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i used to make so many text posts on here. about myself, mental health (or lack thereof), anything really. and i miss it. so, here’s an update?¿ jus some thoughts ???

•i have lots of things to look forward to
•also lots of things that are making my anxiety go crazy
•i felt super sad today
•it’s been super hot outside and it’s weird. being sad in spring/summer is weird cause everything is so bright, there are flowers, children playing outside etc and it jus doesn’t match your feelings
•i’m so scared?? of my future?? i’ve also been feeling really nostalgic for some reason. i miss being in school, i miss people i was friends with, the sense of community in a class, that feeling at the end of the school year
•i also miss jake a lot
•i’ve been doing a lot of crying, but like ? i’m not surprised
•i’m finding it very hard to distract myself, my brain is just like ANXIETY like can you chill for a second? i have stuff to do
•also, i feel like i have learned a lot about myself these past few months. some good things, some not so good ones. but i’m learning
•i’m finding it unbearable to be alone. i used to love being on my own, but it terrifies me now
•i love dogs so much
•my ocd has been all over the place. i’m struggling a lot but i’m trying, i really am
•i went for an evening walk with my sister and mom and we somehow always end up talking about sex it’s great i love them
•the sky was beautiful this evening
•i’m gonna be ok i think


week 4, jan 2017.  happy new yr again everyone!!! today was a gr8 day bc my family a hotpot and it was fun + played uno with my cousins + finished lots of homeworks xx this has been a rlly productive day. i hope u guys also had an awesome day. enjoy the pics of my bujo during dec 2016 - jan 2017. ig: europhias

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What is Warrior Cats and why were you bullied because of it?

‘Warriors’ is a children’s fantasy book series that was really popular from like 2004-2011ish. All the characters in it are cats, who talk to each other and have really complex societies. Like, they’re still cats, but they build dens in the woods and fall in love (sometimes even forbidden love if it’s outside their clan/group) and fight other clans and there’s a surprising amount of murder/drama lololol. They’re sometimes really intense?? 

But they’re still about… cats. So you can see why a lot of readers were bullied for it lololol

Uncle Gerry’s Family Fun Zone

by reddit user Red_Grin

This is a lengthy story but it is worth it:

I didn’t know Will could draw, I remember thinking as my friend’s hand quickly moved across the page. And then I looked more closely at Will’s impromptu sketch, and I immediately regretted it. I tried to unsee it. I shifted my attention to other things around me, anything at all that wasn’t ink on the page: the blur of Will’s hand, the beads of sweat gathering at his temples, the gentle autumn breeze creeping through the crack of the window.

Don’t look at the page. Just don’t look at it.

But I knew I had to. So I looked. And it was worse than I expected. Much worse.

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rain tunes.

The Swap [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

[write-a-thon tag]

Summary: when the unimaginable happens and you see yourself trapped inside your best friend’s body, magic doesn’t seem like child’s play anymore. (Teen!Lin)

Word Count: 4,719

Warnings: A lot of cursing and a lot of dick jokes, lol

A/N: WRITE-A-THON DAY #1 Y’ALL!!!! (and no, you’re not lost, I decided to post this earlier because I’ve been getting a crazy amount of love today and to me this is the best way I can think of to repay you guys) This might be the funniest piece I’ve written in my life. It was so fun to picture the whole situation and to brainstorn with @down4usnavy because she’s THE BEST and thanks to my hamwriters girls for proofreading this mess and @tempfixeliza for reading this also and giving me that ol’ confidence boost. Hope you like it!

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You didn’t believe in magic. At least not anytime after you turned nine years old. But then… You woke up that morning.

You started by noticing you weren’t in your bedroom, was it… Lin’s bedroom? Movie posters, comic books and many, many cassettes, yeah, that was definitely Lin’s bedroom. But you didn’t sleep with him last night, you remembered clearly the moment he dropped you home like he always did and went back to his place.

As your hand moved to your face trying to wake yourself up when you felt… Was that facial hair? Since when did you have a stubble? All the drowsiness that you could possibly have just vanished when you got up from the small bed and ran to the the mirror. You couldn’t blame the dim light coming through the curtains for that.

You were Lin-Manuel.

Worse, you were yourself trapped in Lin-Manuel’s body.

