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How Country Feels

Hello everybody! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m super busy at school and going through some stuff right now, as I’m sure we all are. If anyone needs to talk about anything please message me! I know this is a scary time for some. Tumblr has been a wonderful and safe place for me and I want to thank you guys for your constant kindness.

ANYWAY this is the post that is literally a NOVEL that I warned y’all about. Almost all of you asked for it all in one shot so here it is! I hope you guys like it, I had fun writing it.

Warnings: 4.7k words, some angst, smut, too much fluff-oops

Summary: The team has to hide out at Clint’s farm again, your boyfriend, Bucky sees a new side of you and rethinks his future.

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“So where are we going?”

The team was buzzing around you packing bags of food and clothes to stay at a safe location for who knows how long.

“We’re going to Clint’s farm until we know SHIELD hasn’t been compromised again.” Steve said shoving boxes of crackers into a bag.

You stopped in your tracks. “Clint has a farm?”

“(Y/N), where have you been?” Tony taunted.

“Apparently under a rock. Since when does Clint have a farm?”

“And a family.” Steve corrected.

“With kids.” Natasha added.


“Ha. Ha.” Steve said dryly in answer to your teasing.

You helped Steve finish up the snack packing before attending to your own clothes upstairs. “So where is it?”

“Can’t say. Just be ready to go in a half hour.”

“Aye-aye Cap.” You jogged away laughing before Steve could give you a playful smack on the shoulder.

Up in your room you picked out a couple outfits that would fit in your small duffel. The next thing to pack would be weapons, which were locked in a box under your bed. You bent down and reached for the box when you felt a spank to your backside.

“Hey!” You pulled the box out and straightened up to see Bucky laughing at you, a satisfied smirk on his lips. “You scared me.”

“Sorry doll.” He lifted you to your feet with ease and quickly kissed your lips. “Do you need help packing?”

“No. I’m done” you declared, putting your last gun in the holster around your waist.

Bucky grabbed your duffel for you and slung it over his shoulder along with his own and the two of you started downstairs.

“Have you ever been to Clint’s farm?” You asked.

“No. They hid out there before I joined the team.”

You walked out of the elevator together and met the team in the garage. It took three of Tony’s top of the line cars to fit the team. You and Bucky took the back seat of the car Steve was driving.

With all the commotion, you forgot it was the middle of the night. It was easier for the team to split when the city wasn’t awake to see them.

“It’s gonna take a few hours to get there, so Sam and I will split the drive. You two just try and get some shut eye back there.”

Bucky tried to argue with Steve, but to no avail, and you were glad. The possibility of SHIELD being compromised put a lot of pressure on the whole team, but it was especially screwing with Bucky’s mind. You knew he was distinctly on edge and needed some sleep and relaxation.

The car drove smoothly on the highway and between the soft music on the radio and Bucky’s warm arm wrapped around you, you were quickly lulled to sleep.

The morning light peering through the car window woke you before Bucky. You felt his easy breathing beside you and, for the first time in the past few hectic days, he looked untroubled. You straightened yourself from your leaning position and tenderly brushed his long hair out of his eyes.

You were curious to know where this farm was and now that it was light out, your question could more easily be answered. You patiently waited for a highway sign to give you a clue.

However, the next sign didn’t only give you a clue, it gave you the answer. Your hometown popped up on the green sign to your right, leaving you absolutely stunned.

“Steve, how far away are we from the farm?” You asked quietly so as not to wake the sleeping Sam and Bucky.

“About a half hour.”

Steve chuckled when he saw your jaw drop in the rear-view mirror. “You can’t tell anybody, (Y/N).”

“You knew?”

“Yes. But no one is supposed to know where Clint’s house is. It’s better this way, it keeps his family safe.”

You understood. “Alright.”

“And with what’s going on, you can’t go see your family either.”

“I know.” You knew it was for the best. You missed them terribly, but you couldn’t take the chance.

You watched everything familiar fly past you out the window. The exit you would take to go home, the one you would take to go to the mall, the one to go to the gas station you and your friends would get ice cream at every Friday over the summer.

Right on the dot, a half hour later, Steve pulled into a long driveway, the others following in a caravan behind. The driveway led to a large farm house on what looked like acres of land.

“Bucky, we’re here, babe.” Your voice was low, your hand rubbing his leg. You hated to wake him up, he hadn’t slept this well in days.

A pretty woman walked out onto the porch, who you assumed was Clint’s wife. Behind her three children followed, beaming as Clint jogged up the steps and picked the three of them up at once.

The team filed into the house, you and Bucky picking up the rear. As you passed Clint’s wife, she introduced herself as Laura and welcomed you. “You’ll be staying upstairs, the last room on the right. You don’t mind sharing a room, do you?”

Bucky wound his arm tight around your waist, tenderness lacing his voice, “Not at all.”

The wooden stairs creeked as you climbed them, a familiar sound that warmed your heart. The last room on the right had a large bed in the middle and a window looking out on the farm.

“They have horses?” Your smile brightened your voice.

“Yeah, we do.” You spun around to see Clint leaning on the door frame. “You should go down and see ‘em. If not today, tomorrow, we’re gonna be here for at least a few days.”

You laughed, turning away from the window and opening your bag to unpack. “That’s alright, Clint.”

“No, (Y/N), I’m serious. Go out for a ride. The saddles are in the barn. Midnight’ll be a good girl for ya.” He winked and walked back down the hall.

“Did I miss something?” Bucky’s eyebrow was cocked in confusion.

