been super busy the last three days


Hey there, strangers!  Long time no blog!

Wow, May…this has been the busiest month I can remember.  Life has been crazy–I’ve been working a real non-stop, full-time gig lately.  HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS ALL THE TIME?!  It took me two weeks to finish one book, and I have missed this blog completely!  On June first my hours are reduced for the summer, and I cannot wait!  I woke up at 3:00am this morning thinking about details for one of my events.  I love my job, and this month has been amazing in many ways, but I’ll also be totally happy when it’s over!

There have been some must-document life highlights, though:

  • On Saturday before Mother’s Day, Conner and I went on a bike ride.  I told him I was ready to try one of the difficult trails.  He led the way, and he waited after every particularly challenging obstacle to make sure I was ok–without being told/asked.  He kept a great pace, and he was super encouraging.  SO. PROUD. of that kid!
  • We haven’t celebrated my Mother’s Day yet, but on Sunday, the husband and Conner fixed my mom’s ceiling fan and did all kinds of chores for her while she and I relaxed and chatted–could those two be any more awesome?
  • The husband has also upped his day-to-day adorableness game while I’ve been busy and stressed.  He is my favorite, and I am the luckiest girl in the world!
  • Last night, the three of us were goofing around, and those two dingbats were presenting me with ideas of how they could celebrate me properly for Mother’s Day this weekend.  It was SO CUTE, and it was one of many moments in my life when I feel like I just have to freeze time and capture that perfect snapshot to remember how absolutely fortunate I am in so many tiny moments of every ordinary day!

Hope you’ve all been well!  I can’t even pretend I’ll have time to really catch up, but I WILL do better!

gentle is the power

hi y'all i’ve been super busy all week with job training so the chapter is going to go up a lil later than usual (within the next day or so most likely). I was going to post this when the job actually started but I figured I might as well get it out of the way now;

in 2 weeks I will be in charge of 24 three and four year old boys. yes, 24 of them, from 7 am - 4 pm monday through friday. I don’t expect to survive.

anyway, I’m most likely going to be fucking exhausted, so if a chapter is late all I ask is for patience. I write whenever I have free time, and I won’t have much of it soon. (I already don’t but I try).

I do try and do oneshots whenever I can; I have 25 to go through lmao so if yours hasn’t been responded to, it’s not that i’ve forgotten. I’m just exhausted. any questions I do answer asap because I don’t have to manually sit down and jog a massive amount of creativity.

anyway, yeah, update on my life. unlike snape I really love little kids but 24 of them is terrifying. sorry if I’m letting any of you down for today. I only have 1.6k words down so far and I don’t have the ability to write in bursts anymore. keep an eye out for tomorrow and tuesday!! x

Oh, yeah, so two updates on totally unrelated things.

Hero & Daughter was updated to 1.4.3. Yes, that’s a 0.0.1 update, and with good reason, as hardly anything was changed - the most notable thing is that Cammy was redrawn and got her skills revamped. tachi is going to be slowing down with updates for a while, being that he’s busy with… uh… definitely not anything that involves smashing, or a Showing of Games in Tokyo. However, he is planning an update that adds the last batch of dungeons in about three weeks.

Meanwhile, I decided the other day to give Ib a thorough script rechecking. It’s been years since that translation first came out - since 1.04 did, even - and I’ve had lots, lots more practice with translating games, so I knew it was worth revisiting. So I compared just about every line against the Japanese script and updated with a revised translation.

I didn’t find any super huge mistakes or anything. The majority of the changes were just fixing awkward-sounding lines, and probably 98% or more of everything is exactly the same. As a rule, I didn’t tamper with anything too “memorable.” (Although there is one thing along those lines that I did revise, as I felt it was needed.) But it should be a nicer translation now, and certain details may be a bit clearer.

AA Manga: Re-recording

@zarla-s​ submitted:

Hi, I saw you mention a bit ago that you were open for translation requests and I hope that’s still the case cause otherwise I’ll feel like an idiot, haha. Anyway, there was this doujin (actually more like three I think) I found on pixiv that I’ve been curious about for a while  -

It’s REALLY LONG I know, but I’m really just curious about the first story about Kristoph and Phoenix, or the last one with Apollo and Kristoph. :o Even just the jist of what’s going on would be great! I hope I’m not asking too much. :o

That really is a lot of pages, but I’m still filled with determination… and curiosity; mainly the latter.

For those not in the know, the link above goes to a reprint collection of three short stories, published by artist Towako Minadzuki from 2009 to 2011, hence the 66 pages in total. Props to this person. They’ve got quite a collection of AA stuff among other things on their Pixiv page.

They also note in the description (and the cover page) that there are some stories that were left out due to size restraints and length, but they aren’t related to these three.

Now for some quick T/Ns:

“Adieu, Adieu, Because of the Moon” (Kristoph / Phoenix)
* This title is a reference to a song named “月極姫” (lit. “Monthly Princess”) or “Prinsesse Mensuelle”, according to the official European album, by the pop rock band Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents).

“Changing For the Worse Is Our Life” (Phoenix)
* By “changing for the worse”, it refers to how one changes one’s attitude when faced with dangerous or desperate situations. The “our” bit refers to people in general.

“diamond” (Kristoph / Apollo)
* Diamond.

Note: Long post. I’ve condensed lines that share the same panel and spaced apart those of different panels, as well as broken up the stories into sections. Now if only I could figure out how to mark some place in a post to navigate…

Another note: Sometimes there’s dialogue outside of the bubbles. I’ve marked them with parentheses, but they may actually be spoken aloud.

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rant: "the rp community is dying"

I feel like this needed to be said, but I am honestly sick of hearing people say that “the community is dying” or that people are no longer dedicated and that RPs die in three days or whatever. Yes, I see a lot of admins and members losing muse for the RP that they’re in a lot these days, but we have to stop blaming one another for inactivity and all. I see people complain about being “ditched” on 1x1 accounts, and members blaming admins for not being on the main for a day and deciding to never go on that RP again just because the admins weren’t on for one or two nights. I see RPs having two days inactivity limit because they don’t trust their members to be dedicated if the limit is longer. And guess what? That’s exactly the problem.

A lot of us have a tendency of giving up on the RP/plot/character quicker than one could blink. Like, so what if the admins weren’t on for two days? Have faith in them. Don’t just stop going on your character’s account because of that reason. Maybe they were busy. They would hopefully come back around if you still try to get the dash moving. If you give up on an RP just because you don’t see activity on the main, then it’s likely for everyone to do so too and that’s how most RPs die. Same goes for admins. Just because the dash is slow, don’t give up! Post starters, make events, reblog prompts, do something. Don’t just sit there and think, “Forget it. My members aren’t dedicated. This RP is gonna die, so I’m just gonna close it down.”

And as for 1x1 accounts? Too often I see people complaining that their partners “ditched” them because they haven’t replied in a few days. Hey, guess what? People have lives too. I know that not everyone in the 1x1 community is willing to wait weeks (and even sometimes months) for a reply, but just because your partner hasn’t been on in five days, doesn’t mean that they’ve ditched you. A lot of people who do 1x1s are looking for a more chill kind of environment and a more flexible activity limit. Have faith in your partners! Don’t just drop your plot because your partner hasn’t replied to your message from last night. Give them a bit more time, and if you still have muse, then wait a few more days. Also, never forget to contact them and try talk to them. Don’t just assume that they ditched you because they haven’t been on in three nights or something—maybe they’re super busy or something important came up. Of course, I totally get it that your patience has a limit, but try find a balance. Maybe a one week inactivity limit? Or a two week one? Work something out first before anything else, really.