the fountain tarot, or basically anything that’s not a Rider-Waite clone.

Apparently decks which feature mostly animals aren’t real decks?? Or basically any deck that doesn’t conform to traditional imagery? I totally get not gelling with the art style of every deck, there are some decks that I find hideous, but that doesn’t make them any less or not real tarot.

Lol, apparently the fact that the wild unknown was sold in urban outfitters was proof that it was “shallow”. I don’t get it, if you really loved tarot wouldn’t you be pleased when a deck got really popular? That means more people to talk about tarot with!

Apparently even the tarot community has gatekeepers.

Star Trek: Enterprise  {Sentence Starter}

  • “I never got the impression you cared that much about humans.”
  • “You’re going to shoot a bug?”
  • “No, no, I’d like to stay and see what happens.”
  • “Remind me to stop trying to help people.”
  • “But whatever’s going on with you lately, I’ve had enough.”
  • “I’ve always been much better at avoiding farewells than giving them.”
  • “Seems like you were always finding something new to complain about.”
  • “You aren’t saying much tonight. Don’t tell me you’re still upset.”
  • “You have no idea how much I’m restraining myself from knocking you on your ass.”
  • “It goes without saying that you’re going to encounter the unexpected.”
  • “You’re good at building things. I’m good at blowing them up.”
  • “I’m getting real sick of being cut off.”
  • “Are you passing through or is there something I can help you with?”
  • “You’ve had too much to drink.”
  • “I’m not here to steal your secrets. It would hardly be worth the effort.”
  • “Am I sensing concern? Last I checked, that was considered an emotion.”
  • “Take your cynicism and bury it with your repressed emotions.”
  • “Are you implying that I’m attracted to you?”
  • “When you come up with a plan which doesn’t involve blowing ourselves up, I’ll be a little more enthusiastic.”
  • “Well, I don’t particularly like the way YOU smell, either.”
  • “I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”
  • “We should have heard something by now. What if they failed?”
  • “You know, your voice is tensing up. That’s a dead giveaway.”
  • “It’s ridiculous to assume that those events are going to happen.”
  • “What the hell am I supposed to do with those?”
  • “I think you’re mistaken about who’s attracted to whom.”

I’ve been noticing a big thing in how my brain works. I don’t know how to describe it without an example, but it’s really odd and I don’t quite understand it.

I came up with the idea that I wanted to make a half circle skirt, right? I thought of the process of making the skirt; digging through my fabric, laying it on the floor, taking measurements, drawing out the pattern, cutting it out, sewing it up, inserting the zipper, hemming it… Then I thought about how this process was messy and usually took a considerable amount of space. Then I started thinking of how messy my room was. I decided that before I could start working on a skirt, I needed to clean my room. But some stuff I can’t clean up; I have a couple of piles of fabric that I can no longer fit into my storage bin. They can’t be put away until I can get a new storage shelf. So I started looking at shelves online. I got sidetracked by something else and dropped the whole thing for a while. Eventually, though, I stumbled upon the topic in my head and thought my way through the whole process again. This time, instead of being hung up on the fabric piles, I got stuck on the unfinished sewing project sitting on my ironing board. It takes up a lot of space on there, and if I were to sew a skirt, I would need to find a new temporary home for it, making what I perceived to be an even bigger mess. I decided that I should finish that and put it away before starting on the skirt; problem, the pattern instructions are confusing and I don’t know how to proceed with making it. This led me to feel awful about how I couldn’t finish the project. It brought me to the conclusion that A. I suck to some degree, and B. I cannot sew the skirt that I wanted.

So, long story short, my train of thought just keeps on chugging until it finds something vaguely related that is somewhat negative and inhibits me from carrying out the task that I want to do. …Is that an autism thing? Does it occur in other stuff, like OCD or ADD?? I’ve really been noticing it lately, and it’s super frustrating… Thoughts?

Technically this is late as it’s already 2am for me, but I’ve been struggling with this picture for two days now and I really won’t be able to think of anything better for Chapter 23;;

I thought that after that scene where Toshinori falls over with the couch Izuku would probably offer to help him up, cue to me desperately trying to find a good composition for this with a perspective I can handle..

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I think even though show has deviated quite a bit from the original telenovela, I think Jennie might want to keep the basics the same by having Jafael as endgame because their original counterparts were endgame. Also for a telenovela, Michael's death was shocking but surprisingly not dramatic at all.

I haven’t watched the original telenovela so I’ll take your word for it lol. And I feel like if you’ve watched enough telenovelas his death wasn’t even the worst or most surprising in the genre but I was shook, especially since they played us to think he was well lmao.

what no one tells you about being trans and struggling to find your identity, is that you’re probably going to go through a lot of names trying to find the one that Fits.

you might try one you think is perfect but within a month you’re like “nope, no, not the one”.  

you might use one for a year or more only to realize you don’t want it and it was someone you were trying to be but wasn’t authentically you.

you might change names only to realize 10 months later that you miss the one you changed from.

you might struggle for a decade or more trying to figure out who you want to be, and feel awful about having to ask your friends to, yet again, change what they call you.

it’s not always easy.  You don’t always find your name right away.  you don’t always find that sweet spot in short order.  Sometimes it takes a long time.

That’s okay.

you’re not alone.

you’re not the only one

and you have every right to change the name you’re going by if you realize it doesn’t fit you after all.

SHINee: When he finds out his girlfriend is pregnant.

Ah this was so cute to do! I’m pretty sure I didn’t this type of request for SHINee so it’s all good! Thank you for requesting and hope you enjoy!

Onew: *Dazed* I’ve been waiting for this day to come but…what if I’m not a good father? No–I shouldn’t be thinking like this, if I can be a good leader I can be a good father… I hope.

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Minho: Are you serious??! Yah, this is great!! And it’s going to be even greater once I give you my surprise! *Feels for engagement ring in his pocket*

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Key: R-Really? You mean,w-we’re going to be parents?…*Starts crying* Sorry–I don’t kn-know what’s come over me I’m just s-s-so happy!!!–Y-You have no idea h-how long I’ve been thinking of n-n-na-names for this moment!

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Jonghyun: *Sees text message* Before tonight ends I have some surprising news for you all…I’m going to be a father. *Chuckles* And with that, because I know she’s–no, they’re listening, I would like to end tonight with a lullaby.

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Taemin: *Pulls up her shirt* Hello there!~ Do you know who I am? I’m your daddy! And daddy loves you very much–*Kisses belly*

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Mr. Jenn: What are you doing?

Me: I’m looking up rentals in Dublin. I’m trying to find flats near the colleges so I can look up the streets and see what they would have been like in 1916–basically, were they a slum, or is it conceivable that a pretty well-to-do college student would have a place there? Most of the upper class migrated to the suburbs during this time and the city was mostly really poor tenements, but some well off and middle upper class still lived in the city center. There were a fuck ton of trains running in Ireland at the time, so they’d have had transportation back into the city, but I think it’s more likely college students would have taken accommodations near their university. 

Mr. Jenn: Psst, Jenn–I don’t think anyone who reads it is going to notice or really care.


More doodles. Exam tmrw so yeah ahahha. 

Have some cuddly Marichat (and get your head out of the gutter) and more LadyNoir and Adrienette :3 (Maybe I’ll color one of them, we’ll see). I’ve been trying find better ways of drawing these precious children k?