“No, you didn’t.” You giggled and kissed his cheek as you passed him walking over to the closet.

“Good. Because you know what they say…” he closed the door before turning around to face you. “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” And with that he pushed you onto the bed and landed on top of you, placing his lips softly onto yours.

You giggled into his warm mouth and raked your fingers up his back, lifting his shirt as you went. He took your hint and sat up on his knees to take his shirt off by the back of his collar.

“So you’re the cowboy in this situation?” you teased.

“What, you don’t think I’m wild enough?” He threw his shirt over on top of the dresser.

“Oh, I know how wild you can be,” you pulled him back down to your lips and roughly ran your fingers through his long, messy hair.

His fingers trailed your waist under your shirt, leaving fire behind his light touch. Just as he unbuttoned your jeans you were interrupted by a voice from downstairs. “Lunch is ready!”

You only pulled Bucky closer intending to ignore the supper call.

“Lunch is ready, get down here!”

Bucky laughed, his body rumbling above you as you hooked your fingers in his belt loops, attempting to lock him in place.

“Come on, doll. She won’t tell us again.”

You groaned as he left the bed, walking over to cover his beautiful body with his shirt. You sat up and buttoned your jeans and ran your fingers through your now tangled hair.

As soon as Bucky opened the door, you shut it again and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, bringing him down to you for one last sloppy kiss. Leaving him wanting more, you opened the door and walked out first, him trailing behind you. You heard the bedroom door click closed and then felt a spank on your backside as you walked down the hall.

“Hey not in front of the kids!” Steve was playing referee.

After you all ate a huge lunch to make up for missing breakfast, you and Bucky helped clean the dishes. You washed, he dried. You couldn’t help but laugh at his huge hands gently drying the tiny dishes.

“What are you laughing at?” he swatted you with the towel.

You retaliated by splashing him with your wet hands. “You!”

He quickly put the towel on the counter and pinned your hands behind your back, landing a kiss on your lips that was once again interrupted.

“We’re bringing the kids out to feed the horses. Why don’t you two come?”

You looked over at the back door and giggled when you saw Tony following the three kids out. You turned to Bucky. “I’m gonna go. Wanna come?”


You laced your fingers in his and followed the family of five and Tony out to the barn. Clint and Tony slid the barn doors to the side, revealing a large barn with two rows of stables.

You couldn’t hide the smile on your face. The familiar smell that most people hated, you loved. It smelled like home.

You walked up to the first stable on the right, playing with the nose of the horse standing there. The horse’s large, soft lips spread, playfully showing her teeth to you.

Tony passed you and Bucky struggling to hold a saddle in his hands. “Come on, (Y/N), Clint said you would do this with me.”

You laughed. “He did, did he?” you gave Clint a playful glare.

Clint shrugged and you shook your head, a soft laugh leaving your lips. You looked up at Bucky. “Wanna come?”

“Doll, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

You smiled. He only knew you as the city girl. “I won’t. I’ve done this before.” You grabbed a halter from a hook on the wall and followed Tony out the door to the ring.

You were entertained watching Tony balance the blanket and saddle on the horses back. “Hey, Clint, we may need some help over here.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, (Y/N), I’m doing just fine,” Tony lied as he struggle to tie the girth of the saddle.

When Clint was busy chasing his kids, you decided your were the one who had to help Tony, or else the horse would trick him into tying the saddle too loose, which would lead to a broken Iron Man.

You easily fit the saddle to the tall, brown horse, and tied the girth in the intricate knot.

“I could’ve done that,” Tony protested when you finished.

“Mmhmm.” You smirked.

Clint came over just in time to help Tony on the horse. After about 10 minutes, he finally sat high on the saddle, Clint walking the horse around the ring.

“Midnight’s yours today.” Your spun around to see Laura holding a beautiful black horse out to you. She patted the saddle sitting on the bench.

“That’s alright.” You said no to the saddle. She grinned and gave you the reigns.

You turned to Bucky and asked him one more time, “Sure you don’t wanna come?”

“Nah, I’ll just watch.”

“Scared of some horse, huh, Barnes?!” Tony yelled from inside the ring, making Bucky furious.

He turned to you, his jaw clenched, his voice low. “I am not afraid of a horse.”

You took his hand and looked at the stressed man in front of you. It had been a long week, and Tony taunting him was the cherry on top. “James Buchanan Barnes, you are the bravest man I know. I know you’re not afraid of a horse.”

You kissed him and felt him grin beneath your lips.

“Go have fun.” He sighed. “And then you’re going to tell me how you know how to do this.” He said to you.

You turned a bucket upside down to give you a boost. Slinging your leg over, you sat on the horse’s bare back, a feeling you missed and couldn’t be replaced.

Your horse walked over to Tony’s and for a few minutes, you simply reveled in the rhythmic swaying as you circled the ring.

“How does she feel, (Y/N)?” Clint asked from his place on the ground.

“Good. Really good, Clint. Thank you.”

“Yeah, you’re doing a good job. Almost as good as me.” Tony said cockily.

“Okay, Tony. Thanks.” You said as you nudged Midnight, telling her to work up to a trot. You traveled around the ring, laughing at Tony’s dumbfounded expression.

You were about to lap Tony again when Clint pointed to an open gate leading to a wide, grassy pasture. “Go on out.”

You took the invitation. As soon as Midnight trotted through the gate, you nudged her and clicked your tongue, her speed increasing to a full gallop out into the pasture.

