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Bucky Barnes Soul mate AU drabble

Summary: Bucky has a soul mate, but doesn’t know it until he, Steve and Sam come back from a mission

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader Y/N, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Notes: I am the worst at updating!!! But since it’s my birthday, you can’t yell at me! :p This one has been in my drafts for a while… Enjoy this cute fluff!

Soulmate. The concept had always been present in Bucky’s mind as it was in everyone’s, but he had never felt anything or recieved any sort of message from his person. He had tried writing a simple ‘hello’ once when he was in high school, but there was no reply. He saw so many people feel what their soul mate felt and talked back and forth through writing on their arms with marker or pen. He had seen so many couples stop and stare in amazement at meeting for the first time, almost undoubtedly kissing at first sight.

During Bucky’s capture, all he could think about was what his soul mate felt during the torture and whenever he had the chance and remembered, he wrote apologies all along his right arm.

And now, in the 21st century, Bucky still had no soulmate. Steve had found his, of course, and Bucky was glad for that, but also a bit jealous at times. He’d see Steve and Sharon look at each other in that way and he’d be so happy for Steve and then want something like that for himself. By now, though, the concept wasn’t something he thought about since he figured that maybe he wasn’t meant to have a soul mate. Maybe the universe made it so that he didn’t have that unmistakable feeling when he looked at someone for the first time and maybe he wasn’t supposed to feel what they felt.

Bucky, Steve and Sam were on a mission in France. It was supposed to be a simple extraction of intel and it was until Bucky felt a shooting pain that radiated from his foot to his kneecap on his right side. He looked down and there was nothing that could have caused such an almost debilitating pain, so he did his best to ignore it. Once their mission was complete, they all went back to the safe house in Germany to keep their payload safe and rest up for a day of traveling.

“You okay, Barnes?” Sam asked Bucky once they entered the house.

“What? Yeah, I’m good. My leg just hurts,” Bucky explained.

“You’re not bleeding, are you? How did you get hurt?” Sam asked.

“I didn’t, that’s the thing… Probably just a cramp,” Bucky surmised.

They each retired to their rooms and as Bucky undressed, he noticed that there was writing on his leg. His heart raced as he read the text that appeared on the inner side of his calf.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make your leg hurt. I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my fibula…” it read. Bucky’s heart raced. He had a soul mate and they were apologizing to him.

Not knowing what else to do, he threw some sweats on and knocked on Steve’s door.

“Come in,” Steve said.

Bucky opened the door and shut it behind him, his heart pounding out of his chest.

“Steve… My soul mate…” he managed out. He lifted his leg up and Steve read the writing.

“Bucky, we have to find this person…” Steve said, sounding happy. “Write back! But, not on that leg, it’s probably in a cast by now. Bucky this is fantastic!”

Bucky had no idea what to make of all this. Steve gave Bucky a couple of markers to write with and he started to write back on the opposite leg.

“That’s okay, get a cast on it. What’s your name?” Bucky read aloud to Steve as he wrote.

It was a few seconds before he recieved a reply.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N. What’s yours?” Bucky read aloud as the words appeared on his skin. It was a girl. His heart leapt bounds and he froze, a million thoughts swirling in his head.

“Well, go on then!” Steve said, noticing Bucky’s hesitation.

“What if she knows who I am and what I’ve done… what if she doesn’t want to meet me…“ Bucky’s self-doubt spilled out of his mouth.

“Buck, she’s your soul mate there’s no way she wouldn’t want to meet you,” Steve explained.

With a shaky hand, Bucky wrote his full name and waited for a reply.

“The hero, Bucky Barnes? That’s you?” she wrote. Bucky studied the word “hero”. He had never thought of himself as one, always the villian if there had to be one, but when her first impression of him was that he was a hero, then he supposed it couldn’t be all bad.

By the end of the night, they had set up a time place to meet in person and Bucky was shaking with nerves by the time he was waiting for her. He had begged Steve to come with him to the Starbucks where they were to meet and after wearing him down, Steve finally agreed. It was mid-October, so the New York air was chilly and it didn’t help Bucky’s nerves at all.

Then he felt it.

His head started spinning and his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest as he looked around to see her. To his left, he saw a girl on crutches, her right leg wrapped in a purple cast. It was her.