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name a more iconic duo :(

not 2 be gross but today is the one year anniversary of the first time i saw/met frank. i feel really lucky cause in that year i’ve been able to see him play 3 acoustic sets, fiatp 7 times, death spells 3 times and he’s also just brought a lot of good music and people and vibes into my life and i’m really thankful and i love frank he’s the best egg im very emo today 🖤

How having an amazing teacher can change your life

Get ready for one long text post.

I started playing horn in seventh grade and I was really shy, like hopelessly shy. Playing in front of people was impossible for me. My middle school music teacher was annoyed by it, but didn’t do much to change it. So I just never played solos. Ever.

Then I started high school. It was horrifying walking into the music for the first practice. I was one of two horns in the entire school. The other one was in 11th grade so I was all alone in jr. Band. And then the music teacher walked in. And everything went down hill from there.

This man was the most egotistical person I’ve ever met. (We took coach buses everywhere we went cause it was good for our ‘image’, it’s uncommon to take a coach bus here) He didn’t care how bad he made us feel when we screwed up. If it wasn’t perfect he wasn’t happy, cause that meant we wouldn’t get gold at festival and that’s all he cared about. He made that very clear. I practiced so hard to be able to play the way he wanted me to. It only made my previous anxiety about playing worse. I cried so much during rehearsal and he didn’t care he just kept going and basically told me to get it together.

When band class started in second semester of that year. I couldn’t play in front of people without bursting into tears. My final solo was a disaster. After that, I wanted to put down my horn and never play again.

But I played again next year. He needed his horn player. I was “important to the integrity of the band” He convinced me to come back and It was a little better.

Until the musical started. We did into the woods as our musical and everyday after school for three months I had to deal with his need for perfection. I was told I wasn’t good enough, everyday for three months. It wasn’t a typical conductor saying we weren’t going to be ready to perform a piece. He said we were horrible. I started crying once and he told me to “get it together, real performers don’t cry” All he did was berate me and others. I hated myself.

When our longer weekend practices started we would break for half an hour for dinner. One day we were screwing one part up. He wouldn’t let us eat until we played it perfectly. By the time we did we had five minutes to shove food down our throats, or what was left of it after the cast ate anyway. It was the lowest I’d ever felt in my life. We are high school students, not professional players.

But then it all changed. For the better (thank god)

I moved about a year ago, just after we finished our musical and started at a new high school this year, so I had a new music teacher. I remember the first day walking into the music and instead of a gloomy, hateful atmosphere. It was loud and happy place and everyone was laughing and a shoe went flying through the air. I approached the music teacher and told her I play horn. She was giddy. She told me about all the bands they have at the school and about the music they play and stuff they do, and before I knew it I was going to fall music camp.

It was the most fun I’d ever had with music ever. I made so many friends and began to come out of my shell. She complemented my playing and instead of berating me when I played it wrong she would help me. She made me excited to play my instrument, something I hadn’t felt in two years. Recently for a solo in class, she brought in her own horn and played with me so I could hear how it sounded and felt. She nor any of my band mates made me feel horrible about myself again. I’ve only ever cried once at a rehearsal this year. I started to get way more confident. I can play when she calls on me. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been at this school for seven months.

I told my new teacher at the beginning of the year, right off the bat, I would never play a solo for her.

Today, at festival, I played a solo in front of a heck of a lot of people and an adjudicator.

I have no idea why I kept playing horn at my old school when he made me feel so bad about myself. But that doesn’t really matter now. I’m happy at my new school and really proud of how far I’ve come. It really goes to show you what the difference between a good and bad teacher can make for a student.

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can you tell the difference if there is, between genuine ym moments and moments where its obviously geared for fanservice?

i’ve been looking and you know, yoongi and jimin don’t really do couple fanservice at all ?? not now anyway, they’re not often put together for actual fanservcey things like how jimin and tae have mandakko and yoongi and hobi have hwagae market, so a lot of the times they actually get to interact it’s more for themselves as opposed to for the camera. this is obviously fanservice, as is jimin posting that picture of yoongi on twt today, and that time jimin smeared cake on yoongi’s face and yoongi played along ?? things like that where whatever they’re doing is for us.

but when they do things like this where they’re not paying attention to cameras, or they’re trying to be subtle about skinship or even stopping themselves from touching,, none of that is fanservice lmao it’s all genuine because they’re not doing it for us. and then there’s something like this where jimin can’t help himself and is trying to play it off as fanservice when we all know it isn’t really.


