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Last few commissions are being finished, woo! I’m actually finally doing stuff, haha! This one’s for @/omgjackaboy on twitter! 

I’ve been pretty busy dealing with some death topics, more personal sad stuff and lots and lots of school work. I’m glad I was able to get this done on a Tuesday, haha. I normally never get anything done under the week.

Anyway; I’m pretty happy with this one turned out! I used some new brushes and played around with colours some more. Super happy with the expression as well! Hope you guys like it! 

I’m working on a lot of things at the moment, all at the same time. Even if it seems I’m away; usually I’m just working like a maniac on my projects, haha. More stuff is to come! Thanks for being so incredibly patient with me thus far! Thank you so much for your support! :)

Confessions in Jamaica (h.s.)

so my friend, @dunkirkc had requested this so long ago but i’ve been so busy writing other stuff but i’ve finally pushed myself to finish writing this. i’ve also been super busy with school ugh. the next writing i’ll be posting soon is the part 2 of Forbidden. hope you like this xx 

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i love how he jams out to his own music. precious baby he is. 

You were on your way to the studio straight from the airport in London. You anxiously tap your foot against the floor of the car, the cab driver honking at other cars through the crowded traffic. 

It was pouring outside, the same old gloomy and cold weather in London. You remember it exactly how the last time you came. 

You stomach swirled in nervousness and excitement when you got closer and closer to the building. 

You were on your way to see one of your closet friends, Harry, who you missed dearly and have known for about three years now. He had no idea you were coming. He thought you were still back in your home town on the other side of the ocean when he talked to you on the phone earlier. He kept mentioning how he wanted to fly out to see you before he left for two months to work on his album, hidden away from the world. 

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i see a lot of encouraging posts for 18+ year olds in college, but what about the ones who aren’t going to school? i’m 21 this november, and i haven’t been in school since high school. it can make you feel like you’re “less” than your peers who are going, but please don’t let it. your path is yours. and if you do decide to go in the future, know that there’s a right time for you. your life is yours to live.

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HEY HAPPY 2017!!!!! I MISSED U SO MUCH AND I ALSO MISSED THOSE CLOTHES WISHLISTS OF URS !! if ur not busy, pls make one for me <3

thank you so much, happy 2017! i’ll be back around during mid january bc ive been slightly busy with school stuff. and thanks for ur comment on the clothes wishlist :) i made a new one down below 


* bolded my faves

  1. basic tees bc they’re very versatile and needed everyday

grey ringer tee / banana embroidered shirtlight blue shirt / green embroidered plant shirt / giraffe long sleeve blouse

     2. sweaters and coats since the weather is still slightly cold and theyre super cute and cozy ! ! 

harry potter sweater / knitted turtleneck sweater army green jacket / coat !!! (ordered this and its AMAZING) / oh yes hoodie

     3. boots and sneakers - good shoes will take u to good place

pink velvet creepers / white sneakers / black ankle boots /

     4. new beauty toolss + accessories to start the yr right and to get rid of those dirty brushes and accessories

corduroy striped baseball capcoffee pro brush set (ordered this last week) / acrylic make up organizer (also got this, on the way rn) / THE ROSE GOLD DOME BRUSH SET !!! cool tote bag (i also got this and its cute + cheap)

Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a very busy university student

requested by anon~

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy reading this! credits to the owners for these gifs :)


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Shownu; Being busy with university never really bothered Shownu though. Once you give him notice that you’ll be busy for a couple of weeks, this appa would totally be supporting you all throughout. He’d actually tell you to take some break or if ever you had any problem you can call him and ask him. Despite not being able to spend time with each other, Shownu would ask you for your schedule and would actually make time for you whenever you’re taking a break. He would also constantly send messages that would literally cheer you on and he would also call you from time to time, asking how you are or have you eaten or just take a break for awhile. Or he’d also be all ears when you have a rant or if you badly need him, he’d be there right away to make you relaxed and stress free.

  • appa nu (8:32 pm): Hey, [y/n]! I hope you’re doing well. Don’t forget to take a break, okay? I know you can do this and don’t forget to eat alright? I’ll call you in a bit. I love you and I miss you so so much! 
  • appa nu (9:15 pm): Baby, I bought some ice creams and some of your favorite dishes. Do you want me to go there and feed you? Don’t get too stressed okay?

Babe, how’s studying?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep for 2 straight days oppa and here I am, drinking my 6th coffee and I’ve never been so dead in my entire life.”