“Steve…” Bucky managed out and gestured to her.

Before Bucky knew what he was doing, he walked over to her and their eyes met. Time seemed to stop when they looked at each other. His heart skipped a beat, he swore, and he could see nothing but her. Those eyes were the most beautiful he’d ever seen and he wanted nothing more than to stare into them for the rest of his life.

“It’s you… You’re Bucky,” she spoke breathlessly. “You’re my soul mate.”

Bucky smiled and nodded. “I’m.. I’m so glad to meet you…”

A huge smile spread across her face and Bucky couldn’t help but be mesmerized by how truly stunning she is. He wanted to know everything about her: her favorite foods, what kind of clothes she liked, even her favorite perfume. Interrupting his train if thought, Steve spoke from behind him.

“Bucky? Is this her?” he asked.

Bucky tore his eyes away from her face and looked at Steve. “Yeah, this is her… This is my soul mate, Y/N… Oh, Y/N, this is my best friend Steve.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” she said and leaned her weight on her good leg to stick her hand out to Steve for him to shake.

Bucky felt lighter than air when she spoke and he wanted nothing more than her happiness. The sun had begun to set by the time their drinks were finished.

“Well, I should get going. I have some medication to take and an exam to study for… It was wonderful to finally meet you, Bucky…” Y/N said in the sweetest voice he’d ever heard.

“I think you two should stay at the tower tonight…“ Steve said and smiled.

Bucky knew that he and Y/N had to spend the night together–it was a seal for their bond. At this point in their lives, their soul mate bonding is at its most fragile at the first meeting. There are some soul bonds that fall apart and take years of emotional labor to repair. Bucky looked at Y/N with pleading eyes and she smiled and nodded.


The following morning, Bucky woke up to soft skin against his own and a warm body curled tightly against him. As he breathed in, he smelled strawberries and vanilla, and it encouraged him to bury his head deeper into Y/N’s hair.

“Good morning, Bucky,” he heard her coo softly after she shifted slightly. Her cast made it hard for her to move freely in the bed, so Bucky made sure to move with her wherever she needed.

“Morning, doll..” he said and pulled back from her to look at her face.

She looked up at him and they smiled at each other as if the whole world had stopped just for them. Bucky’s heart began to pound in his chest and he placed a hand to her soft cheek.

Before he knew what he was doing, he followed the loudest voice in his head, screaming to just kiss her. So he did. He anchored his head down and let his lips fall to hers gently. She tasted of sweet mint, vanilla and decadent strawberries. Bucky was intoxicated and he couldn’t get enough. It was only when their lungs demanded oxygen that they parted from their passionate and time-stopping kiss.

“So… Breakfast?” he asked her and she nodded, giggling.

See You Then (Ron x Reader)

summary: ron catches y/n staring and it boosts his ego a little too much.

requested: yeah, tysm :) 

pairing: ron x reader


1.“You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

22. “Stop it.” “What is it that you’d like me to stop?” “Smirking at me like that.” “Like what?“ “… Stop it!”


You hadn’t realized you’d been staring. Or, okay maybe you had, but Ron noticing was the last thing you expected to happen- though to fair, you weren’t exactly being subtle. 

You couldn’t help it. He had a look on his face that hinted that he was concentrating quite hard, though you had no idea what on. Snape was lecturing the class about their lack of any kind of skill, or something along those lines, which wasn’t the kind of thing that required the amount of focus he seemed to be giving it.

His brows were furrowed, and his head was positioned in such a way that you could see how his jaw shifted in tune with his breathing. You were so distracted by this that you didn’t even notice that he had turned towards you, and had remained in that direction for some time- clearly waiting for you to look away. 

 After a minute of mutual staring, the corner of Ron’s mouth turns up into a smirk that you weren’t used to seeing on his face. You feel yourself flush, even before he leans across the aisle. “You know, if you’re going to stare at me, you could at least do it while I’m not looking.”

Your mouth drops open for a second, as you search from some kind of excuse as to why you had been staring at him so intently. “I was just-”

“Mr. Weasley, if you would save your flirting for outside of my classroom.”

Ron straightens up, though the smirk doesn’t leave his face as he sneaks a glance at your still flustered expression. You meet his gaze for a second before forcing your eyes to  Snape, who had continued his rampage, now adding in a part about the “obvious disrespect that was being shown in his classroom.”