The wind whipped your hair around your face, and you closed your eyes, enjoying the freedom you hadn’t felt since you left home to become an Avenger. You loved being a part of the team and you wouldn’t trade it for anything, but you missed living on a farm. You were not a city girl at heart and you didn’t realize how jailed you felt in the concrete jungle until now.

Midnight reached the far gate of the pasture, and you jumped off, letting her graze on the long green grass. You leaned on the fence looking out into the rolling hills and daydreamed about moving back up here sometime in the future. Having your own farm and your own big white house and your own kids and your own horses.

And then your thoughts drifted to Bucky. He was a city boy. Has been his whole life. You didn’t think he would like to live out in the country. Brooklyn was his home. As long as you were with Bucky, you would be okay, you decided.

You stepped on the fence to give you enough of a boost to get back on Midnight without the stirrups of a saddle. You turned her back around to where you came from and told her to walk on. You spun around and laid down on her back as she carried you back to your love and her stable.

Bucky caught you as you slid off the horse’s back. “You have some ‘splainin’ to do, baby.”

“I do.” You nodded as you closed the door of Midnight’s stable after giving her some carrots.

“Clint, can we borrow a truck?” You wanted to take Bucky somewhere away from the team so you could talk.

“Sure, but can you drive standard?”

“Clint.” You said dryly, insulted he could think you didn’t know how to drive a pickup.

He laughed and tossed you the keys. “The blue one in the back.” He pointed around the barn.

You thanked him and took Bucky’s hand as you started walking.

“Wait!” You spun around to the small voice yelling your way. Clint’s three kids were holding blankets and pillows bigger than their bodies, and Laura carried a picnic basket.

“These are for you.” She said, handing Bucky the basket.

“You should count the stars in the truck! We’ve counted a hundred so you gotta beat that,” Lila said.

You laughed and nodded. “We’ll try.”

You threw the mess of blankets and pillows in the bed of the small chevy and rounded the tires to the driver’s seat.

Once you were both buckled in you heard Bucky say your name. You turned to him in the passenger seat and chuckled at his curious and patient expression. His eyebrows were pushed up, his head tilted, waiting for your explanation.

“Let’s just get where we’re goin’ and I’ll tell you everything you wanna hear.” When he nodded in agreement, you leaned over and kissed his lips.

The two of you sat in comfortable silence for the short ride. You smiled as he took in the sun setting on the winding back roads. You could drive these roads with your eyes closed, you knew them so well.

After about 10 minutes, you pulled off to the left of the road in a clearing, back end first.

You put the truck in park and jumped down out of the seat. Bucky followed, holding the picnic basket.


You hummed in agreement. Before you was a beautiful view of the sun setting on the hills. Farther down the steep way was a pasture full of cows grazing, the bells around their necks faintly chiming with their movement. You could see miles and miles of flat, green land. Not a building above two stories in sight, just the way you liked it.

You circled to the back of the truck, opening the door of the bed and sitting on it. Bucky jumped up and sat next to you, placing the picnic basket on the other side of him, so it wouldn’t create space between you.

He pulled out two huge chicken salad sandwiches, a big bowl of macaroni, and two mystery mason jars. He unscrewed one and gave it a sniff. “Iced tea” he declared.

The only sound between you was the ruffling of the plastic wrap as you both pulled it off your sandwiches, until Bucky finally broke the air. “Okay, start from the beginning.”

You laughed with your mouth full. “Well.” you swallowed and spun around to the road. “My house is right down that driveway.”

“You grew up here?”

You nodded taking another bite of your sandwich.

“Why didn’t you say something?”

You started spooning macaroni salad on a little plate. “I’m not supposed to say anything. I’m not even supposed to know this is my town. It keeps Clint’s family, and mine, more safe if nobody knows. But Clint told me I could tell you the truth.”

Bucky set his sandwich down on his lap. “So your family has no idea we’re 300 feet away from your house.”

“More like a quarter mile” you corrected through a full mouth. His look of confusion made you laugh. “It’s a long driveway.”

He shook his head and chuckled, eating about a third of his sandwich in one bite.

“Do they still live there?”

You nodded.

He paused like he was unsure whether or not to ask the question on his mind. “Do you wanna go see them?”

This time you shook your head no. “It’s too dangerous right now.” You finished your dinner and put the remnants back in the basket. “And it’s hard for them that I left. The rest of you guys- the team,” you looked at the man next to you and chose your words cautiously. “Your families aren’t… around. Or they’re in another realm.” You both laughed as the mood brightened. “My family’s right here. And me becoming an Avenger wasn’t the plan.”

He understood without you having to explain further. “You were supposed to stay.”

“And take over the farm.” You nodded. “But I just couldn’t. When I found out I could help people… we have a duty, ya know?”

“I do know.” He gave you a comforting and knowing kiss and rested his forehead on yours. “But our only duty tonight is counting the stars.”

He jumped off the end of the truck and put the picnic basket in the passenger seat. Your laughter rang out in the field as you spread the blankets and pillows out in the bed of the truck. You hadn’t noticed how dark it had gotten, all the stars were already out.

You laid next to Bucky and closed the door of the bed and tucked yourself under the blankets. Once you were settled, he wrapped his arms around you tightly and you rested your head on his strong shoulder.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw that” he said, pointing to the dippers in the sky.

You hummed and closed your eyes, a sigh of complete contentment leaving your lips. Your drew nonsense patterns on his chest while he ran his fingers up and down your spine.

After a long while, his low voice grumbled in his chest. “We could move up here. Later.”