“You should take a break, babe. I’ll be there in a few and once I get there, you better be ready to take a break, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright. See you soon, I love you and you can do it! Fighting!”

“I love you too!”

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Wonho; By the minute Wonho knew that you’ll be busy starting today, he’d be sad. A sulky and pouty Wonho would actually appear. But then he would try to understand that you’re pursuing your dreams and all and that he needs to support you….. another but, he’d be super duper lonely. He would snap you tons of selfies and other stuff that he’s been doing with the boys. And he’d also call you from time to time, reminding you how much he loves you and how much he misses you and how much he’s there to support you with all his heart and soul (lol) and if ever you’re feeling lonely, he’s always available for you.

Hyung, what are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for the message?”

“What message?”

“Her reply.”

  • fluffybunny (6:05 pm): hey, baby! I know you’re busy studying and other school-related stuff but I just wanted to say that I miss you so so much and I love you so so much! Fighting! Don’t ever give up, okay? I’ll always be here for you no matter what. I’ll facetime you once you’re free, alright? Lovelots :* xoxo

What did she say hyung?”


  • mybaby (6:08 pm): Aww, I love you and I miss you so so much babe! Don’t worry, I’ll be done after an hour or so. I won’t give up, I promise. Thank you babe! *insert smiley face*

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Kihyun; Kihyun would actually be clingy to be honest. You weren’t able to message him that often since you’d be at the library, making your thesis paper with your partner or something. But then once you’ll go to their dorm and take a break for a while, he’d be extremely clingy. Back hugging you and all and would even tell you that you’ve become a lot prettier despite looking like a zombie. And when you’re at home while burying yourself in a pile of schoolworks, he’d actually barge in and start cooking some dinner for you since he’s scared that you might starve yourself to death. But then, when you’re away from each other, he’d also send you some texts of encouragement and all.

Okay…. the axial parts are the head, neck and body while the appendicular skeleton consists of–”

“Babe, I’m home! Do you want some kimchi jiggae?”

“Yes, please.”

“Alright, just wait for a couple minutes okay? *gives you a kiss on the cheeks*”

  • cutiehyunnie (11:24 am): Baby, don’t forget to eat okay? I prepared some bento box for you and I placed it inside your bag. Don’t stress yourself out okay? I know that you’re the brightest woman that I’ve ever known and I know that you can ace them all! I love you and just text me when you’re done okay? You don’t need to reply. 
  • cutiehyunnie (4:46 pm): Yah! How come your room is so dirty? Aigoo, now I have to clean all of this. I’ll let you pass this time since you’re busy with university. Come home early, okay?

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Minhyuk; This boy would not leave you alone. He’d be at your place whenever you’re home. He’d be playing by himself while you’re busy studying in your room. But then you wouldn’t be able to concentrate since he’ll be bugging you like if you wanted to eat Chinese food or something. However, when you’re at school and you’re busy running the student government, he’d literally send you tons of pictures of him and messages and video messages and voice messages, everything that can send his message! And when you don’t reply, he’d still continue to send you messages. And you’ll actually have 100+ messages coming from him.

Babe, what do you want to eat?”

“Not now, Minhyuk.”


“Hey babe–”

“Minhyuk. Not. Now.”

“Okay okay…”


“Okay fine I want jjajangmyeon and tangsuyuk. Now shut up and let me review all these paperworks.”

  • minmoongie (2:30 pm): BABE I MISS U SO SO MUCH
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): Babe, guess what? I just went out to buy some toothbrush and I saw some totoro onesie that you’ve wanted
  • minmoongie (2:33 pm): So I bought them for you as a reward for your hard work!
  • minmoongie (2:35 pm): Babe babe, have you eaten already? What do you want for dinner? I can order some chicken and send it to you? Babe, pls reply

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Hyungwon; He’d be sad. A sad pepe is a sad pepe. He would totally understand but he’d feel really lonely. So lonely. That a lonely pepe would be born. He wouldn’t be that clingy tho. He’d send you messages from time to time but then there would be times that he’d forget since he would probably fall asleep before sending the message. But then, when he’s able to send you a message, it’d be really flowery. Lol, it’d be a speech. And when he’s at your place, he’d wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder while you continue doing your paperworks. 

