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request: Can i have 1,15,19 with peter parker from the prompt thing you reblgged ?

summary: peter, for the first time, stands her up. she’s tired of his lateness and now evidently not showing up-ness and goes to confront him about it.  

a note: fluff? fluff. enjoy♡

prompts taken from this list

1. i need you

15. let me help you

19. i’m worried about you

it wasn’t the fact that he was late that bothered her. it was the fact that he promised her he wasn’t going to be this time, that’s what bothered her. she wasn’t overly shocked either, he’d been doing this for a while now. cancelling plans last minute, agreeing to plans even though they both know they’ll just fall through. what was what point anymore? 

they weren’t as close as they used to be either, they started to grow apart the moment peter started getting serious about this spider-man business. 

she checked her phone for the last time, it was thirty minutes past the time they agreed to meet and there were no messages from peter. he’s been this late before, but this is the first time he just hasn’t shown up. he usually sends at the least a text letting her know that he’ll be late. 

she weighed out her options here. either she could just go home and be pissed about this for the rest of the night or personally show up at his front door and confront him. 

this isn’t a good idea but here i go anyway, she turned swiftly on her heels and began making her way to the parker apartment.

she regretted her decision as soon as her knuckle hit the door and peter’s aunt may opened the door with a smile. she wasn’t the confrontational type until now. 

“hi may,” she smiled, “uh, is peter here?”

“you came just in time! he just got home.”

“just got home, huh?” she said through gritted teeth, “just got home.”

“i’m sure he’d want to see you, come in, come in,” may placed her hand on y/n’s shoulder and brought her inside the apartment, “he’s just in his room.” 

“here goes nothing,” she sighed, slowly opening the door.

inside his room, it was dark. the curtains were closed, the lights were off and it was quiet. the only thing to be heard was the sound of the street below. 

“peter?” she softly asked.

“i told you may, i’m not feeling good.” his voice was quiet from beneath his blanket. 

“it’s not may, it’s me.” she kept her voice soft. she didn’t want to disturb this sort of peaceful environment she’s stumbled into. 

she sat down on the floor next to his bed, facing him even though his back was turned to her, “is everything okay? is there something i can do?”

the guilt was starting to set in. she came here to do one thing, confront him about not showing up for their date. but now seeing him like this made her beyond worried. he was never like this, no matter how rough of a day he might have had. no matter what, he was always happy to see her. she was like his light on a stormy day. she was everything to him. 

the silence that continued to grow worried her even more, this wasn’t like him. everything about this was wrong. 

“please talk to me, let me help you.”

he finally tuned to face him, revealing one hell of a black eye. plus a little more. 

she reached out and lightly touched his face, making him flinch, “peter.”

“i can’t do it alone,” he sighed, “i’m sorry i’ve been weird and distant, but it just made me realize something. i-i need you, now more than ever. i also realized something, i don’t think i deserve you anymore. after all the shit i’ve been pulling lately.” 

“don’t say that, dear god, no. i’m not going to leave you just because you stood me up or were late for a couple dates. no. sure, i’m a little upset about it but it’s not something i’m gonna waste my energy being mad about. you said you needed me and here i am.”

she stood up and motioned for him to scoot over so she could crawl in next to him, “let’s just, take it one step at a time. everything is gonna be just fine.” 

peter kissed the top of her head and ever so quietly spoke, “i love you. you know that right?” 

“you tell me everyday-”

“i mean it. you’re like, everything to me. you know that too, right?”

she lightly laughed, “yes, peter. i love you too.”

he sighed, “oh good, you just haven’t said it in a while and i just had to make sure.”

“i said it yesterday.”


“yesterday, today and tomorrow. you’re stuck with me, parker. no matter what. i’ll always be there for you. i’m not going anywhere.” 

e n d 

another note: i love fluff? so much? send me more requests for fluff? 

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Even though I would love to see Stargate Universe getting an actual ending to that journey, Stargate Origins sounds really promising and I would love for the franchise to go deeper into the mythos of the universe.

same here.

i think all of us would much rather see a continuation of any of the three shows (me personally, i would most of all love some sort of closure for stargate universe).

i also think none of us ever exptected stargate to come back on tv. there was talk of the reboot a few years back (in which none of the tv characters would’ve existed, an jack and daniel wouldn’t have been a part of it either), but those plans fell through. and there are of course the legacy books and now comics, but they’re not appreciated by everyone, as is their right.
so this announcement, while kind of out of the blue, is a very welcome surprise (at least to me it is).

i think the most important part is that we shouldn’t complain (too much). maybe it’s not what we wanted or what we would’ve chosen, but we get stargate back in some way. and if we remain positive about this while also letting the producers/writers/MGM know we would love to see closure for our three shows as well, well, who knows.

i’m not saying it’ll garantuee anything, not at all. but the fact that MGM is willing to create this origins story, while 6 years ago they shelved all of their plans due to bankruptcy, means there’s still plenty of interest on their end. not to mention a lot of shows have been getting actual revivals in the last few years. so who knows where this “revival” might lead to! this is our time folks, let your voices be heard.
*quietly hums the stargate theme while pulling out all my dvds again*

- theresoneicouldcallking

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I have been waiting for Asahi since I first discovered your blog a while back. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what he can do!!!!