You didn’t even have to look to know that Ron’s smirk was still there. “Stop it.” you whisper, when Snape has his back turned to the two of you. 

He arches an eyebrow at you, a look of feigned innocence plastered on his face. “What is it that you’d like me to stop exactly?”

“Smirking at me like that.” you shoot back, even though you knew he knew exactly what you meant. 

His smirk only widens. “Like what?”

“…Stop it!” your voice unintentionally raises a few octaves, drawing the attention of the surrounding classmates. You feel your blush grow as you shrink in your seat, completely ready for the bell to ring. 

“You seem to be awfully flustered over someone you once said reminded you of a rodent.”

“We were thirteen.” you scowl at him. “And I’m not flustered.”

“Really? Have you just run a marathon then? Because you’re cheeks are quite red.”

You shoot him a look, deciding that perhaps talking wasn’t the smartest thing for you to do at the current moment, as you were only seeming to prove his point. 

Eventually, the bell does ring, though it takes much longer than you would’ve liked. You’re fully prepared to sprint towards the door, but Ron stops you before you even have time to pull out your chair. “So…” he fiddles with your quill, and you watch him, despite that being the very thing that was the cause of your class-long embarrassment. “What are you doing this weekend?”

Your heart flutters, and for a moment you’re afraid he heard it. “Not sure… Why?”

“Well, I was thinking we could hang out… If you’re free, that is?”

“Hang out how?” you ask carefully, not wanting to get the wrong idea.

Clearly that was the right thing to say, because his cocky smirk reappears. “Like a date, I suppose.” 

“Oh. U-Um yeah. I’m free I guess.”

He looks at you for another second, his eyes seeming to be searching for something in yours, before grinning- a genuine grin this time. He takes a step back  from your desk, setting down your quill. “Alright, cool. See you then, Y/N.”

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Negan just can’t understand it. He knows he had been an asshole to this group, he had killed two of their people, their family, in front of them. But still, Rick’s boy wouldn’t say a word to him, since he had met the group, he hasn’t heard the boy’s voice, not even directed to someone else. It’s like the boy, Carl, has nothing to say while he or his men are around. He just stared at them, something sending dead glares to anyone who gets too close to the Alexandrian kids, some times he sees him smiling while he laughed with a girl that looks the same age as the Grimes boy, they look really comfortable around each other, but she is the one who talks.

Negan gets tired of that shit really quickly, he is a patient man but even he has limits. Like if it was written on the stars or some shit like that for the boy and him to reunite, Carl sneaks in the sanctuary and kills two of his men with a machine gun. He takes him on a trip on the place, showing him his ‘kingdom’ and everything he has worked really hard to get. Then they are on Negan’s room, he made him unwrap his face, made him cried, apologized for it, but the boy just raises a hand at him to stop him while he tries to justify what he said.

Then he asks.

“Why don’t you talk to me?” and the only response he receives is a long stare that could freeze fire. But it is enough for him to realize what has been going on the whole time, and the truth is like a punch in the guts.

It’s not that the boy doesn’t wants to talk. Well, maybe he wouldn’t want to talk to him. But in general, it’s not that Carl doesn’t want to talk, it’s that he can’t even if he wanted.

Carl is mute.

What I’ve Done

This is just a drabble for how I wished the list finding out scene would have went…. I’m sorry if this sucks, I’m drunk and my writing is shit.

Clarke could only stare in horror as Monty read the names from the list she had hoped no one would ever see. A crowd was gathering, a mixture of confused, hurt, and furious faces forming a cage around her, while Monty continued to list each person she had chosen “worthy enough” to make the cut. Clarke had never meant for anyone to see the list, she and Bellamy had agreed to hide it under the floor panels, but she had been careless that morning and shoved it into the desk drawer before leaving the room. Her heart broke with each wounded look she recieved from her friends; the people that she had fought so hard to keep alive when they first landed on Earth. Every one of her instinct screamed for her to walk away, to put a stop to this torture…to do something. But Clarke knew that she deserved it. Jasper was right; she wasn’t God, and she shouldn’t be allowed to decide who lives and dies. She knew that, and Bellamy knew it too… but what choice did they have? What choice did she have?