  • pepe (8:46 am): Hey, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to reply to you last night since… I fell asleep hehe. Anyways, I hope that my princess was able to eat breakfast today. Don’t forget to shower okay? I want you to fresh and ready to face the world. And don’t forget anything so that you won’t be stressed out later and rush back home to get it, okay? I also hope that you’ll be able to eat your lunch and dinner later. Don’t forget to rest since I don’t want the love of my life to be tired just like me. Anyways, I love you very much and I can’t wait to see you this week! I hope you’ll still be as sexy and beautiful and wonderful like the last time! :*

Mmm, you’re studying mandarin? *insert hyungwon’s sleepy voice*”

“Yes, babe.”

“Do you want me to help you?”

“No thanks babe. Just sleep, okay? I’ll wake you up once I’m done.”

“Okay. *rests his head on your lap while you study*”

“You’re so warm, babe. *nuzzles his face onto your stomach*”

“I know, I’m hot.”

“Hot like me, yes?”

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Jooheon; He’d be really clingy. I mean more clingy compared to the other dudes. He’d constantly send you messages and even just random emojis, cute emojis that looked like him to be exact. Once he calls you, he’d be in full aegyo mode, like legit. Sometimes, he’d also whine when you’re not able to reply back or answer his calls but he’d also be pretty understanding to your situation since there are also times when he’s busy. When you’re able to rest for just a couple of minutes, he’d facetime you right away since he missed every single thing about you. He’d be all smiles when he sees you to be honest.

Omo, you look so cute with that sweater on babe!”

“It’s the same sweater that I wore yesterday tho.”

“But still, you still look cute hehehe!”

“Whatever babe. Anyways, I miss you.”

“Aww, I miss you more babe! Hey, are you free this Saturday? I want to go on a date with you.”

“I’m so sorry babe, I have a meeting the whole day for our department week.”

“How about dinner?”

“I guess it’s a date then.”

  • honey (3:21 am): (✿╹◡╹) don’t i look cute?
  • honey (3:22 am): (^ω^)i love you!
  • honey (3:25 am): ಠ_ಠ < he looks like changkyun lol

Originally posted by monbeboo

I.M; Changkyun would literally be curious with what you’re getting busy with. If it’s about something science-y, he’d literally call you and let you study out loud since he also wants to learn. Sometimes, the random facts that would come out from his mouth would also be part of the test!! Since you’re busy with university, you could rarely message him but then Changkyun on the other hand, has a lot of time in his hand and would constantly send you some random facts and some meme photos of the boys (lol). But then he’d also send you some sweet messages tho.

  • (10:23 am): Hey [y/n], did you know that the smallest penguin on the planet is only 16 inches tall?! Amazing right?!
  • (10:26 am): Did you also know that there are more lifeforms living on your skin than there are people on the planet?
  • sent a photo (11:45 am)
  • (11:46 am): lololol just look at hyungwon hyung’s face as he devoured the whole turkey leg!!
  • (8:56 pm): Hey, I know this is out of the blue but I love you and I’ve always believed in you. I miss you already. I can’t wait to hang out with you soon baby! Don’t stress yourself too hard okay? Or else I’ll be forced to stay there for two straight nights ;)

hey, what are you studying?

“the parts of the frog, why?”

can you read it out loud? I want to learn about it too!”

“Okay, fine. You’ve never fail to surprise me Changkyun.”

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5 & solangelo? pls and thanks

Sure! @averca also asked for this! (Also I’m sorry this took me forever to get to, I’ve been super busy with school and family and other stuff!)

Prompt: “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Blood gushed from the enormous laceration in Nico’s side as he staggered across the grass. Waves of excruciating pain shot through his body with every movement he made, but the only thought he had was making it to the top of Half Blood Hill.

Nico spotted Thalia’s tree silhouetted against the coral colored sky. Lavender clouds floated through the air, and the soft singing of birds greeted him. Perhaps if he weren’t bleeding to death, Nico would’ve enjoyed the beauty of the morning.

Several figures suddenly appeared around the base of the tree, muttering to each other and occasionally pointing to Nico. As he got closer, he realized the figures were Cecil, Lou Ellen, and Kayla.

He opened his mouth and attempted to call out to them, but all that came out was a few garbled syllables and a spray of red. Kayla and Lou Ellen dashed down the hill towards Nico, whose steps had become clumsier as he fought to stand upright. The two girls reached him, slinging his arms around their shoulders to support him.

“Cecil, what the hell are you standing around for? Get a medic!” Kayla shouted as she and Lou Ellen dragged Nico forward.

