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they say the crown is always heavy but i wonder if they truly know:
how it wears you down like a stone around your neck and leaves you begging for a gulp of air. how it snaps your wings and reins you in, how it takes and takes from you like the most experienced of thieves.
and i wonder if they’ll ever see what the crown really took from me:
my love, my heart, my freedom, whipping past me like the ocean breeze i’m not allowed to get in touch with anymore;
and yet how grateful i am still —
for the countless hungry strangers that try to rob me of this newfound glory i did not ask for, and how they try to decorate their precious crown with the jewels they’ll readily steal from my very veins, red and rich like rubies.
but most of all, i wonder if they realize:
each scar, each fat drop of blood, each tear is a new day their sharpened knives and monstrous teeth have missed my lifeline.

and the crown is still not theirs.
—  long live the king / nikolai 


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Do you know if there are any fics with very light Dom/sub? As in it's basically not even that, but Jensen lightly tells Jared what to do just a little, if that makes any sense? Thank you and sorry for bothering you. :)

Hiiii! Sorry I’ve had this message sitting in my drafts forever! You are not bothering me :) First thing you should check is all the alpha/beta/omega fics I’ve recced, because those have a lot of this theme. But if that’s not your thing, here’s a little list of all human J2 rps. It’s been a while since I read these fics, so I’m not sure how mild these are, but I had them bookmarked as bossy!jensen and hopefully they are what you’re looking for!

Laundry Day by dragonspell
Warnings: underwear sniffing, whatever the proper term for that is.
Summary: Jensen catches Jared jerking off into his underwear. He decides to do something about it. Words: 2,260
Tags: jared/jensen, rps, oneshot, smell!kink, blowjob, kink:dirty talk, rimming, praise!kink

Off Duty by strangeallure
Summary: Jensen’s with the NYPD, Jared works at this bar that’s popular with police officers. One night, they both get sick of the status quo. Words: ~ 3,700
Tags: jared/jensen, au, cop!jensen, bartender!jared, bottom!jared

A Loft With A View by zubeneschamali
Summary: At first the hot guy in the condo across the street doing pull-ups was just distracting to Jensen. Then he became a turn-on. Jensen just hopes they never meet, because he’ll never be able to look the guy in the eye… Words: 6,138
Tags: jared/jensen, neighbors, kink:voyeurism, au, body worship, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen, coffeeshop

Fruit Punch Lips by tebtosca
Warnings: Underage (Jared is 17, Jensen is 21)
Summary: Jared thinks he doesn’t want anyone to see him like this. Turns out there is one exception. Words: 2,254
Tags: jared/jensen, au, neighbors, first time, panty!kink, bottom!jared, frottage, praise!kink

I’ve Got Your Number by morrezela
Summary: Jared is a submissive kind of guy who just can never catch a break because of his size and boisterous personality. Cue Jensen who is more than willing to help him out. Words: 2,631
Tags: jared/jensen, au, alphamale!jensen, submissive!jared, oneshot, bottom!jared, ‘verse

Do It My Way by waterofthemoon
Summary: Jensen thinks Jared was a little too interested in filming a certain scene in Heart and stakes his claim on Jared in bed that night. Words: 1,722
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, pwp, possesive!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

Tension knots by sammehsayum
Summary: In his last year of high school football Jared screws up his back and is recommended to Jensen Ackles: massage therapist. Words: 5,800
Tags: jared/jensen, au, hurt!jared, massage, hurt/comfort, praise!kink

Blush and Bashful by tipsy_kitty
Summary: Jensen’s new favorite hobby is making the bookstore clerk blush. Words: 2,900
Tags: jared/jensen, pwp, shy!jared, confident!jensen, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Graduate School Is For Good Decisions by jackles67
Summary: Jared’s never bottomed, but he wants to try it. Who better to do that with than his PhD advisor, aka the one person he’s really, really not supposed to fuck? Words: 2,112
Tags: jared/jensen, au, first time, bottom!jared, top!jensen

Ready for My Close-Up by cherie_morte
Summary: Jensen gets a little bossy when he directs. Jared likes it just fine. Words: 2,353
Tags: jared/jensen, non-au, director!jensen, bottom!jared, top!jensen, established-relationship

( Art credit goes to @hismalice !! Who draws Gundam so beautifully ❤ )

    It took me forever to get to this, mostly because I’ve been so busy with college && irl things, that I just haven’t had the chance to sit down && write my sincere gratitude to each && every one of my followers. If your name is not listed below, please do not take any offence to it! I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a while now, && I do not mean any harm by it! Whether or not I’ve added your name to this follow forever, know that your support of both my portrayal of Gundam and of me as the mun, means the world to me. So, without further ado !!