You snorted. “And leave the city? No way.”

“(Y/N), I’m serious. I’ve never seen you as happy as you were today. I know you miss this.” You heard him take a deep breath and felt him kiss your forehead. “I love you so much, babe, as long as I’m with you, we could live anywhere.” He rolled onto his side, propping himself on his elbow to look down at you.

“We can move up here, have Sunday dinners with your family, have our own huge white farm house, I’ll get over my horse fear, we’ll have five kids running around… hell, we’ll start makin’ babies right now!” He dove down and placed open mouth kisses on your neck, his chest shaking with laughter.

You shrieked and laughed and tried to push him away. “Bucky! No!”

He pulled away and looked into your eyes. His brilliant blues were shining bright, even in the dark. “Okay, we’ll start that process later,” he said. You giggled and brushed his long hair out of his eyes and propped the locks behind his ear.

“I’m serious, doll.”

“I know you are.”

He nodded, he knew you understood. He leaned down, his lips meeting yours, in soft, slow kisses. His hands patiently cupped your cheeks and gently tangled in your long hair.

You wrapped your limbs around his warm body, your arms around his shoulders, your legs around his waist.

His body shook as a chuckle spilled out his lips. “So you wanna practice making babies?”

“Practice makes perfect,” you mumbled against his lips.

“And now there’s no Barton to interrupt us.”

“Good point.” You held him close and deepened your kiss.

You held onto the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his glistening body, and he followed suit, doing the same to you. His lips traveled from your mouth to your neck, his nose grazing your jaw as he went, sending shivers up and down your spine.

His metal fingers effortlessly unhooked your bra, opening your chest to him. He took his time admiring your body, as you reveled in the work of his mouth and hands.

When you couldn’t stand the emptiness between your legs any longer, you yanked his lips up to yours once more and palmed him, quickly leading to you unbuttoning his jeans.

You heard his breathing get heavier and faster and you watched his chest rise and fall as he pulled your jeans and panties down your legs in one fellow swoop.

His kiss was passionate and deep and he gasped against your mouth as you pumped his length, feeling the precum around his tip. “Oh, baby” he moaned softly.

He took himself from you and entered you slowly and gently, not stopping until he filled you completely. You groaned into his kiss as he tenderly thrust in and out of you. This man knew just what to do to make you unravel at the seams.  

His pace was slow and deliberate. You could still see him clearly in the dark night. His eyes were smiling and bright, his long hair framed his handsome face and stuck to his forehead slightly. You kissed his neck and shoulders, feeling his pronounced muscles under your lips.

His quiet moans and grunts sent electricity through you. His sounds alone could send you over the edge.

His thrusts became more wild as he was rising to his climax. With every plunge, he drove into your g-spot, driving you mad and swiftly bringing you to orgasm. You came under him, shaking and arching, squeezing and scratching his muscular back. He held you, caressing you and kissing you until his own climax hit and your name fell off his lips over and over.

He pulled out of you and and rolled to your side, his lips never leaving yours. He pulled you close to him, keeping you safe from the cool summer night air. His chin was resting on your hair as you both counted the stars.

You couldn’t believe you could love someone this much. His words rang in your ears over and over. He wanted a family with you, he wanted your life, to raise your children as you were raised. You wanted to give him that.

Not right now, of course. But him thinking about the future touched you in a way you’ve never felt before. After all he’s been through, he chose you.

“I love you.” His words broke through your thoughts.

“I love you too.”

After you counted 105 stars, you allowed yourself to fall asleep in his arms under the country summer sky.

In the morning you folded the blankets and headed back to the farm house.

“Okay, that’s one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in my 99 years.”

“What?” you chuckled.

“You driving stick shift.”

You let out a loud laugh and felt heat rising to your cheeks. You were glad the windows were open to give you some fresh air.

You parked the truck where you found it and jumped out to see the team holding their packed duffel bags.

“Welcome back.” Steve gave you and Bucky a knowing look at shook his head with teasing disappointment. “Grab your bags, we’re leaving in 10.”

“Leaving?” You asked, trying to hide the sadness in your voice.

“Yeah, the coast is clear. SHIELD’s intact so we’re heading back to the tower.”

Bucky’s hand rubbed circles on your lower back as the two of you started up the driveway to the house.

You fought the tears brimming in your eyes as you buzzed around the bedroom and threw your clothes into your duffel.


“Mmm?” You hummed zipping up your bag.

“(Y/N), doll, look at me.”

You blinked away the tears threatening to fall and looked at the man you loved so dearly.

“You don’t have to be so brave and strong all the time, ya know.” He walked over to you and rubbed your arms.

Your smile pushed the tears out of your eyes and down your cheeks. Bucky encased you in a hug, his arms tight around you, his fingers running through your hair. You pushed your face into his chest and felt the streams tickle your cheeks.

After his soothing voice and soft caressing calmed your cries, you finally spoke. “I just thought we’d be here longer.”

“Someday, we’ll never leave” he assured you.

Bucky held you close on the car ride back to the tower. Your breath caught in your throat as you watched the exit sign for your hometown pass.

“We’ll come back soon, baby. I promise” he whispered in your ear so only you could hear.

After the team arrived at the tower and unpacked, you all went out to your favorite pizza place that Steve and Bucky used to go to before the war.

“So (Y/N), where’d you learn to ride a horse?” Tony asked, his mouth full of pizza.

You decided to have some fun with him.

“Oh, I never learned. Yesterday was my first time on a horse. I just kinda… did it.”