Pokemon has many inspirations. We are going to look at Shinto Folklore and animism and how it has inspired many of our most beloved and despised little pokemon monsters.

Closed Captions  available

Transcript below 

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so, as a creative person, i’ve decided to stop counting all the days I didn’t do something write/draw/play music/etc. 

so i didn’t do something creative today. there’s most likely a reason. i’m tired from school or work. i’m going through some personal issues. maybe i’m just in a rut.

and guess what?

that’s okay.

i’ve decided instead of making my creative hobby a something that I SHOULD DO, it should just be something I want to do. 

It should always just be something I want to do and if I can’t do it, I promise not to beat myself up over it. 

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Why does everyone always point out that auston is mexican? It shouldn't be more important than his hockey

because he’s the first. first #1 draft pick from the desert and the first mexican-descent hockey player to be drafted as #1 too. and there are gonna be kids from arizona and kids of his heritage that see him play amazing hockey and realize that this is a game that they can not only play, but excel at too.

for every ethnic/regional group there’s gotta be that one person who chooses and fights to go through all that adversity to pave the way. for those little tiny desert/heritage kids who will buy their first skates today and think, i wanna be auston matthews when i grow up. and they’ll see that it’s okay to be a little different when it’s for the game that you love.

we roast auston lots bc of his weird fashion choices but personally i couldn’t be prouder of him, i think in spite of all this media he’s still that mexican-american kid from a place where nobody plays hockey. it can’t have been easy to be the kid that’s a little different from everyone else, but he’s made it his own and he’s represented his home and his heritage very well i think. he’s a great role model for those kids and he deserves that recognition.

Brother For Sale

I thought I wanted a little brother. When I was a stupid six year old.

Now I’m nine, a lot smarter, and I realized I made a huge mistake.

Tommy is the worst. The absolute worst. I hate him. It wasn’t so bad when he was a baby. He cried a lot but it was super cool to say I was a sister. All my friends thought he was super cute too.

It’s when he stopped being cute and starting being annoying.

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“I feel like I haven’t seen you in eight hundred years,” Lukas’s voice says, from the other side of the door.

Philip smiles to himself, glancing over his shoulder.

“Ever since you finished your darkroom, also known as our laundry room, I feel like you’re cheating on me,” Lukas says.

Philip snorts, looking up at the prints he has hanging up to dry. “Yeah,” he says. “I’m cheating on you with you. About—ten or twelve of you.” 

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Omegle - All Boys *

Really cringey first attempt at a smut so beware. This was also posted really early on. Probably a year ago at the minimum. My writing has improved. Also the summary makes me cringe but what can you do?

Summary: Y/n goes on Omegle to waste time. She’s met with lots of things but she comes across a black screen aka Michael Clifford and friends. They start talking and the boys have some… needs to attend to.

Today is a lazy day for me. I’ve done nothing productive all day. I’ve sat back, with my laptop in front of me, and I’ve been on mindless games all day. While I was playing happy wheels, an ad popped up. ‘Omegle, meet new people, new friends, and just strangers with common interests for free!’ Well, I’ve got nothing better to do this fine Saturday. I know, it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing to do, I’m a loner. I don’t give a fuck. I clicked on the ad for Omegle and a new screen popped up. It brought me to There was a box in the center of the screen that said interests, obviously, I typed in 5 seconds of summer because, they are life.

     I clicked on video to start off because the whole point is to meet new people. It started loading and the first person I saw wasn’t a person, it was a dick. I made a disgusted face. People can be so rude online. Like, what if there were children on this site. Just some kids who liked 5 seconds of summer. They would be accustomed to nudity. Oh well, what can you do, the whole generation knows about things they shouldn’t. I clicked on skip and next popped a girl. She seemed to be about 15, that’s about four years younger than me. I’m 19 if you can’t do simple math. Sorry, that was rude. The girl smiled at me, and then she skipped me. “Well ok then.” I mumbled as the next person came on. It wasn’t really a person, all I could see was a black screen.

Stranger is typing… the screen said. Ok, so it is a real person I’m talking to.

Hi. Asl? the stranger said. (Stranger will be in italics)

Hi. And wtf does that mean.

Stranger is typing… it means age, sex, location.

