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  • Neil : please reach friendship level five before unlocking Tragic Backstory™
  • Andrew : *walks in door*
Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)

Eight years ago, Vienna Teng wrote this song after attending a Barack Obama rally. To be wrenched from your own cynicism felt a little like falling in love, she found.

This day, eight years ago, even the cold seemed bracing at ten below freezing. Aretha Franklin wore her hat. Nostalgia glasses are always rose-tinted, but some days are just better than others– and that day was one of the best. I was a lot younger, and I was afraid of a lot less. It felt like you could do anything.

So what I’m telling myself today is to never forget that feeling: to stay raw in the upcoming years, to stay malcontent, and to keep the creeping cynicism from crusting us over again. Let the last eight years have changed you for the better. Don’t settle.

[DO NOT REBLOG] Wow you guys, the salty DC fans are at it again. I don’t remember which one mentioned me, but one of them ‘I hope you lose your imaginary job at Warner’ hahaa what the hell lol

a) I’m not a warner employee

b) I’m the owner of my own pr brand, which has more than 17 years old now and this year we are profiting more than ever, thanks to the studios ;)

c) Those salty DC fans don’t actually know how PR works,they even tried to define the job, but failed.

d) They are still kids, probably don’t work yet, I’m old, 40 years, so I do have more experience in all the matters (that doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone, because I’m still learning too)

d) The guys mentioning me pretended to be poc in order to have an active 'voice’ in terms of racism issues, but they were not poc in the end (I hate people who pretend to be poc on the internet)

e) As most geek fans know, DC fans love to complain about Marvel fans, however, Marvel listens to the fans, DC doesn’t, so it’s not really the DC fans fault, but these fans were not being good with the studios either, so… Anyways, they both need to trust each other and unfortunatelly there is no mutual trust, so that’s why it doesn’t happen at all, that’s why the studios usually don’t listen to DC fans.

I spend… like SOOOO much time wondering if I should have gone to the college I did. It’s such an impossible question to answer.

Because in a lot of ways, no, I shouldn’t have. It was a private art school and I was young and I didn’t understand the amount of absolute, life-changing, insurmountable, soul-crushing debt that it was gonna put me and my parents in. Or how the burden of that debt was going to affect me, or my parents, and my relationship with them. The fact that I’ve never had a “real” job only adds to the “wasn’t worth it” factor.

… but my life would be so different now if I hadn’t gone. Maybe better, but also maybe worse. There’s so many experiences that I wouldn’t have had. And holy shit the people. I can’t imagine not having the friends I have and making the connections I have because of college. I know my life is richer because of the people I have met. Heck, I still live with people that I met in college. I enjoyed college so much that I actually like that we live in what is essentially a dorm of our own making. Even if I do often go into quarter-life crisis mode and wonder if everything I am and all that I’m doing is what it’s “supposed” to be.

And if I hadn’t gone to that school, what would I have done in it’s place? Where would I have gone? I can’t answer that so it’s not really worth thinking about, right?

But I think about it anyway. And college remains this sorta half-regret, as it feels like it brought so much to my life, but also kinda ruined it. And I keep wondering if it’s possible to make things ok eventually.

Can we talk about ‘Highway’ for just a little hot minute. I know everyone thinks it’s hilarious and meme-worthy, but it’s also so moving. 

I remember watching it for the first time and crying because it totally resonated with where I’m at in my life and how I deal with people who just don’t get it trying to steer me into where they’d like me to go. I’m desperately trying to stay cheerful and hopeful whilst navigating life and being told to grow up and figure out what I want to do and feeling forced into settling for just ordinary. The reality of it is that I’m a 22 year old with an old soul, a thirst for freedom and a healthy amount of dislike for routine. It’s ok for my mum or my grandparents to not know where I’m going with any of this artsy shit I’m studying. All that matters is that I keep going. I keep exploring. I keep creating. And that I know where I am, even if no one else is quite sure. 

The idea of treating life as an adventure and a collection of experiences is so powerful. And the message of being right where you need to be in this great myriad? That’s what I take from that monologue. 

I love it. I love ‘Highway’ because it feels like my life. I love Seb’s delivery of it. It’s beautiful.

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oh I wanna know more about ballerino au but I have no clue what I want to know D:

okay so i have this whole thing in my head where Amber does like a little 15 or 20 minute video documentary thing on Taemin their freshman year of high school for a scholarship, and it’s called “Ballet Boy”

and Taemin is totally on board for it because he thinks it’s just gonna be seen by whoever is choosing the scholarship winners, so Amber follows him around for a couple weeks and he gets permission from his dance instructors for her to sit in on the classes and record him and the other dancers and get little interviews with the other dancers and the instructors

and it mainly focuses on Taemin, but Kai, Jimin, and Krystal are all pretty relevant in it as well because the four of them are always together during practices and everything

but anyways what really freaks Taemin out is that after Amber gets chosen as the top winner, the school administration decides to show the video to the whole school in the auditorium one day as like an assembly but Taemin hasn’t seen the thing the whole way through and doesn’t really know all that’s in it and then

the video starts talking about how eating disorders are like a big thing in the ballet world and Taemin immediately feels like he can’t breathe

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I want to ask does thee do commissions?

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Ahh!! I’ve been thinking about opening them next month actually!!! Since I’ll actually be able to draw next month ehehe/// Commish info is ready (yet needs a bit of revision), but I have to get commish examples ready since my other ones are outdated. 

Look forward to it anon!<33 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Will probably have a new sideblog up and running for all my art as well haha/// My blog is a mess of random fandom things lmao)

It kinda sucks when you develop fear or pain from a spirit or a spiritual incidence or just any sort of trauma and you can’t really tell others around you why you have this pain or fear. Spiritual abuse exists whether it might be gaslighting from another spiritual person or manipulation from a spirit.

How do you tell your partner or your professional support system that you’ve been treated wrongly and been tortured/abused/raped/etc? Unable to trust others without the immediate thought of having motives against you? Seek help as far as you can and trust your loved ones and talk about it/heal from it as you do. 

I’m not saying this to scare anyone from getting involved but things happen and sometimes they can get extreme. You will cry and feel like you’re on the brink of death, you’ll feel like the person closest to you just ripped out your heart and stomped on it. Not always but it does and no one really talks about these things. You can avoid this by playing smart and make them work for your trust, don’t just immediately give it to them.

Day and Night

Au where viktor is the king of the sun realm and yuuri is the king of the moon realm

viktor leaves flowers for yuuri because he really really likes him but yuuri just thinks that the king accidentally drops the flowers in his realm so yuuri returns them every morning

Okay but

Bowtruckles serve as guardians for their home tree. You have to distract them with wood lice or fairy eggs to even take a leaf from it.

Yet Pickett clings to Newt to the point where he refuses to even be set down on his original tree.

So I mean


Pickett has claimed Newt Scamander as his new home tree.

LITERALLY THOUGH LIKE “I don’t want to stay in my tree cause the other bowtruckles are mean. I will find a new tree. This tall wizard should do just fine yes good.”

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Now I got you in my space, I won’t let go of you… [x]


“Humans weren’t made to be alone, after all, so I was curious at first, thought you just might be an exception—but you seemed so… so miserable.”

In which Yuuri is the god of love and Victor forced himself into exile.

I got stuck in Dancing Daffodils hell, and if you haven’t read that fic yet, I highly suggest you give it a try!! I have just so many feels for it. @grayclouds is simply amazing. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I know many things probably won’t be as accurate, but I needed to get it out of my system. rip