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crossing the line | 01

genre: teacher!au, college!au, implied smut (?) i guess lol, other chapters will have smut.
word count: 2.1k 
summary: your drama teacher makes your schoolgirl heart flutter. 


“I’m Mr. Kim,” he said sweetly, his voice sounding softer coming out of those plump lips than before, “I assume you’re the new student?”

You let out a deep sigh, finally having found your dorm after a few hours of walking around campus since the lady at the admissions office had no idea what she was talking about when she gave you directions. Apparently it “wasn’t her job” to know where it was. You were starting to get irked and hate it more and more here every second.

Lifting the small sheet of paper that she had given you, you let your eyes skim down the list of dorms before stopping at the one that was circled in blue ink. You read the name of the building before heading inside as you dragged your bag in behind you.

You exhaled sadly once you finally got to the third floor, the numbers ‘345’ staring back at you as you pulled your key out of your pocket with the same numbers embedded into it. You unlocked the door and pushed it open before looking around, only to see that it was empty. There was two beds one either side of the room, one with a big military duffel bag and tons of white t-shirts sitting on top of it. You snorted a little at your roommate’s fashion sense, wondering what kinda girl she was. What if she was a complete nightmare?

You never had to deal with living with other people since forever because you’ve always lived by yourself and liked being alone, so you never really had to worry about messy roommates or your stuff getting stolen.  

You shut the door behind yourself, throwing your bag onto the unoccupied bed before looking around the plain room. The walls were just plain white; stripped of everything and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the depressing colour. Your trail of thoughts was broken by the sound of the doorknob turning, making you tilt your head as the door opened again. Your eyebrows immediately furrowed as you saw a boy walk in.

His chocolate orbs widened slightly as he froze before giving your body a long once-over, letting his eyes trail down your curves and finally locking eyes with you. “Are you…uhm,” he began before awkwardly scratching the back of his neck, “My new roommate?” he questioned lightly, a cute little smile forming on his features.

It took you a whole minute to finally answer him, “This is your room?” you asked, arching a perfect eyebrow.  

He spared a small nod before stepping all the way in and closing the door behind himself. 

You couldn’t help but to check him out as you licked your lips, your stomach clenching at his toned body. He was hella gorgeous, tall and entirely handsome. “Yeah,” he returned, sticking his large hands into the front pockets of his worn out jeans, “I got kicked out of Empire State.” He added sheepishly as he offered you a shy look.

You just stared at him, completely baffled.

I actually have to share a room with him? – you thought to yourself as your eyebrows furrowed once again. A girl would’ve been bad enough to live with, but a guy? Scratch that, a handsome guy? “You’re my roommate?” you asked once again, still in slight shock.

His cheeks flushed when he realised that you didn’t want to share a room with him, causing his smile to drop. He took one of his hands out of his front pocket and ran it through his messy dark hair, “I mean, all the dorms are co-ed – unless you request one that’s not,” he said truthfully, his features softening a little, “I get it if you are uncomfortable, you can go talk to the community director, but that will most likely take a few weeks.” He added.

You let out a low groan before plopping down on your bed, “Fuck, can this get any worse?” you grumbled, putting your face in your hands as you took a deep breath. You tried to calm yourself down before you lowered your hands and saw the boy just standing there awkwardly; trying his hardest not to glance at you as he nibbled on his bottom lip, both hands back in his pockets.

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, sitting up and looking over at him, “I’m usually not like this but I’ve just had a bad… week,” you explained briefly, causing his brown eyes to land back on you as he spared you a nod. “I’m Y/N.” you quipped, holding out your small hand as you introduced yourself.

“Jungkook,” he returned before stepping forward to take your hand in his, purposely brushing his fingers over yours as he shook it. He seemed to loosen up a little bit and you could tell he almost wanted to smile, but he didn’t.

He padded over to his bed, plopping down on it as you laid back down and watched him for a bit. You couldn’t but to be curious about him, he seemed shy, slightly nervous and just… different. He didn’t seem all that bad– you thought to yourself as your teeth lightly grazed your bottom lip.

It had been a few days and you finally got your schedule, but you could care less. You and Jungkook had finally gotten over your awkward stages and all you wanted to do was hide out with him until someone found you to kick you out of the college for having so many absences. 

He was like a fresh breath of air compared to all the guys you knew – he had gotten you to smile and laugh, something you haven’t done since, well… ever. He was a pretty decent human being and you were getting more and more comfortable with one another.  

All your thoughts of Jungkook seemed to be pushed towards the back of your mind as your smiled faded the second you arrived to your first drama class. You didn’t want to be there in the first place but it was some stupid mandatory rule as you were majoring in studio arts and you had to pick at least one class that was out of your area of study. You had some experience in acting and it was either that or contemporary dance, which you sure as hell did not seem like doing. 

Your thoughts seemed to fly right out of the windows as your drama teacher walked into the theatre, strutting his way up the aisle to the chattering class he already knew. Your mouth formed a perfect ‘o’ as you practically drooled at the sight of him; he was an ethereal brown eyed god and you never believed in love at first sight until you saw him. 

The second he opened his mouth to speak, you knew you wanted him, “Alright class,” he said loudly, his deep voice cutting through all the other students as the majority of them stopped their conversations, “It has been a long weekend and I’m really not in the mood for any of your usual monkey business…” he trailed off, glancing over the rows of students he was addressing before those gorgeous brown orbs were directed at you. 

You were quite isolated from the pack of closely-knit young adults littered about the stage as you sat on your own at the very edge. The drama teacher walked closer to you and you could practically smell his cologne, “I’m Mr. Kim,” he said sweetly, his voice sounding softer coming out of those plump lips than before, “I assume you’re the new student?”