Oh, well I’m 19 I live in Australia and kinky;) jk I’m a girl, and not that kinky.

Stranger is typing… Ooo you’re funny, I’m Michael, boy obviously, and 21 in Australia. You know you don’t have to type right? I can hear you.

I looked down embarrassed. “Oh, I didn’t know that. Sorry Michael. Also are you going to talk too?” I asked. Stranger is typing… No I’m not going to, I don’t like speaking because of my voice. “Oh, well that’s ok. I was just curious. So I love your name by the way. Michael Clifford is the best ever!” I exclaimed as I smiled brightly to the camera.

Stranger is typing… I love Michael Clifford, in the best way possible, like, he’s a great guy. Well, seems like it.

I smiled at the camera. “You understand! Finally somebody. Everyone else is like, ‘why waste your time on someone who doesn’t even know you’ and I’m like, ‘why waste you time breathing when your going to die anyway?’ They obviously have serious issues.” I giggled.

Michael Clifford’s P.O.V

 I’m talking to this Y/n girl and she’s really interesting. She’s hilarious that’s for sure. All of the boys are here sitting in the hotel room around the laptop. We’re just watching this girl without her knowing about us. All she knows is that Michael is a guy from Australia. The boys and I laughed at the last thing she said. We have our sound turned off so she can’t hear us. Our video is off to so she can’t see us either. “Hold on. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get food.” She was about to get out of her chair but she sat back down. “Please don’t leave, it’s really nice talking to you and not seeing little dicks everywhere.” She pleaded with a serious face until she giggled. Luke started typing. We’ve decided to each type whenever we want.

Ok, I won’t skip you. Just hurry before I get bored.

She read over the message and smirked. “Oh, am I that fun and entertaining to you?” She chuckled. “Ok well, don’t be too bored I’ve just got to warm up some pizza. Mmm, supreme pizza with everything on it.” She smiled and sighed. “Be right back Michael.” She got out of her chair and revealed her tiny booty shorts. “Holy fuck.” I cursed under my breath. “Shit guys. She’s hot.” Ashton sighed. Calum and Luke nodded their heads in agreement. She came back with three slices of supreme mouthwatering pizza on a plate in her hands. She smiled at us. “I’m back and I see you didn’t go anywhere. Unless I’m talking to myself.” She looked at the screen skeptically. “Well, it isn’t like I don’t talk to myself.” She muttered. I took the typing.

That’s cute. How often do you talk to yourself?

She read the message and a light pink dusted her cheeks. “Not that much.” She mumbled in embarrassment.

“Ok, so Michael,” she got up and made a weird face. “This fucking wedgie. I hate it. It’s like a thick thong and it’s uncomfortable. I’m going to change my pants hold on a minute.” She walked to the side but there was a mirror where the camera was pointed so we could still see her. “Oh shit guys.” Luke swore, “she’s going to be undressing in front of the camera.” As she searched through her drawers with the wedgie still prominent, we could see her ass just hanging out. Luke started rubbing himself through his jeans. I looked over at him, “Really mate?” I asked, he didn’t respond, but looked back towards Y/n. She grabbed another pair of shorts, just a bit longer than the ones she’s wearing now. She took her pants off and showed her black lace underwear. “Shit man.” Calum swore as he started palming himself too. Next thing I know we’re all going at it jerking off to the thought of Y/n undressing. Loud moans were filling the hotel room and soon we all came. “Holy fucking hell Michael. I couldn’t even find a decent pair of shorts. The ones I tried on were too wedgie prone so I went with my leggings.” She smiled and lifted her leg to show plain black leggings.

“So what’s going on? Hopefully I haven’t bored you out too much.“ Ashton grabbed the laptop and started typing.

Not at all princess, it was totally fine.

“Dude, seriously? Princess? You stupid.” Calum argued. She read it over and a pink blush was prominent. “Glad I didn’t bore you too much. Um, is there anyway I’d be able to see what you look like? Just so I know I’m not talking to a fifty year old pedophile.” She asked cautiously. I looked towards the guys.

Sure thing, but we’ve got to go in about half an hour so could we have your number to stay in contact?

