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Dear god, THIS.

THIS IS WHY you can never ship Joker and Harley to me EVER again. When she arrived on The Animated Series, it was in a fun, gangster moll style. But we know what happened since. And I’ve had too many friends that have been through similar situations.

I wish I knew who to credit for this. In this ONE panel that DC didn’t even pen, everything that’s been shared in confidence has come back. So DON’T romanticize Joker and Harley in the future. Because that’s not love, and when you look at it honestly, it never was.

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Am I the only one kinda salty that almost every ship in got7 is alive and their shippers are being fed good and then there's us jackbumnators who've been starving since god knows when😩Jackbum needs to stop playing and step up their game ughh

honestly they fed us a lot last year so ??? Besides Jackson isn’t even around??? Let’s not forget the vlive moment that I thought they would kiss each other, that moment speaks a lot for me lmao

A Very Supernatural Job(Part 11)

Words: 1559
Pairings: DeanxSophia, JensenxReader if you squint
Warnings: None(?)
Author’s Note: 
Tags: @moonstonemystyk (if you want to be tagged just let me know!)
Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The GIFs are NOT mine.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of grown man giggling. What the hell?

I open my eyes and find Jared and Misha standing at the door, their phones on their hands and smiles plastered on their faces.

-What the fuck? –I ask, being careful to not speak too loud or to not move too much, since (Y/N) was still sleeping on top of me.

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*lights up a cigarette* listen here kiddos, i’m a nice narumitsu. but i am not just any nice narumitsu. i am the nicest narumitsu to ever dwell in this forsaken land. and i’ve seen things. lots of things. like narumayo being as much a legit ship as narumitsu.

*breathes in* shipping wars are always stupid. but this time, they’re even stupider than usual. hell, we’ve collected evidence for years. we hadn’t rested until we had inspected every suspicious-looking nook and cranny. we’re ace attorney fans, for god’s sake. we should know better.

i must say, i always like homosexual ships better, and i’ve personally shipped narumitsu since i was 13. but narumayo too is there, and that’s undeniable.
i would have been mad if maya was yet another plain, boring and uncharacterized love interest character, but she’s not. she’s probably one of my favorite female characters of all time, and i cried when i saw her coming back in aa6. she and phoenix have a beautiful friendship that’s been elaborated and that has grown through the games, and even if it might seems obvious, it is not. at all. most times, because of this dreadful thing called heteronormativity, writers don’t even bother with the main character’s relationship with his love interest. and thus the vast majority of m/m ships is born. but, luckily, not this time. so hey, if narumayo gets canon, i’ll be cheering with you. and you should do the same if narumitsu becomes canon.

ahh, ship wars, the days of my youth, like the scent of fresh lemons… some things never die. but i wanted to throw my 2 cents on this matter anyway, because i care about all the narumitsus: the nice ones, the noisy ones, the aggressive ones. i also care about the narumayos (you know, except the troublemakers), and my hope for the future is to live peacefully with everyone in this fandom.

court is adjourned.

I hate? Shipping katsudeku because whenever I go in search of fics or playlists or art I always have to check, how did they decide to interpret their relationship this week? Will it be innocent baked good and intense tsundere? Childhood friends with extra angst? Or old jock and nerd stereotypes from 1950s America? Look, I get it, I’m writing a fic for it too. There is some sparse ass canon material to work with. It’s up to reader interpretation, for the most part, but the biggest flaw in katsudeku is that it resembles too many bad and uncomfortable shipping paradigms that it simply isn’t.
The best analogy, and one that I actually got from Teppuu, is to imagine Kacchan and Deku as siblings.

i explain this clickbaity title under the cut

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But poor Cami. Obviously, most of us know Leah has been filming, so here death is not permanent like I been calling since the premiere, just sayin’.  But I’m pretty sure Aurora had compelled her to kill herself probably after she at a time when she and Klaus first kissed. Because when she woke up out of her sleep she seemed unsettled. It’s been days though, so I’m curious where the vampire blood part comes in at? Ugh, now we gotta wait over a month to find out.

I’ll just watch Klamille scenes on repeat until then and pretend the last 30 seconds never happened for a while.