Meanwhile, Nico struggled to remain conscious. His vision became fuzzy and the sounds around him became quavering and incoherent, as if he were viewing the world from the bottom of a swimming pool.

Finally they reached the hill’s crest. Nico’s breath was ragged and labored, and the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth. All around him, the world was spinning in a hazy blur while pain throbbed through his body. A surge of exhaustion washed over him, and he was pulled into blackness.


Nico was roused by a dull throbbing in his head, and the sound of murmuring voices nearby. With a groan, he opened his eyes and found himself lying in one of the infirmary beds. Golden morning light danced across the hardwood floor and glimmered on a tray of metal instruments beside Nico’s bed. The strong aroma of rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer perfumed the room. He ran a hand down his side and discovered that it had been stitched closed and wrapped in numerous layers of soft, white bandages.

“You’re awake,” a familiar voice said.

Nico turned and spotted Will Solace standing at the foot of his bed. He was dressed in scrubs and held several bottles of painkillers in his hands. His mouth was set in a grim line, and his eyes shined with worry.

Nico opened his mouth to say something, but was unable to find an appropriate response. Will approached the nightstand beside Nico’s bed and set the painkillers down beside the medical tools.

“How long have I been asleep?” Nico asked.

“Four hours. It’s ten o’clock,” Will answered. He didn’t make eye contact with Nico.

Nico studied Will for a moment. His muscles seemed to be wired with tension that wasn’t normally there. “Is everything alright?” Nico inquired.

“You almost died Nico,” Will replied. “When Cecil first brought me to the top of the hill and I saw you, I thought you were going to die.”

Guilt settled in the pit of Nico’s stomach like a stone, “I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”

Will ran a hand through his hair. “I know you didn’t, you wouldn’t do that to me on purpose. But god dammit, Nico, I can stand to see you like this. I love you so much, and it hurts me to see you do this to yourself,” Will said.

Nico reached out and took Will’s hand, ignoring the discomfort in his side, “I’m sorry, Will. I’ll be more careful next time.”

Will lifted his head and finally met Nico’s eyes. He offered a weak smile and said, “It’s alright. But for now, I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Nico nodded and settled into the bed. With one final yawn, he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to take him.


When Nico awakened hours later, he was surprised to find Will curled up on the floor beside his bed, fast asleep. Nico leaned over him and brushed a few stray curls out of his face.

“Will,” he whispered. “Will, wake up.”

Will shifted before opening his eyes and sitting up. “Nico,” he said. “You’re up.”

Nico didn’t bother hiding the grin that spread across his face, “Yes, and you’re sleeping by my bed. Why are you here?”

“I didn’t want to leave your side. I don’t ever want to leave your side,” Will replied.

“You’re such a sap,” Nico answered, rolling his eyes.

Will got to his feet and placed a kiss on Nico’s forehead. “Only for you, dork.”

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include...

Okay I LOVE RIVERDALE and I am high key in an Archie mood rn lmk what y'all think!! This is on mobile so f there’s any errors I’m sorry but I’ll try to correct them tm! Also friends this week is super busy with school stuff and family atuff so I’m slowly getting through the imagines in my inbox but I have like 19 to get through so I wanna make them good but I can only do so much on mobile so like if you want something request a Drabble or a list thingy like this idk lol it’s short and easy to do on mobile cuz I feel bad I’ve been so inactive but I’ll be back soon hopefully xoxo 