The boys yelled at me when I pressed send. “Michael! You said we! As in more than one!” Ashton argued. She looked at the screen unsure. “Um ok.” She typed in her number. I texted her immediately. I said, 'This is Michael from Omegle. Hi.’ She looked at her phone and laughed. “Hi Michael. So I was wondering if I could see you guys now. I mean, there is more than just you right?” She asked.

Yeah, my three friends are here too. Hold on let me put the camera and audio on.

She smiled and squealed. “Oh, I’m so excited to see what you look like. What all of you look like.” I sighed and looked towards the boys who nodded there heads. First I put on the audio. “Hi Y/n.” I said as I put on the camera so we all could be seen. She stopped smiling and her face paled. “You’ve got to be fucking joking with me.” She mumbled. “I am not speaking to 5 seconds of summer. I am not.” They boys and I chuckled. “No babe, it’s really us.” Calum said smoothly. “Well,” she sighed, “its better than a fifty year old pedo.” We started laughing a bit.

“You’re really funny Y/n you know that right?” Luke asked her. She blushed again. “Thank you.” She whispered in a quiet voice. She’s literally so cute. She got up, “I’ll be right back ok? I’ve got to put my dirty dish away. It’ll take about a minute cause I’ve got to go downstairs.” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. Her butt swayed every time she took a step. Ashton groaned and went to lay down on his back. “What the hell man? She’s so gorgeous.” Ashton sighed. “We’ve got audio on now.” I whispered. “Yeah but she went down stairs. She’ll never know.” He said as soon as she walked in. “Never know what?” She asked. Luke made the 'oh shit’ face. “Never know that you’re really hot.” He said with a small blush.

     Y/n blushed as well, “Oh. Thanks again. For complimenting me that is.” She said awkwardly. Calum yawned and I looked over at the time. It was about midnight here and we’ve got a show tomorrow. “Y/n, we’ve got to go, it’s midnight and we’ve got a show tomorrow. I’ve got your number so we’ll call. I’ll give the others your number too ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Yeah,” she smiled, “I’d like to talk some more later. I guess I’ll be going to, I feel like doing absolutely nothing for the rest of my day.” She said looking out into space. “Ok, we’ll talk to you later Y/n, goodnight.” I said. “Night Y/n!” The boys screeched. She giggled. “Goodnight you guys, sleep tight.” She blew a kiss and smiled with her tongue out and a wink, then left the page.

I shut the laptop and sighed. “That was one hell of a night you guys.” Ashton said as he walked over to his bed and got under the covers. “But yeah, goodnight.” We all got under our covers and went to sleep. “Goodnight.”

OK fun thing that happened today, yesterday I set my alarm as If You Do, the chorus and I thought ‘yeah let’s put in on full volume so when I wake up tomorrow it will be loud and lit and all’ and before bed I kept checking the volume of my alarm to make sure it would play.

Forget how hecking powerful JB’s vocals are…

This morning JB nearly gave me a heart attack it was so loud and I didn’t have time to even process the song.

Also Bambam is my ringtone which luckily had been a lot more successful

Wasn’t It You And Me Against The World Pt2

Word Count: 1,643

A/N: Heres the second part of Wasn’t It You and Me Against The World! Hope you enjoy it! Much Love Guys!      

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Jughead sat on Archies bed with his head in his hands while Archie and Betty were attempting to comfort him while he cried. They sat there like that for an hour, Jughead frantically texting and calling Y/N, trying to get any response out of her and Archie and Betty sitting on the sidelines, rushing over anytime the tears began to fall any harder than they were. Finally, Archie took Jugheads phone and put it on the desk, and Jughead collapsed backwards, shielding his red and splotchy face from his two worried friends.

    “I’m actually kind of relieved Veronica told her.” Betty mumbled, and Archie nodded his head.

    “I feel like an ass for keeping it from her.” Archie admitted, and Betty hummed in agreement.

    “We are the worst friends ever.” Betty said, and again Archie nodded in agreement. Jughead slowly sat up, looking between his friends and sighing.

    “You guys are fine, I made you hide it. I’m the worst boyfriend and worst friend.” He sulked, and the other two remained quiet. “I’m glad Veronica told her. Veronica was the only decent one out of us, and I’m happy we have at least one.”

    “You aren’t the worst ever. I mean there is a lot worse people out there who have done a lot more…” Betty trailed off, not knowing where to take that sentence without making him feel bad. “This is just as much my fault as it is yours, Jughead. Don’t put all the blame on yourself.” Jughead shook his head.