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the wolf among us + colours:  episode 5  →  cry wolf

i don’t know… it seems like no matter what i do, it’s just not enough for her. or anyone. i just— i go out there and i do my job. i put my life on the line, i get shot at! i do what has to be done, for them! but at the end of the day i’m still the bad guy.

An Inception AU

(Because I love this movie, I keep thinking about the Amis as a team of dream thieves and I want to read a fic about it one day, who knows maybe I’ll write it)

The Extractors: Enjolras and Courfeyrac. There are a thousand and one ways of getting information from a mark–eavesdropping, conversations, stealing objects. To be an extractor requires degrees of charm and quick thinking. The mark has to be open to an Extractor to provide the information the team needs. Failing that, they must know where and how to find it elsewhere. The mission hinges on the success or failure of each team member, but the Extractor is the most crucial one.

The Point Men: Combeferre and Feuilly. Often second-in-command to the Extractor, the job of the Point Man is to have encyclopedic knowledge on the mark. The Point Man must be thorough in their research and remember the faces and names of the important figures in the mark’s life, in case they appear as projections in a dream. When a team member requires more intel, the Point Man can and should be able to provide it to them. A gap in their knowledge could jeopardize the mission, not to mention the safety of the other team members. 

The Forgers: Grantaire and Jehan. A Forger is a master of disguise to be brought onto the extracting team in the case that a job is complicated or a mark has been trained against extraction. The forger takes on a new identity in the dream, wearing the face, voice, and mannerisms of the person they aim to forge–most often, a close relative or friend of the mark. To be a Forger requires careful observation of the target and no small amount of acting skill. If a Forger slips in their role the mark could realize they are dreaming.  

The Architects: Bossuet and Bahorel. Dreams in which extractions occur are not random, but rather, carefully constructed by an Architect. They must design the setting to be difficult and labyrinthine in case the mark’s projections begin attacking the team. To be an Architect requires innovative thinking and a penchant for complexity. It’s important that the architecture of the dream only be known by the dreamer and the Architect themselves, or the team stands no chance against an attack.

The Chemist: Joly. A Chemist isn’t required for every job–only for those that are difficult and require layers of dreaming to occur in a set amount of time. The Chemist prepares carefully-balanced chemical compounds that allow the body to remain asleep no matter the circumstances, so that the job may be completed in one go. However, the sedatives may make it so that there is no option to abort the mission until it is complete. The Chemist works closely with the Extractor to determine the strength of compound required. 

Nick Camryn Gif Hunt

In honor of Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31), and being heavily inspired by@tasksweekly​ task #37, I have decided to make some gif hunts of some transgender kids! (But it’s taken me quite a while, sorry!) 

So with that being said, under the cut there are 40 gifs of Nick Camryn, best known for his Youtube channel. All of these gifs were made by me. Please do not use them in other gif hunts. Please like or reblog if you save or use any of them

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What’s a soul mate?

Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would.

And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them.
Nothing can ever change that.

I can’t find a pretty way to phrase it. It’s this warm feeling in my chest. Kind of like the feeling you get when you’re eating chocolate or petting a cat. Or when you talk to a really good friend and they tell you how much you mean to them. It’s stronger than that though. Makes me want to see you smile all the time, and listen to how your day has been or just hold you on the bad days so you’ll know I’m here for you. I really hope you get your happy ending, and that I can play some small part in it.


the wolf among us + colours:  episode 4  →  in sheep’s clothing

i’m sure from your vantage point, it’s extraordinarily easy for you to judge me. but you sit behind a desk…all day…and only tonight did you see what it’s like to be pushed into a corner all the time for doing your job.