You struggled to keep a straight face when his jaw went slack.

“You just kinda did it? You’re kidding right?”

“Tony, where would I learn to ride a horse in New York City?”

Clint, Steve, and Bucky choking on their drinks almost gave you away.

“She’s just a quick learner, Stark.” Steve backed up your white lie.

“She’s a natural.” Clint also came to your aid.

You shrugged and Tony took a defeated bite of his pizza and you giggled when Bucky pinched your thigh and shook his head at your teasing.

On your walk home, you and Bucky lingered behind the team.

“You alright, doll?”

You nodded your head and grabbed his hand. “As long as I’m with you, we could live on the moon and I’d be happy.”

He smiled, his teeth shining bright in the neon lights of the New York streets. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your head. “Tony could probably arrange that.”

You stopped the truck and took a deep breath. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely.” Bucky jumped out of his seat and rounded the truck to open the door for you.

He took your hand, lacing his fingers in yours and walked you up to the door of the large house.

You paused before ringing the door bell listening to the commotion inside and smelling the scent of supper sneaking out the crack under the front door.

Bucky tilted your chin up to his and placed a quick kiss on your lips before ringing the bell.

“Comin’.” You heard a man yell from inside the house.

The front door opened and bright light and delicious smells drifted onto the porch.

“Hi. Um, this is my fiance, Bucky.”

Your dad stood in the doorway, a huge smile on his face. Your mom wiped her hands with a dish towel, tears pooling in her eyes.

“Come on in honey. Everyone’s here. They’ll be so happy to see you.”



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Moving In (M)

Originally posted by defwang

REQUESTED: A fanfic with a loooot of fluff and just a little bit of smut. A story about moving in together

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1182

Genre: SMUT, chic JB :))

note: here you go, anon! Sorry for the super long wait, I’ve been super busy lately with school and stuff. I really hope you like this and I hope it’s something you expected haha! happy reading and take care! -admin

Moving places was hard to do since it involved multiple of boxes being transported from one area to another. But you were okay with it because you were moving in with your boyfriend of two years. Since Jaebum was an idol and he was constantly busy with his schedule, he would rarely get to see you on a daily basis. So you two agreed to move in with each other so that after he was done with work, he would come straight home to you. After searching up places to stay, you two finally settled in an apartment a few months later. Last night, you two moved in all your boxes in the place and waited until the next morning to unpack.

“Separate your clothes from mine and put yours in the closet first. I’ll organize mine after.” You ordered Jaebum to do, since he was the only one doing no work while you were unpacking your boxes.

“So demanding, I’ve never seen you like this before.” Jaebum smirked as he watched you work hard on unboxing things.

“I’d like to clean this mess up and actually settle down in our apartment.” You sighed as you looked up at him. He had a smile plastered on his face and made eye contact with you. But you didn’t want to deal with his playfulness and eyed the boxes next to him. He took that as a signal and picked up the heavy box.

“I like this side of you,” Jaebum chuckled as he passed by you with his hands full, “Wish I could see this side of you in bed.”

“Shut up and starting doing some work.” You snapped at him as you felt your cheeks rise in color. Jaebum just laughed as he made his way into the bedroom with his load of boxes. From then, Jaebum teased you in any way possible when you asked for his help or when you ordered him to do something. It would amuse him that you would get slightly angry whenever he teased you. But you knew him too well and you knew it wasn’t his intentions to make you angry. It was for the fun of moving in together.

“Hey babe, could you help me put these glasses up there?” You asked him as you started to put away the kitchen cutleries away in the cupboards.

“Why would you put them up there if you’re too short to reach them?” Jaebum sighed as he walked over to you, clearly exhausted from the work he has done.

“We have extra glasses that are not necessary for two people to use.” You noted as you watched Jaebum grab the two glasses from your hand and put them on the top cupboard. You heard him chuckle under his breath as he grabbed your waist and hoisted you on top of the counter.

“Let take a break.” Jaebum smiled, his hands grabbing your inner thighs as he stared deeply into your eyes.

“Sounds good.” You sighed as you closed your eyes and took in a deep breath. You felt Jaebum’s hands starting to massage your thighs because he knew you were tense from unpacking your things. You hummed in response to his movement, your eyes still remained closed.

“You seem a bit tense, babe.” Jaebum pointed out as you opened your eyes to look at his handsome face. “Maybe I should help you loosen up. After all, you’ve done more hard work than me. Count it as a reward.”

You bit your lips as you looked at Jaebum’s eyes turn into lust. You knew full on well what he was implying and you weren’t complaining one bit. He motioned you to lay back on the counter of the kitchen as his hands played with the hem of your sweats. You wiggled around, helping Jaebum pull down your sweats as his hands gripped your waist and pulled you closer to his body. You watched him as he got down to his knees so that he was eye level to your heat, placing your two legs on top of his shoulders. He pressed kisses on the side of your inner thighs, teasing you and making you feel hot under his touch.

“Jae.” You moaned softly as he palmed your heat with his hand. You propped yourself up on your elbow to get a good look and Jaebum. A smirk plastered on face as he slowly pulled down the soft fabric of your panties and throw them on the floor. He spread your legs further apart as he dived into your pussy, giving it a long hard lick. You bit your lips as Jaebum suddenly placed his mouth on top of your clit, as he sucked, licked and nipped on your sensitive nub. You let out a loud moan, filling the room with your loud curses and the calling of Jaebum’s name.