    “No, this is all my fault. I came onto you even though I knew I had a girlfriend-“

    “You had a lot to drink, you were very much intoxicated.” Betty argued.

    “That doesn’t matter. Drunk or not drunk I should have realized that what we did was wrong. I have-had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend who loved me more than I could ever dream about someone loving me, and I messed it up. She practically hates me now, what am I supposed to do? I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who loved me as much as she did. I ruin everything, my happiness, her happiness, our relationship-“

    “Woah, Jughead. Slow down there. You don’t know for sure if your relationship with her is over. Just give it some time.” Archie said, walking over to the raven-haired boy sitting on his bed, and pat his back. Just then, Jugheads phone vibrated, signaling he got a text message. Jughead practically jumped off the bed and rushed over to the phone, looking down at the screen to see who it was from. He ran his hand through his hair and turned to face his friends.

From Princess <3 – We need to talk, face to face. I’ve made my decision.

    “Oh thank god!” Jughead exclaimed, typing a text and turning to find his beanie and the small box he had been keeping for months.


     Y/N sat on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, leaning her head on Veronicas shoulder with Veronicas head resting on hers. They had eaten all the ice cream and watched two movies already. Veronica had fallen asleep and Y/N was getting there, but then she remembered she was expecting a text from Jughead so they could talk. As quickly and nicely as she could, she made it so Veronica was laying on the couch and she crept upstairs, picking her phone back up from the desk chair. She opened her messages and saw a text from Jughead that was sent two hours before.

From Juggie <3 :) – I’ll be at Pops, meet me when you can so we can talk.

To Juggie <3 :) – I’m sorry, I just got your text, I was watching a movie with Veronica. I’ll be there in 15.

    Y/N pulled a random sweatshirt off the ground and a pair of leggings from her drawer. She quickly got dressed and made her way to the bathroom, brushing her hair and teeth, and (put on minimal makeup/decided she wasn’t going to bother with makeup). She ran back to her room, put on some socks and then some (low-heeled booties/sneakers) and made her way out the door. The walk to Pops was a cold one, even though it was spring and the middle of the afternoon, she brought her arms to her chest, huddling up to keep warm.

    She walked into the brightly lit diner and looked around, spotting Jughead playing with his hands. He didn’t even have his laptop with him today, what had he been doing the past two hours? She slowly made her way over to the booth, and Jughead looked up, smiling softly. Y/N felt herself crumble inside, how could he be smiling at her, he hurt her. She felt as tears started stinging her eyes, threatening to spill, before she had a chance to think about her next action she turned and stormed out of Pops. She stopped in the parking lot and turned, facing the building and Jughead who had followed her out.

    “Y/N…” he said softly, but she refused to look at his face. “Please-“

    “Please what? What do you want from me Jughead, I’m hurting. You hurt me!” she yelled, and he felt as his heart dropped.

    “I know, I’m an ass, I am the worst boyfriend to ever exist, and I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me for the rest of your life, because I would. I do. I hate myself because I hurt you, I pushed away the one thing in my life that made everything else worth it. And I know you’re tired of hearing it, and I know it doesn’t do anything, but I’m sorry Y/N. I am so incredibly sorry, I would do anything to take it all back. Anything at all.” He said, his head falling and tears spilling. Y/N looked at the ground as well, she wanted nothing more than to run up to him and stop his crying, to make him feel better and to make him smile, but her feet wouldn’t move. “I love you, Y/N. I love you so much.” He whispered.

    “I love you too, Jughead. I still do, and frankly I don’t think I’ll ever not love you.” She whispered as well. She looked up, and saw Jughead staring at her. He gave a tight smile, and she tried to return it. “I have to tell you my decision.” She said, and he nodded, expecting the worst. He braced himself for it, this is when she was going to say goodbye.

   “Jughead I feel absolutely broken by what you did. It hurts me, physically and mentally that you cheated on me.” She started, and another tear fell down his face. Anyone could tell she was internally struggling with what to do. “With that being said, I don’t-I can’t imagine a life where I wasn’t with you. It’s impossible, and I don’t know why because trust me, when I found out what you did this morning I tried. I tried so hard to imagine what my life would be like but I couldn’t. Forsythe Pendleton, I love you so much, and I’m going to give you one more chance. Only one more because this is the first serious thing you’ve done to me. You’ve hardly done anything minor to me, you’ve been great, and I think you deserve one more chance.” She concluded.