Hello ~ (・∀・ )

I’m sorry that my slump this week has put every thing on hold ~ I had planned to update the Strip Club AU this week but apparently has no motivation/inspiration. I’m trying to build it though! Please be a little more patient and I’ll hopefully update it next week ~


Collision of Stars: A Reylo Playlist

[listen here]

[read here]

Note: This playlist is inspired by the first Reylo fic I ever read, A Collision of Stars by @dustoftheancients. Even though it has been a while since I’ve read it, I still think about it often. It’s the kind of story that stays with you and makes you want to read it again and again, which is what I plan on doing. It’s high time I reread it!

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Hi um.... How do the faeformers look? I've been wondering for a while but didn't know if it was ok to ask.

I tend to picture most of them as very alien/monstrous looking, with a few that happen to look more like humans (though any of them can appear human if they wish).  So here we have Optimus, Elita and Starscream who are all faeformer court rulers (hence the crowns).  And over on the right are Tarn, Knock Out, Breakdown, and Arcee.  I might tweak some of these designs later on, but you get the general idea.

Heyo! So heres a small drawing I did of @jedtheguy as Wheatley from the @geekenders Portal 2 Musical! Ive been planning to draw this for a while and finally did it today. I am absolutely in love with the musical and every aspect of it! The acting was so good, and the music was perfect. Not to mention the perfect character designs! I really look up to you guys, in all honesty.

So thats it! I hope you like the drawing!!

Got7 Reacts to Their S/O Falling Down the Stairs

Hey guys! It’s been a while! The concert was amazing and I’ve rested up so I’m going to try to get back to updating normally. I have a little reaction series planned so we’ll see how that goes, I guess. As always, if there is any reaction or scenario or text message you would like to see, please send in a request!! Let’s get into this, shall we?


     @winteryethereal: Got7 reaction to s/o falling down the stairs (but not getting seriously injured, just a sore rib cage and shoulder)? Thank you!

It’ll be set up so that the reaction occurs immediately after you fall. That’s the only note. 

1. Mark (Okay, but this gif is beautiful and I love it. He is a beautiful man.)

     Mark would be instantly concerned. He wouldn’t necessarily force you to rest, but anytime you mentioned needing to do something, he would take care of it for you. Since your shoulder is sore, he might gently rub your shoulders to relive some of the pain.
     "Does that feel better?“ Mark asks softly, pressing a gentle kiss to the side of your head.

2. Jaebum

     Jaebum would force you to rest. He would be worried about you overworking yourself so he would prefer that you rest at home for the day, especially if you work a fast paced job. He would probably have to leave for his schedule, but he would check on you as ofter as he could and see if there was anything you wanted him to bring home.
     "How are you doing Jagiya? I’m one my way home. Is there anything in particular you would like for dinner? We can have whatever you want,” Jaebum’s tone is soft and affectionate as he asks, eagerly waiting for your response.

3. Jackson

     Jackson would put you on bed rest for the day. He would slowly start carrying a bunch of random things into the room that he thought you might need. Some things made sense, like a drink or some snacks, but then he started carrying in strange things he thought there was a small chance you might need. Eventually, there may not be much room for either of you to move around the room.
     "Here you go, Jagi. Just in case you might need it,“ Jackson sets yet another object on the stack of things he’s brought into your room.

4. Jinyoung

     Jinyoung is another one that would make sure that you spend the day resting. He would make sure that you had everything you needed to make your rest comfortable and that you had food to eat. He would stock the fridge with drinks and snacks, making sure that you had nothing to worry about while you rested.
     "Would you like something to drink, Jagiya? I’m already up so I don’t mind getting your something,” Jinyoung raises an eyebrow at you, waiting for your response.

5. Youngjae (Smol Sunshine Child has the cutest answer! I couldn’t resist!)

     Youngjae would be completely sweet about the whole situation, making sure to help you sit down and checking to make sure that you aren’t hurt too badly. When you say that you’re a little hurt, he would be extremely worried. He would want to check your injuries thoroughly, making sure that you’re not seriously injured. Once he was sure that you were okay, he would give you a hug and a kiss.
     "I’m glad you’re okay, Jagiya. Please be more careful this time,“ Youngjae nuzzles your cheek, holding you close.

