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hello just dropping by to say that your art is so wonderful and it makes the world a better place and i love it SO MUCH!!! i can't even put into words how excited i get when i see you've done something new! it's just so beautiful and delightful and you're one of my favorite people! i hope you're having a great week!

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omg ANON it is too early in the day for this flood of kindness Q_Q (i kid it’s almost 1PM where I am) but for real, that’s such a warm, encompassingly lovely thing to say about me lordie ;___; 

Thank you so much for looking forward to my new pieces and enjoying what I do, that legitimately means the world to me as a creator <3
Being able to evoke feelings in others whether it be warm n fuzzy or melancholy and reflective, is honestly all I aspire to do *fist clench* 

Your words keep me fired up to work hard and persevere through all the potholes that come w art blocks/feeling frustrated w my art (because honestly, no matter how long you’ve been drawing for or what your skill level is, art block and fear of stagnation can come atcha at any time)

I hope you have yourself a flippin great weekend Anon, cus you sure made mine a whole lot brighter ;u;



  • I’ll take you as you are by Behindthecities
    Summary: Even can’t sleep so Isak draw’s him a bath.

  • One More Second by kosekardemomme
    Summary: Isak invites the boys over to hang out with Even, for the first time with just them, just after Christmas. “Evak” can’t keep their hands off each other, though.

  • isak x even | dance so good by BloonStuff
    Summary: When Isak happens upon Even out of bed in the first time in a few days, he decides to make the most of the moment. 


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Guzma and his Girlfriend PDA Headcanons

Seriously, you’d better get used to this guy showing you affection out in the open whether it be when you’re out and about or in Shady House with the rest of Team Skull.

He WILL just randomly smooch you out of nowhere and for seemingly no reason. If you ask why, he’ll just shrug and say something like “‘cause I felt like it” or “Because yer too damn cute”.

He’s got an arm around your shoulders or waist a lot. He’s not shy about holding your hand either and will smile if you’re the one who initiates it. You’re all his and all of Alola is going to know it.

Your designated seat is Guzma’s lap. Not beside him, right on his lap. If you’re all playing video games, and it’s not one that requires any gimmicks, you’ll be on the floor right between his legs. He’ll have his arms around you with his controller out in front of you while playing.

In Shady House, regardless of what room, he might start trying to get frisky with you if it’s empty. If a Grunt wanders in and lingers for too long, he’ll outright say “I’m tryin’ to get laid here. SCRAM.”

Everyone is very careful now about knocking when entering Guzma’s bedroom. The lock’s been broken for awhile, and one Grunt in particular still refuses to say exactly what he walked in on the two of you doing one day. He just turns scarlet and quickly leaves when questioned.

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What's your thoughts on kravitz racists and Barry mistaking the twins for each other?

yo dude i think autocorrect fucked something up? no idea what “racists” is doing in the middle of the sentence and ive been tryin’ to parse it. 

but thoughts: 

i think kravitz never really has a problem with it because now taako and lup are a little bit different looking after wonderland + have dissimilar hairstyles/aesthetics. 

barry on the other hand fucked it up for like three months at first on the starblaster cause the twins were deliberately trying to confuse everyone, but one day he just nailed it while they were still trying to confuse people and taako and lup were like “huh, nobody’s done that before.” 

and barry never fucked it up after that, and tbh? that’s what sold ‘em on him. 

Natza Drabble - Trying Something Different
  • Erza: *flops over the table miserably, as she and Natsu wait for the others*
  • Natsu: Jeez. Don't tell me Jellal chickened out again. >__>
  • Erza: No... Jellal took me out last night, like he said he would. It was just... awkward as hell. -___-
  • Natsu: *rolls his eyes* I'm sure with a little patience...
  • Erza: Don't speak like Lucy and Levy. Please, Natsu. Don't. I hear that from them all the time, and I've been patient for a while... -___-
  • Natsu: *eyes the ceiling dully* Well, you're the one that brought it up. I'm just tryin' to be supportive.
  • Erza: I know... It's just not what I need to hear right now.
  • Natsu: *settles into an awkward silence, then a few minutes later* ... Well, what do you WANT to hear?
  • Erza: I don't know... Just be yourself. Say anything that comes to mind.
  • Natsu: *mutters* You'd kick my ass if I did that...
  • Erza: What was that...? >___<
  • Natsu: Nothin'! ^^; Well, uh... What do you usually do when you go out with Jellal? It seems like you're always driftin' toward him when we come back to Magnolia for a bit.
  • Erza: Just dinner, walks, the usual date stuff... Why?
  • Natsu: *rolls his eyes again* Well, you usually wind up like this when we're ready to get back on the road, that's why. :P You ever try going against "the usual"? Just do whatever you want?
  • Erza: Not really... I mean, the idea of a romantic dinner with Jellal is appealing. I swear that's what I want to do with Jellal, to spend time with him and get closer to him. What could we do differently?
  • Natsu: >__> I dunno, try somethin' fun? You like to gamble don'tcha? Go for a swim, play billiards, train, whatever you guys wanna do! It's not hard!
  • Erza: It's not that simple, Jellal isn't comfortable with those things yet...!
  • Natsu: *sigh* Well, I dunno what else to tell ya, Erza. If you're too afraid to get him out of his comfort zone and get him used to the "fun things", I don't see your relationship goin' anywhere. >__>
  • Erza: *slight bitter edge to her tone* ... Well... What do YOU do, when we're back here?
  • Natsu: Hang out with everybody. Go fishin' with Happy. Y'know, usual stuff.
  • Erza: *explodes* HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT?! You do "usual stuff" and it works for you...!
  • Natsu: 'Cause I'm just bein' myself. I told ya, it's not hard. :P
  • Erza: W-Well... that's probably because you're not in a relationship yet...? *sounds unsure*
  • Natsu: I guess there's that, too... But c'mon, Erza! Do Alzack and Bisca seem "awkward" to you? They don't try to force anything, and they got a happy marriage!
  • Erza: ...
  • Natsu: Look, I'm not tellin' you to do anything. You wanna keep trying to make you and Jellal work? More power to ya! I'm just sayin' "whatever comes to mind", like you said to do. *shuts up after speaking his peace, and stands up to stretch and walk around for a bit*
  • Erza: *feels oddly guilty for making him frustrated*... Natsu... wait...
  • Natsu: *patiently waits to hear her out*
  • Erza: I... Maybe you're right. Maybe if I give Jellal some space, and let him adjust to a free life at his own pace... Maybe that'll work. I'm sorry, I 'm just so... frustrated. I don't know what else to do. -___-
  • Natsu: *shrug* It's your life. If that's what you want, go for it~ *toothy grin*
  • Erza: *smiles back, in spite of herself* How in the world do you put up with me...
  • Natsu: I dunno. Same way you put up with me, I guess? I mean, I wreck your strawberry cake and get you in trouble all the time, I dunno how you put up with that...
  • Erza: *narrows eyes slightly* You're not a nuisance. You're very important to me.
  • Natsu: *holds up hands* Never said I wasn't! I know that by now. ^^; You're important to me, too!
  • Erza: *suspicious glare holds up for a little while longer* Maybe we just haven't bathed together in a while...
  • Natsu: Ummm... What are ya tryin' to say? ^^;
  • Erza: Maybe I just want to spend time with you instead of Jellal~
  • Natsu: *something foreign in his tone that Erza can't identify* You sure? We might wind up dating next. ^^;
  • Erza: *gets up and hugs him affectionately* It can't hurt to try something new~.
Based on the idea that, post "Filli Vanilli," Fluttershy should absolutely serenade whichever pony/ponies who've captured her heart ...

So let us assume that Fluttershy is in love with Rarity. And so she decides to surprise Rarity with a serenade, because she knows Rarity enjoys her singing and also that Rarity would love something romantic like that. But ‘Shy knows she’ll never have enough courage to sing solo, and she can’t ask the other Ponytones for help for fear of Rarity finding out about the surprise.

What to do, what to do?

Fluttershy decides to ask assistance from two of her most flamboyant and spotlight-loving friends–Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. Pinkie is immediately game and in love with the idea. Rainbow thinks it’s cheesy and not at all cool but, ultimately, she’s happy to help out a pal. For a week, they rehearse the song Fluttershy’s chosen. Pinkie’s a natural–no surprise, given how much she loves singing–while Dash takes a bit of work to really get in-key, but soon enough, the three of them have the song down pat.

Rainbow Dash preps the choreography. Pinkie nabs DJ P0N-3 to do the back-up music. Fluttershy paces her cottage a lot and asks Angel Bunny if she’s making a huge mistake.

At next Saturday’s party at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie and Dash hover near Fluttershy for most of the night, waiting for their cue. Finally it’s time. The lights dim, the music turns up, and the crowd hushes.

Fluttershy misses the intro by just a beat, as the sweat pours down, but quickly catches up. It helps that Dash and Pinkie are right beside her, smiling, encouraging, and then … and then Fluttershy’s eyes meet Rarity’s across the room, and everything else fades away. There’s only her and Rarity, and Rarity’s staring straight at her, eyes wide in wonder and amazement and something else. Something more.

Fluttershy normally hates being stared at, but right here and right now, she wants Rarity to keep looking at her like that forever.

Somewhere halfway through the song, Rarity and Fluttershy start kissing, and nopony at the party can quite tell who kissed who first, though it probably doesn’t ultimately matter. Rainbow Dash shoots a glance towards Pinkie, who goes right on singing, taking up the lead vocals now that 'Shy’s otherwise occupied. Dash just shrugs and keeps doing the harmonies.

Rainbow Dash has always been good at improvising–at winging it, as it were–and so she sidles up to Applejack while finishing up the song. Might as well get some extra bang for the buck here. Applejack snorts and rolls her eyes as Dash throws a wing around the cowpony’s shoulders, but there’s a grin on her lips all the same.

“You tryin’ to tell me something?” Applejack asks, her eyes sparkling.