Clarke felt her lips moving, voicing counter arguments, excuses, apologies, but her heart was heavy and she didn’t believe a word of what she was telling them. She was so numb, that she could barely hear herself anyway. Her words only seemed to make things worse, and the people began to protest and shout.

“Bellamy Blake? C'mon!” One man shouted, stepping forward so she could see him.

“Who are you to decide who lives and dies?” Demanded a woman from somewhere in the crowd.

Clarke opened her mouth, nothing came out. What could she say to them? They were right; who was she to decide? But then Jaha was there, rattling off a speech about how leadership was needed, how they all needed her and Bellamy, and then they were setting off to work again. Clarke hated the idea of a lottery, but it was better than her picking and chosing which lives were more important. So she did what everyone said that she did best; Clarke went and hid. She searched the Ark for a small crevice or compartment to curl up in, and then she cried.

Eventually her eyes ran dry, and her stomach grumbled furiously, so she slowly made her way over to the mess hall. The space was nearly empty, and Clarke chose a table farthest away from the entrance in hopes that no one would approach her while she tried to stomach the small portion of food she had taken.

“I think I liked you better when you were just our doctor.” Japser muttered, plopping down across from her.

Something akin to anger bubbled in Clarke’s stomach and she stabbed her fork into the mush on her plate. “I was never just your doctor. Even if I wanted to be.”

“Well, at least back then you were trying to save lives.”


Jasper shook his head and held up a hand. “I don’t get you Clarke. You talk about how we all survive if we work together, but then you go and make this list. This list that doesn’t even include most of our names; the ones that deserve to live the most like Monty and Harper. But then you go ahead and put Bellamy’s name on there…and yours!”

“Bellamy’s name should be on that list. He deserves to live.” Clarke snapped, slamming her fists down on the table, making Jasper flinch.

“Even still, what makes you better than the rest of us? You’re no more important that Harper, or any other girl that didn’t make the cut. Why do you think you deserve that spot?”

Clarke closed her eyes and shrugged, drawing in a deep breath. “Of all the people in this camp that deserve to be on that list, I am not one of them. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t be in charge of decisions like this anymore, and my name wouldn’t be on that piece of paper.”

“Then why-”

“It was the only way that Bellamy would keep his name on it. He wouldn’t let me write his down unless my name was there too.” Clarke whispered, feeling her eyes begin to prickle. “I know I don’t deserve the spot, but he does.”

Adore You (Carlisle Cullen x Reader)

Prompt: “When you have time could you write a fluffy valentine imagine with Carlisle please?” (requested)

Word Count: 421 {kinda struggling to put long things, sorry}

A/N: Whenever someone asks for a fluffy thing it seems that I struggle to write long ones, I’m trying to change that, I promise that I will try harder next time! Also, I changed the plot from the summary that I put up the other day, sorry haha

Carlisle’s POV (third person)

Baby, are you listening?
Wondering, where you’ve been, all my life
I just started living
Oh, baby are you listening?

He stared at her while she was talking with Alice and he loved everything about her; the way her hands moved along when she talked, how bright her smile looked from where he was sitting, the way her hair falls effortlessly on her back and how her golden eyes seemed to shine every time she laughed.

He felt like the luckiest man alive, just thinking of her and he smiled at the thought of having her by his side.

When you say you love me
Know I love you more
when you say you need me
Know I need you more
I adore you

When he saw her standing and cleaning the room he couldn’t help himself and walked closer to hug her from behind, she didn’t even flinch, she knew he was there.

“You got early from work, love” she said when she turned around to face him, he was already smiling.

“Lucky me, more time to spend with you then” he said before he kissed her, savoring the moment, he loved having her on his arms. She started giggling on the middle of the kiss making him pull back with a small smile on his face; he looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“We have all the time in the world to be together, Carlisle” she said with a loving tone in her voice and with a radiant smile. He simply nodded and stared at her, slowly placing his hands firmly on her waist, tracing small circles with his thumbs.

“Yes, we have, love” he leaned closer to kiss her one more, and what once started as a sweet innocent kiss rapidly turned into a passionate one, her hands roaming over his body to finally set on his shoulders trying to bring him closer to her body. He slowly pulled away and started to kiss her neck, slowly kissing the places he knew she loved and he was pleased when he heard her moans knowing that he was making her feel good.