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  •  being the first one to notice his glo up bc he’s helping build your front porch over the summer
  •  making sure to sunbathe outside in your skimpiest bikini while he’s there 
  •  him finally just asking you out 
  • PoWeR cOuPlE amiright 
  • wearing his football jersey to games 
  • being front row whenever he plays a show
  •  "baaaaabeeee Archie cutie sweetie honey pie write a song about me"
  •  spending more time with Vegas than with Archie 
  • HIS ABS 
  • “y/n I love you but you have an unhealthy attachment to Vegas and honestly im not really sure if you’re dating me for me or for my dog" 
  • "you know i love you but my moms allergic to Vegas and not to you so like Vegas is a rare commodity in my limited canine economy" 
  • "I love it when you talk nerdy to me" 
  • movie nights in his basement with old eighties films 
  • wearing his varsity lettermans jacket and stealing his oversized sweatshirt 
  • Archie not speaking to Jughead for a week because Archie tried to get you to sleep over ;) but Jughead refused to leave his air mattress because he knew what Arch planned 
  • going to flea markets and shopping for old vinyl records tg 
  • studying dates where Archie tries to distract you but you make sure he stays on task by rewarding him with milkshakes 
  • sharing a shake at Pops then Archie getting pissed when you ate the cherry until Pop came over with another one for him 
  • you sleepily curled up next to him while he absentmindedly strums and writes 
  • "arch I think I’m falling in love with you" 
  • "I already fell." 
  • Fred loving you like a daughter 
  • "Archie you actually have an eight pack and that’s just not fair because when I eat three burgers and a large fry I gain ten pounds and you just very simply stay chiseled and I don’t-" 
  • him coming over for thanksgiving dinner and playing touch football with your family 
  • he’d pick you up over his shoulder and you’d be giggling so hard 
  • then he’d laugh and you just would lose it cuz his laugh is beautiful 
  • you coming over to help Archie rake leaves and then just kind of jumping in the pile because you can’t help it 
  • snow angels and snow men and hot chocolate every snow day
  • Archie just looking at you and breaking into a smile because despite all the shitty things going on you’re the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been happier 
  • also can we imagine Archie in a SnapBack y'all r welcome

1/100 days of productivity ☆.。.:*・° 28.05.17 - “show me what you’re made of,” ☆.。.:*・°

some othello revision for english lit and business revision cards.

sorry that I haven’t posted in sooooo long, I’ve been super busy focusing on maths exams and other stuff. I’ve done C1 and C2 and just have D1 left in a few weeks time! & then there’s Year 12 mocks to prepare for as well. It’s going to be a super busy half term but I have just been chosen to be a senior prefect and I am really enjoying school at the moment!

BTS Reacts To their younger sister is with them and the rest of the members at the pool and her top comes off

Anonymous Requested “Bts reaction to there younger sister is with them and the rest of the members and her top comes off?”



Jin would probably race to you the second he sees your top away from your body with a towel and frantically try to cover you without the members seeing what just happened. After you come home from the pool, Jin would scold you about being more careful and what would happen if the members or anyone else saw you. He will laugh at you after it was all over though just to embarrass you even further.

“y/nnn what if any of the members saw you??”

 “they didn’t Jin” you would say slightly embarrassed

 “yahh don’t walk away! I think I should take u shopping for a better top that WONT come off!” he would say chuckling at you

Originally posted by softlytaejin

(i couldn’t find the exact one i wanted :((( so this’ll have to do for now but once i find it ill fix it but damn jin looking fine as hell even in a towel)



I think Suga would throw the towel at you yelling at you to cover up making all the members heads turn to look at you while u try to hurriedly cover up. Your face red from embarrassment, while all the members were laughing ESPECCIALLY your brother while you gave him the stink eye.

“Yahhh!!! cover up y/n!!!” *throws towel in your direction*

Originally posted by yoonseok

can we just take a moment to appreciate this cutie ^^



Namjoon would run over to you with his shirt and quickly pull it over you running into Jungkook in the process which got all the attention towards him and you. Once he somehow got the top over you. He would start laughing at you, furthering your embarrassment as you hit him to stop. Like Jin he would scold you in the end telling you how that can’t happen and what if the members saw you… He would probably never let you live that down and bring it up whenever he could so your parents and whole family knew even the members with how much he would talk while laughing a lot about what happened that day


“hey y/n do you remember when your top came off at the pool and I saved you from embarrassment” he would barely say with how much he was laughing

 “yahh are you going to bring that up whenever I don’t do what you want!!” you annoyingly said to him

 “yes I will because its your turn to do the dishes…”

 “istg Namjoon…..” you would say under your breath

 “what was that y/n I couldn’t here you over reminding mom about the time your top came off in front of all my members” he would smirk at you before laughing again

Originally posted by chimcheroo

(his little smirk when he is bringing it up if u haven’t guessed)



When Hoseok saw, your top come off he would run over to you as fast as he could with a towel trying to cover you up. He wouldn’t really say anything about it afterwards because he knew how embarrassing that would be and that you would probably never want to think about that day ever again. He would rush you out of the pool area into a secluding space and scold you a bit about being more careful and probably just tell you to put on a shirt and continue swimming if you want.

“y/n u ok?”