6. BamBam

    BamBam would be the most unsure of what he is supposed to do. He would be terrified that you were seriously injured. He would rush to your side immediately help you up. If he found out that you were a bit hurt, it would worry him more. It might be more of a case of you calming him down then of him helping you since he tends to freak out easily. Once he’s calmed down, he would feel bad. He would offer to give you a back massage, hoping to help ease some of your pain.
     "Does that feel better, Jagi?” BamBam asks sweetly, hoping to earn your forgiveness.

7. Yugyeom

     Yugyeom, being the large man child that he is, would pick you up and carry you to bed. He wouldn’t force you to rest but he would definitely suggest it. He would be nervous that you fell because you were feeling dizzy and he wouldn’t want you to over-stress yourself. He would offer to rest with you, watching movies and cuddling together.
     "Do you like this movie, Jagiya? I haven’t ever seen it before,“ Yugyeom asks, pressing a kiss to your temple.

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed and please send in any requests you might have!!

In amidst all the planning and arrangements for Andy’s dad, my mom’s family is coming into town today and three of them are staying with us. They tried to cancel and we talked them out of it - they’re some of my favorite people and we’ve been planning this for months. But it’s extra work and coordination (esp my bb cousin flying in from NYC at 11:30 pm who will need a ride to my house) when I’m so fucking drained all I want to do is strip down to my undies, put on this ridic new sweatshirt I bought yesterday, and watch Wet Hot American Summer while lying on the floor.

Oh, and the reception after the calling hours on Sunday is at our house instead of Andy’s mom’s, so that’s a thing.

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Hi! So I've been struggling for a good while with figuring out a career to pursue. I would really like to have a plan. I love psychology and I wish I could do life coaching and help/teach people, but I'm so emotionally unstable. I want to still make money doing what I love while trying to get my career. I doubt my own abilities sometimes and I just don't know what I should pursue. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

If you love to help people, keep going with that. Doubt will come. Everybody doubts themselves and what they are capable of in their life. Try to let those thoughts be and know that they are doubt, they do t know the truth and they don’t know your full potential.

Keep going with this, and when down times come, know that they will come to and end. You don’t always have to be helpful and helping others. Breaks are needed and lulls will happen, they are a part of this, let them be. They are a chance to reflect and to take stock and to see how far you’ve come. Follow what you enjoy doing. Following those feelings is how you play your part in all of this. All else is either a necessity or a distraction. So simply put one foot in front of another and keep doing. If you need to rest, that’s fine. Take a breathe and keep the goal in mind. Keep working and push when you feel like it and relax when you feel like it. You’ll discover talents and unexpected things will come through. All is here to help you. Work with your emotions and give space for them in your life. They truly aren’t in your way; they are the way. Feel that and feel your feelings when they arise as much as you can and try to see that yes, you have emotions, that’s normal, they are not your enemy, they are actually there for you. Spend time with yourself and go into yourself with your attention as much as you can and sense the fullness of your heart and the aliveness that is there for you. You’re right where you need to be, you are supported in what your doing even if you don’t make the kind of money you wish you could. Keep going and that’ll come.

Take care and I hope this helps,


Ye Ri Drabble Game

Ye Ri + #42
42: “You summoned a demon?”

To say Ye Ri is a bit aloof is an understatement. Usually she has it under control and can function as a normal human being, but other times she completely loses it and nothing can get between her and whatever hairbrained idea she happened to come up with. There have been times where you’ve been pleasantly surprised by the outcome of some of her plans, but those were usually the normal ones that anyone could execute without the need to involve the fire department or hospital. Like little DIYs that she saved from various websites. Sure, the cookies shaped like hearts looked so cute in the picture being perfect shaped and immaculately frosted, while Ye Ri’s look like sad potatoes at best with more of the messy frosting smeared all over her hands than the actually cookies. That is to be expected from most recipes you find online unless you’re worthy of being a candidate on some cooking show.

Though Ye Ri somehow finds a way to make things worse than they need to be while trying to help the situation. The worst of her ideas and the reason you keep all the lighters tucked away in a childproof drawer is because once a recipe called for a culinary torch. You have no idea to this day what she was trying to make. All you remember is waking up to the smoke alarms going crazy and finding Ye Ri standing over a pot that looked more like a mini bonfire with a can of air freshener and a lighter in each hand. You’d managed to put out most of the fire on your own with Ye Ri dumping the rest of a half empty juice bottle on the rest of it. The process of cleaning up the mess and calming the neighbors gave you more of a headache than the fact that your girlfriend nearly set herself on fire.