    “Thank you.” Jughead said, relief washing through him. He wasn’t going to lose her, he was the happiest he had been in months. Y/N walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling him into her. He happily embraced her as well, the two of them hanging onto each other for dear life. After a few minutes, Jughead decided exactly what he was going to do. “Y/N?” he mumbled in the crook of her neck.

    “Jughead.” She said, and he pulled away slightly, just so he could look her in the eyes. Both of their faces were blotchy and red, eyes swollen and tinted red from crying.

    “I know, that we just made it so we were officially still together and all, and this might be way too rushed and soon, but I can think of no other way to make this up to you but by doing this. What I’m about to give you, I’ve had way before Betty, and I feel there is no other time but the present to do this. I am in love with you Y/N  Y/L/N, I’ve been in love with you from our first date. You’re my princess…” he reached for the silver crown charmed necklace he gave to her months before for her birthday, brushing it ever so slightly. “And I’m your prince.” He said, nodding his head a bit, referring to his beanie.

    “You’re such a dork.” Y/N giggled, beaming at him. Jughead playfully rolled his eyes and kissed her on the forehead, pulling back again to finish the rest of his speech.

    “Y/N will you make me the happiest sixteen-year-old to ever live and…” he kneeled and pulled out a small box with a beautifully simple ring in it. “Take on the world with me? ” he asked, and she stood speechless.

    “I-Uh…Jughead. Of course!” she exclaimed, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. He smiled brightly and pulled her into a kiss, grabbing her left hand and slipping the ring on. “Jughead, where’d you get this?” she asked.

    “My mom, she had old nice rings from earlier on in her life and I asked to have one.” He admitted, and Y/N smiled down at the band.

    “Its beautiful.” She gushed, and he chuckled. He wasn’t going to mess this up, there was no way he was going to let her slip from him again.     “You and me Juggie.” she whispered, capturing his lips with hers again.

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So I’ve been watching a lot of Let’s Plays to keep me company while I do stuff and today I was tuning in to Markiplier’s charity stream and people were posting their animals watching the stream with them so I put a photo of BB next to the stream on Twitter and they all actually looked at it and said they loved him!!

Amy was like ‘look at BB the rat!’ and showed everyone, Mark was like IT’S SO CUTE, @crankgameplays​ laughed REALLY hard at his dumb little face ♥

fucking markiplier complimented my rat

10 Ways To Feel Better:

1. Light a candle, or get new oils for your plug ins, new wax for your melters, ect. Scent plays a big role in relaxation.

2. Put your hair up (or take it down if it’s been up all day and give your scalp a really good rub. Shake out that hair!).

3. Buy a new pillow. Some of us don’t change out our pillows as often as we should, and this can result in neck pain and trouble sleeping. Today I found a pack of two Serta Gel Memory Foam pillows for $18 at Big Lots! They’re so nice. A bit of a splurge for me, but worth it. 

4. Brew a fresh pot of coffee, or your favorite cup of tea and drink it very slowly. Really take your time to taste it, smell it, and enjoy it.

5. Listen to your body. If you feel you should take a nap, and you are able to, then take a small nap. If you feel thirsty, get some water. Don’t deny yourself.

6. Pet your cat/dog/hamster/bird/whatever pet you have. If you don’t have a pet, stroke something soft and cozy. Petting your pet is a stress reliever, and it feels good to hear them purr or look at you with gratitude (that blinky look that dogs get.. so cute).

7. Wash your face, use a toner, and then some moisturizer. Get all that makeup off and let your skin breathe! Or if you’ve been bare faced for a while, glam yourself up, just because! Admire your fine self. Yas.

8. Get a blanket with some weight to it (like a quilt, or a big, poofy, downy blanket if you’re lucky enough to own one) and wrap yourself up burrito-style. Curl up on the couch, close your eyes, clear your head and focus on your breathing. Inhale… exhale…. 

9. Watch some cartoons. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Spongebob, Steven Universe, Chowder- whatever does it for you. Distract yourself, laugh a little, let go a bit. Bonus points for watching while eating cereal.

10. Take your bra off. Just take it off. Take all of your real world clothes off and slip into some cool pjs.