 “ya but my top came off” you would say grunting in embarrassment

 “no no its ok I don’t think any of the members saw”

 “you sure?” u said almost looking like you were about to cry

 “im sure. Just be careful next time, ok?” he would say before hugging you and leaving to put on a more secure top.

Originally posted by jjeonguk

(when he saw what had happened lol ^)



This boy would be more worried than anything else. He would still scold you about being more careful like everyone else but he wouldn’t be mad or anything. He would ask you if you wanted to go home. After you reassured him everything was fine he would ask you to change into something that won’t slip off and if you didn’t have anything he would give you his shirt to wear for the time being. I think hes bring it up every now and again but not like Namjoon just when your mad at him and he wants to remind you that he “saved your ass”

*in the middle of yelling at him for something*

 “but y/n I saved your ass you can’t be mad at me for anything what if I wasn’t there do you know how embarrassing that would have been for you!! Yahhh be more grateful child!!”

He would tell you jokingly but hope itll work and you wouldn’t be mad at him anymore because he thought suga was scary when he was mad but you were scarier

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

(so this one is when he brings it up too and he starts laughing ya i guess sure yup, but this cute mochi i can’t..)



This boi would be so nice and LAUGH at you the whole time, I think for a second he would forget you were his sister and just stand there laughing at you before running over to you and taking you somewhere to change. He would beat up anyone who would dare bring up what happened but he would bring it up every second he could before he gave you the stink eye and started chasing him around the room.

“hey y/n… *giggles* hey y/nn”

“what tae” you would roll your eyes

“remember the time your top came off in front of everybody!! *giggles*

“yahhhhh taehyung shut up!!” you would say before chasing him around the whole dorm as he screamed and laughed while running around away from you

Originally posted by mvssmedia

(this would be him right before you chase him around ^)



ok so this boi would be so jungshook while walking over to you with his eyes closed making sure not to see anything. You would just yell at him to hurry up and give you the towel. Like V he would beat up anyone who would say anything or bring it up. He would laugh at you for a bit but stop soon after and barely bring it up again


“Kookie hurry up and give me the towel!!”

*jungshook* “im coming y/n im still a child this is traumatizing!”



Originally posted by ggukbun

(this would be him laughing at you ^ again so cute what am i oml)

A/N: hili~~ I’m sorry i got to this super late school has been sucking my soul I’ve been so busy with school work and all that stuff so sorry about that. but i managed to cram this in while taking a break from homework so yayyyy!! i hope you all like this btw i tried and with everything else going on i think this went ok so i hope y'all like it and please do request or say something i may not get to it right away but i seriously do love seeing asks in my inbox i just brightens up my day whenever someone does so please do also gives me a reason to not think i suck at this and that people will actually read and like this so ya~ just if any of you were wondering why i write small descriptions (prolly none of you care but) just if you don’t get why i might have put that there you can and of get a vision of what i was thinking i guess. ( real quick I’m gonna try to do a text thingy soon since that doesn’t take that long and i love doing those so request for texts please~) ok stay healthy y'all bye bye~ until next time~

Sorry for not posting anything ^^;;
I’ve been super busy with school, and other stuff!

So I thought I’ll show you my drawing for my art subject ^^
It’s been a while since I draw traditionally, so I’m really proud with this one! (although the flowers are terrible orz)

I’m planning on selling this one after it got graded, I wonder if anyone is interested? ^^;

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how did you and your sister get into photography? i wanna get into it and eventually freelance in my spare time when i get enough experience but don't how to begin and 2) have you both done wedding photography and if not is that something you'd be interested in doing? also do you think it's better to be self taught or is it okay to take a photography class at my local community college? like i feel like almost everyone is self taught and idk if taking a class is a waste