It seems that she’s become more mindful of the potential consequences for her reckless actions in the past few months, though. You’re honestly rather proud of her. Usually if Ye Ri hasn’t come to bed by this time, around 12AM, you become a bit worried about what it is she’s doing around the house, but these days more often than not she’s reading, cleaning, or watching Netflix somewhere. Hopefully tonight won’t be the exception as you’re already half asleep after finally finishing a drama you’ve been meaning to watch for months. You almost make it to dreamland, but your phone lights up on the nightstand. You consider just ignoring it but curiosity gets the best of you. Somewhat mad at your lack of self control you read the text that lit up the screen. It’s from Ye Ri. The cryptic message has you smacking your forehead. Of all the nights for her to be up fiddling with thing that should never be fiddle with she picks tonight. It’s purely your love for the crazy girl that’s apparently in the living room that has you rolling out of bed. Had it been anyone else you’d probably even write it off as a prank with how outlandish her reason for texting you is. You enter the living room with your eyes closed, as if opening them will stop you from going back to bed.

“You summoned a demon?” You hum sleepily, only half expecting her to confirm your question. When she doesn’t you peek an eye open to take in the sight before you. Ye Ri is looking at you from over the back of the couch and the space between the living room and kitchen is occupied by a large pentagram. The shape is traced out with silver glitter and some of the offerings include Ye Ri’s stuffed animals, but what you focus on is the lit candles that sit at each point of the star. You look up at her in annoyance.

“How did you light these?” She could say magic and you’d probably believe her but instead she points to the kitchen counter. On top of the marble sits a strange creature holding a pair of pliers that are still clamped around a mangled part to the child lock and a lighter. You jump up next to Ye Ri in fright. The thing–a demon, you guess–isn’t scary. In fact, it’s borderline cute. It has silvery gray skin and a childlike body with iridescent wings sprouting from its back. It’s eyes are wide and bright blue as it regards the both of you huddle on the couch. It seems much more interested in the way you tuck a whimpering Ye Ri into your chest than the items in its hand, deciding to chuck them to the floor instead.

“What the hell are you?” You blurt out. Ye Ri’s hand shoots up to clamp over your mouth, but the thing on the counter doesn’t seem bother.

“I’m a fae.” It says kindly. You blink. This thing is Ye Ri’s so called demon? The glittery footprints definitely lead from the center of the pentagram to just before the counter, but weren’t demons supposed to be, well, demonic? You ask as much.

“We come in different forms based on phobias. A spider demon for arachnophobes and the likes. Ye Ri didn’t call anyone with a purpose, so I came because I liked her pentagram.” You assume Ye Ri had to mention her name in the summoning process so it seems less weird that this little fae knows her name.

“Well, she’s Ye Ri. I’m [Name]. Who are you?”

“I’m No Mi; your new fae companion!” The tiny fae takes flight to land next to you on the couch. They’re much smaller up close, only coming to just below your knees if you were both to stand. They regard the two of you with hopeful eyes. Ye Ri pokes her head up to smile at them.

“In that case, welcome to the family, No Mi!”

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hey, sorry if this has been asked before, but once the zines run out, will you be restocking or is it one time only?

if they’re gonna be printed again, i’m gonna do another preorder run, and i dont know? how big interest would still be, plus i’m planning on making a fantasy zine, though i guess that’ll have to wait for a while since i’m in the middle of the story lmao, oh! and i was gonna try and do charms… 

so i guess, if you want more, speak up, cause rn i dont have plans to reprint

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how common will the severe natural disasters be? will they be common enough for there to be a chance of a wildfire or flood happening while youre a hatchling? will they increase during the planned hard mode? will they depend on the seasons like flooding during the wet season and wildfires during the dry season?

Seasons are one of those, too soon to tell issues. There is much that hasn’t been discussed and as such we really don’t have a solid answer to all your questions. Be assured that, as we want to make our development  as transparent as we can, we will probably address all your questions once we have a defined plan for them.

Scaultrite is an important substance with thousands of commercial and industrial uses…

Given the emphasis of the teleduv in season 2 most would assume Lotor had Weblum Galra harvesting scaultrite was for one. Because of this line, and the fact that Weblum galra wasn’t collecting all that much scaultrite, I wouldn’t doubt Lotor has different plans for its use.

Unless,he really is building a teleduv, which would explain the ship disappearing inside what appears to be a wormhole while Coran watches in the season 3 trailer.