“You’re so fucking wet, (Y/N).” Jaebum said as he pulled away from your sopping heat and kissed your inner thighs again. Without any warning, Jaebum pushed two fingers inside your soaked pussy as he hit your sweet spot in one go. You let out a breathy moan as Jaebum’s fingers moved at a brisk pace. His thumb pressed on your clit as the lewd sound of his fingers moving in and out filled up the room.

“Fuck Jae.” You moaned as Jaebum started to quicken the pace of his fingers. His thumb circling your sensitive core as his fingers hit your sweet spot. He knew you were coming close to your peak when your breathing became heavy with your face flushed red. You tried to find a good grip on the counter as you tried to stabilize your breathing. You arched your back on the counter, running your fingers through your hair as Jaebum continued at a crazy rhythm. You felt your orgasm nearing and Jaebum knew as he added another finger inside you, curling it up to hit that spot in you that made your legs tremble.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”  Jaebum growled, his voice dropping an octave and as he continued to move his fingers in and out of you at a brisk pace. At this moment, you knew you wouldn’t last long. You let out a loud moan as your orgasm hit you hard, making you tremble under his touch. Jaebum took out his fingers from your sopping sex and stopped all his movements. You bit your lip, breathing heavily as you tried to calm down from the intense orgasm.

“We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked as he stood up on the ground and hovered over you, attaching his lips against your neck. You moaned softly, grabbing a fistful of his hair and he slightly sucked on the sweet spot on your neck. Soon, his lips made their way up to your lips and kissed you with full dominance, leaving you breathless. Breaking away from the kiss, Jaebum looked down at you and placed his thumb on your lips.

“Let me show you what a good girl deserves after her hard work.”

Another modern depiction of Miranda, because I think she’s super pretty and deserves more fanarts <3 It’s just an evening doodle.

Sorry for being quite inactive here but I’ve been busy drawing other stuff for portfolio and other anatomy practice drawings (+school ;w;). I think I will post those on a new blog dedicated solely for my original drawings and concepts.

EDIT: updated with adjusted contrast and fixed lips

I made a post about a week ago or so but apparently tumblr ate it (>.<) so I thought I’d let you know I’m still here xD. I’ve been super busy with school and moving (into a little apartment/house shared by me and another family, and I really love it here. I’m having so much fun decorating it (on a budget but still! ikea and thrift shops ftw ❤ ) I will post some pictures of my progress later on!.

Catching up on all the new stuff (I haven’t even had the time to fire up the game yet xD) Carpal tunnel syndrome here I come but it’s going to be so worth it when I’m done! xD ❤

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Omg ok I’m like so happy because my followers are increasing all the time and the notes on one of my fics, my first prompt fic for bughead, is creeping up to 100 notes already, I started this blog four days ago and I’m just??? I’m not used to having such a busy tumblr feed and reading all your feedback and seeing your likes just makes me so happy. I’ve been super stressed with school and stuff recently so having this place is just amazing and everyone in the fandom is so great and I’m mush, thank you!

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Please know that all of you are welcome in my ask at any time, whether it’s a prompt or not <3

Too Cold (F)

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REQUESTED: a one shot of Mark Tuan and what he’ll do with his girlfriend.

Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 937

Genre: Fluff

note: after months of waiting… scenario requested by the lovely @galaxyxingxing2102. I’m soooo sorry for the long wait. I was super busy with school and stuff. BUT HERE IT IS! (sorry if it’s reallllly bad) Hope y’all enjoy it and happy reading! -admin

It’s been months since you last seen Mark since he was busy with his schedule and you were busy with yours. Both of you didn’t have time to see each other as often as before. But Christmas was near and your boss decided to let you off early. As for Mark, his idol life occupied most of his schedule. It’s been a year since you two started dating. Mark bought an apartment, that you two shared, along with many other lovely gifts he spoiled you with. But at the moment, you felt lonely since your other partner wasn’t here with you. Mark gave you all the love that you needed, you just wanted him by your side.

As you sat on the couch in the shared apartment, you couldn’t help but miss him terribly. Turning on the TV, you hoped that it’ll distract you from thinking of Mark. You held a hot chocolate in your hand as you intently watched the show that grabbed you by the hook. You were so focused that you didn’t even hear the door open. But what did catch your attention was loud shuffling and the sound of a bag dropping on the floor that made you turn around.

“Mark?” You sat up as you anticipated for your boyfriend to walk down the hall. And just liked you predicted, Mark came walking in with a small bouquet of flowers in hand. Setting the hot chocolate down, you shot up from the couch and ran towards Mark’s wide opened arms.

“It’s been awhile, babe. I missed you.” Mark mumbled in the crook of your neck as you two shared an intimate hug. A warm feeling spread throughout your body as Mark continued to hug you. Finally pulling away, Mark handed you the flowers he had before grabbing your face to give you a sweet kiss.

“What are you doing with your coat still on?” You giggled as he pulled away. “Take it off and come in.”

“Well,” Mark started as he scratched his head, “I was thinking we could go on a late night stroll.”

“In this weather?” You gasped, raising your eyebrows, “It’s so cold outside.”

“That’s what I’m here for, right? Get your coat and let’s go.” Mark beamed at you. Smiling, you quickly scrambled to get your coat and shoes before you both left the apartment. With Mark holding your hand tightly, he lead you to a park which a few people were still wandering around in. You both talked non stop about the last few months without each other. He told you his daily life and funny stories about Jackson while you complained about your boss and work.You felt so much happiness with Mark, you wish he didn’t have to leave for tour and such. So you enjoyed every moment with him.