Pulling yourself of your daydream, you bit your lip before handing him the recommendation slip in your hand, “Yes, I am,” you spoke, a soft smile appearing on your face as you glanced up at him through your eyelashes, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” you smirked, causing him to slightly raise an eyebrow. You had no idea where this sudden burst of confidence was coming from, but you couldn’t help but to have this attitude; merely looking at him sent your hormones into overdrive. 

He seemed to space out for a fraction of a nanosecond as his cheeks flushed, causing your smile to widen a little. He cleared his throat and looked down at the paper, skimming it quickly before folding it and putting it his back pocket. 

“Welcome to the class, Y/N,” he mumbled, offering you a small nod before turning around and speaking again, “You can take a seat over there and watch us rehearse for the time being.” He said as he tried not to make eye contact, pointing to the cushioned seating he was facing before grabbing a notepad of his.

You watched him plop down in the seat closest to the aisle in the front row as he turned to face the stage, “Alright, everyone,” he called to his students, “Places.”

You lightly bit your lip, watching him write something down in his notebook before you decided to be bold and sit down in the seat right next to his, “So what will I do then, Mr. Kim?”

You noticed his shiny black pen stop for a moment before he quickly finished writing down his sentence, “All the parts are cast, but don’t worry I’ll think of something,” he responded lightly before putting his pen down and looking back up at the stage, as if he couldn’t feel your wandering eyes all over his body.

You were practically undressing him – mentally – and if anyone ever looked at you the way you were looking at him, you’d feel pretty naked. Eventually, you turned your head away from him as you tried not to look so obvious, but of course, your eyes couldn’t help but to gravitate back to him. Who could blame you though? He was literally on the verge of being God-like. 

A few moments after the lights dimmed and the dress rehearsal had begun, about fifteen minutes to be exact, he breathed in deeply before opening his mouth to speak again, “What is it, Miss Y/N?” he questioned low enough for only you to hear as he glanced over at you.

You almost jolted out of your seat as you blushed, realising that you were failing miserably at not being so damn obvious. You spared a shake of your head before turning your head quickly, looking straight at the amateur actors jumping around on stage as Mr. Kim let out a deep chuckle. 

“What?” You asked him once his laughing had stopped. He merely shook his head, covering his mouth with his large hand as he slightly leaned away from you, his elbow resting on the armrest. 

You frowned, staring at him for a bit as you tried to figure about why he was chuckling, just before hearing someone yell, “Hyuna! Your line!”

Your attention averted back to the state as you watched the brunette, whose brown eyes were nearly piercing yours just seconds before fumbling through her script. You giggled lightly before shaking your head at her, but you didn’t wait for her to find out what her line had been because, by the time, you were already looking over at Mr. Kim in your peripheral vision.

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Title: Wake me up, I wanna feel the sun.
Relationship: Robert Sugden/Aaron Dingle.
Word count: 1,323
Summary: It’s his shaking hands that get Robert in the end. (Robert’s parked in the lay-by, he’s having a rough night.)

*Warning, this fic deals with undiagnosed Paranoia, and alludes to possibility of an underlining disorder; such as PPD*

Inspired by @lastgoldsun


It’s his shaking hands that get Robert in the end. He can’t hold onto the stirring wheel, he tries, digs his fingers into the leather fabric and tries to hold on. The tremors though, there relentless. Maybe it’s the shock, that’s what the nurse had said when she’d examined him.

Sophie he thinks was her name, he can’t remember— knows she told it to him. He remembers her smile though, warm and kind. Truthfully, the hospital visit had been a cloudy haze and Robert’s only just breaking through the smoke, coming back, just a fraction, just enough to pull over, into the lay-by.

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MC: “We’re gonna need code names. I’ll be Eagle 1.”

MC: “Zen is ‘Been There, Done That’,”

MC: “707 is ‘Currently Doing That’,”

MC: “Jaehee is ‘it happened once in a dream’,”

MC: “Yoosung is ‘If I Had To Pick A Yandere’,”

MC: “And Jumin is… 'Eagle 2’.”

Jumin: “Oh thank God.”

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ooh these are cool 

+ I was born a blonde (but my hair has been every color in existence thanks to my epic hair dying skills)

+ I was born in Mississippi, but now I live in Illinois (still have the accent though)

+ I have three younger siblings who are all boys (and blonds) 

+ My family gives each other really weird nicknames, so, for example, my brothers’ nicknames are Bear, Stir, and Chabas, but mine (Sissy) is really generic. 

+ Letty is actually my nickname, but I thought it was my actual name until like 10. When I found out I felt so betrayed, like someone told me that Santa wasn’t real. 

Now that you guys know some useless facts about, feel free to stalk me! (jks pls don’t)

(( OK I have an ask about what Meta Knight’s dimensional cape is made out of… not sure how to answer that? Other than magic? Space? Maybe I’ll just resort to sass.

Another thing… I see that I have two asks involving Meta Knight’s parents… since there is an interest, I’m probably just going to put together a post about both of them. I think it will just be easier that way. Plus I’m still working on how I want them to be.))

so the kwami incorporate their features into the suits, right?

like so:

antennae ribbons


bald heads

and for those partaking in the spoilerfest from jeremy zag, you can easily see this continues on the rest of the users as well.

…except for the turtle, who they have been fairly secretive about.

so then… what could be waiting for us…?

we can only speculate… 

but my theory is he will look something this:

i dunno about you guys but i am ready for dipsy fu, how bout u?


This job… we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody. But if we can’t find a way to live with that, next time… maybe nobody gets saved.

Captain America: Civil War (2016), dir. Anthony & Joe Russo

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation