been out for my lunch today though

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I take it today's been a pretty easy day then with Dr. Greenburg so far?

“Well, it might take me a while to ease back into it… it’s been a while since I pulled a shift at Cozy’s, so, heh, I’ve gotten a little out of shape. My legs are already aching from being on my feet all morning.”

“But it’s nothing that some rest and a good lunch won’t fix, you know? Even though I think I packed too much… but I can save the other two Mock Crab Cakes for Dr. Greenburg to try. I saw him eyeing them earlier, but it looks like he’s, heh, fallen asleep on the couch behind me.”

“It’s actually kind of adorable… ”

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Emma is tired and frustrated from work so when she gets home she rants to a pregnant Regina about how life is hard and stressful and doesn't notice that Regina is crying because Regina thinks that she's a burden

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma groans as she kicks her boots off not even caring as they fall sloppily onto the tile. She kicks them off to the side before shrugging her jacket off and tossing it onto the hook. 

“What an awful shitty day,” she grumbles as she storms into the lounge where Regina is, “First I get a call at 5 this morning - freaking 5 o’clock! And all just to fetch a cat out of a tree. It’s been non-stop today and then I have my Mom calling to moan that I missed lunch with them when I didn’t even have a chance to take a lunch break because I had so much paperwork to deal with…which my father hadn’t even touched even though he’d been at the station all morning! Then I had to rush around to get Henry only to have to ferry him across town because you can’t take him anymore. By the time I finally get home it’s six o’clock. I’ve been out thirteen hours today doing everything! Urgh…it’s just so stressf…are you crying?” 

Regina sniffs and shakes her head. 

“Regina? Hey, what’s going on?” Emma asks reaching out to rub her heavily pregnant wife’s arm. 

“I’m sorry…I don’t want to be a burden to you…I’ll do more…I’ll…” 

“Hey…hey…I didn’t mean you,” Emma reassures her, “It’s just been a bad day okay? And I was just ranting. Today was just a combination of my parents and Henry and this town all being pains in the ass and it was just getting on top of me. You, Regina, are not a burden. You’re what I want to come home to.” 

Regina smiles wiping her tears away and curling into her wife. She sighs before speaking up, “I’ll talk to people. If Henry wants to go to his friend’s places that’s what his bike is for and your father should be helping you out more. As for Snow I can go and embarrass her with stories of our relationship?” 

Emma chuckles as she turns to kiss Regina lovingly, “Thank you. This is what I’ve been wanting all day…I love you.” 

TalesFromYourServer: Update to bitchy owner!

I posted a few weeks ago about an owner who screams at us from the kitchen. Let’s call her Satan. Satan was (up until a week ago) a heinous bitch.

A week ago I posted an anonymous yelp review (as a Mark H.) who ate at our place and loved the food, but hated the screaming. Poor Mark sat near the kitchen and was so discomforted by the screaming that he won’t be back, though he loved the food and service. Since there were no other yelp reviews, my place now sits at a 3 on yelp (we just opened).

The other owner thoroughly chewed out Satan, who took a few days off and hasn’t been the same since. She no longer yells. She’s usually polite now. She still gets testy, but she aims it at the managers and not the servers now. She went from screaming constantly during the four hours lunch rush and 4 hour dinner rush, to yelling maybe once total today. It’s a definite improvement.

TLDR I did a bad thing, but the owner is a lot nicer now.

By: Lime_Time


As we all know here in America the school lunches are a heaping load of shit and quite a joke to be honest. The portions they give us are never enough, it all tastes like they fished it out of a dumpster, and some of it has even been found to have mold on it so yeah I’m pretty convinced it actually was found in a dumpster.

There are limited options on what we are able to get and those options are even more limited when there is something we are unable to eat. I myself cannot eat fructose nor drink milk which is the default drink for school lunches here. One of my friends is a vegetarian and is constantly upset about the lack of options. The school doesn’t serve any vegan food to my knowledge aside from salad. Basically if any student has a need for something else besides what the school serves on a daily basis then they’re pretty much screwed.

I have decided it’s about fucking time we do something about this shit. I myself have decided to start protesting these crappy school lunches by bringing in my own lunches. Other people in my school have already started eating at the hospital across the street and some drive to restaurants and fast food places down the street.

Basically school lunch is shit. Don’t eat it. Don’t give the school your money at all. Bring in your own lunches or buy lunch somewhere else if you can. Spread this around. This shit really needs to change.

I’ve included some examples of some of my own and my friends gross school lunches under the cut. I was unfortunately unable to get any pictures of the sour milk my friends keep finding because I keep hearing about it after the fact of it happening. If I get more pictures I’ll definitely add them.

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Healing - Part 4

Summery: You find out more about what you were told after the BBQ.

Warnings: swearing, cliffhanger.

Word Count: 600+

A/N: This is a short chapter (soz guys). I’m back home in the uk and I’m so happy. Bucky’s not really in it but enjoy this gif (*not mine tho). @helllaellla 🍞 @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @jasmins3

“Healing” Masterlist

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‘He’s been cheating on you with a girl named Veronica Sinclair’

‘No, you’re lying. You just don’t like the fact that he’s normal’. You didn’t want to believe but deep down you did. You two hadn’t been as close as you were in recent years but you had tried to change that when you got the new job.

‘Y/N, who is she?’ She put her hand in your shoulder. At first you flinch, it’s is the first physical contact you two had had in almost a decade and you missed it.

‘A girl from my old school, she’s was pretty but fake.’

‘I guess he likes that’ you shot down her feeble attempt at humour with a watery eyed stare. ‘Let me take you somewhere and we can talk properly’.

You decided to go with her ‘Ben, I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back in an hour. Do you want anything?’ You managed to keep strong even though you were about to break. You knew she wouldn’t lie to you, especially with something so important.

‘No, but I thought we were going to spend the night together’ he popped his head round the corner to look at you.

‘I promise I’ll come back soon it’s just she’s only passing through here and we need to catch up’

‘Ok, I’ll be waiting’ he did the voice that you normally couldn’t resist but now it sounded fake and insincere.

The two of you went to the local park that you went to when you were children. You would climb trees and sit in them to gossip in private. But this time the issue at hand was too serious for tree climbing so you decided to walk.

‘Just tell me everything you know, and please don’t exaggerate’

‘He having an affair’

‘Yeah, I got that. Thank you, Viv.’ You were angry, not entirely with her, but you still hated her for what she did all those years ago ‘How long? Where? Why?’

‘2 years’

‘2 YEARS!! So, every time I dressed up for him, tried to made him happy it didn’t work coz he was getting his hits from somewhere else’ you inhaled deeply to stop you from going on. ‘What else? It looks like there’s more’

‘Yeah, but you’re not going to like it.’

‘Well you already ruined our fucking anniversary, no HE ruined it’

‘Wait it’s your anniversary’

‘Yeah, you wouldn’t know though’ she acknowledged your indirect comment about her but chose not to reply. ‘You know she was there, at the party we had today. She’s engaged and still with my husband. They were acting as if nothing was wrong. What were you going to say?’

‘He lost his job, about a year ago’ she took out her phone.

‘But he’s been going to work, he was lying about that too’

She took out her phone. ‘I spotted them together, around midday, I was on my lunch break. They were probably there because they knew no one there’ She showed you her phone. A photo of them holding hands. A photo of them hugging. A photo of them kissing. ‘I called his work, they said that he had been fired for not turning up enough. I asked his old security how long it had been going on for. She’s a good source for information, I’ll give you her number’, she looked up at you.

It had been quite a while since you had stopped walking but you only just noticed. Tears fell from your eyes and you broke down. In her arms. Her safe arms. Arms you knew and loved and missed. Arms you should have trusted eight years ago but didn’t.

‘He. Lied’ every word was punctuated by a sob. ‘All. He. Did. Was. Lie. And. I. Believed. Him. I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Do.’

After you had finished crying your sister offered to walk you home. You declined, knowing a walk alone with your thoughts would make accepting what you had just found out easier. You were so lost in your thoughts that autopilot took over. Unconsciously walking to your destination. The route engraved in your memory. When you got there you knocked on the door 3 times slowly.

‘Y/N?’ You looked up to meet his eyes.


Part 5


Today was pretty neat ! My Dutch class was a lot of fun (though I made a mistake ????? I’ve never felt this incapable of speaking my own language), after that I went for lunch at this place I’ve been wanting to try out for ages - it was great ! They gave iced coffee with their menu!! Then I had film class, where we watched a movie that played during Japanese colonialism in Korea, and then in pop culture we talked about the phone novel and we discussed motives and reasons, which led us all the way from fan fiction to Batman. I love this class. I did try to do kanji today but it didn’t really work haha I wasn’t focused. I watched this french movie called “my little princess” which was good but not very fun, and then I spent an hour on figuring out the problem w my video editor. Eventually I contacted Adobe support and they were like “did you clear the cache?”. Of course I didn’t. I literally did everything EXCEPT CLEAR THE CACHE. it solved the problem. Bless you Adobe support, you’re fantastic. So then I spent three hours editing, looking for music, and jamming to the Sing Street soundtrack! The video is now exporting and I’m SO EXCITED because I didn’t think I would be able to upload tomorrow, but I will! YES!

Keto Day 115

After sliding off the rails slightly over the weekend, I knew I had to lock it back down this week. Hubby and I have put us on a budget to get out of debt so we went to the grocery store on a lower budget than normal.  Even though he is not  doing strict keto anymore, we were able to keep our meals in the evening keto.  So I planned on quick breakfast and lunches that keeps me on track.  

My new job has been pretty slow but today it was busy.  Overwhelming busy.  So good news is I had no problem staying on plan.  I didn’t drink as much water as I wanted but food wise, I rocked it out!  I forgot my lunch so I scoured the fridge and found some chicken salad left over (3 small bites) in the back.  I scarfed it down and went about my day.  When I got home, late, my hubby had a wonder keto meal ready for me.  I didn’t over eat because I was exhausted.  This morning, my first act was to pack lunches for the rest of the week and put them next to my purse.  Crisis diverted.  I did sneak on the scales this morning (usually only weigh once a month) and after being on a plateau it looks like my scale is moving again.  My goal this month was to get below the 230s and I might just make it.

Day 42 - May 14/17

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! Was super spoiled by my family. Woke up to breakfast (bacon, eggs, potatoes). My kids got me so many nice gifts, then we attempted to make fairy houses for my garden. Then we went out for lunch and then to an escape room. For those of you who have not been, I recommend it. You’re locked in a room and given clues, you have one hour to figure out the clues and get out. Always thought I was smart until today, lol, definitely not good at riddles. Was a lot of fun though. Didn’t get any exercise in but was conscious of my eating and made good choices while still splurging.
Here we go…….

Happy Anniversary

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 1468
This is for Kayla’s 10k Follower celebration! My prompt was first anniversary. @one-shots-supernatural @waiting4thedoctor

Warning: Implied smut, Baby announcement (I have baby fever, I’m sorry)

You woke up, expecting Dean to be next to you, but he wasn’t there. You pouted slightly. You wanted to wake up to him and wish him a happy first anniversary first thing in the morning. But that plan didn’t work out.

           You got out of bed and made your way down the hallway to the kitchen where you found your husband at the stove, “What are you doing?” you asked.

           Dean jumped slightly and turned around, “I was trying to make breakfast before you woke up,” he sighed.

           You walked over to him, putting your arms around his waist, “I’m sorry to have spoiled your plan.”

           He kissed you, “It’s our anniversary breakfast. I want it to be special.”

           You smiled up at him, “It is special, Dean. Because it’s our anniversary. And you’re the sweetest husband ever for wanting to cook for me.”

           “I love you,” Dean said.

           “I love you too,” you replied, “Happy anniversary.”

           “Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.”

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The neighborhood

Took a walk through my neighborhood before lunch today. It was kinda dreary out but it was nice to walk down some streets that I hadn’t been down before. I window shopped the local Botanica. I didn’t see any Santa Muerte statues(which I have been looking for) but I am sure they must have some further in the store. When I have more cash I will stop by and actually go in.

To no surprise to me as I was walked around I could smell cannabis but not being smoked, the fresh live stuff. Couldn’t figure out where it was coming from though and if it was a legal grow or an illegal grow house. Either way it’s neat that other people around here are growing it as well.

The diversity of food in my area is awesome. Filled up on Guatemalan food for lunch and got Portuguese pastries for dessert.

Earlier before I left the house there were a bunch of people yelling outside very angrily so I had to wait a little bit before leaving at stay away from the windows in case there was some shooting the proceeded the shouting. Had a weird little moment of reflection how little this phases me and how other people in wealthier neighborhoods(or people from Europe) would probably freak out in reaction to this.

I still feel like an outsider here despite living here. I think once I learn Spanish it will be different though. A couple of the bodega owners recognize me now though  and they always give me a really boisterous greeting “AAH MI AMIGO!” when I enter the store we which is nice.

Love Me Like You Mean It | Rucas

A/N: Sorry if this isnt what you had in mind but I hope you like it regardless! xo
Word Count: 2,271 (including lyrics)

♡ ♡ ♡

♪ I don’t have time to waste on the boys that are playing the game

Or leaving the girls crying out in the rain

So tell me baby, do you got what it takes  ♪

“Whatcha singing?” Maya asks jumping behind me while I stand at my locker. She had a habit of surprising me usually with the intention of scaring me but today I was too lost in my own little word to be bothered.

Lucas and I have been unofficially dating for a while now but nothing’s really changed so far. We hardly ever have alone time together because our friends are always around and if it’s not our friends it’s our family constantly walking in on us to “check in” and see if we “need anything.” Really they’re just afraid of leaving us alone together for more than 10 minutes.

What really gets to me is that Lucas doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t get frustrated when my parents barge into my room while we’re in there or when our friends crash our one on one time. He just laughs it off like it’s nothing.

“Just a country song Lucas’ sister showed me.” I sigh, tugging the headphones out of my ear. “It’s pretty good.”

“Country music? Gross.” Maya scrunches up her nose, linking our arms together as we walk off to class.

“Hey guys did you hear about the big storm that’s coming our way?” Isadora asks as we take our seats.

“It’s supposedly has the potential to turn into a hurricane.” Farkle joins in.

“It’s already raining.” Zay adds as he walks in, Lucas at his side.

The two of them don’t have a home room this year so they get to school later than the rest of us.

Lucas smiles down at me as he slides into the empty chair next to mine. He seemed chipper than usual.

The top of his shoulders were wet from the rain and his hair looked like he had just gotten out of the shower. I don’t know what it was about water that made his eyes look a completely different color but the green eyes I know and love were now a crystal blue with hints of green and hazel.

“We still on for tonight?” He asks, keeping his voice low.

Tonight? I had forgotten we made plans to meet at Topanga’s, just the two of us.

I started taking shifts there freshmen year and still show up sporadically to cover or close up when no one else wants to. Tonight was one of those nights. No one wanted to come in so Mom asked if I could head over and close up. I invited Lucas to help, thinking he’d decline but he agreed to join me.

“Yeah.” I smile, bashfully, “still on.”

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DAY 6:

Breakfast - pre work out I had my usual banana and then post work out I, also my usual, had two poached eggs, ½ avocado mashed on 1 piece of granary. Really enjoyed my black, sugarless black coffee today and was the only one I had all day (YAY!)

Lunch - ok so I’ve been to the gym all week and eaten so well so gave in and had some noodles. I used Buck wheat soba noodles though rather than udon (basically like having wholewheat pasta rather than white) simply tossed with some soy and sesame seeds and 3 teeny shiitake mushroom and bok choy dumplings!

Dinner - really wasn’t feeling like eating much so had some sweet potato toast (literally sweet pots, thinly sliced and popped in the toaster twice over) and some spinach and home made guacamole (½ avocado, 1 garlic clove, ½ green chilli, 3 plum toms)

Snack - snack/pudding was natural yoghurt, fresh mango, chia seeds and honey!

Also started to see progress today I’m so excited!!!!

a non-comprehensive list of my favorite moments on the x-files
  • MULDER, IT’S ME (x1472)
  • i was just never sure if your little feet could reach the pedals
  • do you think i’m spooky?
  • please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy
  • scully struggling to open wine in small potatoes
  • lately for lunch you’ve been having plain yogurt into which you stir bee pollen bc you’ve been on a bee pollen kick even though i’ve told you you’re a scientist and you should know better
    • any of that information could have been gathered by anyone
    • even the yogurt thing? that is so you. that is so scully. it’s good to know that at least you haven’t changed
  • dear diary today my heart lept when doctor scully suggested spontaneous human combustion 
  • should we be picking out china patterns or what?
  • maybe if it starts raining sleeping bags you’ll get lucky
  • i’m just saying the pizza boy is not above suspicion 
  • her NAME is BAMBI?
  • gillian anderson breaking during mulder’s rant at the beginning of bad blood
  • shut up mulder i’m playing baseball
  • how do i get this off my hands without betraying my cool exterior
  • scully’s white Date Dress in the jersey devil
  • I’M A MEDICAL DOCTOR (x1472)
  • that’s right poopyhead
  • mulder, she’s wearing my outfit
    • how embarrassing 
    • you know what mulder, he’s wearing yours
  • start pumping out the little uber-scullys
  • he never even knew your first name!
  • mulder when was the last time you went on a date?
    • i do not GAZE at scully
  • was literally about to say ‘when mulder and scully get drunk on the beach in hollywood ad’ before remembering that was in a fanfiction 

Feels Like Heart Ache 2 (Isaac ending)

Part 1 Part 2 (Stiles)

Author’s note: I said I’d make an Isaac ending so here it is! Also a part 3 for the Stiles ending was requested so I’ll also be posting that soon. I’ll get to other imagines soon though. I’m just inspired with this one right now plus, I am busy during the day so yeah, I’m sorry. 

Enjoy though!


It’s been a week since the Kanima attacked me and me and Stiles have grown closer.

At first I was a little iffy about him but then he made me feel better about Isaac.

We started doing little things like holding hands under the desks, kissing cheeks when no one else was looking or he’d squeeze my thigh and I’d yelp, drawing attention.


At lunch, things are a little different.

Normally I sit next to Isaac with Boyd and Erica but today I’m sitting with Stiles, Allison, Scott and Lydia. Normally Jackson would be here but he’s out today.

I see Isaac walking to my old table and as soon as he sees I’m not there he starts looking around the lunch room.

He spots me and the look of absolute betrayal is enough to make me burst out laughing.

“Sorry” I mouth to him, watching his jaw drop.

I look back at the others and smile.

“Are you and Isaac having problems?” Scott asks.

“No, we’re fine”

“She’s choosing not to sit with him because she’s prefer to sit with Stiles” Allison tries to whisper to Scott but we all hear it clear as day.

“Of course, I’m way better than that dumb old wol-” Stiles starts but is halted by Isaac’s piercing eyes, looking back at him.

I’m not quite sure what to say because it’s…true. My cheeks flush red and I struggle to avert my eyes.

“No… I just- uh- I didn’t feel like sitting with his new friends” I excuse.

“Yeah I wouldn’t either” Scott says.

“Oh sure, exactly” Allison chimed in, sarcastically.

I smile obnoxiously at her, shaking my head. The table is filled with laughter and I feel so much better here than with Isaac’s friends.

Then for a moment I look up and see Isaac kiss Erica.

That feeling is back. The tightening in my chest. It’s so tight I am finding it harder to breathe.

Then I feel a hand gently taking hold of mine and that feeling goes away. I look over at Stiles And he gives me a little smile.

I wait until no one is looking at our table and quickly lean over and kiss him. It’s quick, but Stiles still looks over at me with wide eyes and some red appearing in his cheeks.

“D-Did you just-”

I shush him, hoping no one around us will get suspicious even though I already know one person saw that.

I look at Isaac and mouth “What? Jealous?”


I’m walking down the empty hallway, I’m super late for class- as always.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear a familiar voice. That voice that makes my heart skip a beat no matter how many times I wish it didn’t. No matter how many times I tell myself it’s pointless to love him.

I turn around and smile at Isaac.

“Yeah Isa-”

I am cut off, abruptly by his lips colliding with mine, almost roughly.

I pushed him away at first and stared at him.

He looked nervous to say the least. This is a look Isaac has never given me. He seemed horrified, like he’d made a huge mistake.

I was panting. My heart beating so goddamn fast I thought it would burst.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I hiss at him.

“Y/N I-I’m sorry. I saw you and Stiles and I-”

“No no you are not allowed to do this. Not now. You have caused me all kinds of grief with this shit. You can’t do this to me now” I growled, tears brimming in my eyes. “Not when I’m just getting over you”

“You’re what?”

“Isaac, I’ve been in love with you since the 4th grade”

“I’m sorry Y/N, I-”

“Isaac….just…..Kiss me again”


“You heard me, Lahey….Kiss me” I only need to take one step forward before his lips are on mine again, moving in sync with mine.

I felt his hand at the small of my back, pulling me closer to him.

As he deepened the kiss I could feel so many emotions from him and maybe myself.

He had caused me so much pain and anguish and now I’m kissing him and I couldn’t feel more alive.

We separated and for a moment nothing is said.

Then he looks me in the eye and says those words I’ve been longing to hear since 4th grade.

“I love you”

“W-What about Erica?” I ask him, unsure, maybe even trying to convince him otherwise so I can avoid pain.

“I broke up with her. I just want to be with you Y/N”

“That’s what I want too, Isaac. I love you”

A smile spreads across his face and in that moment all my pain is gone.

Sherlock X Reader (3/16)

Well here’s Part 3 of I don’t know how many. I didn’t really expect people to actually read this soo…. I hope to update at least once a week. I live in MN so we’ve had a couple days off because of weather. Once I get back to school the updates will be less frequent. Please forgive any spelling or grammar issues.

Also sorry if your name is Selena or Piper (or Chad) they were the first names I could think of. I figured i would actually need a plot to go with this story so this is the beginning of said plot.

Words: 1700+

Warnings: Nothing

Part 1 | Part 2

The following day you woke up at the usual time and went to work. With Mary and John off on their honeymoon, you now had to take over Mary’s job. Since you planned ahead and took care of a ton paperwork before the wedding there wasn’t much to do for your job. It took a couple late nights and a lot of weekends but you were more than happy to do it for Mary and John. The company got a replacement doctor to take John’s place for the two weeks he was off. You talked to her briefly via e-mail before the wedding and she seemed rather nice. 