((Yuuri K. Sickfic under the cut, it’s been sitting in my drafts forever so I finally decided to just post it… I’ll probably do a part 2? It takes place after the second grand prix assignment free skate (in beijing) yeah enjoy warnings are in the tags so YeE))

Yuuri excuses himself to the bathroom the second the medal ceremony is over. The slow creep of nausea had started in his stomach since his kiss with victor. The same time all the stress and panic from the last few days had finally left his body, leaving him exhausted, with nothing not even fumes to keep himself going on.

The pushes open the first stall he can and loses the little food he was able to down that day. Then it’s nothing but bile, that burns his throat like fire as it comes up.

This was not a good timing.

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@huxloween - Day 23 - Circus ~

          ♦♢ ♦♢ ♦♢ ♦♢

Their shows are world-class. They’re masters of their field. Their world is rich with color and they live, breathe, and b l e e d showmanship, decadence, extravagance.

Hux is flawless on any tightrope. He can unicycle across it, walk on his hands, dance across it, whatever. Kylo swears he knows the secret to it. ‘Of course he can. There’s an invisible rod stuck so far up his ass that he couldn’t possibly fuck up his precision, even if he wanted to.‘

Kylo can tame any animal. It doesn’t even matter, Kylo will stare into the eyes of the fiercest creature and be best friends with it in 2 minutes flat. Hux likes to say that it’s because ‘wild recognizes wild’. ’You’re one of them,’ Hux tells Ren constantly, with barely concealed derision. ’Of course they’re nice to you.’

All derision aside, they do make a spectacular union when they come together for an aerial display, whether its flying via trapeze, or seduction suspended from the peak of the Big Top in jewel-toned ribbons, but they compete for popularity and the spotlight more viciously than anyone knows. Hux swears he will be the next Ringleader to replace Snoke and Kylo isn’t about to let him just take that title. Kylo remains a threat; he eats and breathes fire, and thoroughly captivates his audience with an allure of dark, dangerous charm. He owns two panthers that he loves as if they were his own children–Kyber and Krystal are breathtaking to watch with Kylo directing them. Even Hux stands transfixed to watch Kylo’s grandeur sometimes, though he’s seen hundreds of Kylo’s acts, night after night.

When the lights go out and the crowds disperse, and the scent of sparks and sweet confections hang heavy in the air, they tend to fall prey to the temptations of their own private dance, ready to exhaust the adrenaline of the stage on one another. Powered by the highs of electric atmosphere and deafening applause, together they’re a masterpiece not meant for the public eye. Kylo is certain Hux could make a fortune as a solo contortionist, if the performance beneath the sheets is anything to go by, and he loves the fire of Hux’s hair gripped in his fists or twining round his fingers far more fervently than any flame he commands on a stage. All the while, Hux grows addicted to how it feels to tame every square inch of the wildest force he knows.
The industry is their playground, but ironically their best grandstanding is done in the dark. ~


“Ionneg Legolas, if I were to ask of you for one thing, it would be to know that your Nana and Ada love you more than all of Arda itself,”

Mother’s Day: One of Iestil’s fondest moments, back to peaceful times with her husband and son.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day from the Mirkwood Family

i can’t read your heartbeat–and i don’t know if that means you’ve perfected lying, or if you just don’t know the difference anymore. please leave while i’m unsure.


i. falling - the civil wars | ii. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie | iii. winter - daughter | iv. leave - glen hansard | v. let it die - three days grace | vi. gave it all away - red | vii. what kind of man - florence + the machine | vii. made of stone - evanescence | ix. always - saliva |

Laundry, Baths and Other Responsibilities

Part IV/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Wonshik/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, explicit sex, pregnancy, foul language, mature themes, implied age difference (all characters are of legal age however), angst, alcohol mentions.