It’s hard to see in this screenshot, but the ship appears to be the one Allura sees later in the trailer.

Since we know that Lotor’s half-altean, it wouldn’t so much of a stretch to believe that Lotor could operate a teleduv like Allura. And if so, this would make Lotor that much more of a threat given how wormholeing away had been Team Voltron’s clutch when dealing with tight situations. Now with that safety gone and the paladins’ dynamics in shambles, Team Voltron looks like they’re going to have a tough time in season 3.

Regardless of what Lotor uses the scaultrite for, he already had his own plans by the time of the Belly Weblum. And seeing as Weblum galra had no qualms about leaving Keith unharmed in the weblum, these plans probably benefited from Zarkon’s defeat in the season 2 finale.

What am I supposed to do?

I am gaining too much weight. Like not just, oh I don’t want to gain weight while pregnant, like my doctor isn’t happy. I have actually made my eating better the last few weeks and it isn’t helping. So I really need to meal plan/prep this weekend and actually stick to it next week. It may be carbs being really hard on my body, but I just am in denial about that.

I was hanging out with a friend today that’s due in January and she hasn’t gained any weight at all and has been eating out every single day. She’s not a small girl either.

So yeah, I don’t know. I really need to focus on what I’m eating next week. Sorry this has been all over the place

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In the midst of everything that had happened, Will had almost forgotten about their date. He was still looking forward to it, of course, but he was afraid it would have to be put on the back burner until Nico was one hundred perfect. And that could take a while. "I don't know," Will said uncertainly. "A lot has happened since we started planning it. It'd be too risky right now." Reyna nodded her understanding.

Will’s smile grew. “As soon as he’s better. I want to wait until there’s no chance of him getting sick again,” he replied. “It kinda sucks though. We’ve been together for a while and I haven’t even gotten to take him out yet. I want to do something special for him.” Their lives had been so hectic that they hadn’t even admitted their feelings for each other until it was almost too late, and now things wouldn’t settle down so they could just enjoy time together without worrying about other things.
“I told him that he had to be clear of any health risks for at least two days. And it would be nice to get my mom settled. Maybe this weekend?” Reyna smiles. “And I could watch your mom while you’re gone,” she offers. Will smiles. “Yeah, thanks.” She sees a tension she hadn’t noticed earlier disappear. “I just hope he’s okay with the water. I mean, he doesn’t have to go in or swim or anything, but I hope he knows that I’m okay with whatever he chooses.”
“I don’t think you can make Nico go anywhere he doesn’t want to go.” Will smiled at the thought. No one could make Nico do anything he didn’t want to do. Though, Will still had a lingering feeling that Nico was going because it was Will’s favorite place, and not because he particularly liked the beach. Well, he could talk with Nico about that later. “No one can force Nico to do anything,” Reyna continued, and Will agreed completely. He had seen many poor campers who had tried to trick Nico into doing something for them, and every time the camper ended up in the infirmary. There was even a time when a son of Ares tried to force Nico into going out with him… Will shuddered at the memory of the boy hobbling in with a shattered leg. Will still wasn’t entirely sure how Nico had managed to do that. “Was he the same person,” Will asked suddenly, “when he was traveling between camps? Was he still… Nico?”

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i am in LOVE with iluminae it's so aesthetically pleasing and the plot is amazing and all those plot twists and AHHHH but i havent read gemina yet...i want to buy illuminae and gemina BUT i was thinking should i wait until obsidio comes out so i can get the box set? what do you think? thanks :D

RIGHT?!?! It’s my all time favourite book, I get so many feelings reading that book <3

I mean, it’s a solid plan to wait for the box set, but as far as I know, one hasn’t been announced and Obsidio is only out next year and it’ll probably be a while until they release a box set if they decide on it. Honestly, it depends on how much you can wait haha :P

Huuuuuugs! <3

(Attention friends and enemies, let’s talk.

   I’ve accepted I’m going to have to go back and edit pretty much all of my stories. So while I’m at it, I figured I could also fix things that have bugged me or drop certain things entirely. Clean house. But before I start making plans, I’d like to hear your opinion on things.

   For instance: Carter as Weir’s guardian is something I go back and forth between liking and cringing at it. What do you think?

   Which stories are you favorites? Which ones would you rather I not focus on?

   On that note, Fallout/XCOM crossover. Yea or nay? This is something that’s been on my brain since Enemy Unknown and it’s never quite left me alone. Would that be something you would be interest in seeing? Bearing in mind my Courier and Lone Wanderer would be major characters.

   If you’ve got opinions on anything related to this blog and my fanfics, now is the time to air them.)