been rewatching eps and :(((


DS9 1.3: “Past Prologue”

I’m so glad I know that Andrew Robinson did indeed play Garak as attracted to Bashir because idk how the heck else I’m supposed to read this scene


someone pls explain to me how this cgi anime looks SO FUCKING GOOD

about the hugging scene

it really is wild to me that a scene as sweet as this has caused so much controversy in fandom. and not because of the dialogue exchanged between keith and allura, but because allura ‘had the audacity’ to hug a boy she holds dear to her heart. fandom seems to think allura was out of line, that by touching keith at all she was making him uncomfortable and disrespecting his personal space. fans willfully ignore the fact that keith hugged allura right back. and that allura’s goodbye seemed to have meant a lot to keith, judging by the determined look on his face after allura pleaded for him to return to the team in one piece.

anyway, fandom’s bullshit aside … i actually do want to talk about this moment. and in depth. while i loved everything about this scene aesthetically, i did feel like allura’s apology could have been written better, and that keith should have apologized to her as well. allura was upset, after all, because keith hadn’t shared the possible truth about his heritage with her even after she’d opened up and put her full trust in him.

still, this is also one of my favorite scenes :) !! so here’s what i liked about it, what i didn’t like, and what i loved ♡

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After the last ep came out I’ve been rewatching Black Sails to get a full overview of the story, and you know what? I think Flint may have felt some attraction toward John Silver from the onset. Considering how rage filled and distant mostly was, I find that there were some instances where Flint showed an uncharacteristic amount of forgiveness and sympathy. He took John up on his offer to join the crew, grinning no less, when that was clearly an unconvential thing to do (after all, by their own Articles thieving is punishable by death, and despite John’s excuse they could have attempted to get the rest of the schedule out of him through torture). He took pity on John messing up the pig and taught him how to do it right. Despite initial protests, he even came to value John’s warnings about ‘a valued and respected crewmember’ quite quickly. I’m telling ya, these are the sort of lapses of judgment/benefit of the doubt actions we afford to people we find attractive - even if we’re unwilling to acknowledge that we find them attractive.