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the wolf among us + colours:  episode 5  →  cry wolf

i don’t know… it seems like no matter what i do, it’s just not enough for her. or anyone. i just— i go out there and i do my job. i put my life on the line, i get shot at! i do what has to be done, for them! but at the end of the day i’m still the bad guy.


What’s a soul mate?

Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soul mate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would.

And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them.
Nothing can ever change that.



okay but can we please talk about neil dancing and singing to silly pop songs 

  • like he’d always dance around the house while he is alone
  • and one day he’d be making dinner bc let’s be honest neil is all into all that domestic shit while andrew watches some random game show
  • and for him by troye sivan starts playing on the radio
  • and neil starts dancing and humming almost unconsciously
  • and then he realizes andrew is staring and grins
  • “staring”
  • andrew rolls his eyes and says “what the fuck are you doing?”
  • neil just laughs and goes over to andrew and makes him stand up and starts dancing against him and singing all smiles and laughs
  • andrew just stares at him blankly but doesn’t pull off
  • until neil starts singing against his ear
  • all “this song is about us and i’m singing it to you bc i love you but i’m not saying it out loud” you don’t have to say i love you to say i love you
  • and andrew’s jaw clenches
  • neil laughs satisfied and goes back to cooking leaving andrew standing there
  • and of course he continues dancing until the song ends
  • omg then the rap part starts and neil sings it like his life depends on it
  • andrew just rolls his eyes bc of coURSE his not boyfriend knows the lyrics to the fucking rap why is he even surprised
  • anyway when the song comes to an end neil looks at andrew thinking he will just turn around and leave him alone
  • but instead andrew says “one hundred and six” and pulls him close and kisses the hell out of him

and, oh, we got love, yeah
darling, just swear you’ll stand right by my side 

be my forever.

for giulia; happy birthday darling! <33


the wolf among us + colours:  episode 4  →  in sheep’s clothing

i’m sure from your vantage point, it’s extraordinarily easy for you to judge me. but you sit behind a desk…all day…and only tonight did you see what it’s like to be pushed into a corner all the time for doing your job.

i can’t read your heartbeat–and i don’t know if that means you’ve perfected lying, or if you just don’t know the difference anymore. please leave while i’m unsure.


i. falling - the civil wars | ii. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie | iii. winter - daughter | iv. leave - glen hansard | v. let it die - three days grace | vi. gave it all away - red | vii. what kind of man - florence + the machine | vii. made of stone - evanescence | ix. always - saliva |

Laundry, Baths and Other Responsibilities

Part IV/VII of The Playground

Pairing: Wonshik/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, explicit sex, pregnancy, foul language, mature themes, implied age difference (all characters are of legal age however), angst, alcohol mentions.

Wordcount: 8825

Notes: I finally got around to finish this…I’m sorry it took forever but y’all know all my usual excuses so I’ll spare you my boring chatter. This has been sitting nearly finished in my drafts for god knows how long, I got really distracted by this other story I’m working on, but here it is! Two more chapters to this arc along with a small epilogue and we’ll be done with single dads for a little while I think. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Big hugs xoxo

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for @prmntvacations and @cliffordchick‘s disney!5sos night

as a disney cast member, your favorite part of the day would have to be when you were being a character handler for the prince from snow white, prince ferdinand. however, that had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your co-worker behind the face character was absolutely crushworthy considering…well, just about everything about him – from the hue of his impossibly blue eyes to how even as a natural blond he still looked good in his character’s brown wig to the fact that he watched science videos before bed to the way he always seemed to stand pigeon-toed, even when in character.

on days you and luke were both scheduled at the same time, you were always his handler, and even though he was usually in character, you two often spent your breaks and lunches together and you had gotten to know him well. and okay, so maybe you did have a crush on him, but you didn’t think you could really be faulted for that since you knew weren’t necessarily the only one. to your mostly amusement (and maybe a little jealousy was involved), throughout your time being luke’s handler, you’d seen many a teenage girl – even older women, some of which were definitely moms – attempt to flirt with luke or slip him their number if they were one of the bolder ones. you really couldn’t blame them; even in character, luke just had this charm to him that easily made you enamored with him. still, that didn’t mean you didn’t take a little satisfaction out of when he politely rebuffed any hopeful potential suitors, always turning them down with an excuse relating to snow white – about how he’s flattered but already happy with her, couldn’t be unfaithful to her, wouldn’t want to leave her for anyone else, etc.

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vinod & aisha (♥‿♥ ✿)
kuttan & meenakshi (⊙︿⊙✿)
nivin pauly & isha talwar  (◠‿◠✿)