We have always been into anything art related. Our parents bought us small digital cameras for our birthday when we were in 5th or 6th grade I believe. We were always taking photos of nature, vacations, and various events. When we got to high school (right around the time dslr cameras were becoming available to everyday consumers not just professionals) my dad bought one for himself. At first our dad wouldn’t let us use it without him there but eventually when we got the hang of using it and he let us take it places without him there. Natasha started taking photos of school events and posting them on Facebook. I started doing the same but a little bit after her. Eventually she bought her own entry level dslr and I bought my dads old dslr when he upgraded his. By sophomore year we were both posting lots of photos on Facebook. We also started asking our friends if we could photograph them. We would style our friends and have mini photoshoots. This was all just for fun for us. We have always been into editorial makeup/photography and styling our own shoots was our way of getting into that. Then during the summer after sophomore year a student asked Natasha to take his senior pictures which she ended up doing did. And later more and more people asked both of us to take their senior pictures. We had no idea how to price anything or what to include in packages initially. After 2-3 years we both were honing in our photography style and were getting better at pricing and guaranteeing a certain level of quality to our clients. When we got to college we would go home and take senior pictures during the summers. In college we took peoples headshots. So it was overtime that we started our photography businesses. We didn’t start photography with the intention of making a business out of it/going into it professionally. We still ask our friends to photograph them and have mini photo shoots that we style. Its important to us to constantly create personal work as well as client work. During all of this we both tried our hand at surreal/photo manipulation photography but it wasn’t for us. By the end of high school and throughout college we also shot a few wedding but both didn’t like photographing weddings. By the time we finished college both of us realized that our favorite genre of photography is portraits. So now we mainly shoot headshots, portraits, and senior pictures professionally and create editorial shoots for our personal work. 

Even though we both went to art school neither of us has taken a photography class. The photo department at U of M mainly focused on documentary photography which we were not interested in. Plus the photo professors were known to be sexist and/or racist. We are about 95% percent self taught. One of our digital media professors did help us learn some stuff in photoshop but that’s about it. When either Natasha or I start a hobby we go into it full force lol. So right when we got into photography we followed a TON of photographers online and were constantly trying to figure out how they edited there photos so we could improve our editing. Over the course of 8 years we have really developed our photography styles and editing skills. Early on we would sometimes try and copy other photographers which helped us figure out what we liked and disliked for our own photography. I don’t encourage people to copy other artists especially if they are going to sell their work. But it can be helpful when figuring out your own style but it’s important to make sure you are not ripping someone off and give credit where credit is due. When I would use another artists idea I always explained in the description who the artist was and linked to their work. A photographer I know was notorious for copying another well known photographer but her audience thought she was super original because they didn’t know about the well known photographer. Plus you will never be as good as the original photographer/artist and will end up constantly comparing yourself which is no fun lol.

Even though both of us are self taught I don’t think taking photography classes is a bad idea if you think it will help you learn. One of my favorite illustrators, Sam Spratt, took many illustration classes when he was at SCAD but that doesn’t mean he is any better or worse than other illustrators that are completely self-taught. I always wanted to take commercial/fashion lighting classes but they were never offered at my university. I also would love to take some photography workshops but they the ones I want to take (Lara Jade’s in particular) are too expensive for me. Also as an artist I’ve generally been self-taught. I had a few great drawing teachers and professors in high school (I took a college drawing class in high school) who helped me a lot. But when it comes down to being an artist you really have to push yourself to make stuff outside of class. This was a challenge for a lot of my classmates once we graduated. A lot of them didn’t know how to create work outside of class. (I’m simplifying a lot here bc i could go on and on about how much i disliked or liked u of m’s art school lol) My whole life I’ve been making stuff outside of class so creating a photography business wasn’t super difficult for me. 

This brings me to the business/freelance part. Turning something you are passionate about into a business can be great and horrible. A lot of my friends don’t freelance because the business side of it destroys their interest in the art. Some of my clients are very particular and they don’t always like the photos I take. But this is something I have to get past. Also over time you start to get better clients because they come to you knowing what they will get. Early on people would hire me because they knew I took photos not because they liked my style of photography (I hope that makes sense). Now people know what they are getting and it’s less likely that a client will be unsatisfied with their photos. As a freelancer keep in mind that it’s a lot of emails and advertising yourself. Yes it’s great that I can make money off of something I love doing but I have to keep in mind that it’s still a business. When I first started out clients would ask for lower prices and I would lower them because I didn’t want to lose a client and I didn’t know if I was too expensive or not. This was fine at first but now I don’t budge on my prices because now I know my worth and it’s not fair to my other clients to change prices. Also photography gear can get expensive and when you freelance/do photography professionally there is a point when you’ll probably to invest in professional gear. Part of this is to put you among other photographers in the industry but the physical quality of your photos will also improve. This way you can better guarantee what a client will get. Ex. my dad’s old dslr that I used had a cropped sensor so if the lighting wasn’t the best i couldn’t edit the photos as much in photoshop as I can with a full frame camera. Basically I just want to make it clear that once you start freelancing it’s a business so just like other business you have to know when and where to invest and how much. 

I’m sure you were not expecting this long of answer but I hope it helped! 


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