“There’s a skating rink.” Mark suddenly stated, pointing in the direction of the rink.

“I can’t skate, Mark. I’m going to completely make a fool of myself.” I said slightly hoping that we won’t go skating.

“Come on, (Y/N). I haven’t skated in awhile so I’ll be a fool with you. Let’s go.” Mark smiled at you, dragging you along with him. At this point you couldn’t resist being dragged by Mark. You just went along with it.

Mark paid for the rental of the skates as he helped you into them and led you to the rink. Although you both struggled at first, the amount of laughter that came out of his mouth was music to your ears. The way his eyes twinkled in the illuminated lights as his pearly white teeth were shown every time you both fell. It made your heart beat. Soon, you both got into the rhythm and skated freely. You, being happier than ever, skated away from Mark at a high speed. Looking back you, can see Mark laughing, trying to catch up with your speed. But as you turned to look in front of you, you slammed into a figure that made you fall hard on your bum.

“Hey, watch where you’re going.” You heard Mark yell before he appeared in front of you. He held out his hands and you took it. As Mark tried to hoist you up, he couldn’t keep his balance and fell back as well.

“We’re terrible, Mark.” I laughed as Mark tried to get up but failed once again. For a few minutes, we continued to try to get up and what seemed like hours, we both got up.

“How about we go home and just chill.” Mark suggested as he held onto my hands. You honestly didn’t want to leave this place since you’re having so much fun. But the chilly weather made your hand freeze and your ears red. Home was always the best place to be with your boyfriend.

“That sounds cool.” I managed to breath out after laughing my head off.

“Maybe we could have some wine and possibly… take some action in bed.” Mark winked at you. You rolled your eyes and smiled at him. Grabbing his face, you pulled him in for a kiss, sharing the warmth between both of you on a cold night.

Pulling away, you flashed Mark a smile and grabbed his hand, “Sounds like a plan, babe.”

“Guess we’re staying up late tonight.” Mark smirked as he took your hand and dragged me off the rink. Hand in hand, Mark led you home as you both enjoyed the time you both spent together. As the night fell, you both shared a lustful night that left you feeling warm in this cold weather.


Free Commission!

Hi Guys!

I know I have been super inactive the past month! I have been so busy with school work, that acnl had to take a backseat. From Aug to April I was doing my very first animation project which took up 70% of my time! But now that it is the summer semester, I have more time for stuff and I have decided to do commissions weeeeeeeee

I want to do acnl commissions for this community. So I am looking for a mayor character to draw so that I can put it on a pricing list. This is to show how much it costs for which stage or level of rendering.

And I thought I would offer it to anyone who wants their mayor drawn :D And yes, I will be doing this for free to anyone who wants it.

But I kinda want to select a nice-looking mayor to draw,, so yes! I will be looking for a mayor with a good colour scheme and nice matching of clothes and hair etc

Just reblog like, and I’ll visit your blog and look for a picture of your mayor!


Thanks everibudi :3

Edit: people are assuming that I’m drawing their mayor like how I did it in the picture above. But actually, I will be drawing probably a full body in a more realistic style! the picture above was just a 5 minute doodle I did to make this post pretty :3

miogumi  asked:

*inHALES* im SUPER sorry that i haven't finished your art raffle prize yet!! I've been busy with school art thingys and when i have breaks i wouldn't have enough time to finish your drawing, sorry again!! qAq

Hey it’s ok! Seriously just take your time finished all the stuff you need to finish then after that take a break for a while , just take your time it’s ok i understand 🌟👌

Closer - Part 2  (Peter Parker x Reader)


A/N: Hi guys! I just wanted to say I am super sorry for the wait and sorry that this isn’t the best, it’s gonna get so much better from here though omg. I’ve been super busy with college and other personal stuff but I have so much more stuff coming it’s so gonna be worth the wait. ALSO! This is based after Civil War, so Peter has had his powers for a while! Just letting you know!!

Warnings: Violence? School Party.

Word Count: 1,421

Part 1  Part 3   Part 4

You had walked away from Peter and Ned so fast. Quickly running into the house slamming the glass door behind you. The house was full of smoke, people chatting loud over the music. You looked around and everything seemed normal, and then you spotted Abby, but then something caught your eye.

It happened so quickly, at first you didn’t notice it but then you did. Three guys in all black hoodies it clearly over their faces so you couldn’t tell who they were and they were all split up. Then one pulled out a gun,

And then there was a pop of a gun.

Everyone inside the house was screaming, running frantically, the music cut off, another pop, and screaming got louder. You started to get pushed, people running into you and not caring the damage they did.

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Hey guys. I know its been forever since I’ve posted on this account and I’m super sorry. Between work, school, and family issues, I’ve been super busy and kind of fell off the face of the Earth. I’m going to try posting and writing again nore often. For now, I think that I will post on either Thursdays/Fridays depending on what work and school look like. I will leave my ask box open so feel free to send me stuff and I’ll answer as many of them as I can the next 3 days. 💙

i’ve seen too many people swerving for blond jin ever since those teaser pics were released smh.

sorry i haven’t been active recently. i’ve been super busy w a bunch of school stuff :/ i’ll try to post every now and then!

- Admin Papillon

Cocoa (Wonwoo Request)

Sure thing! (I wrote this before I came back to school, but I wanted to wait until other stuff was written before I posted it) Thanks to everyone that’s been super supportive these past few weeks!

