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The first image was my initial piece I was going to do for the Invisible Kingdom zine but then I later changed my mind. So that piece has been sitting in my hard drive, incomplete. LOLOL It was suppose to feature the Vallite family, including Anankos and King Cadros (who Shigure looked like based on the DLC)~

So I doodled my take of King Cadros, using Arete’s design as a reference and kept the colors similar to Azura and Shigure~ I wished Intsy gave us more information on King Cadros. ;w;

I love the fact that you only get Azura, Jakob, and Corrin when you choose Revelation. LOLOL The struggle was real.

Hey, y’all.  I was hoping to get a little help with something.  I know I’ve talked about my boyfriend on here before, and about how he wants to understand gender, specifically non-binary gender, better.  He was raised in a very conservative household where anything straying from the male-female was regarded as “socialist propaganda” and strongly dismissed, and it wasn’t until just a few years ago that the concept of gender theory was even available to him.  Now, he’s very respectful of gender identity and he would never intentionally misgender someone because he’s not a dick, but he feels that he would benefit from understanding the issues surrounding gender in addition to accepting them.

He and I have had countless discussions on the subject.  We tend to agree on most things and we generally reach the same conclusions, but our processes for arriving at those conclusions are different.  He’s very intelligent, but we think differently.  I’m a very abstract and theoretical thinker, but he is more concrete.  It makes for some awesome discussions (y’all should come over for dinner sometime), but it also means that the sources I read to learn about and understand gender theory, those that use very theoretical and abstract language and points, are not helpful to him.

So, this is where you lot come in.  You curious, brilliant people.  I am looking for good articles or journals or even books on gender theory that are helpful to a concrete mind.  Or, if any of my non-binary followers are willing, someone to sit down and patiently have a conversation with the man.  Send me sources!

As a random side note, I am still poking at Lowlander, but…I might be posting some of the other things I’ve been working on over the last few months since I’ve been writing a lot lately. They’ll be mostly over//watch and final fantasy stuff, shippy things and other things, but they’ll all be tagged appropriately if you don’t want to see them. I just…miss sharing my writing with people, even if it’s not why most of you are here orz

Faking It (Grayson) Part 9/10

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 1,240
Warnings: None.
A/N: I hope you’ll like my decision! I felt like everything was becoming too predictable so I decided to twist it around a bit. Let me know what you thought! 

You remembered the first time you had met the twins. It was during your first year in High School and you were still at that awkward stage where you were growing up and tried to figure out what your thing was. You had tried out for the swim team, the science club and lastly the drama club. For some reason you had felt like it would be cool to try out for the lead in the schools play, so when the time finally came for you to audition, the twins had been sitting in the crowd. Apparently they’d gotten detention and were getting punished by helping out backstage, giving them a perfect view for anyone who stepped up on that tiny stage to audition.

The guy you had auditioned with was a complete dumbass that had tried to initiate a kiss that wasn’t necessary to audition for, going to grab your ass. But you didn’t have any of it. You had grabbed his wrist, twisting it behind his back and wrestled him to the ground. And that was how you caught the attention of the two brothers, never leaving each other’s sides from that day on.

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high school gothic

-you’re writing a paper. you take a short five minute break, you look back at the clock after your break. it’s been four hours.
-you sit down in class and for ten minutes the teacher talks. you glance at the clock. it’s been 39 seconds.
-you set an alarm to wake up at 6:30am. it wakes you up but you shut your eyes for just five more minutes. you wake up. it’s been half an hour.
-you email your teacher to ask for an extension on your paper because you can’t find the rubric. your teachers emails you back, confused. there’s no rubric and there was never a paper assigned.
-you arrive home at 3:30pm and tell yourself to start homework in an hour. an hour passes. the time reads 11pm. you’re fucked.
-you reach into your pencil case and you pull out three pens. you don’t own any pens why are they in there.
-you have a speech to give. later in the day you get a grade back for the speech. you don’t remember giving it.
-you’re writing a paper and you’re almost done. you keep writing for a few hours and you’re almost done. you’ve been almost done for four hours but there’s nothing on your sheet.

saphruikan  asked:

Hey there! I have a cat who eats wet food for his main diet. I was wondering if how he eats is something I need to worry about. During the week when I'm at school he sometimes doesn't touch his breakfast all day, and only when I come home around 6 p.m. does he start eating it. My grandma insists it's because he doesn't like his food, but then he eats totally normally when I'm around. Could this be some kind of weird attachment issue? The brand of wet food is Wellness CORE, if that makes a diff.