Wordcount: 8825

Notes: I finally got around to finish this…I’m sorry it took forever but y’all know all my usual excuses so I’ll spare you my boring chatter. This has been sitting nearly finished in my drafts for god knows how long, I got really distracted by this other story I’m working on, but here it is! Two more chapters to this arc along with a small epilogue and we’ll be done with single dads for a little while I think. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Big hugs xoxo

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Sirius has a severe fascination with Remus' sweater paws

ah yes, another brilliant excuse to write about remus “literal block of ice” lupin

  • so the marauders have this tradition. every hogsmeade visit, they save the last hour or so of the day to do one thing that one of them wanted to do that none of the others did.
  • this week it’s remus’ turn, by virtue of his invaluable contributions to that week’s pranking endeavors (kid is the brains of this operation let’s be real)
  • so this one week in october, remus stands shivering in the middle of the main street for a few seconds too long trying to think of what he really wants to do before returning to the castle, but all that’s running through his head is goddammit i am so cold what is this weather mother nature you know what fuck you that’s what
  • and as if sirius can read his mind (or the fact that his lips are blue but it’s whatever) he looks down the street at the little specialty store that sells only handmade woolen things.
  • “hey let’s buy you a jumper, moons”
  • “don’t be stupid, padfoot, i’m not going to make you wait while i pick out a jumper”
  • “i’m sure the nice store lady wouldn’t mind helping you out moonykins you’re practically turning blue”
  • “no sirius, we can just have peter pick something this week”
  • but sirius is just not taking it, so with a discreet nod to james, he turns on his heel and sprints down the street, confident in the knowledge that between peter and james’ enthusiastic restraining, remus isn’t going anywhere.
  • he dashes into the store, shoots a dazzling smile at the nice store lady, and buys the very first jumper he gets his hands on.
  • returning triumphantly, he holds up the bag that the nice store lady insisted on giving him
  • “boys, i think our moony would benefit from another layer, don’t you think?”
  • “why yes, i think that would do wonders for his constitution”
  • “he’s so fragile, you know”
  • (that last comment from james is punctuated by a decidedly not fragile punch to the shoulder from remus)
  • a small scuffle ensues, but in the end, sirius emerges victorious, and remus emerges… well… wearing the jumper.
  • it’s massive
  • it’s like a tent. the hem hangs down almost to his knees, the neckline slides off one of his shoulders, and where his hands are angrily on his hips, the sleeves hang down past them a good twenty centimeters
  • sirius just loses it, doubling over, practically cackling at the sight of him
  • peter and james try to contain their laughter as remus marches up to sirius and gets all up in his space, poking him in the chest, a sight that would normally be intimidating but is now just endearing
  • “padfoot i didn’t ask you to buy me a jumper and much less this MONSTROSITY”
  • “no moons - moony - you can’t -*desperate gasping for breath*- you don’t have -*gasp*- HANDS!
  • and remus is just done with this lunatic, so he turns and starts to walk back to the castle, head up, daring anyone to say anything (but definitely not taking off the jumper because he is still bloody freezing) and while james stays behind to keep sirius from laughing himself to death, peter hurries to catch up with remus
  • “pete, is this really that funny? it’s a jumper, for merlin’s sake, why on earth was that spectacle even remotely necessary?”
  • “moony, you’re not wearing a jumper, you’re swimming in a vast sea of jumper. there is a distinct, and exceptionally comical difference”
  • “gee thanks wormy, i appreciate it…” *eyeroll*
  • when they finally get back to the castle and remus walks into the common room, sirius doesn’t even wait, he straight up just tackles him to the ground like “moony you didn’t let me finish. tell me, what are your hands literally they’re not even hands, they’re - “
  • “sweater paws!”
  • “oh my god, yes”
  • “padfoot don’t even - ”
  • *long suffering sigh*
  • and there began another tradition. no matter what, every holiday, every birthday, every occasion to give gifts, one of the marauders has to get remus a massive sweater. 
  • at first, remus pretends to hate it, but let’s face it, floating around in a woolen jumper has got to be the best, most comfortable thing ever. so he gets used to it. if he’s not wearing his school uniform, he’s wearing a jumper, and no one can see his hands.
  • the only problem is, he can’t really grip things all that well, because fabric and all, so sirius takes to holding stuff for him
  • “moony my dear let me hold that book for you” and “no really, i’m concerned for the safety of that cauldron and not because you are rubbish at potions” and “remus, really, that mug is going to slip, i can hold it while you read”
