been to hell lyrics

get a partner who:

• joins to a lame club to talk to you

• pretend that forgot their ID in order to spend more time alone with you instead of buying you beer

• shares their favorite music with you

• laughs with you, not at you

• makes you awful grilled cheese sandwiches

• dress like god…. no, literally like god

• gives you underwater kisses

• gives you skimo kisses

• is soft for you

• draws you infinite universes

• makes mistakes but tries to learn from them

• wants to kiss your tears away

• is afraid of himself but isn’t afraid of you as an “us”

• has been through hell because they just didn’t want you away

• sent you lyrics because their words aren’t enough

• waits….

• and waits……

• …… and waits.

• is ocean ready to drown you with sweetness

• is winter with cold hands ready to be warmed

• is sunshine ready to light every part of you

• loves you till 21:21 and more…

Hollywood is your friend and the undead are your family
We’ll take you to the edge, and turn your regret into agony
And I’ll never let you go, cause I know you’ll come back to me
I’m the reason you came here
I’m the American Tragedy
—  Hollywood Undead, “Been To Hell”

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Ok war of hormone is so lit we need to appreciate it more ahhhhhh

I love war of hormone so much!! I remember when I first heard it I had a very strong reaction, almost like “where the hell has this song been my whole life?!” the lyrics definitely could be better but I jam to that song a lot

and let’s not forgot how Hot they all look in that video. hoseok with his jacket shaking and tae with his damn licking. it’s all such a sinful look and I love it

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