Gernre: Fluffy, Slight angst out of annoyance

Member: Wonwoo

Word Count: 687

“Wonwoo, do you want marshmallows?” you called from the kitchen of the Seventeen dorm. It was beginning to really feel like winter outside, even though it was barely November. You’d come over to spend some time with your boyfriend, Wonwoo, since he’d been so busy lately.

He walked through the doorway and smiled at you stirring two mugs of hot cocoa by the counter. “I’ll just take one,” he said as he arrived behind you, wrapping his long arms around your waist. You added two fluffy marshmallows to your mug and one to his. He released his arms to reach for the warm cup.

“You wanna go sit on the couch?” you asked, motioning to the living room.

“No, let’s just stay here. It’s nice and cozy in here with just the two of us.” You nodded, putting down your mug to hoist yourself onto the counter. Before you could grab a sip of your cocoa again, Wonwoo’s lips were against yours in a soft kiss. He broke after a moment, but his face stayed close and you could feel his warm breath.

“What was that for?” you questioned with a coy smile.

“Nothing really. I just wanted to.” His voice was edging into that deep phase that made you blush. He noticed and kissed you again, smirking a bit.

“I smell cocoa!” yelled a voice from down the hall. You broke from Wonwoo as Seungkwan walked in. “Did you make any for me?” You shook your head and he pouted.

“If you want to make some yourself there’s still mix and marshmallows in the cupboard,” you suggested. Seungkwan started for the rack of mugs in the corner, but stopped as he received a look from Wonwoo.

“Why don’t we just make you a cup?” Wonwoo asked sternly, “You just wait in your room.”

“Okay, hyung,” replied Seungkwan, “I’ll…uh…just wait.” He quickly scurried out and you gave Wonwoo a curious look. He stared back with a smirk and reached up to fiddle with a strand of your hair. You laughed, still a bit confused, and took a sip of your cocoa. The foam on top mad a small mustache on your upper lip, which Wonwoo reached up to wipe off. His hand glided over to cradle your chin. His other hand sat on the counter behind your thigh. He stared into your eyes and pulled your head closer to his. You heard footsteps from the hallway again.

This time Mingyu walked in holding some dirty dishes. Wonwoo released your face and moved his hand to intertwine with yours.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important,” smirked Mingyu, arriving at the sink.

“Shut up, Mingyu,” he sneered, “you need to make Seungkwan some cocoa.”

“I’m doing the dishes.”

“I’ll do the dishes. You make the cocoa and get out.”

You and Mingyu rolled your eyes, but he did as Wonwoo told him yelling “Have fun you two!” as he left, mug in hand. Wonwoo pulled you close again as soon as Mingyu left. He laid a short kiss on your collar bone. You smiles, loving when he got all touchy. He moved his hands from the counter to your hips and gave you a long, passionate kiss. His arms encircled you as you kissed him back.

“Ew, guys, we eat here!” called Seungcheol from the doorway. You pulled away from Wonwoo quickly as he scowled at his leader. “Get out of the kitchen. Do that somewhere else.” He shooed you off the counter. Wonwoo took a step back and reluctantly began to leave, pulling you with him.

“There are dishes in the sink,” he muttered as he passed Seungcheol.

He held you tightly by the hand as he rushed down the hall, his trademark death stare plastered on his face. The two of you passed other members in the hall, but he ignored them. He reached his room and pulled you in, locking the door behind him. A sigh escaped his mouth as he put his arms around your waist and hips. He stared straight into your eyes, a smirk on his face.

“So, Y/N, where were we?”


It’s been too long since I’ve posted some art on my blog, I’ve been really busy. But here are some doodles from my sketchbook from the last few months. Nothing big.

So there’s:
Capable and Nux <3 (top left)
One of my best buds from school, Al (top right)
Another classmate of mine, Katija  who’s super fun to draw (left/right centre)
My version of Emmet from the Lego Movie (bottom left)
Romano from Hetalia in a bull suit holding a tomato (bottom right)

Thank you to really awesome people in this fandom who keep on top of print articles, e-articles, entertainment talk, and everything else. The fact checkers, the positive vibes squad, and everybody who contributes to making sure we’re on our game during this super hectic and exciting time. 

genuinelybelieve diggingandfluff theirstoryofevents bulletproofhalo sundy and SO MANY OTHERS I would tag if I wasn’t mobile, as I usually am lately. I’ve been so busy but I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a few days. 

If you’d like to reblog it and tag somebody awesome in it that you see contributing to fandom in a positive way, PLEASE DO SO.

These lovely humans have had their work cut out for them lately, and they do this solely to provide us with good information. You’re all wonderful.

The Signs as Wonderful Things About My Friend Carly
  • Aries: she doesn't let you get off the phone until it's 3 in the morning and she's less bored
  • Taurus: she has a bunch of random plants and crystals in her house
  • Gemini: she gets bored of the same old routine very easily
  • Cancer: sometimes I don't see her for days at a time because she gets really busy being a hermit
  • Leo: she wants a big part in all plays- like not just the school play, all plays (especially Broadway)
  • Virgo: she's been on the honor roll her entire life
  • Libra: she hates some people less than she hates other people
  • Scorpio: if you annoy her once she will probably ignore your existence
  • Sagittarius: she wants to do really fun stuff that is completely out of reach 99.9% of the time
  • Capricorn: she actually does her homework at home sometimes
  • Aquarius: she's super duper artsy and her pictures always look beautiful
  • Pisces: she's incredibly imaginative and more caring than she'd like to admit