When they pulled apart and he pressed his forehead against hers, he felt like time stood still and the only thing on his mind was her and he never felt more content in his life, his family was fine and safe, and the love of his life was wrapped in his arms and he wished that things stayed that way forever.

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A - Age: 20

B - Biggest fear: Wow, I had a nightmare last night where I woke up with a full mustache and beard combo, and I forreal was about to scream when I woke up. But thats not my biggest fear, just wants to share that with you all. UM! My biggest fear is honestly losing my mother while I’m still young. I lost my dad when I was nine already, so that’s always been very potent inside of me. 

C - Current time: 6:25PM

D - Drink you last had: Sprite

E - Every day starts with: Staring at the ceiling and wondering, why?

F - Favourite song: “Wolves” by Kanye West has had me hype as fuck since TLOP came out.

G - Ghosts are they real: Definitely.

I - In love with: Money, honestly

K - Killed someone: Nah

L - Last time you cried: I honestly can’t remember, but I feel like it definitely happened when I was angry because nine times out of ten, my tears are inspired by pure fury. It makes me look crazy as shit.

M - Middle name: Ishmal. Indeed, it is a derivative of the male Biblical name, Ishmael. It’s a family name, and my part of the family took out the E. 

N - Number of siblings: I have five half siblings and then my big brother.

O - One wish: For my family to win a massive-ass amount of money, so no one has to work and so I don’t have to go to law school.

P - Person you last called/texted: My mom!

Q - Questions you are always asked: “How do you pronounce your name? H-howwww do you pronounce it?”

R - Religion: I am a spiritual Christian

S - Song last sang: “Angelitos Negros” by Eartha Kitt

T - Time you woke up: 9:33AM

U - Underwear colour: Currently white with flower print

V - Vacation destination: I want to go to Dubai. 

W - Worst habit: Biting my nails 

X - X-Rays you’ve had: My ribs! And my high school bio teacher requested to see it bc you can see the outline of my heart…but you can also see the shape of my boobs. Everyone in my freshman bio class has technically seen the goods.

Y - Your favourite food:  Samosas 

Z- Zodiac sign: The ultimate gemini. 


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

A small thing about Lance and the Blue Lion:

Blue encountered the team first and thus could have had her pick of any of them had she wanted. While three of the five Lions place glyphs to lead their paladin to them, Green takes a ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ approach while Yellow has only a few marks, but with precise instructions. Blue, however, fills the entire cave, lights them up, and then personally breaks the floor in easily the largest show of activity, and as soon as Lance is in her cavern he starts talking about how he feels like she’s staring at him.

Blue not only chose Lance, he was her first choice, and she was very excited about him. Given Keith had been there before to photograph the markings and probably spent a lot of time in that cave, Blue repeatedly passed up Keith- who is the person that Iverson told Lance he was the subpar replacement of. 

This is reinforced in Blue’s cavern, when Keith specifically replies negative to Lance’s “Does anyone else feel like this thing is staring at them” and Keith touches Blue’s barrier to no effect.

A sentient being has been stuck in a cave for a very long time, and rather than take the first opportunity to get out of there, she chose to wait for Lance. It’s unclear if she specifically knew Lance was out there, or if she was just immediately charmed by him as soon as he showed up.

So basically if Blue was human and the kind of person to carry a wallet there would probably be a picture of Lance in it and everyone she talked to for more than five seconds would see it.

Okay but picture this:

Sirius starts wearing eyeliner in the summer before their 5th year, having found a pen lying around in a muggle park. So the first day back to school, him and James stroll back into the common room, and Remus is already there, of course, having arrived in the Hogwarts Express while Sirius and James (much like Harry and Ron) had to arrive by other… means.

And Sirius is used to the eyeliner by now, having been using it all summer, so when Remus goes to greet him and James, and he just stares, Sirius says, “what?”

Then Remus is just, like, staring, his eyes taking in every detail on Sirius’s face, always going back to his eyes.

And now Sirius just stands there, awkwardly, and says like “Moony what the fuck?”

So then James says, “Pads… your eyes,” trying to stiffle a laugh, and sirius just beams when he realizes, and says, “OH RIGHT! DON’T YOU LOVE IT MOONY? EYELINER! ON A GUY! ISN’T IT AMAZING? THE POTTERS WENT CRAZY WHEN THEY SAW IT!” all excitedly and practically shoving his face against Remus’s. 