  • which, of course, remus makes the most of
  • “sirius, i can’t hold the map and these ingredients, why don’t you take them” and “i can’t possibly go to the kitchen by myself, what if i drop all of our food, pads come with me” and “here, hold something for me”
  • “moons?”
  • “yeah”
  • “you’ve just given me your hand - oh”
  • now if there’s one good thing about sweater paws, it’s that they’re super warm, so remus never needs gloves.
  • and neither does sirius, who hardly ever lets go of remus’ hand these days.
tfc band au (cause im that person)
  • idk if anyones done this or whatnot and this has been sitting in my drafts forever so
  • nicky, the sweet little soul that he is, is jamming out to some obscure music one day and he ends up watching a video of matts band in high school and he freaks. the fuck. out. 
  • matts just like dude? who wasnt in a band in high school
  • and like it turns out a bunch of the foxes know how to play instruments and shit (andrew learned the guitar in juvie, renee being the scret hippee she is plays acoustic, aaron started to play the bass and the drums when he still lived with his mom like he was so into music he can play anything and allison has a fucking gorgeous voice shes a fucking siren)
  • dan and neil really cant play anything bc they werent able to learn anything while they were in high/middle school but aaron teaches neil the drums and hes okay and it turns out dan has a great fucking voice like its deeper and raspier but its so amazing
  • kevin can kinda of play the guitar? like he learned a little but hes pretty bad and “doesnt have time for it” bc hes spends too much time at the court
  • nickys just dying cause he wants to make a band so bad
  • (see: jam sessions that the teams been forced into on the weekend (nickys doing of course) between practice and theyre all exhuasted but they do it anyways cause they always end up doing weird shit)
  • kevin refuses to join in the fun tbh cause all he cares about is exy (he legit just leaves the jam sessions to go to the court rip kev)
  • so one day nicky covertly brings them (with the help of neil because hes basically their manager little child) to this “battle of the bands” contest
  • everyones like “nicky son??? were not even a band??”
  • (they end up winning anyways)
  • after that they do some gigs like at bars and coffee shops and wymack and abby come and watch them sometimes
  • renee and allison are so into it like they get so excited for the performances and they make tshirts and everything
  • and like dan and matt are always super cute together on stage and nicky and aaron go wild and kevin tries to play sometimes but hes still pretty bad and refuses to get help so they just have him go sit with wymack and andrews just there sitting watching neil tbh like what else does he have to do (maybe he could try playing the guitar idk)
  • sometimes theyll have neil on stage playing back up on the drums for aaron but most of the time they leave him in the crowd cause andrew gets too distracted by watching how hot neil is playing the drums
  • eventually they get to be really well known around campus and a lot of students come out and watch them
  • and then one day a reporter asks dan a question about it after and game and she explains how they started playing together and how its been a great way for the team to bond and stuff and she asks people to come out and see them preform the next weekend
  • meanwhile nickys back in the locker room fucing scREamING CAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS NOW
  • hes legit playing a cd that he burned of recordings from their live performances what even are you nick my son
  • at their next performance theres legit people on the sidewalk bc theres not enough room in the place theyre playing
  • and everyone freaks out like guYS thIS is SO FReaKINg CRazY
  • ofc theres a guy from a record label there watching and hes like in love (who wouldnt be) and so he approaches neil and nicky on their way out and is like “i wanna have you guys come into the studio so we can see if well be a good fit together.” and nickys legit almost fainted at this point and physically can not speak so neils just like yuo sure sounds great
  • (nicky just doesnt sleep that night)
  • so they go in and they sign a contract (neils officially their manager) and they agreed to record and album during the offseason
  • dan and matt legit just write songs about each other rip you losers
  • kevin actually decides to help and write some songs but theyre like horrible (no guys! i told you its not about exy jeez!)
  • no he actually writes a couple good ones about the foxes and theyre hella cute
  • renee and andrew have the best songs that are like just so emotional and heart breaking and everyone expected that from renee but anDREw????
  • so they recored their album and its a huge hit and like everyone buys its and theyre all just so cute and they have a hUUggGGE celebration (nicky smol son)
  • the next off season they go on tour
  • just imagine them on tour
  • i dont think i have enough words to describe the foxes all squished together on a tour bus being cute af
  • im just gonna leave this here
  • imagine the tour