“I’ve been trying to tell you for months,” Dash replies, with a grin of her own, “but you’re just too dumb and stubborn to listen.”

It’s left to Pinkie to take over the lead vocals, now, and utterly unperturbed, she finishes up the song solo and takes a big, deep bow at the end. The lights go back up, the music goes back down, and the crowd hollers and cheers. It’s more for Fluttershy and Rarity than anything else, but if Pinkie realizes that, she doesn’t let it show. Instead, beaming widely, as happy as she’s ever been, she bounces over to the refreshments table and pours herself a glass of punch.

Twilight is standing nearby, frowning thoughtfully at Pinkie as though she’s never seen the other mare before in her entire life. Pinkie tilts her head.

“What’s wrong, Twi? Didn’t you like our song?”

“Oh, no, no. It’s not that.” Twilight’s eyes quickly cut over to the corner where Fluttershy and Rarity have holed up. She clears her throat. “I just, uh … I don’t think I’ve heard you sing quite like … that.”

“Well, duh! That’s 'cause we’ve never sang a love song before!”

Twilight nods. “Well, you did a very nice job.”

“Thanks! And y'know? If you wanna hear me sing love songs some more, you just gotta ask!” Pinkie grins, and it’s not a grin Twilight can remember seeing before. “So! Do you wanna hear some more?”

Twilight blushes fiercely, but she doesn’t say no.

“That’s rediculous,” Chase said, snorting.  “You expect me to believe that?”

The coach just shrugged.  “You can believe what you want, Chase, but it’s the truth.”

Evan squinted and scratched at the top of his head.  “That dont make alot of sense to me, Coach.”

“Think about it.  Carefully.  Don’t want your heads exploding on me.  Now, remember - this isn’t my idea.  I’d much rather have you as you are, as my boys, my team, but some people seem to think it’s unethical and that I should tell you what happened.”

“So when your sayin that we havent always been like this, what the hell do you mean?”  Chase tossed the football back and forth in his hands.  He always did that while he was trying to use his brain.  For example, if he was tryin to study for some stupid test.  Couldn’t think without the football.  Well, it wasn’t that but he kept getting … distracted, I guess, by the lack of the feeling of it in his hands.  Like something had gone missing.  It consumed him, irritated him, frustrated him, until he got the pigskin back into his hands and could toss it around idly.

“I mean that you, ah, you both had different lives.  Different goals.  Wanted different things, ah, then you do now.  Don’t get me wrong, you were both very unhappy with things the way they were.  Aren’t you happier now?”

“Happier then when we weren’t who we are now?”  Evan reached up under his jersey and arranged his shoulder pads.  “All respect, Coach, but I dont know what the hell your talkin about.  Are we gonna practice soon?”

“Yeah.  I just had to take a minute to tell you this.  It wasn’t my idea,” the coach said.  He had a feeling Evan would be more confused than Chase.  He had taken to the change much more quickly than it had initially been thought he would, in fact, perhaps took to it slightly dangerously, with his cognitive function drastically reduced.  You could argue, the Coach thought to himself, that it wasn’t so much he got dumber, not really, just … more focused on one thing.  Focus is a good thing. There’s a hundred ways to rationalize what had happened. 

Chase was still staring at him in disbelief.  “So you’re sayin … we were someone else.  Like, what … nerds?”  The coach was concerned for Chase, who, even though he had also taken swiftly to the change, for some reason retained a splintered ego, his psyche maintaining a false amount of confidence in his intelligence.  He winced, dreading how close to reality the jock’s question had veered. 

“Boys, let’s just let it go, huh.  We’re all different at different points in our lives.  Just because you haven’t always liked football doesn’t mean that you don’t absolutely love it now.  Am I right?”

“Fuck yeah, coach,” they said, nearly in unison.

“That’s right.  And, besides.  People change.  Sometimes for the better.”  He clapped Chase’s shoulder.  “And I know that I have two of the most dedicated, hard-working, men on this team, standing right in front of me.  If you don’t have much interest in other things anymore, that’s perfectly fine.  If you can’t do too well in your other classes, well … you do the best you can, right?  The team comes first.  The game comes first.”

“The team comes first.  The game comes first.  Yes sir, Coach.”  Again, maybe a heartbeat off, but nearly in unison.

The coach nodded, satisfied.   He wasn’t gonna risk the team.  He was safe.  The boys were happy.  They worked out, played football, watched football on TV, played fantasy football, talked about football and working out.  Maybe they weren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, maybe he could honestly compare at least one of them to a box of rocks.  Maybe he could call them meatheads and mean it honestly as a descriptor of their lifestyle. 

Fuck ethics, the coach thought to himself, and smiled.  “Now who’s ready for some goddamn FOOTBALL!”

Several muddy, rough-tackle, grueling hours later, Chase and Evan were still smiling.  Could hear the cheers of the crowd in their ears already.  Knew, implicitly, that they were exactly where they should be and doing exactly what they should be doing.  They felt the satisfaction of the “click” that occurs when you and your destiny become aligned.  Or at least they thought.  And that was enough for them.