So Remus now is looking like he might faint, and Sirius’s excitement dies down a little as he says, “Oh… you don’t like it?” and Remus is still saying nothing, so James groans and gets between the two of them and slaps Remus softly. “Remus. Stay with me. Sirius asked you a question, honey,” and Remus manages to strip his eyes from Sirius’s face to James’s, then back go Sirius’s, and he just moves past james to where Sirius is standing, grabs his face, leans in really close, and says, in a breathy, rough whisper, “You’re fucking killing me, Sirius.” 

Day Ninety-One

-A young girl realized that she had inadvertently been hiding an item while her mother had been attempting to empty her cart and announced, “Mom, I was sitting on a pair of socks! They were hiding in my butt hut!” Any child this eloquent is certain to make history.

-An elderly man walked into the store, stared at a three-foot statue of the Target dog Bullseye, and asked loudly of no one in particular, “Does this dog attack often?” He then carried on his way to go shopping, apparently not all that concerned with finding an answer.

-Upon placing two solitary cans of soup on the counter, I was told with no context, “Tonight, she’s learning the wonders of canned soup.” I eventually was given the backstory that the guest had an exchange student from Austria, where they apparently do not have canned soup, but I believe that we can all do to be reminded of these wonders sometimes.

-I am glad to see that the etiquette of returning one’s cart rather than abandoning it at the register has reached Austria. I am disappointed to see that it has still yet to reach my surrounding area.

-A baby said hi. I said hi. The baby told me I was cute. I ended the conversation there. I did not know how to tell the baby that I am a taken man.

-I rang up a man with one standard brown eye and one eye which appeared to have been made out of stainless steel, qualifying itself as an Eye Deluxe.

-A four year-old attempted to smuggle a Nutella snack tub into her father’s purchase. I tried to help her sneak it through, but we were sadly both found out before the mission could be completed.

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Hey I was wondering if you had any florist/tattooist AU kyouhaba (or any other ship tvh) fix recommendations? Also I love your art and I hope you have an awesome day

hi anon! i don’t have any fics to recommend at the moment unfortunately BUT i have this little thing that’s been in my drafts for a while /)u(\ i have no idea what to do with it so just …. *shoves it at you* take this dying and not so smooth tattoed yahaba

“so….when you were giving me dancing lessons?”
[clip of them dancing]
“yes, then”
“when we shared a bed in dartmoor?”
[clip of one of them staring at the other one while they sleep]
“yes, then too”
“what about…even bond night?”
[clip of them watching a movie, shoulder to shoulder, laughing and having fun together]
“i think…..even bond night.”
“when did it start?”
“i cant remember. maybe we’ve been in love since the moment we met.”
“i agree”

dean’s hands shake.

they always have. they shake from fear–not during the fight, no, dad made sure his hands were steady when he held his gun. but they shake after, when he allows himself to swallow and realize just how afraid he had been.

they shake from drunkenness. sometimes so badly that he can hardly pick up the bottle to take another swig. he puts his head in them and can feel how they tremble while the familiar images flash in his mind–mom dying, sam dying, cas dying, everyone he loves dying, dying, dying and him being unable to stop it.

they shake from adrenaline. because cas is standing just a little too close, staring just a little too long. he should be used to it by now. and he is, in a way, but he can’t help but feel that they’re at the precipice of something huge. at the edge of a cliff that he’s one second from jumping off of. his hands shake because the words are on the tip of his tongue, pressing at the roof of his mouth to get out. his heart is beating too hard and he’s so close, they’re so close.

they shake from desire. the first time he touches cas’ hip, the knobs at the bottom of his spine. he’s nervous, and that’s not helping, but he’s never pressed his palms and run the pads of his fingers upon anything as breathtaking as cas. cas, who saved him. cas, who saves him everyday, who is saving him right now. he presses his mouth to the angel’s neck, willing his hands to be steady enough to undo the buttons on cas’ shirt.

in the aftermath, cas takes his hands. he kisses each knuckle and finger tip and looks at dean with love so clearly in his eyes that dean has to blink away the wetness forming in his own. peace rushes through him like he’s never felt before, filling his heart and his lungs. he lifts his hands to cas’ face, cradles his jaw, strokes his cheekbones with his thumbs. and look at that, he thinks to himself. perfectly fucking still.