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Liam Dunbar - more than just best friends

Hey guys! This is my first ever imagine so sorry if it’s bad. I kinda got carried away while writing it so it’s kinda lengthy and tbh i dont even know if it makes sense. Please do tell tell me what you think about it. let me know if it’s horrible or if it was good and if you did like it and you want me to write an imagine for you just leave a request! Thanks :D

Your POV|

Liam has been acting really strange lately and I have no idea why. All week he has been avoiding me. It’s killing me! I’ve known Liam almost all my life and now it’s just like he doesn’t even know me anymore. It hurts to think that the person you love doesn’t want to be around you. Yes, I said it. Love. I, Y/N Y/L/N, am in love with my best friend, Liam Dunbar. He doesn’t know though. I don’t want to risk our friendship, which I don’t even know if we still have. Mason and I have been trying to talk to Liam all day today. Today is Friday and one of our friend, Carter,  was throwing a party tonight and Liam had told us last week that he was coming.  It was almost lunch and I was just itching to get out of Chemistry so I could go look for Liam to try to talk to him today.  " Ms. Y/L/N, are you paying attention?“ Mr. Harris snapped me out of my thoughts. Just as I was about to reply, the bell rang. Saved by the bell, thank god. I quickly grabbed my bag and ran out of the class room to go look for Liam. Just as I exited to class room I saw Liam walking down the hall with his back towards me. I ran and jumped onto his back almost knocking him over. "Liam!! Oh my god! I haven’t seen you all week. Why have you been avoiding me?” I asked getting off of his back. “Oh! Y/n, I haven’t been avoiding you. I just… uhh… I’ve been busy.” He stuttered. I knew he was lying but I just shook it off since after all it was the first time he talked to me all week. “ Okay… well anyways! Are you still going to Carter’s party tonight?” I excitedly asked. I was literally bouncing with excitement. People who were passing by were giving me strange looks but I didn’t care. Liam looked to the side for a quick second and then replied, “I don’t think I can make it.” He was looking all serious. I looked at him confused. All of last week him, Mason and I have been talking about this party. We were so pumped and now he doesn’t even care. “Really Liam? Why can’t you? I haven’t seen you all week and I was so excited to finally get to hang out with you tonight and now your blowing me off!” I yelled, I was beyond pissed at this point in time. Liam looked surprised. I’ve never yelled at him before. “Look Y/N I’m sorry. I just… I can’t tonight okay?” He said looking straight into my eyes. “Tell me why you can’t Liam. Tell me what’s so important that you can’t hang out with your best friend who hasn’t seen you all week.” I softly said. “I…I can’t tell you Y/N.” “Why can’t you tell me Liam?!? I thought we told each other everything? I thought that’s what best friends do? I guess I thought wrong.” I quietly said the last sentence. I then turned around and walked straight out the doors of the school, not turning around to give a second glance at Liam. I texted Mason telling him that I went home early and to pick me up at around 8 for the party.

Liam’s POV|

I watched her walk away. I felt terrible. I’ve never blown Y/N off, ever! I sighed and walked towards Scott and Stiles who were standing by the lockers watching the little conversation going on between Y/N and I. “Some girl you got there little one” Stiles said with his usual  hint of sarcasm. I just glared at him and turned to Scott waiting for his stupid comment about what just occurred but what he said took me off guard. “You should tell her. I saw the way you were looking at her when she was walking away from you. I know how it feels not being able to tell the one you love your secret.” I stood there looking shocked as ever. Even Stiles shook his head in agreement that I should tell her. But, Stiles just being Stiles had to say something stupid. “It’s not like anything can go wrong with you tell her. I mean the worst that can happen is that she gets freaked out and never speaks to you again.” Right after he said that he received the meanest glare I have ever seen from Scott. “Don’t worry Liam. I know she won’t ever stop talking to you. Go talk to her and you can go to the party but since you’re still learning I’m going to have to be there to supervise you to make sure nothing goes wrong.” Scott said with a slight smile. I thanked him but right before I ran off to go tell Y/N what’s really going on, he said “Oh and Liam, just tell her how you feel, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.” I then ran off.