It might be an attachment issue, I can’t really say. Either way, you need to change that management pattern - wet food goes bad and should really never be left out for more than an hour, two at max. It’s definitely risky for him to be eating it after it has been sitting out all day. 

I’d suggest putting food down for him first thing when you get up, and picking it up and putting it away in the fridge when you go to school. If he’s crying from hunger later, your grandmother can put it down for him for a little while. Hopefully he’ll start learning to eat when it’s available rather than when he feels like it, and that’ll help him stay a little further away from risk of getting sick. 

the signs as LLP things p. 2

based on beth’s marvelous post

Aries: L’s mysterious soho bender
Taurus: a series of lengthy wikihow articles on wall construction and maintenance
Gemini: L memeing it up in the DMs
Cancer: getting stood up by Yoshio Anderson on snapchat
Leo: Mello’s Slightly Different Opinion™
Virgo: Bobbert Winfrey
Libra: “several people are typing”
Scorpio: the mummified kiwi that’s been sitting on my desk since valentines day
Sagittarius: Matt saying “ya”
Capricorn: L’s knife wound
Aquarius: seriously who the FUCK is running LLP, it’s been a month, what the shit
Pisces: Light telling people off in the group chat for not doing their homework on time

anonymous asked:

Today my sister had a doctors appointment and we saw a Trump sticker on this guy's car, so we ripped it off before we went inside. TWO HOURS LATER, we come out of the doctors office and he's been sitting there the entire time waiting for us to come out with this woman who saw us from afar. He starts yelling at us and she thinks it wasn't us (it was), so then he gets super embarrassed and we drove off. Sunglasses emoji.


anonymous asked:

This is about the third blog I've asked this but I really want to know what people think about this 😂... If the Choi twins banged someone who's last name is also Choi..would it still be a Choi sandwich or will it just be a whole Choi bread?(it's threesome)

I have been sitting here thinking about this stuff like a real aristocrat and I suddenly remember Sarah Choi…. I dont… I can’t even…I don’t know this question is too deep for my brain right now…


Did I mention that Severus started planning with me? I think I did, but anyway, it’s wonderful. 

It’s been a few weeks, and over the weekend we sit together and plan our upcoming week: changing Shaun the Cool Fish’s water, cleaning his room, quality time things, and he’s keeping track of everything so much better. 

I’m hoping it will continue when our routine changes and we have new and different things to do. 

This weekend we’ll be making cards for his classmates for him to give everyone next week. Today, he said he wanted to share with the class that he was leaving, but when the time came he wasn’t able to. He was so sad when I picked him up, we just sat in the dirt and hugged until he was ready to talk and walk home. 

We talked about how difficult it will be to say goodbye to his friends, and shared some hope for making new ones, and excitement over exploring new places. I’m prepared for his big emotions, I know to expect them. 

In a much more fun discussion, we talked about time zones! He loves the idea of jet lag - he thinks it’s funny that his brain will still feel like he’s in New York, when his body is in Washington. We were thrown totally out of whack by AN HOUR, but sure, let’s encourage jet lag! Goofy kid. 

This is the last thing I’ll hopefully say about this. To anybody out there saying we shouldn’t be upset about this hug can have several seats. It’s not about characters or any scene analysis, it’s about how blatantly disrespectful it was those who have been waiting so long for it. To sit here and defend this and tell us how we should feel about it and makes us feel that we’re being irrational is very disrespectful and again you can have several seats.