As team manager, Lardo is used to looking out for certain signals from her boys.
Shitty swears the most when he’s happiest, but if he says “damn” more than “fuck” then his family probably called, and he needs to come “help her work” (also known as, “watch her work while holding her paints and unironically listening to Black Parade”).
Jack muttering in French isn’t a problem, unless he’s staring into space at the same time. Then it’s time to get Shitty and make a run to the library for a WWII documentary.
Ransom and Holster have been tending to each other’s needs from the moment they met, so it’s just a matter of listening to what they say the other needs.
Bitty’s moods are as transparent as his crush on Jack, so it’s just knowing when to turn the oven off or when to ask him what’s up.
She and Dex have an open-door policy: any time he needs to vent or get angry or just talk without fear of judgment, consequences, or well-meaning advice, he comes to her, and she takes care of him however he asks her to, no questions asked.
She reads Nursey’s poetry on a daily basis. For all his “chill” exterior, his poetry shows a range of passion and emotion that is almost too intense, even for her. She’s still experimenting with reactions - autumnal themes sometimes mean he wants to spend more time with Dex, but sometimes it means he just wants to get away from everything for a while. She’s planning on taking a poetry class next semester as an elective to try to get a better understanding of the boy.
Chowder, though. Chowder is a mystery. When she first met him, she started to treat him like Bitty, expecting his emotions to be just as close to the surface and obvious to understand, but it took her one week of practice to change her mind. The boy had anger, the deep, quiet kind that was all the more deadly for its stillness. On the ice, his eyes were colder than the surface he skated on, and she reconsidered.
She’s not ashamed to say that she stalked him on Facebook (especially compared to the amount of research she did for Jack, and is doing for Nursey). She dug up everything she could find on him, and still came up empty, so she returned to basics. She did what every art major does best; she watched.
She watched how his babbling was broken up by bursts of silence, his enthusiasm by periods of narrow-eyed concentration, his joyful exuberance by naps on the couch. Most of all, she watched him on the ice, how that seemed to be the only place he let the cold take over, the force and ferocity with which he repelled the pucks shot his way. She watched, waiting for the moment she understood what was happening inside his head, until the moment she realized she never would.
“Where are we going?” Chowder asked as they left the Haus, toward the end of the semester.
“The counseling center,” she replied, “but only if you want to.” She swallowed when the boy - the man, she corrected herself, spotting the ice and weariness that did not exist in children’s eyes - pull up short.
“Why?” One word, not particularly angry, but not particularly forgiving, either. Lardo drew herself up.
“Chowder, it’s my job to look after my boys,” she started. “I make sure everyone is okay, and everyone has what they need to get through the season. Maybe this is hubris, but I kinda think I’m good at it.”
“You are,” Chowder interrupted, and Lardo smiled at him.
“Maybe, but even I have my limits. You’re hurting, Chris, in ways I don’t have words for, in places I don’t know how to get to. You don’t have to go into it, but am I wrong?” Silence greeted her, and she watched Chowder’s shoulders slump. “I may not be able to help you, but at least let me get you to someone who can.” After a long moment, Chowder nodded, and they took off again.
“I thought I was hiding it,” he murmured after a minute, and Lardo looked up at him.
“You were, quite well, actually,” she replied. “I never would have seen if I hadn’t been looking. But that’s the point; you didn’t need to. You never need to. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. That’s what I’m here for.”
“Because it’s your job.”
“Yes,” she agreed. “But also because I’m your friend.” They had reached the front of the counseling center. She looked back up at him. “You want me to wait for you?”
“No,” he replied, his eyes already far away, on ice. They cleared for just long enough for him to look down at her. “But can you get Bitty to make me a blueberry pie, for when I get back? I think I’m going to need one.”
“Yeah, course.” She watched as he walked away, before putting in the order with Bitty and sidestepping his concern via text. He didn’t thank her, they never do, but she didn’t need it anyway.
As team manager, Lardo is used to looking after her boys. And in the case of her Californian goalie, that means a weekly walk to counseling and a pie order for afterwards.
God, she loves her job.