Your POV|

When I got home the house was empty because both my parents were at work. I just quickly locked the front door and went up to my room. I decided to choose my outfit for tonight since I had absolutely nothing to do. While going through my closet, I heard a knock on my window. I just ignored it until I heard it again. I walked towards my window and pulled open the curtains only to be greeted by those dazzling blue eyes that I fell in love with. I quickly opened my window and pulled him into my room. “What are you doing here Liam? Aren’t you suppose to be in school?” Liam just grabbed me and hugged me, almost squishing me. “Y/N, I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry I made it seem like I was blowing you off and like I was avoiding you but there is a very good explanation as to why I was acting like I was.” Liam rambled. “Then explain Dunbar, I don’t have all day.” I said with a bit of attitude. “Okay, this might seem unbelievable but you know that I would never lie to you. The reason I’ve been avoiding you all week is because… I was bitten by a werewolf and now I’m a werewolf too, and since I just turned I don’t know how to control myself and I’ve been staying away from you because I don’t want to end up hurting you. I care about you too much to let you get hurt Y/N.” Liam rushed only slowing down as he reached the end. “Wait, let me get this straight. You’ve been a werewolf for a whole week and you’re only now telling me this? Really Liam? I thought you knew how obsessed I am with supernatural things? So tell me is there more? I mean like is there more werewolves that you and the one that bit you? Who bit you? Does the person go to our school? Are there more supernatural creatures? OMG!! This is soo exciting!!” I literally just had a fan girl moment over supernatural beings. (I’m weird I know! Don’t judge!) Liam just stood there watching me ramble on while smiling like a mad man. “You are so cute, you know that?” said Liam looking at me with adoring eyes. “Oh, believe me, I know” I said while flipping my hair. I then burst out laughing and Liam joined me shortly after. When we cooled down from all our laughing, we just stood there string into each other’s eyes. Suddenly Liam started leaning in. My heart started pounding so fast that I was pretty sure it s about to pop out of my chest. I started leaning in as well. Then I felt his soft, smooth lips on mine. It felt so right. It felt magical. I felt like if I was on cloud 9. It was just perfect. I wished that that moment never ended. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Liam slowly pulled away looking me in the eye. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that?” said Liam with a slight chuckle. I replied with “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to do that?” and then we both started laughing. “Seriously though, Y/N, I’ve been in love with you for the longest time now and I only now have the guts to tell you how I feel. I hope you feel the same way. If you don’t it’s totally fine I just wanted to - ” and I then cut him off with a kiss. When I pulled away I said “Of course I feel the same way Dunbar! Who wouldn’t? you’re perfect” he then blushed and I kissed his cheek. “Y/N, would you do me the honors of being my amazing beautiful girlfriend?” it was now my turn to blush “Of course I will Liam”. “Yay! Okay so let’s tell Mason to meet us at my house so we can go to the party” Liam excitedly said while taking his cell phone out of his pocket. “wait so you’re going to the party?” “Yea but only if my alpha comes to make sure everything runs smoothly” he said with a smile. “Wow, slow down there mister! You got bit by an alpha?! OMG!! That is so cool!! You so have to show me who he is!” and that was the start of our odd yet very romantic relationship.

Notebook (by Lowgan)

The suicide of one student and subsequent disappearances of several other students in the area have caused the  local authorities to release this report in hopes that someone will come forward with information concerning the whereabouts of the missing persons.

Names of some of those involved have been censored for safety purposes.

OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT:  ****/********* County Police Departments

DECEMBER 18th 2011


C********, WI

Briefing:  Students at ********* High School have filed several anonymous complaints against their fellow student, Alec *****.  While some of these complaints were seemingly meaningless pranks or minor issues, the majority of the students who submitted complaints stated that they feared for their own safety or were certain that Alec had participated in illegal activity on school property.  Alec was confronted by school authorities after the amount of complaints reached an alarming number.  However, there was nothing overtly intimidating or suspicious about Alec or his behavior, and after a cursory investigation into the student’s personal life, the case was dropped.  The complaints continued after the investigation, and so I was transferred to ********* High School to watch Alec discretely and record any behavior that may seem abhorrent or dangerous, at the request of the local school board.

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